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                         MEETING MINUTES

DATE:        July 28, 2005

PLACE:       US Forest Service Fire Training and Conference Center

TIME:        1:30 p.m. – 3: 30 p.m.   Inaja Room #N116

1.      CALL TO ORDER - Welcome

The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m.

Jessica Wade-Bannister                    US Fish and Wildlife Service
Craig Barnes                              Bureau of Land Management
Bill Cave                                 Auburn Lake Trails
Claire Cave                               Auburn Lake Trails
Jeff Jones                                Colorado State University
Russell Kobayashi                         EIP Associates
Cathy Koos Breazeal                       Amador Fire Safe Council
Miriam Morrill                            Bureau of Land Management
Don Nelson                                Placer County OES
Michelle Phillips                         Fire Safe Council of Nevada County
Brenda Rightmyer                          CA FSC Sierra Region Mgr
Mike Staley                               Office of Emergency Services
Bruce Turbeville                          CA Fire Safe Council
Vicky Yorty                               El Dorado County FSC

Mr. Bruce Turbeville began with introductions and went right into discussion about the Fire
Alliance Leadership meeting held at McClellan August 27 th. It was very well attended with
broad representation from around the state. Folks liked having it facilitated, a good agenda
and a format that allowed good interaction between the panel and the attendees.
Mr. Bill Cave, Auburn Lake Trails stated he liked the format, which it allowed people to
openly discuss issues they had. It was done very well.

Ms. Miriam Morrill, BLM stated that they finished readiness drills a few weeks ago. The
desert districts have already had fires. 4,000 acres burned in southern California already.
Mr. Craig Barnes, BLM added how they are expecting an above average fire season in the
northern California region.

Mr. Mike Staley, OES stated four fuel reduction grants made the cut during the
nationwide competing for PDM grants. California has competed well to have four of
the eleven submitted make the cut.

 Ms. Jessica Wade-Bannister, Fish & Wildlife Service commented how she has been
doing her position for two weeks, there have been a few small fires and that the north
shore of Lake Tahoe has been closed due to the 24,000 gallons of raw sewage.

Mr. Barnes, BLM responded to questions being asked about CWPP (community
wildfire protection plans) stating it will be important for groups to have those in place
and use existing plan information and add the other information required by CWPP.
Talk to your BLM regional offices, they are there to help with the process.

Ms. Yorty, El Dorado FSC said it forced them into a strategic planning mode. Get a
project map to include all projects from all partners. It also demonstrates projects being
done in the WUI and once they are identified then projects can be prioritized.

Mr. Staley, OES asked the question, how are we verifying projects are in plans?

Mr. Barnes replied that agencies should each have a copy of the plans.

Mr. Jeff Jones, Colorado State University stated in Colorado the state forestry is driving
the process of developing a CWPP for their area. (Jeff is visiting from Colorado State
University doing a study on the development of CWPP and how it is being

Mr. Staley asked Jeff, what is the end result of what you are doing?

Mrs. Jones responded, we are looking at collaborative efforts. He passed around a
handout. “Study Focuses on the Development of CWPP’s, Enhancing Collaboration &
Building Community Capacity” dated July 2005.

Ms. Michelle Phillips asked where you can get a copy of the plan that helps guide the

Several folks from the group responded it is on a website: Society of American
Mr. Staley, OES stated they are having a meeting next week.

Ms. Vicki Yorty, El Dorado FSC, stated a reminder to keep bugging our legislators to
reauthorize the HR2389 Title II and III funds. (the Secure Rural Schools & Community Self-
Determination Act of 2000, it expires September of 2006. Two bills HR517 and S267 are
efforts to get the bill reauthorized.) Ms. Yorty continued to express the importance to
respond to the call to action Mr. Bob Douglas has recently emailed out on both bills. Rumors
are out there saying that Title I only may make it.

Ms. Miriam Morrill, BLM gave us the date for the next Leadership meeting that the public is
invited to attend and that date is October 20 th. This meeting will be a panel format with
questions at the end. If you have specific issues let Miriam know ahead of time.

       A. Camp Smokey: Ms. Morrill stated that Camp Smokey needed a shade
area. BLM built them canopy out of wood from fuel reduction projects.

Mr. Barnes, BLM said 06 should be around the same from last year, which is 2 mil. There is
the possibility of 700,000 to 800,000 added to the 06 budget, which would make it a little
better this year.

Ms. Jessica Wade-Bannister, FWS wasn’t sure where their budget will be this year.

Ms. Cathy Koos-Breazeal, Amador FSC stated by the end of August should have a CWPP
done for the community of Volcano, the county fair started today and is able to share a booth
and hand out educational materials and mentioned the challenge she sees in educating
homeowners. She’s been attending 1-2 community meetings per week and it showed her the
challenge she has in the education process. On the Pine Acres project there are 250
landowners and so far 15 have replied to their letter.

Mr. Don Nelson, Placer County OES, stated there may be some funding with Title III
for a coordinator. There is a new council forming in the Ponderosa area. They got
busy after Senator Feinstein’s visit Aug 20 th.

Ms. Michelle Phillips, FSCNC stated several things going on in her area. 1) moved
out of CDF station location from a 100 sf office to 650 sf office. 2) the senior
assistance work is being done by the probation department at $300 per day using
county crews. They already have equipment and work on Saturday and Sundays
with supervision. It is a work release program which is an extension of the county
probation department. Allstate Foundation helps fund the program. 3) Red Dog
prject has 500 residents and things have slowed due to weather. 4) Columbia Hill,
crews were promised by May and are still not in yet. 5) Graniteville may be pushed
to next spring.

Ms. Vicki Yorty, El Dorado FSC stated several things going on there 1) the primary
author of the Healthy Forest Initiative, Dave Tenney came to El Dorado for lunch
and Vicki had 15 minutes of his time. He also toured fuel reduction projects and
looked at the county fire plan. 2) Volcanoville project is done 3) grant reports being
worked on 4) she emphasized the importance of keeping the CWPP a living
document, so you can reprioritize projects based on funding. 5) Gold Bug Park
10,000 kids there every year now addressing the fuels in the park area.

Ms. Claire Cave, Auburn Lake Trails stated yesterday they had their local fire safe
council steering committee meeting. It has been their second meeting only.

9.      OPEN FORUM

Ms. Phillips talked about an issue they have where kids have bon fire in an area with heavy
fuel loads. There were multiple suggestions like “high school prevention program”, articles
in paper showing parental financial responsibility, do a fuel reduction project in the area and
make a safer environment for what they are going to do anyway.

August 18, 2005 US Forest Service Fire Training and Conference Center

Meeting Adjourned 3:10 PM