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									Inter School Quiz-2001
Q-File 39
Qns by: Piyush Mohapatra

1.Where would you meet these seven children: Lisel, Louisa, Frederic,
Kurt, Nikita, Bertha and Gretel ?
ans) In the movie 'The Sound of Music'. They are all members of the Von
Trapp family.

2. Two wards in the Tihar Jail have been named after Indian cricketers.
Name them.
ans) Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli.

3. How do we better know the pair Mr.Montague and Miss Capulet better ?
ans) Romeo and Juliet.

4.In Indian mythology, if Kama's bow string was made of a string of bees,
what was his bow made
of ?
ans) It was made of sugarcane.

5.Who owns a money management firm Wilshire Associates and has a mansion
in Pacific Palisades in the U.S ?
ans) Dennis Tito - the space tourist .

6. Most bullfighting arenas have a statue or shrine that pays homage to
which scientist ?
ans) Alexander Fleming. Penicillin saves bull fighters.

7.Which film opens with these words/lines: " I had a choice between truth
and aesthetics. I chose
truth because truth is pure..... This is a true story......" ?
ans)The Bandit Queen-Phoolan Devi directed by Shekhar Kapur.

8.The literal definition of this word is 'stomach speaking'. How is it
better known ?
ans) Ventriloquism.

9.Name the exponent of Odissi dance who runs a dance school called Diksha
ans) Dona Ganguly, wife of Sourav Ganguly.

10.In Alice Randall's recently released book 'The Wind Done Gone', the
heroine Cynara is said to be far lovelier than 'Other'. Who is this
'Other' ?
ans) Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind. The book spoofs the famous
book by Margaret Mitchell-
'Gone With The Wind'.

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