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									                           Hector's Posts – Volume 3, 2nd Edition
                                          Editor's Note
This document contains the postings from mostly one individual, Hector Perez Torres, collected at the
yahoo site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evgray/. Within are message numbers from 10,000 to 14,999,
the rest left to subsequent volumes. No doubt some very good messages have been missed, hopefully
these will be included in anotheredition.


Re: Oh no he did it again (Intent) "open cards deck"

...o--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, Matt <trainerenterprises@...>
> Hey guys,
> I hope everyone here understands that I am just trying to help.

Its better to do in on open forum as dangers can be forseen.

There Are still here some Elements that represent Uni,NIC,Gov,power
industry, military , as there are elements that can help the helpers.

Kone pointed to A FACT RV as Other technology needs to be KNOWN by
the people ..

So a non Debunkable bullshit proff system is needed ( The DC car
BAttery and identical inverter fixtures with the exchangeable loads.

Pretested in identical aplications & loads , if the IDEA is to
demostrate RV & alternate Technology Then the MAIN issue is POWER
MANAGEMENT ,the capability to properly use energy resources and create
new ones (OU) zpe whatever and its aplication to standard equipment
(were everry inventor in the last 50 years had failed to do )

If there is a LENZ less generator out there RV can drive it,as it only
draws what the generator draws (in some instances less) and MUCH less
if generator is OU, (Many here understand that now ) and to make it
with parts & pieces from the Hardware existant parts got the Uni and
Debunker community mentaly mad . (debunk That )

conversations are sometimes overheard and relayed to me ...

A big shot told an associate , they were better off paying me a
billion dollars and having an army of hot bitches to dry me up like a
prune than what is needed to eliminate RV from public eye (at this
point). (they can kiss my ass)
So thats the key (publicity) and show people how to make it from
standard motors ...

As a fact is you can wire 0ne phase motors to 460 VAC you can run like
RV vectoring the START phase at proper angle (45deg) , will be a bit
less effective than a 90DEG 3ph force vector but i will be effective ,
all 1 PH motors can be run RV mode ..

Put this in compilation...

120VAC motors can run RV with 28VAC just requires x4to x6
capacitance run oil, start litic (to lower price cost) that means in
24 VOLT dc battery systems you can run a 120VAC motor DIRECTLY FROM
THE BATTERY DRIVING IT with IGTBs BIASED H network lowering cost of
integrated inverter systems in same motor to be run directly from DC
as DC brushless RV motor (PHIL take note) "direct motor driver" ...

I just hope the grants flow in then I can go to Anty gravity and other
sweet things I bet you can do with Off the shelve designed stuff ...

One of my dreams is to put out the home made (UFO)(car industry can
kiss my ass).
Tips, is self run , its RV initialized Uses coanda-implosion closed
loop and can run 11 years with no maintenance and it will indicate
with a red light when it needs it ( a ball bearing set change )
And is shit kiss simple to make.
As RV it will work , fact is everithing I envision can and will do
work as I use LAB test to confirm everry step.

Other thing is Home power by low cost suckamatrons , I just hope AK
oil does not get Nuked and they put them out ...

But if they dont then RV comes out again as initiator and homemade
turbines will have to do.(Some vaccum cleaner forensics lab work
needed here) ,learning that sucking is better than blowing in energy
thermodynamic transformation is vital..

I think that the BIG feudal lords must get the message that people are
tired of this shit system they created ,and that they either change or
at the proper time they will be logisticaly and physicaly destroyed.

That is a promise ...


Hector (:B

Re: BCSRC test result

Again to REPEAT the gospel ...

Pulselenght and amplitude define the Saturation character of your
transformer core , you can have at a given pulselenght an increase
in CEMF voltage as logaritmic Wave timeframe Equals a fundamental or
harmonic were transformer laminate or core more easy transfers
potential from 0 point energy ZPE, the resultant CEMF pulse can
differ in time & space being impedance mismatched to source ,the
result is under OU any time ...

I think all of you must go back to TESLA coil design and Spark Gaps
and its relation to EMA4 patent were the aspect of my statements can
be seen in figure and in written word within that same patent .

The AC input in a tesla coil as set in LC (resonant) and the spark
gap staired discharge I so much mention, the 60CPS to 128Kcps
transformation that occurs and the associated energy amplification
within that circuit must be understood else like a yoyo ,ZPE is
there then as you try to use it you dont have it, as it died among
a series of aplication errors within the circuit ...

Theory is one thing , aplication is another ... that is why an
intuitive tinketer can have an edge over the doctorate nasa or
Caltec theorist .. (the 2 must mend in one )


Re: CF

R must limit C tensor if using 2X C if closed loop C=(C/2) x 2

remember R + C creates Varactor effect were frequency shifting
occurs .

In dioded HALF tank C is same as in FULL LC compensated for initial
0 point state to max relative current induction in L ,

That is from a PM source induction, C is seen as a Solid conductor
to wave ,asuming instant pulse (inductive to be transformed ) into
capacitive potential (joule) the power is maximal at Half cycle
1/2 wavelenght but same pulselenght so we have to sum 2 pulselenght
vectors to sum of end product of c1 + c2 at final stage and adding
the 1.618 logaritmic gain ... in AC electrolisis is LCk k=
capactrode containing water, water as being recombinant transformer
Heat out sums heat in as it recombines augments its energy untill
attains cold fusion ..
The frequency is electron spin harmonic to molecular resonance
2.450Ghz at 1.725 cps hypersignal tensor .

In a sense to be understood better you have to RV the water molecule
taping to its natural transformation frequencys

Parameters as glass dielectric constant its linear tensor relative
to harmonics within the plates and all electric hardware must be
considered as not to DAMP the energy RADIATED from the sonofused
water ,many things can be done just be carefull not to overdrive
your fish tank ... and (beware of getting near heavy lead pipes)
wile having strange or uninvited visitors ...

Hector :)

Re: Seiki S, The Principles of Ultra-Relativity PDF

Seike formulations are 300 years ahead of this timeline,Ash asked me
in what page is the reference to RV relation, sinse first ARK page
the backgrownd of the page contained the ROTARY phase kaweyama model.

RV is the physical demostration of this principle and all seike work
is related to it Why he did not use 3 PH motors to demostrate this
principle I dont Know, maybe it was the dangers involved creating
physical hi power rotating self oscillating engines ..


In some Motors set in wye feeding pure DC to L center and capacitor
(C) being negative fed to tripleflux wye center flux creates rotary
field with infinite acceleration ...

Like Konehead motor tendency is to accelerate toward infinity
creating its own incremental harmonics in a self cycloconverting
effect .

Just be carefull with the Toys .... ^_^ !

conditions to create this effect are critical in adjustment ...

But SEIKE clearly explains self rotary effect ...(Easy) A,B,C is

Hector :)

Re: Seiki S, The Principles of Ultra-Relativity PDF
RV needs to break the 24 LAW rule

Up to date 23 does not suffice to break the collective barrier to
materialize it from 4rth dimension coordinates to physical reality .

AB,BA,CA Ash look for that in seike formulations , your eyes will
open as you realize its 3 phases .....

Does Abracadabra tells you something in cabala ...?

The star of david is a moevious doble delta superconductive
tripleflux reactor core.

The oldest and most advance technology is based in symbols, lean to
see seikes formulations in 4D construct they become clear as water .

The throne is the CENTER of POWER the SERVANTS hi and LOW are the
phases within a looped hyperwave system that transfer energy states
from one level to the other ..

The POEMS are the key to ZPE transform ,and is evident what he wrote
is too advanced to be of this timeline or this world .

Interpret were he mentions the aperance of RV ... ( the other place )
Fact is RV works ,and FACT is Seike work corelates to RV
directly ,for reason why he did not enter RV directly on its own
there is no answer , maybe he was the judge and he let me to be the
executioner to finish off retrograde physics concepts with a physical
working model, fact is any true scientist may had tried his
formulations using a 3 phase motor , but I think they got mind biased
by the UFO toys pictured in his first books and they rejected it
being ignorant assholes ...

Their loss my gain ..... (And yours)

Its 7 years of telling Seike Work , Norman Wootan Work, Bearden,
Sweet Floyd (VTA ) ,bedini , Newman and many others have a Common
base ,. Seike Book is the final PIECE ...

Potato management is next step .... ( get into the sea) "the lab"

Hector :)

gravitic relation

The self spining of delta wye seike model responds to a gravitic spiral
flow component (as coreolis electrical force) being constructed a
Rotary Engine made to accelerate over the Spin 4D vector G (gravity)
enters NEGATIVE state as rotary transform vecomes reverse flow in time
relative to gravitic one ...
Simple ...

More simple as you have RV "GATE" to enter the portal...

Hector :)

Re: Seiki S, The Principles of Ultra-Relativity PDF

Have to correct on resistor issue its impedance at 50 ohms
RF ... ,can be much lower in hi Q modes , 500Ohms for hi voltage
hi impedance near no lenz load system ...

RV at no load exedes 500ohms impedance in many cases..



Re: capacitor value calculation

If you are able to match and use the ferros LC crosscurrents into
battery feeding ferros with bandpass coupling capacitors from
tripleflux ones you got something to awe at ....

I have stated that a battery is nothing more than a BIG farad litic
with limited discharge capacity but it does not mean it can not be
charged like one with a DC tensor or vector from a Hi Q low impedance
Hi current resonant LC .

The issue is Impedance matching (Amplitude) being most significant
aspect on OU management of resonant elements relative to battery
amperage under OU states,,

Note :

It was public info here to Use big farad capacitors and
megacapacitors as battery substitute ...

Re: Robert Calloway and Tesla spark radiant energy

I think I already gave the right information on this ..

One impedance to saturate and other impedance to capture ...

Even SEIKE wrote about it ...
Hector :)

Re: Magnetic field lines

Proff off that A white/black tv put a magnet on the TV screen

it makes electrons go in spiral reverse poles the spiral reverses.

Its aether flow (bidirectional ) as Hurricane winds one layer spins
in other spins out in counterrotating spirals but in magnet is within
same dimensional planes ..

Think in 4d then you will get it easy ..

Hector :)

Re: series wound coil antenna

RV reverse induction operates as RF amplitron device ...

(not first time I mention it ) nor it be the last

Its a rotary field ... (virtual Phases & virtual amplification like a
tibetan glass bell ...

Its a simple 3 phase circuit and a few capacitors but it will create
the greatest electrical engineering revolt in the history of science.

Hector :)

Re: RV usage -[john]

I will Answer it ....

The answer is a green laser pointer with a 20,000 range ($65 USD)
when they begin spraying just point it as to PAINT plane and activate
the missile targeting detectors , as they turn off the sprayer you
stop lASER painting them .. be sure not to do it closer on aproach as
not to damage anyone eyes ... over 5,000FT distance laser light
bothers but is not harming to the eyes ... NEVER do it on a landing
aproach as it is a crime as it can affect airplane operation blinding
pilots and harming passenger eyes ,use less than 5 Milli Watt lasers
only as not to break any law .. FAR away .. ! green laser looks like
a freaking sun from 10,000 feet away ... Try it !

Its a good way to protest chemtrails ... laser painting any plane
that does it .... Some of the planes anty missile flare guns begin
shooting away if painted with red laser modulated in amplitude with
Rock music ..


Have fun .... ( statements avove do no represent relation to any
event ) they are the result of CIA agents anonymal info leaks in
internet forums ....


Re: Squealing pigs

20/Reactor Core .gif

MM I forgot to mention, the looping schematic (Basic) is in the Files
section ..

Its just a matter of time everrybody will be able to loop ...

A lot of you already pealed the potatos in salt water ...

It may be soon everyone will taste paradise ...

Feels so good when something is replicated as is ment to be ...

(And it Works ) as tested and predicted ...

Tip , my postings reveal the impedance relation needed for looping
the reactor core , remember its RF not standard book electrical power
you are dealing here , reactor core needs EMP to initialize motivator
loop , regulating is nessesary in order to avoid destructive power
increments ( meltdown looping )

Remember All the posted material here was already tested in vitro
and is given in a way only replicable to thoose doing the experiments
as they learn the method ....

OU is clearly demostrated already ... the following steps are looping
and power extraction ...

But as already told , its simple as hell once you do it and
understand it ..

The only problem is the Human greed and unmeasured egoistic ambition,
Reactor core can save or destroy the world , but its positive outcome
relies in the persons building this devices and making experiments ..

Goin private & greedy or public & create a new society (with free
endless ZPE energy).

With this made public I had verified my status as the most (feared
man in Human History) second to Einstein with his atomic bomb gift.

Well I got a few seconds fame in the fabric of time and space .

Ufos and future time machines use this same basic circuit I gave you
here Just polarize and impedance match correctly as you have already
the primary basic steps (creating ZPE) "OU" .

Enjoy it :) (time is already out)

20/Reactor Core .gif

Hector :)

Re: another big waste

In PM RV goes to FULL HP ..

In PM turbine mode it EXEDES plate rated HP ..

But with No fucking money to demostrate models or protect the Free
domain is a loss of time ....

So Get ass wipes clean well lips and kiss the devills ass ,& wait for
Jesus to drop out of heavens .


Re: Squealing Pigs.

The problem With the OU back to same source is crossvectoring, call
it electron inercia memory, separating and delivering as JOULE
potential solves the problem as this inercial memory dissapears as
electrons are reduced to a pure capacitor charge potential Volt
Ampere second (Joule) I was thinking once on using chemical
equilibrium assisted tripolar battery using the negative electron
memory as migration element to charge a third pole ,maybe a chemist
with proper funding can figure this one out ,specialy with new
supercapacitor chemistry at hand, Power factor here makes battery
memory think the electrons goin to it are far more powerfull than
they are so the chemistry reacts to it as charge .

Call that Suckering the battery ( In a sense ) with virtual OU power
RF ( radiant energy ) 4 stage inverting can also do that using a 3rd
stage to valance the crossvector impedance issues ..

Problem resides fordward Power pulse is in different impedance match
than the recovered CEMF so the 2 cannot co-exist in same environment
unless you use bandpass diode reactance network to correct invalance
or use core coil relation in parraleled harmonics frequency
differential, that is coil can say initialize at 60CPS but Back CEMP
is backfed at 120CPS dobling voltage and dividing time by 2 , but it
has to be pulsed back to battery in a blank interval as the checksum
of vector crossing becomes negative if done simultaneous ...

Think in transverter as theoretical computable solution to the

In reality its kids stuff , only the tuning is the real bitch ,but
with the little circuits being made as to control the variables is
getting easyer to get there ...

OU is getting Visible and tangible , that permits its use ....

