25 by rishabhmishra


									General Quiz: Dt.16.6.2001
Q-File 25
Qns by: Satyakalyan Mohanty

1.What were Uri, Gretel and Harry during the Sydney Olympics ?
ans) They were the "unofficial alternative mascots" used for poking fun
at the Games history
     of drug-assisted athletes; sponsored by a radio station.

2.What is Dolly Roy's claim to fame ?
ans) She is India's first woman tea-taster.

3. Which American born Berkeley Graduate was the first Asian-American to
be in the American    congress in 1956 ?
ans)Dilip Singh Soundh.

4. What is Jyotindra "Joe" Mehta's claim to fame ?
ans) He is India's only blind software programmer.

5. Which famous sportsman was nicknamed 'GASOLINA' for his amazing speed

6. In TAQATWAR, who played the role of John D'Mello Ding Dong Wallah, a
take-off on Amitabh       Bachchan's Anthony Gonsalves character in
Manmohan Desai's cult entertainer, Amar Akbar       Anthony ?
ans) Govinda.

7.What is the contribution of a place near Ermenoville, 50 km from Paris
to the world of tennis ? ans) A chalk based substance is fabricated from
crushed bricks from which the famous red clay of      the Roland Garros
is obtained.

8. Every time we got something into the camera it was as if we were
saying to the 6 million       ghosts--with a wry smile on our faces, and
a sense of accomplishment--"That's for you!"       That’s quite a
statement.Who said that ?
ans)Ben Kingsley during the shooting of SCHINDLER’S LIST.

9.Paul Crake from North Lyneham, Australia won the event sponsored by
Fleet Bank held on       February 7, 2001 and broke his own record set
last year by finishing in 9mins, 37secs. What      event ?
ans) Vertical marathon in The Empire State Building.

10. Tokyo Rose, Orphan of the Pacific" was written by Masayo Duus in
1979.What’s the book about ?
ans)Iva Toguri d'Aquino.IT is a sad and nasty war story about a Japanese
American, Iva Toguri
    d'Aquino. The story is about the tragedy of the unhappy position of
the "nisei" who were born     to Japanese parents in the United States.
They were stranded between two civilizations, and      rejected by both.
Iva was a naive and foolish girl who, in a struggle to find her identity,
became a victim of politics.

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