MOBILE COMPUTING (DOC download) by rishabhmishra


									                        MOBILE COMPUTING

1. India’s ministry of IT has founded a new Wireless technology group to
   develop this standard. Name the standard

2. Name the first wireless telephone company in US to offer customers
   nationwide the ability to check e-mail and surf the web via cell phones
   Sprint PCs

3. Expand AMPS
   Advanced Mobile Phone System

4. What is the communication mechanism that uses the enterprise data network
   to transmit packetised voice?
   LAN telephony

5. What’s the process of automatically changing frequencies, as a mobile unit
   moves into different frequency zones so that the conversation can be
   continued in a new frequency zone without redialing called?

6. Name the first digital cellular system developed in 1992 in Germany

7. What’s the IEEE standard for Bluetooth specification?

8. What is the range of transmission for radio waves

9. Name the technique that describes schemes to subdivide frequency
   dimension into several non-overlapping frequency bands.
   FDM-Frequency Division Multiplexing

10. This represents today’s most successful digital mobile communication system
    – used by over 100 million people in more than 130 countries worldwide. Has
    initially been developed in Europe using 890-915 Mhz for uplinks and 935-
    960 MHz for downlinks.
    GMS-Global System for Mobile Communication

11. Expand HIPERLAN.
    High Performance Local Area Network

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