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					    Research First Before
     Dividing Property!
                                                                                                          Santa Rosa County
 Any land or lot within a plat or record (or
 not) on the effective date of this amend-
 ment shall not be re-divided into two (2)
 or more lots unless the provisions of the
 Subdivision Regulations of Santa Rosa                                                                           G E N E R AL
 County, Florida, (Section 4.03.00 et.                                                                         IN D US T RI A L
 seq.) of the Land Development Code
 have been met.                                                                                                      ( M2 )
                                                                                                            Z O N IN G D I S T R I C T
                                                                                                                  ( E F F EC TI VE A P R IL 1 , 2 0 0 4
                                                                                                               ( M O F DIF E D O C TOB E R 8 , 2 0 0 8 )
                                                                                                             ( M O D IF I ED N O VE MB ER 1 7 , 2 0 0 8 )

      Site Plan Approval
Site plan review as provided in Section
4.04.00 et. seq of the Land Development                                                                Research done today, could save you
Code., is required for all uses in this dis-                                                           time and money.
                                                                                                       The information provided in this
                                                                                                       brochure is extracted from the
       Building Height                                                                                 Santa Rosa County Land Develop-
                                                                                                       ment Code; however, it is the
 No Building or structure shall exceed fifty                                                           responsibility of the applicant to
 (50) feet in height above the required mini-                                                          contact the Planning and Zoning
 mum finished floor elevation at the prop-
                                                                                                       Division to discuss land use issues
 erty or building setback lines. Above the
 height permitted one (1) foot may be added                                                            when a change is desired. This
 to the height of the building for each three                                                          brochure is only to be used as an
 (3) feet the building or structure is setback                                                         overall help tool for the general
 from the setback lines up to a maximum of                                                             public.
 one hundred (100) feet, exclusive of eleva-     Santa Rosa County
 tor shafts, air conditioning condensing
                                                 Community Planning, Zoning and Development Division
 units, or cooling towers. See Section           6051 Old Bagdad Highway                               Note: Land Development Code
 2.10.01 of the Land Development Code for        Phone: 850-981-7075, 939-1259
 exceptions.                                     Fax: 850-983-9874                                     is subject to change.
                Purpose                               Permitted Use (Con’t)                           Performance Standards (Con’t)
                                                  3. Accessory uses or structures to any              b. The Public Works Department shall
This district is designed to accommodate          principal use permitted in the district.            review and determine if the ingress and
intensive industrial uses such as heavy manu-     4. One single family dwelling unit,                 egress routes are suitable for the vehicles and
facturing, processing, fabrication and other      occupied by the owner or an employee of the         loads to be used and if there are any adverse
activities. Community facilities and trade        principal uses, is permitted for security           impacts on County right-of-way or roadways.
establishments which provide needed services      purposes.                                           3. All development shall provide paved
to facilities and trade establishments which                                                          ingress/egress entrances from the right-of-
provide needed services to industrial develop-                   Lot Size                             way to all parking and shall pave all
ment also may be accommodated in the                                                                  vehicular circulation on the site to reduce the
district. Refer to Section 6.03.04 of the Land    The minimum width of any lot developed for          impact of noise to the surrounding commu-
Development Code.                                 commercial or industrial uses shall be one          nity.
                                                  hundred (100) feet when measured at the front       4. All activity within two hundred (200) feet
                                                  setback line and shall have a minimum width         of a residential district boundary shall be
          Permitted Use                           at the street right-of-way line of not less than
                                                  one hundred (100) feet to allow for adequate
                                                                                                      conducted within completely enclosed build-
                                                                                                      ings. All storage within two hundred (200)
                                                  ingress and egress.                                 feet of a residential district boundary may be
In this district a building or premises may
only be used for the following:                                                                       outdoors but shall be effectively screened by
1. All uses permitted in the M-1 District.                                                            a solid wall, fence or planting so that the
2.Industrial activities with intensive impact                                                         materials shall be not visible from the resi-
are limited to the following activities and           Performance Standards                           dential district. This requirement shall not
operations:                                                                                           apply for the outside storage of aircraft.
                                                  1. Open Area/Landscaping: Every lot in this         4. Landscaped buffers shall be required
a.Heavy manufacturing, fabricating, assem-
                                                  district shall have a minimum of fifteen percent    consistent with Section 7.01.05 of the Land
bling of components and similar activities.
                                                  (15%) of the total parcel area set aside for open   Development Code.
b. Asphalt and concrete plants; sawmills.
                                                  landscaped area. All landscaped areas shall be      4. Gravel, dirt or earth material excavation,
c. Truck or bus terminal facilities.
                                                  planted and maintained in lawn, sod or natural      mining, borrow pits, construction and demo-
d. Salvage yards. All salvage yards must be
                                                  foliage. No part of any open area shall be used     lition debris (C&D) and land clearing debris
buffered with an eight (8) foot high fence with
                                                  for drive-ways or parking area. Refer to            (LCD) disposal facilities shall be subject to
an opaque uniform material of consistent
                                                  Article 7 of the Land Development Code for          the additional performance standards for such
                                                  further requirements.                               activities established in Article 7 of the Land
e. Aviation Activities: Aircraft design,
                                                  2. All development must meet the following          Development Code.
development, production and operation; air
operations; aircraft storage hangars and acces-
                                                  a.The operation shall not utilize ingress and
sory uses; flying clubs; rental excursions of
                                                  egress through any recorded subdivision.
aircraft, and air cargo.
                                                  Routes shall be chosen as to have the least
f. Gravel, Dirt or earth material excavation,
                                                  impact on residential areas.
mining, borrow pits, construction and demoli-
tion debris (C&D) and land clearing debris
(LCD) disposal facilities.