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					General Quiz

1.Name the only Goddess mentioned by name in the Rig - Veda ?
ans) Aditi - the mother of all Gods. Aditi literally means 'the

2.What title did Minamoto Yoritomo assume in 1185, the first in Japanese
history ?
ans) Shogun.

3.This Egyptian spent eight years as a student at Hamburg's technical
University, where he graduated with top marks for a dissertation on "City
Planning in the Syrian town of Aleppo". Who?
ans) Mohammed Atta - the suicide hijacker responsible for the terrorist
attacks on World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001.

4.Of whom did the English soccer captain Bill Wright once said: "With a
left foot like that, who needs a right" ?
ans) 'General' Ferenc Puskas - the legendary Hungarian footballer.

5.What is the first name of a certain Miss Sawyer whose 'experience' as a
11 year old girl was recorded in the form of a nursery rhyme, first by
John Roulstone and later by Sarah Josepha Hale
who added the last twelve lines ?
ans) Mary and the nursery rhyme is 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. Mary Sawyer
had a pet lamb and it followed her to scholl one day in 1817. John
Roulstone saw the lamb entering the school after the girl and was
inspired to write the famous nursery rhyme.

6.'Alex and his three droogs tolchok an old vec, razrez his books, pull
of his outer platties and take a malenky bit of cutter.' - In which
language is this sentence written ?
ans) Nadsat - from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

7.Which diva was the first professional singer to perform for a fee on
radio ?
ans) Nellie Melba, in 1920.

8.'Can you see anything'? - Lord Carnarvon asked. 'Yes, wonderful things'
- he replied. Whose words ?
ans) Howard Carter uttered these words in 1922 on entering the burial
chamber of Pharaoh Tutenkhamen.

9. How does Dorian Gray die in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
ans) He stabs his portrait and is then found dead with a knife through
his heart.

10. In the 18th century, what 'essential commodities' were known as
'English overcoats' or 'Umbrellas' in Europe ?
ans) Believe it or not - Condoms !