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					Quiz on Indian Classical Music : Dt. 29.5.2001
Q-File 13
Qns by : G.Sreekanth .

1. It is also called the mayuri veena. It is a North Indian instrument ,
its resonator shaped       and coloured like a peacock. It is played like
a cello with the neck on the shoulder and the     peacock's feet on the
ground . This instrument is not in use any longer . Name the
instrument .
ans) Balasaraswati.

2. Bai Faizabadi ( 1914-1974) was one of the foremost exponents of what
is called the Poorab        Ang Thumri . How do we know her better ?
ans) Begum Akhtar.

3. Which form of Hindustani classical music literally means " steady feet
" ?
ans) Dhrupad.

4. This gharana derives its name from a place near Saharanpur   in Uttar
Pradesh. The style of        this gharana is distinctive with   a vocal
quality of gentle repose . Its raga elaboration         has a   distinctive
design as it builds up. This style is called BARHAT. Identify   the
ans) Kirana Gharana.

5. It literally means " made of clay " and is made out of a scooped out
single block of wood ,      usually a neem tree or coconut. Name the
ans) Mridangam.

6. He was a great lover of music and a special devotee of the thumri form
. It was under the        signature of Akhtar Piya that he composed many
thumris. A devotee of Lord Krishna , he           supported many singers
of his time who became masters of the thumri , among whom Kalka
Bindadin was the foremost . Identify the person.
ans) Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh.

7. What can be Deepchandi , Dhammar , Jhumra , Keherwa , Rupak , Sulfakta
, Sawari , Dadra ?
ans) All are various forms of Taals.

8. A bit of trivia . The ability to hear and enjoy music is the main
identification of people      who cannot sing but greatly appreciate the
art. A term , which is also a playful variant on      the name Tansen ,
is used to indicate those who become great lovers of music but cannot
sing      themselves. What is the term/word ?
ans) Kaansen.

9. This seminal work of the fifth century gives a lucid explanation and
account of raga           classification , such as suddha , chhayalaga ,
sankirna . It also contains a section on          Nadotpatti or the
origin of nada , shruti , varna , alankara , giti , jati. It is also said
to have had a chapter on musical instruments which is now lost. To get
full points name the      work and also the author.
ans) Brihaddesi by Matanga muni.

10. What popular concert instrument gets its name from a Persian word
meaning 'sweet' ?
ans) Sarod.

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