THERE is were the real fun starts ^_^ !!! :)))

Hector :)

Re: Fwd: Joe Cell Theory .

I posted here long ago the sonofusion frequency and the 3 phase 3
electrode cell & the capactrode system ...

BAD thing Eugene Malove died for it and nobody else cared ..

Maybe JOE cell will reopen the issues ?

Only a bit EXPENSIVE to engage on ..

Hector :)

Resonance collection
Hi, I have just uploaded a simple schematic for resonance collection
that just about anyone can assemble.
Only one FET is required and very few components.

Cheers Phil…..

Direct Bridging to battery will damage it ...
Resonance must be impedance matched as per looped RV schematic were
bridges (3) are specified in tripleflux mode ....

That is using BALLUNS or TRANSFORMERS tuned to 60 CPS wave specifics
in RF mode as to vectorize V/10 = Ix10

Reread LOOPED RV schematic ....

Hector :)

Re: financing old pattents

Hi Larry

What you do for starters is take an off-shelf 7.5hpAC motor and
convert it to ROTOVERTOR mode like Hector has taught about 20 people
here on this board already who have actually done it and tested it,
then shoot this with pulse DC (both ways)...then you set up a
backemf/recoil diode recovery circuit over the switching that
collects that huge kickback, put that into DC caps, then knock those
caps into a 2nd battery stack to charge.
Really the chassis that ALF has now, and same one NW managed to
salvaged are lots like a regular forklift motor (coils against coils)
and you could also convert a forklift motor to HV operation if you
rewind the winds with thin or litz wire....
Also a place to go to, is "the fuel-less 300hp" enging advertised for
years in back of popular science magazine - its plans for a GRAY
motor you can make yourself...this is where I got my start about 8
yrs ago...they have a website too...
The actual GRAY motor design to me is outdated and noteffecient - you
need permanent magnets in the rotation (as stators) to make it go
like crazy and you dont need HV...
So dont pulse against the magnets, instead have the power input be
going to ignite N-N bucking coils, then the stator magnets are
potsitioned to PULL the rotor coils towards the magnets AFTER the N-N
event is OFF.
When this happens, it REGAUGES the polarity of the rotor coils/cores,
so that when the rotor coils/cores APPROACH the next stator coil, it
will not be stuck in N-N bucking mode, (causing clash and wasted
rotational energy) but instead will beb ATTRACTIVE (now S-N) and you
get a FREE POWER STROKE with no power input.
This is what I have been preaching for years, and have made many
prototypes and done shows proving how well this regaugimg of the
rotor cores works. Most people do not understand it, no matter how
many times I explain.

Re: Norm's MRA - - - - Off topic - - - -

Hi Steven
A guy in Canada made me one of those Bedini GRAY tubes, right from
that Keelynet post with all the infor you need, in Bedinis
handwritig... I sent it to ALF like I said.
THe carbon blocks are going to where out and the lengeth of them
would cause some resisitance... - I have met Lindemann a couple times
once at KNet conference, and once at Bill Mullers...he is serious guy
and good speaker and works with BEdini too...Did you know Bedini used
to work with ED GRAY? Its all one family...
Look at BEdinis GErman patent and see the "regauging" magnet INSIDE
the core of his motor....this is what you need to do to any GRAY
motor I preach all the time.
Personally I think the GRAY conversion tubes are not usefull in lower
voltage work,, unreliable at HV work, and dangerous. Their only use
is that they dont make diodes that can handle that "radiant" HV
energy...so dont use HV!..so MUCH BETTER to stick the AC legs of a
FWBR made of HV didodes across the motor switching, then place DC of
FWBR into caps, and SWITCH with 2nd switch just one of those AC legs
and time this to be slightly staggered in time (retarded) as compared
to the motor switching. THis cataches all the backemf, recoil, and
doesnt affect the draw of the motor, and makes the motor run faster
and more powerful, also while filling caps that can charge 2nd
battery stack.
THATS IT....everything else "GRAY MOTOR" wise is distraction to me.

Re: Tales of Ash

anode cathode

chemical equilibrium electrolite ....

cathode reacts exothermic ...

regenerates endothermicaly with anty - sulphating or anty oxidating


results are an ethernal self charging battery ....

Russians, chineese and japaneese received the formulas ....

( US for its greed was left for last )

( Maybe they can steal AKoil stuff )
HEHEHE! (BURrrrRRrrrrrrP ! ( What A gas! )

reread my posting on archea ( Sulphate eating bacteria )

Get some in yellowstone hot geisers , putt in your car battery ...
It will never discharge , as bacteria eats sulphate leaving
regenerated metal ( raw sponge lead ) ......

Use a sulphate eating endothermic antynode reactant get same
results . its an electro thermal chemical reactor ....

free energy is transformation ( in reality old and primitive
technology) (not new )

>Wake up< people ,,,, Wake Up !

Hector :)

air engine cars
Re: air engine cars

Hi Ronald…

No, you do not require high pressure.
40 PSI, is plenty on a piston top. See,, that's where all the
conspiracy comes in.
It is all in the regularity and timing of the pressure.
A, gasoline ignition is not a constant even expansion, being,,,, it
is not uniform through its explosion.
40 PSI will drive any piston far beyond any gasoline explosion
because of its constant.
Look at where the maximum lever action is with a con rod pushing on
the crank shaft.
Yep,, the best push is when the lever action is 90deg's.
A fuel injector is designed too pass fluid in the form of a thicker
viscosity. It has no issues passing air as a working fluid.
40 pounds per square inch on a surface area, on the right lever
action will kill all gasoline actions.

Cheers Phil…..

Re: air engine cars

That is why i say that free energy is a PK and spirit war ....

minds are so easy deviated and filled with uselles disinfo and path
is so easy deviated from true path ..
revise my emails and postings on air engines and water "diesel"

compresion increases temperature 1 degree per each 1/273 gas volumen
were cold air is injected it expands within a compressed medium were
as per thermodynamic law mechanical tensor equal vapor pressure
relative to temperature and pressure density ...

as heat is transformed to mechanical energy a densification occurs (
(were OU is)

The only trick is to find correct settings on volumen and pressure
at optimal engine speed ( mechanical resonance ) were best
transformation occurs ...

Recompressing the cold air makes the system a closed loop , proper
airdensity and compresion parameters are needed to properly USE the
AIR DENSITY energy GAIN ( There is energy is COLD region ) as in HOT
one) .

That is what 240W solar pannels and RV run air compresor are .....
Air hog TOY motors add science to the solution ...

You dont get free energy because you lack information ....

its because you let yourselves deviate from it with any information
that looks fancy and seductive ( even if its a piece of fucking
bullshit ) ...

go to BASICS , simple, LAB testable info and projects ...

Stop remaking square wheels ....


Hector :)

ZPE on a toy (from the bowells of Stargate Rosswell and NSA dunge
Get a lazer tag toy .....

To be exact Tiger electronics Team ops ..

IT is A copy of the Rosswell(ET) tech laser battle system the
military uses for War games .(not the original UFO 5MJ CW laser ones)
the level 5 training units only .

It contains built in MRA - "Reactor" core within the (Circuit)

How to activate ZPE core ....(VTA)
use only 3 batterys ( 1.2VDC ) each nickel cadmium .... from the
negative pole upto the "halfway" + link .... left half of the
batterys out .... I repeat 3 batterys are not used (dampers)...

Trick is to put in with a slight snap the battery pack in .....

The best part is such pack must be new uncharged one I repeat
UNCHARGED one ......

The gun will start a coundown. press trigger it gives a reverse
coundown of -ten and becomes ZPE operational ....

then play forever ... as long as you dont detune the gun getting in
strong microwaves or damping fields it will operate forever.

The artificial intelligence programmed into the chip will
automaticaly switch to ZPE mode recharging battery into multiple
layer onion quantal barrier charge creating a reactor code mode
operation as intended in the never need a charge ZPE military unit
lasers (were original laZer Tag electronic chip was copied from ) .

like I had always said....

Anyway I will win ..... with over 5 million units sold already
(try supressing that ) single player lazer tag from tiget
electronics (2004)

Unit also is capable of thermal initiator transform ...

7 units out of ten will work in zpe mode as out of the box using 3
1.2VDC UNCHARGED ... as from the factory NCd batterys.....

(3 may need tuning or pheaking )

As a note a tuned door BUZzER a diode and Ncd battery will do the
same tuned with a magnet in a positive bias mode with an aparently
uncharged batt .... the buzzer tension and contact parameters are
critical ... adda piezo ....

It will buzz forever ...

The gun will operate on 4 watts of ZPE , its a public sample wile
it last .....

Join with the RV and the ZPE disclosure and its a full disclosure
with a $40 dollar off the shelve military ZPE working unit ...

Enjoy ...

Muhahahahahahahahahahah .... !
You have no idea what is next ...... (but I do )

Hector :)


All that is required is the will to ask for a social and political
change ....

get a toy and Nc battery pack ..... or put an RV on TV .....

Supress that !!!

haaaaaHHHHHHHH hahaha! harr harr harr!

as MRA this circuit is verry touchy to tampering and as with any
artificial inteligence linked unit it will resist such tampering and
go on "DEATH" mode)

ZPE requires spiritual development .... thoose having it will have
no problems on initiating the LA (Z) ER TAG unit

(LA) light amplification (Z) ZPE (ER) Electronic Reactor (Tag)
(transformer amplification Gain)

do not operate outdoors (Use IR CCTV camera to know why ) you may
dissapear into a blackhawk and end in a dark unknown place ....

(somewere ) in this dimension or the next ...

HECTOR! (see all of you later )

Re: throat-seal lube for air motors

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "Phil" <over4science@...> wrote:

> I will tell you right now, that 10PSI above atmospheric pressure
> injected on ONE piston on a V8 motor will break your hand if you try
> too stop the crank shaft turning with a wrench.!!!
> Cheers Phil…

Its adding a % of extra air (cold) to a hot compressed volumen as to
sum kelvin thermal to mechanical expansion and get OU ...

(I already gave the details ) what else people need ....

Its like RV make one TUNE and find out ...

Re: [EVGRAY] Re: Rv test part two [RV world record]

10.8watts input to RV at idle is the world record I
> beleive...

maybe was but i hold the record at just under 2.8
Brian Prater
Cavetronics , i just cant seem to breaK THAT 23
MILLAMPS input..

light bulb
I have my setup going and on my output i have a 60 watt light bulb the
lamp has a point-breaker style switch , the type that turns and clicks
and make contact then turn and it breaks contact .. now i can get my
system running and light the bulb and then i can turn the switch "OFF"
and the light stays lighted up same bightness... now i have took the
switch apart and looked at it and it works fine .. so what im getting
at is i can light the bulb and then run it on "one" wire and it still
work ... so the deal about my metters and such ,, now maybe you will
start to understand how this is working ....

But i can not start the light bulb out with just one wire , i have to
light the light 1st then remove the other wire by turnning the switch
Brian Prater
Cavetronics Labs

Re: Rv test part two [RV world record]

Hi Kone… I better explain the inverter system that is operating.
Inside the inverter is a little 12volt 4AMPH battery that does all
the BEMF collection.
What I have done, and like most of my circuits is use 2 batteries so
one gets charged while one is discharging.
Now because I have been down the long hard road of 3rd party
testing many times before, I designed this inverter so there is no
if or butts of the true current consumption.
This being, because the BEMF recharging the main battery gives you
weird readings as it is, AC current in and out of the battery.

Ok, the main battery Ash is using is a one way current flow because
it is totally isolated from the BEMF collection. This is where I
have used heavy diodes both on the "negative and positive" feeding
the inverter.
The shunt is wired before these diodes and is connected directly at
the main battery, so will also give you a one way true current
The small 4AMPH battery is wired directly too the circuit with the
main battery diode fed too this.

Ok, the small battery has been "discharged", and when the main
battery is connected the circuit will operate. All BEMF is fed only
too the small battery, and as it charges very fast from the BEMF it
now takes over and powers the inverter. The main battery only feeds
the inverter at peak current demands as the small battery has little
Now, I was going too use extremely high capacitor values too replace
the small battery, which I did!!!! But with 16000UF the darn things
were shooting so high in voltage it was blowing out the FETS. So,
this is why I ended up using a little battery that had some better
voltage regulation.

Ash, hasn't got the current low enough yet running the RV. Why?
This circuit has multi functions that dreams are made of.
Ok, firstly he has frequency control where he will find there are
sweet spots, where close too 53HTZ the wattage will drop once again.
It is a tricky one too lock on, but this is what happens.
Secondly the inverter has a secondary frequency. What this does is
uses you're dialed in frequency as a carrier wave, and in this
frequency Ash, can dial in whatever frequency he wishes.
So, for example: if the motor is operating on 60HTZ, a turn of a
dial and he can dial in say 270HTZ riding inside the 60HTZ cycle.

The next thing is the resonance collector. This is in a separate
box, that will now pull out at least 200watts from the RV with no
reflection on the main battery or motor, as I designed this too do
the opposite by using the secondary load (lights) as a boost on the
RV, where this circuit forces the RV into stronger resonance by
utilizing the secondary load resistance.
I believe Ash has posted about this circuit before being a ghost on
the RV. The biggest issues we have had though, is it can force the
RV too generate a couple thousand volts, and with the limits of the
IGBT's being 1200volts, it did fail once before. Hopefully, I have
this better protected now.

All fun and games.

Cheers Phil………

Re: light bulb

Like a resistive one line resonant node dipole end ...? o_O ?

yess it can be posible but you need to erase all other
posibility like capacitive line interaction an all sort of
dielectric leaks or other switch artifacts ..... RF acts different
than normal non-radiant ac power..


Re: News article

This is verry important news as is same as electric rocket engine
patent but using microwaves .....

In shorter frequency rf aether flux thrust is more efficient than at
microwave level , in RV mode its 1000X more power per square
centimeter using photonic emmision flux , ( light ) Not microwaves
as energy feed ... catch a photon and its light speed sail...

Ever seen thoose light powered bulbs with the rotating gizmos
inside ?

Hector :)

10kW RV
Re: 10kw RV

You remove the capacitor from the exiter winding
take main 220 winding and place capacitors untill you got a reverse
induction driven LC .....

it will be radiant energy and it will be OU ......

you just need to learn to use this mode of power ...

remember its RF and as RF it can LIGHT BULBS with a single wire !

Search Tesla , wireless power and single wire transmission...

remember also to use RV to reduce drag ( fan design ) bearing and air
friction loss issues ....

Thoose HF gens are cheap and with brushed ones wired to 480VAC you can
do power factor correction marvels (OU) ....

As I know thoose generators come also in 3PH 120/240/480 volts AC
from 10 to 100kw....( Florida gen dealers ) ring brush ones are A!
ok for OU power factor correction and motive power..

