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					General Quiz : Dt.13.6.2001
Q-File 23
Qns by: G.Sreekanth

1. At the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics , Arthur Jonah won the bronze medal
in the 100 metres           clocking an impressive 10.4 seconds . But for
what other reason is he remembered today ?
ans) First Adidas wearing athlete to win a medal in Olympics.

2. Complete the series: An unknown American photographer , racing driver
Michael Bartells ,         Alexander Mronz , Simply Red lead act Mick
Hucknall , __________ .
ans) Andre Agassi - all boyfriends of Steffi Graff.

3. " I made him reverence and he bowed his body .... I demanded a chair ,
but was answered no man
   ever sat in that place , but I was desired as a courtesy to ease
myself against a pillar ,       covered with silver that held up his
canopy !" - who said this on meeting a famous Indian        emperor at
Ajmer ?
ans) Sir Thomas Roe on his meeting with Mughal Emperor Jahangir.

4. Which mountain peak is called Ti-Se in Tibet , literally meaning
'Precious jewel of the
   snow ' ?
ans) Mt.Kailash.

5. Who wrote the following limerick during World War II : " Few thought
he was a starter ; Many
   thought themselves much smarter ; But he became the P.M/C.H and O.M ;
An Earl , and even a       knight of the Garter ! " ?
ans) Clement Atlee - on becoming Britain's 1st ever Labour Prime

6. He retired from India in 1843 after 25 years of hard work. At first he
refused a knighthood
   but accepted it when he married a much younger woman . He and his wife
lived near Hyde Park.
   He went on to become the Vice-President of the Royal Geographical
Society. He died in 1866 and
   is buried in Hove. Identify the gentleman .
ans) Sir George Everest - after whom Mt.Everest is named.

7. He is a member of the band Cibo Matto and in 1998 released his debut
solo effort 'Into the       Sun'. Identify the person .
ans)) Sean Lennon - son of John Lennon.

8. During World War II , after having a stint with the European Theatre
this gentleman was          content to be posted to Quetta and then to
Simla . In 1936 when the Indian hockey team was
   felicitated by the Indian High Commisioner in London for winning the
Olympic gold , he was       present as the guest of honour . He was also
interested in mysticism and Eastern Philosophy ,
   study of which made him apathetic to Christianity . He also learnt
Hindi and became quite
   fluent in the language. Identify this sportsman .
ans) Douglas Jardine.

9. Why was a retired mechanical engineer Mr.William Rouveral in the news
in the year 2000 ?
ans) He was the person who had designed the Votomatic Voting System -
implemented in the US           elections .

10. Who , on May 20 1873, received a patent bearing the number 139121 for
" Improvement in           Fastening Pocket Operative " .
ans) Levi Strauss - for putting metal rivets on points of strain of denim

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