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									General Quiz: Dt 27.6.2001
Q-File 28
Qns by: G.Sreekanth

1. Identify the poem from its opening lines that follow: Not like the
brazen giant of Greek fame;    With conquering limbs astride from land to
land;Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall       stand.........
ans)The New Colossus - The poem by Emma Lazarus which is graven on a
tablet within the pedestal      on which The Statue of Liberty stands.

2."There are ... things that just don't have any good explanation," he
said. "I suppose you could    say that if it had been a really nice
animal, something sympathetic, then maybe nothing would    have happened.
Suppose I had picked a rooster. Well, that's French, but it doesn't have
the      same impact." Identify the former tennis great who said in a
1973 interview with The             Associated Press.
ans) Rene Lacoste aka "Le Crocodile" or the alligator.

3. The most celebrated and probably the most important and influential
production designer in the    history of American films. The son of an
architect, he worked briefly for his father after        graduating from
New York's Art Students League, and entered films in 1915 as Hugo
Ballin's       assistant at the Edison Studios. Within two years he was
assigned the responsibilities of an     art director, moving over to
Goldwyn in 1918. In 1924, he joined the staff of newly formed        MGM,
remaining with the company for 32 years as supervising art director. He
designed most of    his films in collaboration with other artists. His
MGM contract assured him credit on all         major studio productions.
His name appeared on some 1500 films, on many of which he worked
only in a limited supervisory capacity. But many of his own designs were
quite original and      some influenced interior decoration in affluent
American homes. He won the Oscar Award 11         times. He also co-
directed one film, TARZAN AND HIS MATE (1934), and was married to actress
Dolores del Rio from 1930 to 1941. Who is he ?
ans) Cedric Gibbons - . The designer of the Oscar, the Academy statuette.

4. In Greek myths who were also called "Oiropatas" meaning 'man-killers'
ans) Amazons - the female warriors.

5. What is common to: Bernard Webb; Apollo C.Vermouth; Paul Ramon; Percy
"Thrills" Thrillington.
ans) All pseudonyms used by Paul McCartney.

6. Identify the cricketer from the clues that follow - He is the only man
to have captained         England before and after the first World War.
He played for England against Bohemia in soccer    and won the gold medal
in the middleweight division in boxing in the 1908 Olympics. He
drowned when the boat on which he was returning from Finland collided
with its sister ship       and sank. His father also drowned with him.
ans) J.W.H.T.Douglas aka Johny Won't Hit Today.

7. What contemptuous phrase was used by the socialist leader Ram Manohar
Lohia to describe          Smt.Indira Gandhi ?
ans) Goongi Gudiya.

8. Giornalino is the title of a comic book. The narrator in the comic
book is Grandpa. The hero's
   mother died when he was nine years old. His arch enemies are
Communists and Beelzebub. Name    the hero of the comic book.
ans) Pope John Paul II !

9.In 1910, Dr.Henry Goddard invented a word to officially describe
someone whose IQ is below 75;
  this word is the only word ever to have been voted into the English
language by a convention of
  psychologists. Name the word.
ans) Moron.

10. Indian history. Complete the series: Multan, Nagarkot, Kannauj,
ans) Somnath. All attacked and ravaged by Mahmud of Ghazni.

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