AMEN ! !

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "waterfireho" <waterfireho@...> wrote:
> Hey Hector,
> A while back you mentioned that the Harbor Tools 10kw generator head
> was OU Ready....
> Do you have anymore info you could share about what Mods need done
> make this happen?
> send me PM or Email if you want.

Re: Have you seen this?

Any generator (brush) type can be converted to a gray motor and be
ARC gap commutator controlled to get RF radiant energy effect
Why you need this?.. ANY motor or generator can be made RV type
motor-generator electric turbine using also ZPE radiant energy
modes.? Its seem there is this tendency to mirre in obsolesense
instead of goin next step ....

Go simple go cost effective ...

Use what is at hand ....(ZPE is there waiting to be seduced)

Just remember most of the statements i have posted in the last 7
years had being validated and with inrefutable lab proff ...

Thoose Harbor freight generators can be made into gray motors

add a ring brush to the rotor (EM) and play with the ac and
pulsemode combinations (limit it to 4,000 RPM and you are OK )

No need for a $10 million proto when you can built a full ZPE lab
under $10K ... ( the cost of a newman motor) using off the shelve
stuff .... ( anyone can make an RV ) I think with the same mindset
anyone can built a Gray motor Or I may say use same principle in a
more efficient cost effective platform...

The experience konehead had aquired with the pulsemotors is fully
aplicable to this cheap already made generators ... try the voltage
impedance combinations in semy resonant modes using CEMF recovery
methods. 3ph generators are more effective (120 deg) pole angle
resulting in a more effective 90 deg pole pull-push magnetic force
vectors ...

Power slavers (debunk that)! how it was? a 30KW generator runing at
RV /Gray mode using under 8 amps ? )most of the preliminary testing
has being done here already on what is needed to get this things to

Hector :)

Tesla- Gray- JOE CELL
Re: [EVGRAY] Re: Tesla- Gray- JOE CELL


I am afraid you may have misunderstood that writeup. Gray's switching tube is equated to the J-Cell
not the diode. The schottky diode is the element that ensures that the pulses are unidirectional. The
diode is replacing the unidirectional vacuum tube outside of the switching tube.

Also, please note that the design I presented is a design using modern components with the same
functionality instead of the old no-longer-available ones that they used before. These modern
components achieve the same thing as Tesla was achieving with his high voltage DC discharges.

Please experimment on that design and it could blow your expectations for free energy away. You
will have far more than you expected to discover by way of free energy secrets.

Happy experimenting!


Re: Tesla- Gray- JOE CELL

Hi all

When I was making konehead-motors (N-N coil pulse motors
with "regauging" magnets added after N-N coil event) I also did lots
of experiments with SPLATTER coils - I got around 50 pre-wound coils
with very super thin winds that make almost 20VAC (shown on nmeter)
each, when holding them next to a motor's stator coils - I found best
spots are at 90 degrees to face of stator coil...
Anyways with around 20 of thesee positioned around a running konhead
motor, I could get up to 1000VAC on meter, on scope, around 2000VAC
spikes if not more than that - in fact I could light up small
flourescents with lots of these in series - - ANYWAYS on subject of
GRAY tube, what I discovered is that by holding the output wire of
the platter coils about a few millimeters away from the positive of
the run battery, I could get a good zap of a spark to jump from the
lead wire to the positive of the battery, making the volts of the
battery flutter up - AND then playing with an air gap on the splatter
coils themselves, (not now zapping a battery) I found that looking
with a scope, that HV AC signal the splatter coils makes can be
changed to all-DC pulses, (!!) just by the distance of that gap - too
much, or too small a gap and it wont work - that gap has to be
precise and locked in, and then the AIR works like a diode - the
juice has just enough power to jump across the airgap, but then once
it does this, it now doesnt have enough to jump back - ipsofatso an
air-diode. SO what I am getting at, is that this is what I beleive a
GRAY tube does in "essence" - the airgap is adjustable, and once you
find the perfect distance, it starts to change the AC signal (actuall
DC with negative spikes) into all-DC, and the DC now fills caps to do
along with this, you have removed the destructive transients, so your
swithcing will last. I think a "better" GRAY tube could be made, by
substituting 90 degree splatter coils (mine had thin iron cores) for
the grid myself...another thing to try..
Also the other point I am trying to make is that Tesla didnt have
diodes, so to make his diode-like systems work (changing AC to DC in
order to fill DC caps) he used high voltage and air-gaps to make his
sparks jump across air is what I think......

Well this is what, in effect, you want to achieve. You were getting high voltage discharges to jump
across a spark gap to the the positive of the battery. You can also achieve the same thing using a
discharging capacitor.

If you want the juice to continue to have enough power, use a diode to eliminate any negative
(opposite) impulses. It is the negative( or opposite) impulses that kill the energy attraction. Try your
experiment again with a diode connected to the postive electrode of the battery.

Also, in case you may wish to see how a spark gap influences the energy content in a capacitor or
inductor,                 check                  out                  this                   site:

Happy experimenting!


Re: X4 Group Problem

If you take IR frequency RF as HEAT and create LC resonant to HEAT
the AC electron spin signal transfers to radiant signal one , lets
say like in WATER at 2.450GHZ a resonant LC becomes a cooler of
ambient heat in that RF range and frequency At hi Q MRA mode LC
feeds on heat .

A transverter at ambient heat frequency its resonance being
endothermic produces molecular superconductivity and cold energy
were R in a perfec theoretical environment = 0 (Zero point energy)

I was the first to POST that overunity is due to transformation
YEARS ago and is well proven in stochastic resonance lab
experiments ...
In nanometric scale creating HEAT frequency RF sinks are way to
transform ambient energy to usefull energy ..

I posted this YEARS ago , a few bastards taking to patent the idea
without even understanding the basics ( many got gready and got
killed ...

Good! it serves them right!

Goin to basic repetition of main disclosure , ambient HEAT as RF
energy source can mantain a nanometric MRA working forever ...

In a perfect LC (atom)particle G (gravity) flows toward center
of particle were C light as spherical waviton takes energy from
Quantal fabric (space time tensor) thru aether flow in spiral toward
center Were Mass M = equals C divided by the square root of time ...

Mater is nothing more than modes of light in spherical standing wave
feeding from time space tensor differential as G force.

as gravity increases time accelerates as gravity decreases time
slows down ...

At 0 G on earth surface time equals 0 mater Mass = C entering 4rth
dimensional state as hypercube transform ...

(Red shift is a gravity illusion ) black holes are transformation
engines (The mother of creation resides inside them ) .

Hawkings and Saffati are 2 freaking assholes.....

closing the loop ? do only thermal , forget the electric ...

The planet is catching fire already and the ETs will feast on the
mashmellows ( your freaking burning in hell souls if you dont speed
up the freeenergy use and disclosure )

Got money ? Grants ? Donations ?
Do something!

Its late and overdue

Hector (:b

Re: brush commutator help

Goin back to basics .
A short at coil ends equals infinite capacity were inductance will
charge at maximal amperage with a 0 volt potential .

(Current node )

As short is opened at max potential that potential
releases energy from its current node transfering it to a VOLTAGE
potential within a capacitor Volts with a farad potential that can
be quantified as JOULE-watt within an AC system .

(Voltage node )

In AC transverter setup or RMA or VTA or EMA4 the same simple
equation of RF aplies as Radiant energy does not differ any from RF
(radio frequency )

Wire mass must be equal in primary & secundary to valance the
endothermal equation H=I²rT .

Turn determine impedance , Impedance determines Q within a given set
of parameters , can be broadband as UNLOADED RV and narrowbanded as
LOADED RV in Tuned conditions .

LOADING is an Impedance determining factor ...

T (time ) Frequency F Pulseleng
ht well managed = ZPE OU


Re: Deliverance RV resonance v1.1 uploaded

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "davidkou" <all@...> wrote:

> The charge battery gets charged very quickly, around 0.1V/minute
> more. NO INCREASED LOAD at all visible on the inverter, seems to
be charging for free.

That is the ZERO point capture .... and the non reflective
extraction circuit (were enery at 2x2 stage is defined as joules
second )

> Some points and observations;
> 1. The TIC126D Thyristors I had were all bad. I changed to 2N6509
and bingo.
part selection sometimes is critical ( internal resistance and
switching time being main issues)along with amplification gain.
> 2. I put in some current limiting resistors in the darlington
drive to the thyristors. (dampers)
> 3. I noticed that the voltage waveform across the Run Cap is 60
> degree lagging the input waveform to the RV (not 90 degrees as I
> thought).

120/2 = 60< 3 phases are 120 degrees one from the other relative to
line in a phaseconverter is 120/2 . Relative to primemover
alternator lags 30 deg max . (critical )
> 4. Battery carries on charging on its own for a while afterwards.
> Radiant energy charging like Bedini motor.

Radiant energy = RESONANCE = RF (radio frequency ...)
> 5. My previous test of Kone's FWBR across Run Cap was probably crap
> because of the dodgy TIC126D thyristors. I will re do this
> soon.
> 6. A thyristor tester is useful bit of gear.

A solid state device analizer is also usefull

Congratulations ....

Remember in stepdown from hi voltage say 236 VAC in a RV alternator
say 8 amps circulation .. 236/10 = (23.6 vac at 80Amps !)

wire mass must be identical in primary and secundary impedance
matching ballun transformer or FR trafo 10 to one ratio must be a
turn to circular mill ratio 10:1 within same weight ratio 1:1

OU is OU ZPE is ZPE and denial is no longer possible with the
predicted eventual looping of this systems ....

The schematic at don,s page being "understood" within standard
technology ... being RV as sample 20 amps max at inverter input
200Vac 5 amps at alternator and split into a pulsed diode 3x3 plug
and 3 dual split 2x2 extracting capacitors were joule time energy
J/2 may equal 20VDC at 25 amp potential versus the 20 amp 12.7 max
input expenditure fed back is a predictable 1.618 overunity as
predicted in theory or 1.33 as tested in VTA in real lab testing
(real world in vitro test)as is same universal principle .

Remember RV was first to show ratios of 1 to 12 (Cop 12) in virtual
energy (radiant energy ) over 1KW potential with off the shelve
stuff. can easy go 10 t0 30KW increasing frequency (with care not to
overrev destroying it)

The way the information was put out was to force people to learn
each step of the experiments as to make posible to open eyes to the
KNOWLEDGE the whole represents .

RV belongs to all of you .. looping it, is almost there.

and I cant be more happy about it ! :)

Hector :)

Re: Kone... Thanks man.

For PM setups or EM synchronous you can go to 1MW (Tested) along you
can play with the impedance and dragg issues

10 hp is OK for 50cps as the higher mass ratio compensates for
frequency (lower).. 580VAC motors are OK >


Re: Help finding resonant freq. of a coil

Grid dip meter and a frequency counter (RF)

digital Audio frequency generator and ac to dc bridge series shunted
to LC you are tes

ting.. (Extreme low RF) ac


Re: RV muller zero point switching

Is the hyperwave signal , a wave upon the resonant wave and it
dances inward toward resonance and out of it ...

is common to looped systems as battery goes out of OU overcharged
then discharges and goes into OU as it charges & discharges in

As is common to uneven pole generators , you get TOTAL frequency
modulated by a sine integral or compound hyperwave result of the
differential within the charge potential of all separate waves
forming a wave of a lower frequency .. (Ema 4 stepped discharges,
Newman plasma discharges , teslacoil hi frequency stepped stream
discharges , natural lightning volt as some more complex samples .


Re: car engine converted to neo magnet pistons

There is info on Coaxial ring solenoid that may be usefull for this
project, old audio speaker metal caps and hi silica sch 80
electrical pipe machined in concentric rings with concentric series
windings that slide in concentric mu metal passive poles attached
on cylinders like squared dovetail ends , or collapsible telescope
alike .. slide into each other ring to ring on close tolerance gaps.

pull is x10 times ordinary solenoid pull ... & requires no magnets

There was a company named Solenoid Corp was blown up by petrol elite
as they ran a motor bike all day with a D size 1.5vdc flash light
battery, inventor was murdered.

I got all the data using stargate window, and avove statements on
coaxial pipes within pipes with magnet wire series winding is its
simple secret.

The poor devil was better off giving the dam thing open source .

A nation that kills its inventors commits suicide ....

If terrorists dont make their inventors blow themselves up
i think is recomendable we start practice muslim prayers and reading
Kumran ... ( They will win ) as AMERICA Kills and fucks their own
inventors ...

Here is some coil solenoid candy ...


Do a search ..


Hector :)

Re: car engine converted to neo magnet pistons

If cores are coaxial-multy tubular the pull force will be multiplied a
hundred fold, Pull area force relative to Gaus per square centimeter
in circular sleeves.


RE: [EVGRAY] Re: updated Compilation on one wire light bulb

My one wire bulb works like this...
Magnetic reconnection is the process whereby magnetic
field lines from different magnetic domains are
spliced to one another, changing the overall topology
of a magnetic field. It is a violation of an
approximate conservation law in plasma physics, and
can concentrate mechanical or magnetic energy in both
space and time. Solar flares, the largest explosions
in the solar system, are caused by reconnection of
large systems of magnetic flux on the Sun, releasing
in minutes energy that is stored in the magnetic field
over a period of weeks to years. Magnetic reconnection
in Earth's magnetosphere is responsible for the
aurora, and it is important to the science of
controlled nuclear fusion because it is one mechanism
preventing magnetic confinement of the fusion fuel.

In an electrically conductive fluid or plasma,
magnetic field lines are grouped into 'domains' -
bundles of field lines that connect from a particular
place to another particular place, and that are
topologically distinct from other field lines nearby.
This topology is approximately preserved even when the
magnetic field itself is strongly distorted by the
presence of variable currents or motion of magnetic
sources, because effects that might otherwise change
the magnetic topology instead induce eddy currents in
the plasma; the eddy currents have the effect of
canceling out the topological change.

Cavetronics Labs R&D
Brian Prater

Re: updated Compilation on one wire light bulb

Node-anty-node werever you are at it you get it with one wire.

(KEEp it simple my friend )

Re: updated Compilation

The nodes are points of concentration of electrons and vaccum of
electrons, they can be made as resonant on multy harmonics along a
conductor alike the light bright and dark spots that form along 8 FT
long FL tubes ..

