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Q-File 20
Qns by : G.Sreekanth

1.On whose tombstone would you find the inscription : " Here lies a man
; Who knew how to enlist ; in his service; Better men than himself " .
ans) Andrew Carnegie.

2. The first U.S. coin to bear the words "United States of America," was
a penny piece made in     1727. There was plain spoken motto inscribed on
it . What was the inscription ?
ans) Mind Your Own Business.

3. Which product has/had the punchline " men are from mars , woman are
just down to earth " ?
ans) Femina.

4. "Dedicated to the second best advertising agency in the whole world ;
Whoever they might be."     Name the book.
ans) Positioning - Al Ries and Jack Trout.

5. The first clone of Apple II computer appeared in 1979. What was its
name ?
ans) Orange.

6. In IT world who or what is 'NOISE'    ?
ans)The adversaries and enemies of Microsoft: Netscape, Oracle, IBM, Sun,
and Everyone else.

7. What could have been   Neon , Lyric , Pepper or Silk   ?
ans) Java.

8. What is " Bill Gates tax " ?
ans)The amount of money out of the price of a new personal computer that
goes to Microsoft in the     form of operating system licensing fees and
other charges.

9. When Steve Wozniak was 18 yrs old , he used to sell illegal devices
that allowed free long       distance phone calls. This was at a place
called Homebrew Computer Club . To whom did he make     his first free
phone call ?
ans) To the Pope at Vatican.

10. Two of the current management jargons in vogue are FIB & FIPB . What
do they stand for ?
ans)Fire In Belly -for young managers ; Fire In Pot Belly - for fat ,
middle-aged managers.

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