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                                            Natural Remedies to Cure Conjunctivitis
                                                              By Abha Duhring

    Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is a thin membrane that covers the front
of the eye. This can also be referred as having sore eyes, which is a very common type of eye
problem. The conjunctivitis can be spread fro one person to another with a direct eye contact. Dirt
surroundings, unhealthy living conditions, over crowding are some of the reasons, which can give birth
to conjunctivitis. Red, itchy, watery eyes are some symptoms that show that you may have this

However, to deal with this ailment one can simply adopt some natural remedies for conjunctivitis.
Natural remedies are one kind of method to cure every kind of disease as it used to be in earlier golden
year. The natural remedy treatment has several types, commonly it known as the naturopathy, nature
cures and herbals. The natural remedies are made up of several natural methods or ways to cure any
types of disease including cure the conjunctivitis. The style of treatment using natural remedy is
basically avoiding the regular medicines which are created by mixing several of chemical compounds.
But it is not possible to cure any disease by taking any kinds of natural remedies; there is specific type
or method to input natural remedies as well. There are various types of disease such as cold, flue,
headache, acne, indigestion that can cure by common natural remedies or other disease like dry skin,
jaundice, conjunctivitis, joint pains, hair care, bursitis and many more also can cure by specific natural

So in the case of natural remedies for curing conjunctivitis, there is some interesting, simple and useful
and you can do it at home as below:

- The Indian gooseberry juice, fusion with honey is very beneficial combination for conjunctivitis. A cup
full of this awesome juice must be consumed with two table spoon oh honey two times in a day to see
early results. - Vitamin C promotes in healing from the disease in a very short span of time. Moreover,
vitamin C2-6, 000 mg should be divided in doses and taken daily. - Once in a day, prepare a poultice
with grated raw red potato and grated apple and place it on the closed eyes. Leave it for almost half an
hour and within couple of days or at the most three days the ailment will completely vanish. - Make
chamomile tea, keep it in fridge or cool it at room temperature, then use it to wash eyes two times in a
day until the infection gets cure. - A decoction made with 60 ml water and an ounce of dried coriander
is another outstanding eye wash during conjunctivitis. Washing eyes from this eye wash relieves the
eyes from burn, pain and swelling as well. - Yogurt from goat milk can also assist in eliminating the

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uncomfortable itchiness in eyes. Apply poultice yogurt daily on the infected eyes.

Apart, always remember to wash eyes hands via an antiseptic soap, and use a separate towel to
prevent spreading infection.

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                      Thinking Of A Natural Yeast Cure?-3 Good Reasons Why You Should!
                                                           By Julie Wood

Natural yeast cure is a expression many woman use to simply mean making use of home remedies to
resolve the symptoms of yeast infection without having to use drugs and creams. While this is partially
true, a natural yeast cure is actually so much more.

When you want to get rid of yeast infection, here's three good reasons why you should use a natural
yeast cure:

1.Natural remedies to treat the symptoms of yeast infection are exceptionally affordable and made
from easy to find ingredients usually found in your kitchen cupboard. Treating the signs of yeast
infection using holistic treatments is great on the pocket and also means that you can do so in the
privacy of your own home

2.Using a natural cure for yeast will also mean that the cause of the yeast overgrowth is found.
Believe it or not, yeast infection is the end product of many everyday things such as poor food
intake,stress or even allergy to some fabrics and fibres.

Once the symptoms of thrush infectionare cured, an effective natural yeast cure looks at lifestyle to
make sure recurrent yeast infection becomes history and stays away.

3.Ordinarily, using natural remedies and techniques to cure yeast infection means that you can avoid
the use of toxic anti fungal medicines and creams that are so often prescribed to treat thecondition.
These medicines can be toxic to the body and from time to time have unpleasant side effects.

Using these medicines on a regular basis can actually also cause the yeast infection to become
resistant to the treatment.

If you are currently suffering from the nasty signs and symptoms of yeast infection, and know that a
thrush overgrowth is the reason for your problems, possibly now is the right time to take a more natural
approach towards treating the symptoms and then banishing the condition completely.

A natural yeast cure offers you a economical and inexpensive way to achieve just that.

Today is the perfect day for taking a new approach to your health and embracing the benefits a Natural
Yeast Cure will bring to you.

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