Like in Jinis setup , first is attain resonance then lower the
circuit power or open the series circuit to attain linear open loop
one , if one attains magnetonuclear resonance from the ambient heat
you can get looped OU from a resonating kitchen sink !

resonate the electron field you can get permanent wireless fixtures.
Get shuman resonance as a sample resonate to it , then feed on one
of the 1.3 to 1.8 mhz ELECTRON harmonics within the shuman
HYPERWAVE .... you get all the free energy you want ...

like resonating ELECTRONS in a lightbulb filament within an OPEN
dipole, ideal will be to place other open bulbs with independent
switches and close and open each independently to see if they remain
atomically resonant within the RV LC influence ....

If they do, you got something bigger goin than you may think ..

pure electron resonance of the filament with a low frequency exiter
radiant energy field ....( Like wett finger stroking a grass cup and
generating untrasonic waves, RV rf AC EXITES bulb atoms to oscilate
at higer frequency in open resonat dipole emmiting heat and light
in the prosscess... at a higher frequency...

That lab test may finish iron out the issue that RV truly generates
radiant energy and that Newman, Bearden and Bedini were wrong in the
analisys of its nature .

Tesla neither grasped the true scope or did not have the tools to
disclose such knowledge due to the limited scientific understanding
at the time ..


Re: OU App

Take on account Time , phase relation & phasor .. WITHIN FOLLOWING

(((v1+V2+V3/3) X (I1+I2+I3/3)) x 1.732)X PF = WATTS (CIRCULATION 3PH)

WERE ac INPUT 1 PH IS (V X I)X PF = watts

(System as is, Is OU )


effect . the 3PH polar field is rotary triangle EGG shape. were
relative max torque to ROTOR 2 poles is at 90deg angle (relative).

The Rest is Resonance and its transformation engine potential using
the ZPE on this ENGINE TYPE > nodes < .

More clear I cant be .... (Its so dammed simple ) . and as before
this formulas must go into the compilation.

Including RF resonant ones (aplicable to jinis work ) "Q"

else the simple structure is lost.

maybe im wrong but ? maybe im right also ?
I may Say , partialy on the right path (Important One)

HEHEHE! (The Lab Models give the answers!)

Later you can justify by BOOK law....

But the RV theory postulate Remains Fixed ...
OU (Overunity) is the result of transformation and the dream of
having free energy from ZPE or other means relies in the dominion of
such art to state of perfection..."

The Tools were given to all of you .. (Use them well) use them to
learn ...

Hector :)

Re: updated Compilation

Relative to schematic ,
werever you resonate the linear nodes there is a NEW aspect
of amperage you must know ..

mass or ampere load were amperage in unit of mass = concentration of
electrons per square centimeter of unit mass that equals a virtual
linear impedance to the linear flow of RF signal as A VECTOR signal
across a medium (mass ) "conductor" R lightbulb is the cross node
were as LAW of resonance Voltage must be 0 but within the cuttoff
region of MAX current (Standing Wave) (search RF antenna dipole
electrical propertys) .

This current is capacitive in nature and has NO voltage component.
It is an ELECRON DENSITY linear wave .

"Elektron" with K defines it, as a PART of RF Radiant energy

WERE R takes the LOAD and flux increases speed the energy is released
as HEAT due to the lesser mass junction (filament) that restricts the
electron waviton flow .

So free wire end is REVELANT to tuning a radiant one lightbulb system

See also Tesla single wire energy transmission (Colorado lab notes).

All this Applies...

How many Miles he lit a lightbulb away ? 600 hundred ? OPPS ! and in
the PROPER NATURAL frequency standing wave the lightbulb lit
perpetualy ! so his transmitter was USELESS ! Not nessesary to get
FREE power from the "medium" ( he ran his car on it).

But took the secret to the grave ....(not me!)

I gave it away (And I am getting screwd for doing it)
like they erased Tesla they will try to erase me ..

Not if people fight for this and keep it free domain.......

So From My grave (if I ever die) I will raise my middle finger
at the power elite world .

Wile people will built ELF wave Radios detecting and taping the ZPE
natural energy fields .

Hector :)

Re: coils on neo piston engine block photos
Well I got an Idea ...

Use RV to run air compressor make the car an AIR car using the
expired Leeroy Rogers patent ...

RV can run all day & night with a 12V battery and 2 120W solar cells
on the car rooftop ..

Use 12V air solenoid valves to suplant spark plugs ! as in patent !


Re: teflon main bearing inserts for cars

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "Mike" <fuknwithdabeats@...> wrote:
air motor first.. go rogers.. build heat exchanger "pipe in a pipe"..
> use second tank once to pre-cool exchanger.. so injected air is cold
> send cold exhaust back to compressor..


use rest of cold exhaust to cool injected air.. (ERROR )

NO its HEAT the injector and the AIR being injected into cilinder

heat also the main reserve tank to increase ENERGY vapor pressure

(GET the freaking free energy )

the cold exaust goes to compresor pre-chamber ( a cryogenicaly
isolated small tank .. all this pipes must be heat isolated as not to
loose the cold air molecular density .

The COMPRESSOR Inlet and HEAD is what you need cold so you get the
lowest vapor pressure on hi molecular density to get the temperature
to volumen gain in compression as to attain a self substaining system
( the OU energy comes in as air gains vapor pressure from the ambient
temperature ... main reserve tank and lines .... (non isolated ) solar
heated if posible ..

Sinse Leroy patent Is expired and is free domain is usefull to
disclose its trade secret (thermodynamic conversion) relate to OLD
postings on this issues were I mention that air expands or contracts
1/273 its volumen per deg centigrade , using this law and creating
proper exchange mechanics (AS Leroy air motor ) unlimited energy can
be extracted from the ambient , seek old postings on absorbatron, suck-
a-matron ( I am still wondering if the people from ak-oil finaly
learned to suck!) but definitively their silense sucks more than any
thermodynamic device !
Keep the freaking notes ! the patent leaches are here ! watching!

avoid free domain stuff patenting! ( Copy keep copyright & pass on )

> and might not need to get to 3-400 psi.. depends on displacement..
> i got this 22.5cc trimmer motor runnin like a champ on 50 psi..
> those $7 refrigeration valves from surplus center work great..
> they are fast, good upto 500 psi, and have a high flow rate..

air hogs toys are big help in understanding part of the stuff !

the rest comes with lab ingenuity and practice ( plus a bit of post


Re: big neo magnet rotor on car motor

A mental Picture of an alternative Path :

One of thoose big 15 or 20HP motors ...(aluminum) Junkjard cheap!

if one side has a C plate (Waterpump end face) adapt a transmision
coupling (standard) and use a MOTOR crackshaft to pressureplate
adapter in tip of motor shaft ...

USE as IS Using 3PH FREQUENCY DRIVE , frequency ,pulselenght and
amplitude regulated . 12V batterys and 250W of solar cellsfor a
freaking demo .. ( Raivo was Working on computer controled frequency
drives )

I just hope you had put some of the grant money for tools ...
as a lathe & mill is needed for some parts ..

Remember hi frequency equals more HP at hi speed to low speed ratio
in transmision gears to differential tire HP torque output &
finalspeed. a 3HP motor at 15RPM can deliver 11 tons of force.

a 20 HP motor with rotor shaved for hi speed , like a conservative
73 tons of force ..

that is 146,000 pounds of push force ...

Beats an airforce F16 in acceleration when you let the clutch loose!

A 20KW fuel cell a 20KW adaptive frequency drive with the avove
descripted methods (IT BEATS an F16)
Hector :)

Re: Please let me know what you guys think

After being Shot at , Darted with Neurotoxin , poisoned with
listeria neurotoxin,salmonela, stricnine , having the car smashed
having every chance uf making money rug pulled from under my feet .

I have a SAY about conspiracy ...

Built RV and try to show it on national TV ....(I dare You)

It is preferable to WASTE 90% of a motor power when you can save it?
And use it at demand ...

(The Worst Conspiracy is the conspiracy theory itself )

(It is a true cover for murder)

Ask Mallove ! He knows ! (Use channeling )_

Ask MYTHBUSTERS and Discovery Science the freaking EXCUSE to DENY RV
from their TV shows ..ASK GREENPEACE DENIAL (Worst ONE) as group is
another ELITE scam ! "people control agenda"

Hector :)

On Motor electric bits and kicks !
A 7.5 HP motor at 1725RPM its 7.5HP

at 17,250 RPM its 75 HP (sameweight )

at 172,500RPM its 750HP (Sameweight )

Optimized as electric turbine its WEIGHT
cutt of to 1/3 its original weight .

That is from 65 pound aluminum frame 184TCH baldor to 12pound one

its 750 HP on a 12 pound package ....

So EASY to do with the right R&D money .....

Re: An Inconvenient Truth - Good movie/docu

OK answers shoved within written text .... (Eyes open )
--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, kenn johnsen <kennj@...> wrote:
> That could be, NASA doped the sun with Lithium ? it most have been
a hell of a lot of Lithium.

Like floride atoms to EARTH OZONE layer so is lithium to sun
conductivity ...

a few miligrams of lithiun inside an hydrogen bomb you get a super
EMP weapon that can erase all US electronics if detonated over 250
miles sky up in low orbit over US continent 3600miles radius .

doping a substance can alter its whole even at trillion parts
percentage ... and the sun was torpedoed several times with tonnage
of the stuff .... with the wrong idea to increase the magnetic
conductivity and see the effects in the corona ....

effects were 20X and 100x class megaflares , adding that the sun is
on its million year pole reversal ( also goin quadrapole manasic )
That quite toasted the sun life cycle to half its predicted billion
years life shifting to a green white UV spectra .

IT sometimes takes a compound to exert a catalitic chain effect that
can alter mayor system mechanics ... like the self replicating
polymers killing all life in the gulf from texas to Florida ..
They may end turning the sea into a big jellow alike big pile of
dead man blood alike goo .

Like the self repairing polymeric compounds in some paints that
mutated into prions turning cows and wild mamalians into crazed
beings that eaten by humans infect them with prions also ...

ON be your own power bullshitter ! (DOC)
Check picture #2 teslacoil must discharge capacitor series to
primary of tesla coil across spark gap not parrallel as shown there ..
also I posted that data first ,with the right way to do it ..

First Raivo compilation included that data ...

TESLACOIL IS source power LC HV resonant then capacitor gap discharge
in series to primary of teslacoil were wire mass of primary equals
wire mass of secundary ....

After I show the cat balls everryone claims the cat is male and that
they grabbed the Cat penis firsthand (to prove it is male).

Too late I already posted the 5fth cat leg aplications .

I was first to disclose TESLACOIL was OU and SAME phenomena is
REPLICATED in RV as to use LOW VOLTAGE for PRACTICAL R&D aplications
Avoid dissinformation , even if it looks and feels like the real
thing .

If you cant REPLICATE and validate post as such untill proven
otherwise ...

Dont fall for things that try to dilute my disclosures on things that
were NEVER published before RV or TRANSVERTER WERE disclosed .

I was FIRST to DISCLOSE so I cant I will not Give a SHIT credit to
ANYONE claiming to have made prior publication and more if SUCH
publication is defective and full of USELESS bullshit intended on
DISTORTING the information to make experimentaation USELLES in lab


Re: Toroid

Hi Peter and All.
Ok, the pressure is on for some coil tricks. LOL.

This link below will show you the most powerful and efficient
toroidal coil in existence.


STUDY hard on this formula and learn the secret too the code. Check
out the efficiencies of this coil also. WOW.

Ok, if we were too wind a typical coil, and have a center core too
strengthen the field at each end,,, when the coil is energized and
lets say end "B" is a North pole,,, the "outer circumference" of the
coil at the "same end" is a South pole.
This is an opposite polarity and equal at the "A" end of the coil.


So while everyone is pulsing coils thinking they just have a North
pole at one end of the coil they have wasted half the potential.

What we do is put a sleeve, or better still wind soft wire around the
finished coil, and strengthen the outer field potential.
There are a hundred ways too use this,,, but lets say if we are
pulsing a piston type configuration, we use a magnet of one polarity
in the center too interact with the center core, and around this a
ring magnet of the opposite polarity, too interact with the outer of
the coil.
When our coil is pulsed we have twice the force,,, but much more on
top of this.
The reason for this added magnetic potential, is because both poles
at each end have been strengthened, where normally the outer of the
coil begins too scatter this somewhat, and cause less of an effect on
the center core.

This is why some people place scatter coils around, but don't realize
they have missed the key here, and have no clue what is really going

In any circuit where there is some resistance, the center of this
resistance is the collision zone, but I refer too this as the hot
This is where any fuse will blow, or a light bulb is the brightest,
or where your long extension lead gets hot.
This is the hot spot you want balanced in your coil center windings.
This means an odd number of layers normally,,, but can depend on
where this shifts too as the layers become greater in diameter.

What I normally do is wind a coil that is required, then un-wind
this and find the exact center of the wire length.
Then mark this center spot and wind again. If the marking is near one
end of the coil, take off some turns that would equal half way along
the coil length.
It is practical too do this and measure the actual full length of
wire if making a number of coils.

Now, you have a powerful coil that is balanced, and you have a
powerful center core and a powerful outer sleeve.

Drive with both ends of the coil now, and look out for some real
efficient forces you may not have experienced before.

Cheers Phil......

Re: EMA compilation?

A compilation of compilations must be made that include posted
compilations & compilated compilations past & present .

AS per descripted ...

THE RV OU power as translated from HI voltage lets say 200 Volts 5
amps translates to 20 V 50 amps (1000W).

If your input translates from 120V .8 amp then at DC inverter
side it translates to 12VDC at 10A (120W ) dont tell me you cant
diode vector the 20V 50 amp using impedance matching to the battery
side?, the only problem you may encounter is the detuning due to the
varactor tuning effect battery voltage introduces in the impedance
matching circuit, nothing that cannot be solved using RF tec aproach
(Phil can help on that) I think he looped the thing already.

Is up to him to come fordward ( as others that had loop )but keep
quiet .

RV LC can go PM low voltage hi amperage resonance LIke in past
postings statements turning things off to turn them on ,shorting
coils to create pure resonant ampere nodes (Infinite capacitance )
(for idiots a plain short circuit does ) as circuit opens it dumps
its discharge as a JOULE potential in a capacitor (remains there
until used )

(Dont tell me that shit is not explained here in a hundred postings
or more in a hundred ways " but same sense ")

AS i will not believe it ....
(search & read )

Capacitance also is INCREASED as VOLTAGE is REDUCED ,coil turns
reduced proportional to same conductor mass (TESLA books state the
same ) in impedance matchers & transformer building .

Rewire RV alternator to 24VAC ? resonate at super Q state ?

250A Litz wire ? MMM Does NORMAN WOOTAN still haves thoose 25V
alternators ? mentioned in old postings ....

Teasing! TEASING ! ~_~ !

