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									                                                                                                          April 2008

                                         Santa Rosa County
                                         District 1 Newsletter
                                               A Message
                                         From Your Commissioner
       District 1           Thank you for allowing me to serve you as the District One Commissioner. I again ask for
    Commissioner            your continued prayers as we work to give tax relief and continue to provide the services you
     Tom Stewart            expect of your county government.

                                                                             As gasoline prices continue to rise, the
                                                                             Florida Department of Transportation and
 6495 Caroline Street
                                                                             Santa Rosa County continue to seek ways
       Suite M
                                                                             to help our citizens. One way is the new
  Milton, FL 32570
                                                                             Park and Ride facility built in District 1. The
                                                                             Avalon Boulevard Park and Ride Parking Lot,
        Phone:                                                               just north of Interstate 10, opened on March
  (850) 983-1877 WK                                                          24 and is already full every day. We are
  (850) 994-5246 HM                                                          looking for new sites and will be building
                                                                             more of these facilities in the future.
   comm-stewart@                                                                         Along with the Park and Ride lots,
   santarosa.fl.gov                                                                      we have initiated a public transit
                                                                                         route. The bus route, funded
         Fax:                                                                            initially by federal grant dollars,
    (850) 983-1856                                                                       will take residents across the
                                                                                         Highway 90 corridor from Milton
                                                                                         to the Target Store on Nine Mile
                                                                                         Road in Escambia County. The
                                                                                         Target store is a stop for ECAT
                                                                                         and will allow Santa Rosa County
                                                                                         residents to get to Escambia
                                                                                         County destinations from
                                                                                         anywhere along the Highway 90
                                                                                         corridor in Santa Rosa County.

                                                                                         On March 15, we officially
   To receive this or                                 Top: The ribbon is cut at the      opened the new Pace Fire-Rescue
   other Santa Rosa                                   opening ceremony of the            District Station #1 and Santa Rosa
  County publications                                 Avalon Boulevard Park and          County Sheriff’s Office District 3
automatically via e-mail,                             Ride Parking Lot
   please sign up at:                                                                    Substation on Patriot Boulevard
                                                                                         near Pace High School. It is a
 www.santarosa.fl.gov                                 Center: The proposed route         modern facility and is a great
                                                      for public transit in Santa Rosa   asset to the Pace community. In
    For those without                                 County
   internet access, call
                                                                                         addition, we have asked FDOT
      (850) 983-1877                                                                     to install a red light at Patriot
                                                      Left: Cub Scouts help raise the
to receive a copy through                                                                Boulevard and Highway 90
         the mail.                                    flag at the new fire station &
                                                                                         to accommodate the new fire
                                                      sheriff substation in Pace.
                                                                                         station and safely assist Pace
                    Santa Rosa District 1 News
High School students entering Highway 90 via Patriot Boulevard.

The county has started the process of rebuilding the old PARA
baseball facility on Woodbine Road. As you remember, it was
heavily damaged by Hurricane Ivan. Since we have completed the
new Sportsplex Baseball Park, we will be converting the Woodbine
Park to a youth football facility. Hopefully this new facility will be
ready for this fall’s football season.

Hurricane Ivan caused a lot of damage in the Avalon Beach area
including “silting in” of the Archie Glover channel. Now that the
I10 bridge contractor has completed bridge construction, the
county is working with the local residents to develop an MSBU,
                                                                         Above: Demolition crews work to convert the
along with recreation dollars and boating improvement funds to
                                                                         Woodbine Park to a youth football facility.
dredge the channel so that it is accessible to county residents.

Although I would prefer that we resolve our courthouse dilemma sooner rather than later, with the passage of
Amendment One we must honor the wishes of our residents by providing tax relief. Significant cuts in the county’s
2008-2009 budget are coming and maintaining the quality of life and level of services our residents want and deserve
is going to be a challenge. We will be moving part of the courthouse function to the administrative building located
on Caroline Street, which will provide some courthouse relief. In addition, the temporary modular buildings should
be in place shortly. Hopefully we can continue to look for sites for a new courthouse and develop plans for the future.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me when you have suggestions or just want to talk about county issues.
Again, thank you for the privilege of serving you and all of Santa Rosa County.

                                                                                                             - Tom Stewart
                                                                                                  District 1 Commissioner

                                                Pace Fire-Rescue Upgrades Improve Resident Safety
                                            The Pace- Fire Rescue District moved into their new station located at 4773
                                            Pace Patriot Boulevard in March. The old station was simply too costly to
                                            keep repairing and lacked the space needed for such a growing area as
                                            Pace. The truck bay could not accommodate the larger size of trucks made
                                            today, and the structure was not hurricane resistant. The new structure
                                            can withstand 150 mile-per-hour winds and will now allow the station’s
                                            trucks to be housed in the truck bay. The new fire station will also serve
                                            as a sheriff’s substation.
                                            In addition to the new building, the Pace Volunteer Fire Department added
                                            four full-time EMTs in October. With the additional staffing made possible
                                            by area MSBUs, PFRD is able to answer Alpha and Bravo medical calls,
                                            decreasing the time needed for help to reach Pace residents.
                                                              Number of Calls January-March 2008
                                                                   Responded to by PFRD
                                            l    122 fire calls
                                            l    257 medical calls
                                            l    56 traffic accident calls
                                            l    Total 435, with 59% as medical calls

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