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1.What is the more common name for a Turf Accountant? Bookmaker

2.In geometry,a plane figure with 1000 angles is called what? Chiliagon

3.Which city is known as the Bride of the Sea? Venice

4.What is Sub-type A-h? It is a very rare blood group,which is also
called"Bombay blood"

5. What was first recorded by a magnetic head tape recorder? London
Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham at Ludwigshaven in

6.What is the origin of the word "bombast"? Originally the word was
applied to cotton wool used for stuffing or padding.Hennce it had come to
mean"expressions stuffed with words"

7..Who holds the record for the greatest number of knockouts in boxing?
Archie Moore,with 141 knockouts between 1936-63

8.Who was the first wicketkeeper to claim 200 Test victims? Godfrey

9.Who is known as the "shadow prime minister" in Britain? The leader of
the opposition party

10.What is common to Harijan,Navjeevan and young India?All were magazines
published by Mahatma Gandhi

11.By what name is KALEL better known? KAL-EL is the name of superman in
the language of the krypton(his planet of origin)?

12.According to the White Queen in the Lewis Caroll's book 'Through the
looking glass' when do you never get a jam? Today!She says "The rule is
you Jam tommorow and jam yesterday,but never jam today?