Sealed hydrogen filled RV have 10 times less friction ....(OLD post
data ) & cool better as hydrogen takes heat out better than air alone

You Guys have more data here posted than at any Tesla book ever
written , its a pitty you havent "compiled" the puzzle yet .

(Like in old postings) it may require a MENTAL enema and a brain
compilation first .

Sorry if I appear rude (ITS the "GOLD" rush effect )

"You aint got a dammest of an idea of what you have here"

Nor what you may have already have lost ....

C.S [Hector]

Re: CS... Esa... (M2513T axle diameter???)

Hector made reference to varactor tuning, VCOs Voltage controled
oscillators, amplitude (that is voltage) determines an impedance
relation of a signal on a given impedance value of a resonant
load "LC".

Voltage then vecomes a VARIABLE parameter in TUNING , there is were
most scientists had fail in ZPE R&D as they work on FIXED parameters
wile lab experience shows all variables within a ZPE system must be
adjustable parameters in order to REACH predetermined constants
needed to aquire OVERUNITY transformation.

Check Varactor tuning theory (RF) VCOs & others.

Hector was and still Is right ....


Re: Another media pie in the face .......

As of what is known in inner circles:

GM holdings looped RV , Caltec Looped RV , DARPA asembled and looped
RV, NASA tested & looped RV .

They cant hold secret that ZPE is related to RADIANT energy and RF
(RADIO FREQUENCY) . (now public disclosure )

Stochastic resonance first prof of overunity transform engine.
were ambient noise in a crystal matrix amplifies a weak signal
traveling across it. (Other systems also aply) looped stochastic
resonators are on NASA top secret equipment stock ! Used in gravity
wave detectors, sub-space communications R&D & other uses .



Hector first referal was the Navy R&D in radio frequency filters were
such phenomena manifested as a transformation of crystal Thermal
noise into signal electrical amplification.

ALL NAVY data WAS REMOVED from the internet after Hector published it
as PROFF of and justification of some OVERUNITY mechanics in
electrical circuits .

But all sources cant be silenced and they can lend their revelations

Input signal + ambient noise (thermal or electron spin )= OU output

Were ((PI+SRA)=PO)/PI= Overunity FACT NO BULLSHIT no disinfo OU
overunity is TRANSFORMATION of energy as HECTOR stated from the
start .( PI = (power in)+ SRA (Stochastic resonance amplification)
= PO = (Power Output) )/PI = overunity

More revelations :


Copy the info as the feudal lords "agents" will start erasing the
data given here.


A Mormon atempt at taking advantage of rotoverter technology
"Symetron" (SIMILAR but not equal ) but anyway you name it is RV in
a "distorted" form .

Plain RV theft

Another public intelectual property theft & desacreditation !


Jack Carey, jcarey9622@... 810-618-9234 claims that

Wayne Cochran
(Mormon) ? aquired Hectors technology in 1982-1987 R&D period ?
died of cancer ? due to UV RF exposure using RESONANT florescent
Tubes ? (ZEUS)?

(A lot to investigate and & confirm or deny)

Invented a? Rotary Transformer Phase Converter that converts single
phase power to three phase and will power 5 HP motor? on air
compressor while using only 400 watts input. Claims? that 110 VAC 9
amps input power to RTPC powers 5 HP? motor on air compressor, 2.5 HP
motor on drill press and? arc welder set for 100 amps all at full

Sounds familiar ? (interesting)
the conspiracy "facts" go on .

Nothing in the PATENT office existed similar to RV before its public
disclosure .
Over 230 different claims to it had apeared in the last 8 years and
keep on growing.

Many from Goverment and academia circles that include doccument
falsification and the predating of such doccuments to apear prior to
public disclosure .

That is why it is such urgency to make RV a full public disclosure
and end its apropiation & technological distorsion.


Re: Earths diameter being watched?

GPS (global positioning satellite ) and to within millionth of an
inch 1/4 wavelenght light laser interferometer .

the planet is sweling but from internal HEATING as orbital plane is
changing due to Human gyroscopic vector force contamination.

(collective Force exerted by machines rotary gyroscope effect)

Worst shit than global warming and I am first to publish this
WARNING! so keep this post notarized.

That is why i recomend RV and all machines shaft rotation be west to
east with shaft ends north south orientation...
to mitigate counter-earth movement vector forces .

FACT earth is OUT of orbit and will collide with mars.... (somewere
in near future) so who cares about earth getting a last minute
swelling and hard on !


Hector :)

Re: another overunity com post by fred

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "koneheadx" <konehead@...> wrote:

> I have a 1/3hp AC motor working as a lawnmower right now, but if
> take off the blade and let it run off the "perfect" UF size run cap
> (17uf in this case) the motor accelerates and accelerates way past
> its normal "idle" AC sine wave rpm and as it accelerates, the draw
> in amps goes DOWN lower and lower.
This is incremental harmonics acceleration were the Squirrel cage
gets reversed fiel rotation as acts as auto transformer magnetic
amplifier accelerating incremenraly as it reverses power into grid
and is fed by the power factor correction itself .

An unusual condition that in looping leads to uncontrolled
destructive acceleration , in hi Q Modes as motor passes a limit
& coil and capacitors go to hyper Q modes motor does not turn off at
disconect resulting totaly destroyed by overacceleration centrifugal
force , 30,000 t0 560,000 RPM can be reach in a few seconds
destroying unit .

I warned about this anomaly (Now confirmed in the lab by others)

...you have to pull the plug at
> the house power socket of the motor, or eventually it will
> explode...Phil got one to blow - he tried to stop the accelerating
> by jamming in some more run caps, and boom.
> This is more evidence of OU operation in "resonance" mode in RV...
> just needs to be controlled.

Looping have its dangers as system can feed off negative time flow
creating time space anomaly (verified by china scientist without
proper safety measures some years back) "dissaster struck"

> Whether anyone else has or hasnt repeated NormsW way-succesful PMI
> servo motor as generator tests is not impoertant - those tests are
> real, and overunity too by good margin...and have been on the net
> for years and he just doesnt want to believe it.

> Best thing to say to critics who insist OU is not possible, because
> it hasnt been proven to them, is YOU prove it to me that it is not
> possible and throw ball in their court. They cant prove it, so
> everything they say comes back "three times the pain" (Jimi
Hendrix -
> machinegun - 1970)
> ciaoK

That is why i say (dont believe ) do the lab do the math !
& read Seike Book on Ultrarelativity , what he THEORIZED
I had aplied to motors in vitro years in advance , some of his
formulas err a bit (on aether tensor aspects but the RF theory
complements what he missed and fixes what he got wrong ...
Anyway he is a fu*ng japaneese Genius! deserves a Novel prize!

(tip) JINIS experiments complete what seike missed ! solid state
looping of self inductors is real , to that add MRA papers !

DARN! you already got it all )

(You got it all already )it is public .... but aparently it will take
more to notice than when the first airplane was made (difference is I
open sourced all of it ) no patents .

Other issue is my brain was not open sourced so it will take a little
effort on part of the researcher to understand the scope of the given
things ... (NO problem if they do the LAB experiments that are public)
and bend the book rules to favor OVERUNITY energy transformation as a
real phenomena and work enhancing it not against its >RADIANT RF
NATURE<. <-- Last statement being VITAL to its use and aplications.


being added and updated to the comps thanks to Raivo

It is possible to make 120 from 230VAC with a tranformer, variac or
autotransformer(even dimmer circuits can be used to lower the
effective voltage, but not recommended)

For RV, it is optimal 1:4, i.e 120:480, 230:920 (grid 230VAC and motor
wired to 920VAC). The latter requires rewinding the motor, but the
positive side is that you need lower run capacitors as the inductance
is much higher.

Running motors from 230VAC wired to 400VAC is also quite practical in
terms of energy savings, but something interesting happens when you
decrease the input voltage, while maintaining the torque and optimal
run capacitor.

Amperage remains roughtly the same (all depending on
circumstances), and you wonder where the energy was lost in higher
voltage drive mode. I assume the PF=1 on both HV (230VAC) and LV
(120VAC), so we may have 50W difference (in my real life example).
Where did the energy go - heat? No, the current was only 0.5A, that
does not explain heat losses.

The possible explanation is that energy has gained in high impedance
mode (120VAC).

More hints:
You may use two 400VAC+ rated motors in series (WYE) on the same
rotor and drive them from 230VAC to have 1:4 proportion.

Or increase the freq 2x ->100hz to have RV mode. When motor is wired
to 460VAC (50hz), by increasing the freq 2x, it is virtually wired to
920VAC (100hz). So you need a 230VAC freq tunable inverter.
That is the whole idea to have the voltage and freq increased
proportionally to have very powerful RV's. You may use low RPM motors
(980RPM) and rotate those at 1960RPM

Re: Kone...et al, diode plug update.

Overaccelerating BIG motors to reverse rotary rotor induction or
counter-rotating e fields is dangerous and can lead in lowest worst
case to a terrawatt EMP and physical implosion of unit into a
temporary blackhole alike field collapse ..

Motor and everything in 30 meters will be reduced to trash ,emp will
destroy every electronic device within 600 meters and create a
PERMANENT magneticanomaly that keeps growing with time .

IF experimenting in this areas I recomend to do like Norman did, put
unit in safe environment within a safe perimeter and install all
posible safety devices you can place , but as NORMAN can testify
extreme Gunning of a runaway RV reving (OR any other motor can create
anomalic pulses that can travel across verry thin wires , but will
burn to ashes any "bouncing" contactor it may find in its way even if
it is rated to 600VAC and 1000Amps but will not burn a 10 amp fuse in
series with it , Same phenomena occurs sometimes in semy-resonant
states fuse is in COLD node were electron density does not permit it
to burn out ,or a breaker from tripping.

Take care Play safe with the toy ...

Its chrismas time !

Hector :)

Re: Kone...et al, diode plug update.

Charge in a capacitor is based in an electron hole non hole 9here we
go again with the holes) LOL!

OK seriously , as charge is not used its frequency is 0 , as is used
it attains the electron spin signature and kelvin ambient noise from
the medium it travels , (that justifies stochastic resonance within
some OU systems as (NEWMAN MOTOR ) & Bedini motors in some state are.

Its a thing to say that DC as a linear tensor is a series of STEPPED
AC signals within atomic matrix .

READ EV GRAY "stepped discharges" descripted in its patents .
the issue is we are DEALING in RF and DC is a extremely long sinewave
that can be hypersignal modulated or demodulated attaining any amount
of POWER using the 0 point NODES as TAP points for this RF energy.

It is simple transformation kindergarden stuff and with the
experiments already given anyone can do it already ..

Its only to take a bit of effort to attain it and benefit from its
inmediate power savings and as a RESEARCH tool use! .

The water hammer and implosion turbines as a sample RV can be an
starter then switch to cogeneration-generation modes as unit goes
self running on the water thermal noise implosion of its hydrites
(sonofusion) attained in by mechanical means.


Re: PMI pancake motor disassembled..... guess that voids the warranty...

In brushed designs the Stator can be made to rotate as the brush
segments are diode vectored each for TOTAL winding use instead of
only the few segments that the brush contacts .

In a flat pancake motor using Nb magnets on the rotating Stator its
111 segments are 222 diode phase bridged in 111 phases for a total of
800 amperes at 12.7VDC using 222 10Ampere diodes delta phase bridge.
at hi rpm and cryocooled it can power a transantlantic ... as a Motor
It can (with a properly designed 111 phases 444 transistor 111 H
networks suplant a 747 jet turbine ... megaherz and hypervelocity..

Sinse NASA made a night visit to H19 and took a sweep scan at the
toys, for building theirs based on MINE .


I dump this info on electric turbine "hints"

I can make them better lighter and stronger & more efficient !

NASA ! I am aware of what you did .... and you only got what I
wanted you to have.

Also you fried one persons future for an aparent top secret
disclosure he did not made at all, I knew of it before he did
It was compromised beforehand and was even posted here in code .

I was the one that did the reverse engineering on the UFO futurecraft
not you! left brained microsoft loving nerds! Anyway I invented the
stuff in this timeline so I can understand it better than any of you
assholes ...!
Want it ? PAY FOR IT ! deal face on not like thiefs in an spy movie!

want the technology ? negotiate for it ,dont try to steal what is not
yours to begin with.

I am proposing Electric power airplanes sinse 1984 and most of the
info OUT there is leaked open source from RV R&D as mere toys


Look for

Brushless Electric Motors
Brushless ESC Speed Controllers

Think BIG PM RV gang some 3x3 450A 1200V transistor network to that
3Phase controller and move the world to OU with off the shelve

Modify to PM RV and OU, NASA, I *uck you!

Amen !

Hector :)

Re: rotoverter peswiki update with info from patrick j. kelly pdf..

In older postings i mentioned the alternator of RV was able to ring
being the rotor of the device like a wett finger in a grass cup , a
slow stroke sets in a higer velocity stronger signal along the glass
natural resonant frequency..

Electricaly you can have a low frequency feed a higer one in
intervals of shorter pulses , RV simply sometimes goes overreving
as KONE RV did riding its own rotor reversed induction wave


Re: [EVGRAY] Re: Earths diameter being watched?


In 1933, Christopher Otto Hilgenberg was the first to show that if we shrink the Earth down to 55-
60 percent of its current size, then all the continents would fit together just like a jigsaw puzzle, as
seen in Figure 5.2. He made the bold suggestion that this was caused by the Earth expanding in
size; at one time in the past, it really was 55 to 60 percent of its current size. The most rigorous
article    that    we      have     found      on     this   topic     is     by     James     Maxlow
[<http://ascension2000.com/DivineCosmos/05.htm>], and shall be quoted as we proceed.
This new model is certainly not in today’s college textbooks, but it has been quietly gaining in
popularity over the years. An Expanding Earth Symposium was held in Sydney, Australia in 1981,
and the Smithsonian Institution hosted a discussion meeting in 1989 where these concepts and
others relating to global tectonic models were discussed. As Maxlow writes,

These arguments [at the Smithsonian meeting] indicated that there seems to be something
questionable with the plate tectonic theory as it is currently presented (Kremp, 1992,) and that
present concepts of plate tectonics / continental drift / polar wandering may need to be re-evaluated,
revised or rejected (Smiley, 1992.)

Re: Thanks for the comments Hector... Kone... Ash...

The PM or EM motor Used needs to be taken to syncronous rotation an
then connected ,,,

Or using a RC electric plane controller a 3 PH transistor switch
network connected using hi speed opto isolators using a variable
amplitude power source to the drivers on your PM 3PH RV..

Some of this controllers can be computer programed for pulsewidth
regulation , the world is yours with them ...

RAVEN RC development on VITEC passed & disclosed this some years ago

and RV modelmakers electronics experts took it by asault .

resulting in this TOYS you can model BIG RV technology on.

