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									   Research First Before
    Dividing Property!                                   Building Height
                                                                                                      Santa Rosa County
Any land, recorded plot, or a lot within a   No Building or structure shall exceed
plat of record as of the effective date of   thirty-five (35) feet above the lowest hab-
this Ordinance shall not be                  itable floor elevation, exclusive of chim-
re-divided into two (2) or more lots         neys, elevator shafts, air conditioning con-
                                             densing units or cooling towers, except as
unless the provisions of the
                                             provided in Section 2.10.01. Of the Land                  S I N G L E FA M I LY
Subdivision Ordinance are satisfied.
                                             Development Code.                                                  (R1)
                                                                                                       ZON ING D ISTRICT
                                                                                                               (E F F E C T IV E A P RI L 1, 2 00 4 )
                                                                                                             (M O D I F I E D O CTO BE R 7, 2 0 08 )
                                                                                                            (M O D I F IE D N O VE M BE R 12 , 20 08 )

                                                                                                   Research done today, could save you
                                                                                                   time and money.

                                                                                                   The information provided in this
                                                                                                   brochure is extracted from the
                                                                                                   Santa Rosa County Land Develop-
                                                                                                   ment Code; however, it is the
                                                                                                   responsibility of the applicant to
                                                                                                   contact the Planning and Zoning
                                                                                                   Division to discuss land use issues
                                                                                                   when a change is desired. This
                                                                                                   brochure is only to be used as an
                                                                                                   overall help tool for the general
                                             Santa Rosa County

                                             Community Planning, Zoning and Development Division
                                             6051 Old Bagdad Highway                               Note: Land Development Code
                                             Phone: 850-981-7075, 939-1259
                                             Fax: 850-983-9874                                     is subject to change.
                                             Email: planning-zoning@santarosa.fl.gov
                Purpose                                             Lot Size                              Minimum Required Setbacks
This district is designed to provide                 The minimum width of any lot used for single
suitable areas for low density residential                                                                1. Setbacks Along Collector or Arterial Roads:
                                                     family dwelling units shall be seventy (70) feet     The minimum required building setback along
development where appropriate urban                  when measured at the minimum front setback
services and facilities are provided or where                                                             a collector or arterial road, as described in
                                                     line. The minimum lot width shall be main-           Section 4.04.03(D) of the Land Development
the extension of such services and facilities        tained through the rear of the residential struc-
will be physically and economically                                                                       Code shall be as follows:
                                                     ture. The minimum width at the street right-of-         a. Along a collector road, the minimum re-
facilitated. This district will be characterized     way line shall not be less than fifty (50) feet
by single-family detached structures and such                                                             quired building setback shall be twenty-five
                                                     when measured in a straight line from front lot      (25) feet.
other structures as are accessory thereto. This      corner to front lot corner. The total square foot-
district also may include, as specifically pro-                                                              b. Along an arterial road, the minimum re-
                                                     age shall not be less than 10,890 for lots which     quired building setback shall be fifty (50) feet.
vided for in these regulations conditional uses      are created through metes and bounds subdivi-
for community facilities and utilities which                                                              If any other setback requirement of the Land
                                                     sion. There shall be no minimum lot size for         Development Code conflicts with the above
service specifically the residents of this           lots which are created through the platting
district, or which are benefited by and                                                                   requirements, the more restrictive requirement
                                                     process.                                             will apply.
compatible with a residential environment.           The minimum lot width may be reduced on
Such facilities should be accessibly located                                                              2. Front Setback: Except as provided in
                                                     dead-end cul-de-sac lots. In no case shall a lot     Section 4.03.03(B)(2)(b) and Section 2.10.02
and appropriately situated in order to satisfy       width be less than fifty (50) feet when meas-
special requirements of the respective                                                                    of the Land Development Code, there shall be
                                                     ured at the top of the arc of the street right-of-   a front building setback on every lot of not less
community facilities.                                way line. The lot width of a cul-de-sac lot shall
It is the express purpose of this Section to                                                              than twenty-five (25) feet.
                                                     not be less than seventy (70) feet when meas-        3.Side Setback: There shall be a side building
exclude from this district all building or other     ured at the top of the arc of the minimum front
structures and uses having commercial                                                                     setback on each side of every main building
                                                     setback line.                                        when measured at the minimum front setback
characteristics, whether operated for profit or      The dividing of a parent parcel resulting in a
otherwise, except those home occupations and                                                              line for lots having widths between seventy
                                                     parcel(s) which will not possess the required        (70) and ninety (90) feet. For lots wider than
conditional uses specifically provided for in        road frontage may be allowed as a special ex-
the Land Development Code.                                                                                ninety (90) feet and narrower than seventy (70)
                                                     ception upon determination by the County             feet, there shall be a side building setback of
                                                     Board of Adjustments that the resulting parcel       no less than ten (10) percent of the lot width to
                                                     complies with the provisions listed in Section       a maximum of fifteen (15) feet on each side of
          Permitted Uses                             2.04.00(C)(6) or Section 2.04.00(C)(9)of the         every main building. Modifications to this
                                                     Land Development Code.                               requirement shall be in accordance with Sec-
 In this district as a permitted use a building or                                                        tion 2.10.04 of the Land Development Code.
 premises may be used only for the                                                                        4. Rear Setback: There shall be a rear building
 following purposes: detached single-family                                                               setback on every lot of not less than twenty-
 residential structures, group homes, and
 accessory structures and facilities. Mobile
                                                                       Density                            five (25) feet, except as provided in Section
                                                                                                          2.10.03 of the Land Development Code.
 homes are prohibited.                               For residential development, property in this
                                                     district may be developed at the option of the
                                                     owner, to a maximum of four (4) units per

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