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					 Indian Mythology : Dt 3.7.2001
Q-File 35
Qns by : G.Sreekanth

1.He is a very celebrated personage in Hindu mythology . When he was born
he was very small; not
  more than a span in length . He was hence called Maana.He also obtained
the epithet Pitaabdhi or Samudra-chuluka, " Ocean drinker ", from a fable
according to which he drank up the ocean because it had offended him, and
because he wished to help the Gods in their wars with the Daityas when
the latter had hidden themselves in the waters. He was one of the
narrators of the
  Brahma Purana. WHO ?
ans) Rishi Agastya.

2.In Hindu mythology what's common to Vaiswanaara, Huta-bhuj, Sukra,
Rohitaaswa, Sapta-jihwa,
  Tomara-dhaara, Chhaaga-ratha ?
ans) All epithets of Agni.

3.Name the Apsara who was originally a Brahman female, but for the
offence of bathing at an improper season she was condemned to be born as
an Apsara, for the purpose of bringing about
  the mutual destruction of the two demons Sunda and Upasunda ?
ans) Tilottama.

4.What is described in the Mahabharata as "a fearful open mouthed
monster, created by the sage
  Chyavana, having teeth and grinders of portentous length, and jaws one
of which enclosed the
  earth and other the sky" ?
ans) Mada-intoxication.

5. He is said to be a Daanava, and son of Viprachitti and Sinhika. He is
also called A-kacha meaning "hairless"; Aslesha-bhaava meaning "cut-off",
and Munda meaning "bald". He is represented by a dragon's tail. WHO ?
ans) Ketu.

6. What according to Vishnu Purana are Indra, Kaserumat, Taamra-varna,
Gabhastimat, Naga,
   Saumya, Gandharva, Varuna and Kumaraka ?
ans) All were Dwipas in Bharata-Varsha.

7. He is said to have descended from Kasyapa and Vinataa, one of the
daughters of Daksha. His
   lustre was so brilliant that after his birth the gods mistook him for
Agni and worshipped him.
   His wife was Unnati. He is also called Kaamaayus-who lives at
pleasure. WHO ?
ans) Garuda.

8. In Hindu mythology we know that the recorder of Yama, Chitragupta
reads out his account from
ans) Agra-Sandhani.

9. In Ramayana WHO is described as "covered with hair, vast as a
mountain, without head or neck, having a mouth armed with immense teeth
in the middle of his belly, arms a league long
   and one enormous eye in his breast" ?
ans) Kabandha.

10. WHAT was the name of the planetary sphere, which as explained by the
Vishnu Purana has the
    shape of a porpoise, Vishnu being seated in its heart and Dhruva or
the pole star in its tail ?
ans) Sisumaara.