Have fun ! HEHEHEHE! :)


12 VDC controllers are the best tap the DC from the inverter second
step (145VDC) to drive the big transistors and have PM RVS runing
at 40,000 RPM ..

Inverter battery feeds controller OPTO isolated it fires the
Transistors to drive ht motor 3PH on the inverter HI voltage
section .


For that speed I recomend external rotor design, Raivo got the PM
version or MODEL of the Motors I did, any baldor DC motor with brush
motor windings that divide in 3 phase angles can be 3PHASE run using
3 or 6 brush segments and driven by this off shelve toys .

Brushless motors are more powerful, durable, and efficient than
brushed motors of the same size. Used in your radio controlled
airplane, boat, or car, they can generate more power with longer run

What Is The Difference Between a Brushless Motor and Brushed motor?:
A brushed motor uses stationary metallic contacts that 'brush'
against moving metallic contacts. These 'brushes' are used to
transfer electrical energy to coils on the rotating armature. A
brushless motor consists of stationary coils and a rotating magnet
that is connected to the output shaft. The coils are grouped together
into phases, and an electronic motor controller powers up each coil
in sequence, causing the magnet to rotate.

RPM, Kv, And Current Rating:

RPM stands for the number of rotations per minute, and signifies how
fast a motor spins. Brushless motors are given a Kv rating, which is
RPM per volt, that lets you determine how fast that motor will rotate
with a given voltage supplied to it. A 980Kv motor powered by an
11.1V battery would spin at 980 x 11.1 = 10878 RPM with no load. The
current rating specifies the maximum continuous and/or burst current
that the motor is able to handle. When selecting a battery and speed
control, choose ones with continuous current ratings equal to or
greater that that of the motor.

Inrunner Vs Outrunner:
An inrunner motor has stationary coils which surround the rotating
magnet at the center. An outrunner motor has stationary coils at the
center, and the rotating magnet on the outside. Outrunner motors
generally have lower Kv ratings, meaning they run at a lower speed,
but with more torque, which would allow you to direct drive larger
props without needing a gearbox. Most RC cars and boats would require
an inrunner brushless motor.

145VDC x 980kv (RV) = 142,100 RPM (Beats a jet engine) HEHEHE!


ON scope shots OU RF & OU again....
IF relation is compared to an RF radio antenna the extra power
respond to what RF is called antenna multiplication factor .

READ verry early postings I did on subject .

ANTENNA POWER GAIN ! were RV windings are a 3 element circular array
or AMPLITRON (in case of primemover) and a MAGNETRON in case of
ALTERNATOR ... (simils )

As in case of Antenna each element gains are 1.618 over isotropic
(this means over dipole used as referense )x Phi 3.141592742 for the
3Phase factor spatial transform field ovoid .

Debunkers may state yes but antennas concentrate power in one
dirrection and that is the reason for the gain .

That statement is cutt of by omnidirectional antennas that radiate
360deg and still show gain using RESONATORS in series .

IS proven that such gains are real as radio receivers read the signal
intensity far away from the source and a Radio signal of 1 WATT
being transmited by an antenna having 8.5 DB gain puts to the air
equivalent of 85Watts of RF energy being multiplication factor of
antenna . (This is Teslas amplificating transmitter secret)

Nothing else ....

IF signal is extracted non reflective to source and to such percent
it exedes the amount used to set in motion the aether stochastic
resonance gain from the standing wave of space time hypersignal
the transformation suplies all the free energy needed for self
substaining autonomous operation with energy to spare for other uses.

Of test done this condition was verified using BAZUCA antenna
resonators years ago KP4QC was one of the first persons to test my
theory building cuadrapolar antenna resonator .

The resulting final power exeded the input by 12 magnitude .

(antenna multiplication Factor )

The radiant wave of such magnitude traped in its NODAL forms .

That is 0 point Current value into a capacitor Voltage-charge

With a JOULE potential we have 2X vectors from a single signal half
sinewaves + - HERE we separate split the absolute current NODES
from 0 Voltage maximal current to a 0 current JOULE potential charge
in a condenser (max voltage). No power factor can make this signal
immaginary as its a REAL VOLTAGE value at an N farad (electron
density accumulation .

POWER becomes REAL defined by Volt Farad Second JOULE power.

SO scope picture dont end there , the transfornmation needs to be
justified by seike aether density formulations as to understand the
mechanics particular to the electro-thermal transform on 3rd
dimensional and 4rt dimension projection from standard electron spin
to its gravitic time space transform engine within the particle
itself ... REMEMBER SOFT ELECTRONS i posted so much about if RV is
FORCED to draw energy from time space itself ...

Again OU is transformation and its verification may not may me rich
but at least will prove I was right (vindication) .

I think many a technician here have understood this and others have
attained looping already in solid state (Phil is good candidate) as
he is quite profficient in electronics .

AS I know NASA already verified this and are staying shut about it
giving it a avove TOP secret status .

Screw them! (Its public and spread sinse 1980s ) in a lot of stolen
and other given for free little over the shelve items ...

Inverter microwave ovens (sharp) (hi voltage diode plug

H transistor network (powermate) ( modified sinewave inverters )

XT & AT computer power suply ( look into the RF type resonator )
modify its power factor PING ! it squeals like a pig & goes OU .

May I sin if I tell you all inverter first stages can be made OU ?

Maybe NO , but I had being "crusified" for it !

Make them squeal like pigs !


To GOV dOGS & greedy bastards (like the ones that killed Mallove)

I do not keep working prototypes at my home so pay no visits dont
loose your time looking for them.

IF you want easy OU read and do the experiments like everybody else.

and instead of wasting $500,000 A month spying on me and playing mind
games give me that as GRANTs, recognition and you can benefit from
it ..

(If greed does not kill you nature will ) and sooner or later I will
meet the likes of you in hell and poke your sorry asses with a red
hot Iron so the living can hear your screams avove.

(Your sorry souls are mine ! )

Hector :)

RV easy

its so easy to see and use the energy... heres a way to use DC CAPs

to recover and suck off some cycling watts while putting them back
in ,,a recycle tank kinda


hi.. i found this from jlnlabs.. should i add this stuff to the RV FAQ
as a point of curiosity? has something changed, are the answers still
the same, would you like to add to these answers?

From: Stefan Hartmann <harti@...>
To: "Hector D. Perez Torres" <arkresearch@...>
Subject: Re: www.angelfire.com/nv/ark
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 22:55:25 +0100

Q: What kind of circuit is this ? (rotoverter) ? OK! Can you describe
your basic effect with a few simple words ?
A: resonant 1ph to 3ph converter-generator ( rotoverter)
Q: Are you using parametric resonance somehow?
A: resonance combined with second and third Phase generation. in total
sense is a rotating resonator circuit.
Q: a resonance between mechanical rotation (RPM) synchronized with
electrical LC resonance ?
A: YES you got it !!!!!To be more exact ferroresonance of stator-
rotor energy components. even in a non syncronic motor (were speed
loss is due to slip need to maintain rotor magnetics flow. That is
3,600 vs 3456 rpm!!!! ns.!
Q: Do you extract energy from the resonance somehow ?
A: yes (newman theorem can be applicated to all dc and ac motors and
is not so new , Tesla transmiter-resonator worked in the same way and
produced the same phenomena (temp loss)'.Resonant values are the same
exept for the coils intercapacitance in newmans coil
that makes the circuit broad band and increases internal "resonant
elements" as 'rf" antenna power (multi-element power multiplication
can be applicated to the coil "coil" as to aka. multiple elements
of any radio amateur dirrectional antenna that in technical words is
the >( power multiplication factor)< , the more co-phased elements you
have the more ouput you get!, in a motor the more phases you generate
the more power you have as the line loss in mantained at VSWR 1:1 at
50 to 52 ohms the lowest attenuation possible!!! SEE bazzuca antenas!!
KP4QC the VSWR meter readed below 0 when power was applicated
That is overunity!
Q: Does anything get cold and you convert "heat " energy into
electrical energy somehow in this process ?
A: always when the adjustment is at the point of break down (as Tesla
used to say) that is just before resonance cut-off ,if a secundary
magnetonuclear resonant effect is produced and we obtain electron
"laser" effect in interwinding oxilations "easer" electron ,
amplification secundary energy radiation . this will lower electron
energy levels (orbit) to a lower thermal value that is
in a sense a thermal to electrical transition of energy , this is not
a violation of the thermodinamics law it is only that the law is not
complete, an the mechanics of converting and transforming are only
being researched now ! just think of a heat diode or a "heat" solar
cell , using backgrownd heat as power source! or electromagno
(electron resonance) or (molecular resonance) a single electron
can generate over 36,000.HP !!!!! is just a new field of research as
laser was in 1950.!

Remember a 3 to 7.5 HP 3ph 230/460VAC motor is best to make
1 to 1.8 HP RVs in 60CPS ..

(5 to 10 HP in 50CPS )

AND ANY motor can be run using adaptive electronics in FULL HP range
using .

TAKE BIG NOTE as this is OPEN SOURCE BASED in Expired Patent Off
shelve items and RV open sourced ones.

Amplitude control Voltage from 120VAC to 460VAC

Frequency control from 0 CPS to Infinite

Pulselenght control From 0 to MAX frequency lenght pulse
Determined by sinewave or square dc wave lenght in time
(modified sinewave) & sinewave or any wave slope angle
saw tooth, incrememtal logaritmic , stepped pulsed , quadrature
modulated or phase modulated or any compoud modulation or amplitude
form , power or RF current & voltage phased angles (power factor).

(this tecno-blabertalk is to prevent patents on the stuff to be filed
(now is public open sourced) based on previous posted compiled
information also open sourced & copy-right (publication) .


Power suply of variable parameters ( amplitude control )
Voltage regulates Impedance as if it were VARACTOR tuned LC.
This REGULATES HP output and energy saving Impedance states

Frequency control (this regulates speed and Horsepower output as
in combination with amplitude .

Pulselenght control This regulates as in case of MODIFIED sinewave
3PH inverter (already Tested in H19 ) the ZPE power recovery modes in
relationto other parameter adjustments (optimizes best performance
states within range of HP and motor loading )

ANY frequency drive can be MODIFIED to do this

specialy the 480ACV ones adding VOLTAGE amplitude control

That is regulating its final drive voltage from 100 to 480VDC
as to be switched by the 3 PH transistor or IGTBs 3x3 network.

the drive can regulate motors in full range of parameters given in RV
disclosure with the advantage of having FULL rated horsepower at
demand .

Any modified sinewave inverter can be modified to operate in
Amplitude , frequency and pulselenght control , Optoisolated drives
being best option and 12.7VDC operated electronics also Optoisolated
& computer driven as Extra option .

Any number of inverters can be ganged to create multyphase array .
Computer used as drivers using optoisolated stages.

Sample 3 10KW inverters can drive 30KW 3 phase system with same
source and using computer driven 3PH triger, pulse & amplitude
generation .

(Phil can play with thoose toys ) as it is EASY OF shelve no bullshit
simple mods , the inverter first stages can also controled to drive
inverters to ZPE states ... (requires a bit more labor intensive mods
but is also over the counter simple )

This is the Compilation of compilations of what I had given public
on RV Rotoconversion and it's final aplication on level one .

All you need is the parts the system provides to beat the system .

(werever they like it or not ) It ends with the power waste deceit

opens door for truth ends denial , as now opens gate for full motor
HP usage and way to exede normal motor HP by increasing its speed
over the normal parameters .

Raivo tested part of this , this is old , I am simply giving
instructions to put the things into a what it realy means package.
final puzzle solution....

(and it means you can do whatever you like with electrical power )

That is true meaning of ROTOCONVERTER technology ...and it took 35+
years to be infiltrated into the "system" .

(Enjoy before big corporate made WWWIII destroys humanity )

If it was not for collective greed I might have given better things ,
but with no R&D big funds small toys have to do .

Wile Eagles peck at my liver me being tied to a rock !

Enjoy the fire ! Keep the freaking Open sourced Notes!


Hector :)

Re: 7..5hp Baldor wtih series adding wiring being prony tested

220VACwiring fed with 220VAC Line power 60CPS .03 to 23.Ohms

460VAC wiring fed with 120V power 51.Ohms to 600.+ ohms .

series winding increases impedance, say as wiring from 120VAC 24 line
universal 3pH motor to 460VAC .

the 4 groups parraleled wirings divided in 2 gives 460VAC DELTA
and 920VAC wiring in wye (perfect for Asia, AU. UK, Euro 220 power (

Redo from start as the info posted does not make sense ~_~ ?

Impedance goes hi ohms up not down ? (this ends as disinfo ) and
we are being NSA mindjobbed as we speak..

That includes equipment & resources and data switcheroos !

we got "pack rats" in the house! worst to let them inside the
brain ...

(Neural mindfuckup )

debunkers feed on stuff like this ....

Hector ;[
Re: Hector... notes..

Answers impaled into text (no lube)....


--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, bellerian1@... wrote:
> Hi Hector,
> Having read that last diatribe from you... (many thanks for that...
you also seem to agree the power is in the voltage rather than the
amprage... yes?)

Amperage & voltage = egg & chicken debate (debunkers waste of time).

Radiant power is in the NODES, it can be amperage or voltage
the postings make that clear on ZPE (ZERO POINT ENERGY) .

The explanations on amperage NODE POWER being transfered
to JOULE (volt ampere second ) VOLTAGE potential within a capacitor .

Voltage is the storage state (electron charge differential) we use
normaly , but as stated in transformation postulates AMPERAGE as well
as VOLTAGE are power "MEDIUMS"

> If I go to drive the 15hp baldor with 240V mains instead of the
120V mains, it should draw roughly the same amps and perhaps then
double the RPM of the motor? up to the 3600rpm mark?

power tends to be syncronous to magnetized rotor , in certain rotors
at a certain condition rotor becomes counterrotating electrically to
stator winding fields overaccelerating over the synchronous speed
this happens a lot in DC type winded rotors shorted to become AC
motor type squirrel cage substitute there are Verry old GEpatent on
this) also happens to normal AC motors like IN Kones Lawnmower 3PH
motor were squirel cage field becomes counterrotating electrically to
stator rotary field increasing speed incrementaly and becoming self

> I've picked up a laser tach... and have measured the RPM of the
unloaded shaft of the 15hp baldor... its pretty constant at the 1795-
1800rpm mark...

RV is synchronous to line, loading determines slip .
On PM (permanent magnet ) or EM electromagnet there is no slip
only a Phasor or rotary angle determined by loading, exede that
and equals EMP or short condition (critical angle of rotation)
in a loaded system is 7deg (usualy)on 3600 RPM reference 365DEG .

