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					                                           The Beep Test
     The beep test is run over a 20m distance. It is a shuttle run that increases speed. The
     runner runs for as long as they can at the pace determined by the beeps on the CD.

     The runner must reach and touch each line just before pr as the audio beeps. When the
     runner can no longer keep up with the beeps they must stop. As the test progresses the
     speed of the beep increase thus making it harder to maintain the correct pace. The table
     below gives you some ideas of the distance travelled for each level and the total time
     spent running.

     2010: Term One 4 February Level
           Term One April      Level

   Shuttle number                    Level           Total time running          Distance travelled
          15                           3                     2.00              300m
          23                           4                     3.00              460m
          32                           5                     4.03              640m
          41                           6                     5.03              820m
          51                           7                     6.10              1020m
          61                           8                     7.08              1220m
          72                           9                     8.15              1440m
          82                          10                     9.15              1640m
          94                          11                    10.15              1880m
         106                          12                    11.18              2120m

     The table below shows what is considered poor and excellent results
                       FEMALE                                 MALE
Very poor              Level 4 and        Very poor           Level 4.5 and below
Poor                   Level 4.5 to 5     Poor                Level 4.5 to 5, 6
Fair                   Level 5 to 6       Fair                Level 6,7
Good                   Level 7, 8, 9      Good                Level 8,9,10
Excellent              Level 10+          Excellent           Level 11+

     Your child will highlight the number of shuttles they have completed and their level of
     fitness at the start of the year in one colour. The end of the year result will be in another

     Student comment: I could do much better

     Teacher comment:

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