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					Cell Analogy

   Create your own cell analogy. Compare an animal and plant cell to a topic of your
    choice. Compare the parts of the cell to structures in your topic. Explain how the
    functions of the cell parts compare to the functions of the structures in your topic.
    For example, if you choose a school as your topic you need to explain how each part
    relates to a cell. The gates around the school are similar to the cell membrane,
    because they control what goes in and out of the cell. The office is similar to the
    nucleus because it contains all the information of the cell, etc. Include all the
    following organelles:
        -Mitochondria or Chloroplast
        -Cell Membrane
        -Golgi Apparatus
        -Endoplasmic Reticulum

   Some topics you may choose from are:
       -House                -Amusement park
       -Hospital             -Fire station
       -Race track           -Police station
       -Car / Truck          -Clothes store
       -Radio                -Grocery store
       -Factory              -Computer
       -Any other topic of your choice

   Draw an illustration / picture of your topic along with a description of how all the
    organelles compare to the topic you chose.
       -25 pts total:
       -10 pts Illustration
       -10 pts Comparison of cell
       -5 pts effort

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