Thus I presume the plate rated 1760rpm is for the magnetic slippage
on the rotor under load, yes?

YESS! (:P that deserves a lolypop!

Re: Hector...diatribe... :)

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, bellerian1@... wrote:
> Hi Hector,
> Thanks for the reply man. Diatribe as I used it, I had meant to
mean "archaic : a prolonged discourse
> " in just that you ran thru all your cumulative comments in a
single email... :) I know your tech works... now its on to being
able to evolve it to the next level.

OK "Ego te absolvo" that means "Your sins are forgiven" LOL! :)

> When you say the fields become counterrotating... are you talking
about the fields in the rotor itself?

Like a symil, you are pushed along a conveyor your feet are standing
on the conveyor and make the conveyor move .. Conveyor represents
the "rotor"

YOU are the rotary field induction wave .

You walk toward the rod pushing you (Rod represents the stator
rotating magnetic field ) the result is you walk agaist the conveyor
suming your movement forward contrary to the ROD one onto the
conveyor (reversed).

You push as you are pushed 1--> <-----> 2 contrary to vecto driving
you as you drive a third (the conveyor ) "rotor".

1 ]--This pushes you-->
2 <--You are here-->
<--pushing this-->3

1 rotating field movement
2 (Induction field "you") being push by #1 and pushing
3 rotary counterinduction rotor field (being push by #1 by adding
up #2 to its movement to physical squirrel cage & iron laminates as
COUNTERELECTROMOTIVEFORCE reversed fordward vector( #3 )

All is relative but easy to understand if you see the whole picture
from each point of reference . add you runing faster everry time
conveyor gains more speed you have kones motor incrememtal
acceleration phenomena explained . Virtual conveyor foothold is not
moving relative to your pushing but its physical entity accelerates
away from you incrementaly to the square of the field speed.
(gravity symil acceleration of falling object in vaccum aplies) .


I wish there was an easier way to draw an analogy to what you mean
here as I'm having a hard time visualizing this. Have you read Krons
work? If that patent is from GE it was likely partially from Gabe,

I give priority to (aplications ) anything that can be used NOW
to solve energy waste and serve to augment non-poluting non-feudal
system dependent power sources is welcome .

If its white elephant construct & unreplicable I consider deviation
and entertaiment .

Everything must be tested this devices must be constructed & tested
to determine its aplication value in the field .

That is for what the R&D grants are needed for ....$$$$$

> Do you have any docs that you could specify to study for the 3phase
drives and H type IGBTs in inverters?

I think raivo got the aplication notes for thoose, as I cant keep
thoose on a computer hooked to internet without being HD ERASED
OR MB bios burned.

Refer to International rectifier IGTBs aplication notes ..
I posted thoose links long ago. there must be somewere within the

ON aplications notes :

What they miss is the amplitude control (simple 120 to 480DC Volt
regulating power source for final drivers)
and the frequency combined pulselenght control required to make full
use of Rotoconversion OU ZPE modes.

Its as simple as Hacking a 480V frequency drive and making work as
descripted in the old postings.
http://www.galco.com (look for frequency drives)

> Thanks Hector I'll be in touch as I move forward on the project I
sent you offlist.

Send your results here in public to add to the compilations list
make you experience sum up to the cornerstone we are collectively
building, even if you have to repeat things already written years
ago it serves as refresh and info for newcommers to the group.

Also you may find important things that others may benefit from.
new hardware, pheaks, simpler method, perfect system (whatever)
test verification , "your aplications" ..

As sample phil is working his inverter designs with RV to drive
TESLA pumps .

RV reverse dynamometer capability permits him to design best impeller
-rotor , best seals , optimize chamber flow & other things not done
now with water pumps (like implosion & cavitation R&D)

Open sourcing this information can lead to faster use by poor nations
with water management problems.

And other RICH potential ones that do not have the technology can
benefit from it.

(like australia) with a BIG water resources problem (MAYOR Screw
one ).

Thanks again b,
> Gene

You are welcome .....


Re: Joseph Newman has a new car - still kinda slow but a lot smaller

With proper R&D funding .....(As time comes)


RV turbine car ..... (regenerative ) fuel cell system "water as fuel"

500HP 3 phase motor in 100<Pound package, 0 to 250MPH 7 seconds.
and still thoose are mere "toys"....

Hector (:P]

Re: Norms PMI ServoDisc Motor manual

I know it will take jewelers presision but how about converting it to
101 phases?

Anyway I designed it for 2035-45 time space proves why not accelerate
its time ?

put that rotor on a lathe , shave the retaining ring a bit as to be
able to separate with knife (wedge )

once you get disk out see the internal spokes 101 phases (for car fan

Diode bridge all of them with equal wirelenghts ....to a common 101 +
and 101 - phases (202 - + diodes) fix to support as stator, make
original stator into a bell case to be outrunner ,,

all windings will contribute to power generation.

and no brushes equals speed up to breakage point ....

hard metal ? = "supersonic speed !

In original construct diodes were soldered directly to inner flat rotor
spokes and connected to 2 opposing cones, this distributed current
equaly , in the center it had IC module with radiating spokes, this
module drived the 202 transsistors for a 101 phases operation as a
motor, being powered by 2 coaxial connections from the center to the
cone tips one tip being hollowed with a Optical light fiber as computer
link to CPU driver. (Quite compact design ) diodes integrated to flat
rotor and IC at same metal junction. to cone ends .

Future technology today ! (Anyway I invented it ) so what ?
If Is a NASA secret today I dont give a RAT ass! Now is public !
And in the Future they must be vomiting with the timeline changes
my revelation will provoke .

TIMEQUAKE ! "Infinity"

Enjoy the BARF!

Hector :) HEHEHE!
Re: Toroid from PC power source ... and looking for Raivo

I missed something here ...

OK 3 toroid rings winded ring a to ring b to ring c and ring c to
ring A again 3 wire windings tying 3 rings as to form a 3 PH delta
transformer with ELECTRICALY coupled cores but MAGNETICALY field
independent ones . a 3 ring triangle !

This being the MOST efficient transformer ever built ( separating &
isolating the cores )

99.9999999999999999999 % Eff + (OU Cop 30 in hyper Q resonant modes.)

if used in 3 transistore 3 phase multyvibrator set up ... similar to
one in seikes book !

We do not longer debate the issue werever overunity exists or not !

We are engaged into its aplications in the real world ...

(first one are R&D, energy savings and energy management)



The seikes formulations fail to account for coreolis electric force,
the black and white TV CRT screen and magnet poles make image distort
into spiraling "HOLE" Time becomes retrograde "receding"
proportionaly reversed to gravitic tensor (Aether Density )
diminishing so electron descripts spiral path in 3d space but 4d is
strait line relative to 3d space as T=0 (Time equals zero)

The moevious coil is itself a self inductive core , apart from being
a gravitic shadow generator it use in ZPE are limited exept if used
in cascading resonant resonators "dragon ring " and make it bite its
own tail ( Reactor core ring ) , I will be breaking some rules here
but RV explains things that seike erred on or did not cover at all .

ON JLN E groups its good to ask why they have never produced anything
that challenges the paradigmatic power elite religion.
(NO RV replications there ) so their OU quest stays in the
unpractical absurd self limitations.


Re: Charging Capacitors
Fact , (no believing) ZPE is not a religion (IT is science )...

Shorting coil makes the magnetic field to effect the coil as a PURE
Current NODE in a VIRTUAL LC setup were C equals infinite capacitance
as it equals a short ...

so at max current potential as the short is opened the full stored
current "node" potential discharges as a voltage one upon field
collapse , if this is driven into a capacitor with the optimal
resonant value its potential will be maxed from the RADIANT energy
mode to an USABLE farad-voltage charge within a given JOULE real
world value (not Virtual anymore) but real charge potential power
at "N" farads "X" volts

Read compilations ....

In AC diode plug circuits this POTENTIAL can be extracted non
refrective discharging the charged capacitors at is blank sine
intervals wile its twin pair charges up ....

This is aplicable in 3PHASE 6x6 plug circuits were the combined
collected isolated output tensor tendency is to be pure DC signal
(3PH bridged rectification with 2x - + sinewaves overlap )



Re: Carbon rod generator system schematics.

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "sanderpupae" <s.sinttruye@...> wrote:
> Here are the schematics for the Carbon rod generator.
> http://www.nuenergy.org/pdf/EconuclearSystem.pdf

Read it in spanish .... http://econuclear.tk/

translation allways sucks !

The merit it has can be tested with ginis trasverter but using toroid
as to pass carbon rod in center carbon being R in a resonant LC .

The transmutation reaction does not include the IRON phase of carbon
boron transition that is responsible for the BETA RF EMP emmanating
from the rod.

The other fail is , the energy required per resistance & carbon mass
the atomic resonant values required to aquire hyper Q energy
transformation & other sweet details that will have the experimenter
biting its own penis in a few weeks frustrations (Total failure).

Type of carbon rod , composition, density , mass , area , molecular
conductivity crystalization matrix, amophorous ,semy cristaline ,
fulerene ? flaked ? grain density ?

Its this LOADSHIT of details that convert a NICE experiment into a
Wildgoose nightmare , if you see this little experiment gives light
into the makings of EV Gray special HOMOPOLAR transformer "tube"

The carbon ROD as in any homopolar device has to be a Variable within
a set of parameters within the circuit it forms part, in order to
produce the amplified beta EMP the coil mass (quantity of wire &
turns and the toroid mass as an atomic resonant part of the whole
need to be matched properly , the carbon rod must be vaccum isolated
or inert gas encased to avoid oxigen Burning ....

Unit if uncased will generate carbon monoxide , maker does not warn
of this little problem , it generates UV radiation , and beta & gama
radiation (carbon allways contains cesium 137 and americum 241 in
minute quantitys ( but will go off as miny nukes inside the carbon
rod Once is activated , another problem is potasium 40 that goes off
with a nasty window breaking bang if not carefull ..

my advice to cook the goose , Hi density carbon rod (pure)
and lots of reading and care ...

MRA PAPERS will be of great help here .. with All the ferroresonant
stuff I had given...

This requires tuning .... real bitchy "nasty" bitchy tuning .

iI you cant tame "resonance" dont try magneto-nuclear one.

In as is ... (dificulty "20" in scale of ten) with fuck-your-self-o-
meter smoking and broken.

Contorsion lessons needed in order to be able to bite yourself and
chew ! (if you cant make it work )

To add to the positive side think pure carbon grain resistors and
teslas radio tube energy receiver for his electric car.

My advice is play with the basic toys of resonance later go into the
heavy duty non toys anymore ones .


Hec-thor The sacred cow Inquisitor (:P Pffttthhhh !
PS :

Darn! why? I have to fix this craps all the time ?

Re: got a free eenrgy device?



The only hint they give is this ancient picture of a gravity wheel.


The graphycs show mechanical thingy flux and arrow ..

If this is such, this is an energy transform engine I warned against
its use because it slows down earth rotation as it draws energy from
it (coreolis gravitic effect ..)

Its a Gravity wheel ? Bessler Wheel ?


Here are some links to learn about the Bessler Wheel:



ASH you are right ! I get entertained waking up people and educationg
them by force !

Mental enemas anyone ? O_o ? at gunpoint! at 33RPM ?


Hector (: < )))


ASH RV is out, its the aplications we are working on ...
Not everithing is dead at my side, still pumping $$ and time on some
far from entertaining things goin on.

Re: On solar cells and global warming ! GREED effects !

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "polartronic" <polartronic@...> wrote:
> Dear Hector,

> By the way, thank's a lot for the Xenon tube idea, I'll try it !
> Could it also be used to discharge the diode plug capacitors ?

Yes but well trigered scrs do better and leave lower charge remanent
on caps , the Xenon tube is better for HI voltages as is similar to
thyratron in character , snubs off without the self triggering SCR
sometimes undergo a HV diode may be put inverted across xenon to
capture reverse pulse from coil back to capacitor , in OU driven
coil a party strobe keeps on flashing even if power source is removed

IT self limits itself by early triggering in tendency to go in
incremental loop ...

see poor mans thyratron & coil banger circuits I think another
compilation must be made on thoose camera Flash miny inverters
and PARTY strobes as MOTIVATORS for ZPE experimental Circuits ..

Part of ZEUS ZERO (point) ENERGY USER SYSTEMS (ZPE) resonator types
need theese circuits to JOLT start them as they cant substain looping
if not started in pure resonance mode state , like MRA type LCX it
needs JOLT to make it self substaining oscillator ..

Theese circuits are suited to test the Atomic Carbon rod Experiments

In a comercial strobe its 5 million joules 600 volts at some
8.3333 Kilo amperes in ants fart time across the xenon circuit.

That is pure EMP power ....


sine/square/triangle....versus pulse positive offset...

Re: [EVGRAY] Re: energy
heres how i figger say i have 1000 feet of #22 magnet
wire i can use 1.23457 volts .07716 amps 16 ohms
=.09526 watts i can get 18.9 times less energy from
the Compton effect i get about .0052922 watts free by
changing the "resting states to higher energy states
gaining drift as it takes time to red shift to happin"
using electrons as time pump and dump tanks"


"The effect is important because it demonstrates that
light cannot be explained purely as a wave phenomenon.
Thomson scattering, the classical theory of charged
particles scattered by an electromagnetic wave, cannot
explain any shift in wavelength. Light must behave as
if it consists of particles in order to explain the
Compton scattering. Compton's experiment convinced
physicists that light can behave as a stream of
particles whose energy is proportional to the

The interaction between high energy photons and
electrons results in the electron being given part of
the energy (making it recoil), and a photon containing
the remaining energy being emitted in a different
direction from the original, so that the overall
momentum of the system is conserved. If the photon
still has enough energy left, the process may be

Actually there are other functions that satisfy this
equation, but the only other one you need to be
concerned with is the standing wave, which
mathematically is a combination of two running waves
going in opposite directions.

Thomson scattering


from the Compton scattering or the Compton effect

coupling to the result of high energy electrons
distorting the cosmic microwave background radiation
(CMB) through inverse Compton scattering, in which
some of the energy of the electrons is transferred to
the low energy .
The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect falls in here



Re: AC 120 1 phase input to AC 120 1 phase output variable frequency drive?

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Ross" <fuknwithdabeats@...> wrote:

> Where is "One of Phils inverter circuits" ?

Well is for respecting PHIL as he was first of you to make proper
INVERTER circuits for ZPE ... and I respected his parrallel development

Even is my 3 phase inverter prototypes date back to 1979 and were
finaly manufactured by philips electronics in 1989 for University of
Porco Rico engineering deparment.

