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					Cricket Quiz : Dt.3.6.2001
Q-File 18
Qns by : G.Sreekanth

1. 'It was Gavaskar ; The Real Master ; Just like a wall ; You know the
West Indies couldn't out
    Gavaskar at all '. Who sang this after the great debut by Sunny in
1971 ?
ans) Lord Relator - a Calypso singer.

2. In cricket what is/was 'Operation Chessmatch' ?
ans) It was the name given to the highly secretive build-up of the tour
of South Africa by rebel
     England cricketers while still on tour in India in 1981-82.

3. There was a certain wicketkeeper called Storer whose name is
immortalised in cricket because     of a catch he had taken to dismiss a
cricketer of repute. Of whose bowling did he take the       catch ?
ans) Arthur Conan Doyle to dismiss W.G.Grace.

4. " If only I could sleep " - were the last words of which legendary
cricketer ?
ans) Ranjitsinhji.

5. Dick-a-Dick , Mosquito , Tiger , Red Cap , Sundown , Tuppenny , Jim
Crow , King Cole ,           Bullocky and Johny Mullagh - quite funny
names . But what have these names got to do with       cricket ?
ans) Names of the Aboriginal plyers who played in England.

6. Who/What in cricket is ' Rent-a-Waggon '   ?
ans) Nick-name of S.Venkataraghavan.

7. Which former cricketer worked at a grocery at the age of 13 , was a
caddie at the local golf     club at 14 , bought a sweet and a tobacco
shop when he was 41 and was a storekeeper and a       watchman in
Australia ?
ans) Harold Larwood.

8. " A righthand fast bowler with a good swing , although he does not use
his head enough . As a      batsman he has very much improved and he gets
extraordinarily well to the pitch of the ball.      Has wonderfully
improved in field , though hampered by his eyesight " .... Wisden carried
a      44 page obituary of this famous person in 1976. Who is he ?
ans) P.G.Wodehouse.

9.Why would all Don Bradman fans remember the 2nd test vs England at
Sydney in 1928-29 ?
ans) Only test in which he was the 12th man.

10. In 1972 which cricketer attempted to get into the Guinness Book of
World Records by beating      the world egg-throwing record ? [ He
failed because he couldn't work out a method by which     eggs thrown
over a long distance would remain intact when they landed in his hand ]
ans) Jeff Thomson.