Fact a one phase Inverter has 4 trasistors and is driven in opossed
pairs ,the parameters to control are .

Frequency CPS (cycles per second)

Pulselenght the lenght each transistor is on

Is calculated as from 0 to.75 the time interval of a half cycle
per second .

Amplitude (the voltage in the ac section of the inverter....)

can be regulated adding amplitude modulation or VOLTAGE regulation from
o to 460VAC ...

I have the module in storage from 0 to 800VDC at 8 amps as add on
optoisolated bridge driver regulator system (3PH)

3PH systems use 6 transistors array driven 3 at a time in specific
intervals all that can be pulselenght driven as one phase inverters

any normal inverter can be PHIL driven easy .....

you HACK the driver circuit and control pulselenght this can be done by
reprograming the chip software or using multy vibrator circuit
substitution , frequency is easy 555timer or 556 (Dual 555 timer) to
include pulselenght adjust,,,,

I have stated (like a zillion times) ,you can make any inverter OU if
you hack the first stage into "flyback" mode and make it squeal like a
pig .....

Re: Are the conspiracy pages conspiracy themselves ?

Simple RV alternator produces OU radiant energy ....

That is a FACT BEDINI knows but tells no one....

I was the FIRST to TELL all of you. hEY GUYS! RAdiant energy is rf
voltage being 90deg out of phase (in pure resonance) .

Scalar energy is in RF current and voltage nodes (in all resonant RF
RADIO station antennas it can be easy found.

Colonel Bearden & Bedini did not like that a bit as it de-mystified
ZPE too much...(In fact removes all the pseudo science bullshit added
to it as it makes ZPE & OU justificable under standard formulations
as energy transformation... simple and lab verificable by standard
thermodynasmic laws .

RV primemover IS OU (FACT) And is a simple tool to perfect ZPE
research using simple off the shelve stuff.

They only need to stop the bullshit and do the lab work ...
Stop theorizing on things they know shit about and get hands down on
finding fundamental basic truth by building practical models &
aplicating them into real world solutions...

Then as I stated long ago , they can wind up a kitchen sink with a
coil of wire, resonate it and get OU (as the sink cools down)

Rotoconversion will eventualy lead to closed self looped energy
transformation systems ...

Of 9 types of universal energy you are learning to use first 1

(Elektron) (RV principle contains all 9 )

Seike book helps a lot to substain my words...


Re: Simple RV alternator produces OU radiant energy .... ?

(REREAD My postings) the aparently encrypted stuff will become clear!

It was given in that matter as to be understood by the ones making
the experiments....

The primemover in fact is semy resonant having a 3 element antenna
alike resonator within a closed space cavity (stator)power fed from a
power line and transformed internaly into a relative virtual rotary
field with Hi impedance broadbanded low Q RF character that goes
narrowbanded hi Q low impedance at loading relative to line with
certain specific internal phase shifting {phasor angle changes) witch
result in true magnetic amplification ...

(Lets say simil of antenna multiplication factor aplied to a motor)

That is why I called the RV AMPLITRON alike device (Primemover &

Sinse alternator primes itself is like ELF wave RF MAGNETRON working
at 60CPS RF energy ...

READ microwave theory and aplications (Amplitron design &
construction )

encountered in the machines the issue can be compared to DC Edison
Boys Club Versus Tesla AC MEN club ...

Speaking oF Konemotor the Wire relation to CORE mass is an ISSUE .
Returning to SWEET spots were energy thrives & multiplyes within
transformations from other energy domains.

4wire bifilar PARRALLELED reconnected to 4 wire in series ....
say if motor was wired for 460VAC it makes motor as if it were wired
CREATING a radiant energy effect were no spark gap is needed to
obtain gain from wire & core BODY, there is a correlation to an OLD
post were I stated the HI impedance Wire core relation was the ISSUE
in creating OU and that all 3ph motors were MODIFICABLE TO exibit THE
PHENOMENA IN PURE "ac" rotoconversion mode (1999,2002 JLN postings).

I wrote Newman and he did not even answered back ,but wrote others
telling them i was an asshole , (now it seems he will have to look
for a donkey and dive head on into a real one!)


ALL OFF THE SHELVE... kones verification & RV IS THE THING THAT
DESERVES TO BE IN Rense along with all the replications and
experiments here that show DOWN to earth needed yesterday alternate
energy savings solutions (practical do now aplications).

Looping will become self evident ....As art is perfected...

THE ISSUE now is the POWER on DEMAND energy Savings aplications of
the RV theory & practice and the USE of ROTOVERTERS as R&D tools
and practical USER devices from lawnmowers to airplanes.

RV in Rense can start a fire difficult to put out ...

In fact (A revolution)

Hector (:P

Re: Anyone know where to get this book on Schappeller?

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "esa juhani ruoho" <esaruoho@...> wrote:

> Let me know what youve come up with regarding the primary field /
> primary energy and its connections to radiant energy ....

Look at the electric signal in a wire as water in as a hose oscillating
one way then the other (fordward reverse) this motion reflects to source
(In case of water as mechanical hammering) in power as amperage

LOOK at radiant energy as the same hose but being inflated full at the
end with the bubble traveling along the hose end to end and returning
to tip to tip. that balloon is the electric RF voltage node field .
(At full resonance)

If the hose rests floating on a pool you can see as the traveling
bubble generates waves in the pool.

(Theese do not reflect to source) as aether is displaced with no mass
it reflects no power back but transmitts power from source as time
space density differential .

That is the signal from the field as it passes the elektron signature
to the aether in the form of wavicle 4D projection,(signature).

That is received at a resonating receptacle antenna, alike acustic
waves traveling across the air ....

Same rules aply from sound to RF "its the same", RESONANCE is the key
to energy transformation.

When time is slowed down you can see the waves in the air travel as
areas with low density and hi density , moving to 0 time the radion
waves traveling the aether follow the same rule, they look like a white
translucent wall traveling in a planar path across space were the
leading edge haves an specific aether compression density value being
major than the medium density it travels.

That was the reason TESLA stated that RADION waves were capacitive in
it is the correct term to use.

Use a virtual mental capacitor , erase the physical capacitor and stay
with the mental CHARGE that permeates the now non existant plates and
electret, turn it inside out and kick it at light speed across a
traveling medium within a pipe.."tube" ...

There is your radiant energy wave....


Save thoose $450 for lab equipment ...
(We need prototypes not brain screwing theory!)
With the lab you can test if I lie or tell you the truth..
Lab is the ultimate bullshit remover .

Re: Anyone know where to get this book on Schappeller?

Answers within text ...(repetition of 7 year long gospel)

--- In EVGRAY@yahoogroups.com, "esa juhani ruoho" <esaruoho@...>
> no need nowadays to pay 450$ for it, here:
> http://www.panacea-bocaf.org/files/patrickkelly/Davson.pdf
> Cyril Davson's Book on Karl Schappeller "The Physics of the Primary
> State of Matter" (85Mb)
> i would really like to know what the list thinks of this
> AC/DC (transverse electromagnetic waves)
> and IC/OC (longitudinal dielectric)
OK lets go down the hole bottom .....

NON -Radiant power ... DC or AC ....

Current is in phase with the VOLTAGE ... (standar practice)

Radiant energy = RF = current 90DEG off phase with voltage


Were voltage = 0 then current = maximal
were current = maximal then voltage = 0

> "conventional electrical theory only includes half of the story."

You need RF engineering to complete the picture (Its book stuff)

> "The typical Hertzian, electromagnetic field of Transverse Waves is
> the gross by-product of a much more powerful, but hidden, energy
> envelope which is manifested as Longitudinal Standing Waves in a
> scalar nodal matrix, not propagated in the up and down, ocean wave
> fashion of Transverse Waves."

RF nodes in radio antenna engineering practice (standard)

> "Tesla experimented with impulse current and oscillating current.
> our electricity is direct current and alternating current.
> The Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity is
> alternating current + direct current are transverse electromagnetic
> impulse and oscillating current are longitudinal di-electric"

Same as I stated RF versus non rf power ....RESONANCE non resonance
differenciates them

non resonant field travels internaly in a wire along with the current
(in phase) resonant field travels outside the wire pressed by the
internal current pressure inside the wire ...(off phase)

field forms a magnetic balloon were in standing wave it inflates &
deflates imparting the 4d wavicle energy proyection to the aether
in contact with the physical resonating element ..

energy diminishes with the square of the distance as area traveled
multiplies to the square x phi 3.141592742 (for a 12,000 poligon
projection of the sphere to get correct spatial projection.
> could anyone tell me if oscillating and impulse currents are
radiant energy?

IF Phases current and voltage are 90 degrees opposed yes...

were as explained RF resonance rules aply ...

and how is the DC in rv modified into oscillating or impulse
> currents?

The coil shorting experiment kone did And my posting about the
CURRENT NODE in shorted L (COIL ) and its opening to discharge
its current potential as a VOLTAGE value in a CAPACITOR C to attain a
JOULE potential with a magnetic multiplication factor gain (RF)
of 1.618 over theoretical antenna dipole element.

Its plain debullshitifying RF engineering ...That is the deceit the
lie imposed to you over 100 years making it exotic and unreacheable
to the people.

And is a pity profesionals in engineering due to preserve status
an recognition remake the wheel into their immage adding to the
deceit .... (many will hate me for it ) but it stops with me and
thoose deceiving will indeed suffer me ....

is that what the rotoverter is doing (all those quotes are
> eric dollard).. i would really, really appreciate this further
> clarification -

Clarification ROTOVERTER demostrates I am right , its a motor working
in semy resonant modes using ZPE (RF) Radio engineering principles.
That leads to the science of energy transformation & power
management , practical no bullshit ZPE RF energy aplications.

i feel like i understand somewhat that there is a
> difference between transverse and longitudinal electricity, and
> longitudinal is what we want, and transformation into highvoltage is
> the key -

NO RESONANCE is the key and is lab proven with the work done with RV
and transverter principles that anyone can aply to any device ..


Norman Wootan In fact had a kEY and was first to accept a correlation
of his findings with RV findings (IT made us stronger)
as we took nor stole credit but valued our works merits & correlation
and even corrected some errors in our work giving this effort as
public revelation.

and then the bulbs run cold (cold electricity) like
> evgray/tesla/dollard, but im still completely lost.

I explained a bulb in an RF current node has near no voltage so its
resistance voltage drop if read by a meter as in my early
RLC RESONANT RF circuits a 236 volt 4.8Amp bulb will read 19.8 volts
being able to work underwater with RF current of 4.8 amperes what i
define as AMPERE load in a resonant LC

That was the EV Gray "COLD" electricity "magic" underwater working
lightbulb ....

In a sense a COMMON RF effect used in somewhat in deceitfull manner
to make people think and bow to the new totem God (OLD RF practice).

The only way of ending skeptic fanatic denial is giving everyone the
truth ,from the truth then we can WORK on real solutions with OPEN
BOOK LOGIC and undeniable fact (Lab proven ...)

(The elite dont want RV public) The egomaniacs inmersed in Pseudo
science bullshit want my notes & posting destroyed and all my work
distorted & deviated into non productive bullshit.

Many copy patent as their own ,remake their theory to look as new
adding the FREE OPEN source info here to their "Claimed" propietary

Just compare pages prior to 1999 RV disclosure to the same ones years
after RV disclosure. (They rewrote history & mutated!) (I rest my
case ) its psy ops on the loose....

i know impulse
> current and oscillating current are the stronger form of
electricity,> that is life-giving, and discharges in golden mean
ratio discharges
> resembling organic forms, and that al this has to do with
> but ... im still in a hole!

Study RF engineering from the RV perspective aply it to POWER
engineering and electrothermodynamics & power transformation.

I had to give it in the way I did pseudo-science mix then as
replications started charge to the within the lines statements and
clarify it with book & lab based FACTS ...

RV claims had veing verified by OTHERS... its not what I theorize or
THINK or believe...9Its what people had replicated at their
particular level of understanding ..
some on the power saving levels , some on the OU verification level
and others on the looping level ...( Last ones I advice to shut up )
and run only in open loop untill RV is teach & used as lab tool in
every university worlwide.

Still I use some unusual terms , but is needed to marry the ZPE
alternate energy theory (quite discredited ) with the true
explanation and BOOK LAW based science that supports it ..

Fact : OVERUNITY EXISTS (RV lab testing ) "confirmed"

Fact: Radiant Energy is RF energy

fact: Overunity is produced as a working device aquires energy from
other source ,other than the source initiating it ..

Be it magnetic, thermal, atomic, aether (whatever universaly aplies)

Term (Motivator) (Power source that initiates an overunity transform
machine ... (demistifying term) "12.7VDC car battery" or any source.

Final issue ,(you got it ) what are you goin to do with it ?

start with energy saving motors and eventualy loop it ...

agenda ... push it in every circle untill the feudal scientific
dogmas are destroyed and truth can no longer be suppressed.

PUT a working RV on BUSH presidential desk ...

Petrol can then be then turned to renovable resources instead of
being burned as gas...(Quantal polymeric ZPE capacitors)


Re: Self running air engine website & prototype ready to be built

This is a good project , it uses recompression of the exaust cold air
to gain energy as I posted LONG ago using LEE roger patent based in
CAR engine conversion to AIR thermodynamic engine .

LEE Rogers died with the secret.. I am glad someone ELSE understood
the same thing I did and is goin open sourced on it.
(Is good to Know I am not the only guy with brains left in this

Sucamatron does it in reverse using TURBINES in implosion mode.
Extracting the dense air with gravity help ...
If done right I know it works .. so I endorse this one ....

looks good ... :)

When I disclosed sucamatron and the thermodynamic transform concept
it remained locked within the postings and within the EMAILS.
With EXEPTION on the INFO POSTED in PANACEA.. and by the group.


Fact is the Info was given to AKOIL in Russia but aparently they keep
blowing instead of sucking ....

NOW people do you UNDERSTAND WHY I WANT RV in RENSE ....? IN TV?

The difference is having FUNDS or not ....
The info is LOST in a propietary power game ...
Just Beware of the games and entertaiment ...

Its EASY to make & create constructs of disclosed info ...

(ASK CAREY on its RV copy ) other thing is to make it work ...

I hope THE intent on this one turns positive so count with my
thermodynamic expertize to make it work ....

Just think AS sample ...

A copy of kone OU RV prototype (Or my original STAR of david one)
compressing AIR at 140% efficiency with a 50% thermal energy gain
from the Ambient as COLD AIR from a CONVERTED CAR MOTOR ENGINE exaust
is recompressed to gain energy from the ambient as it HEATS to room
temperature again. 700PSI ok

HURRICANES TORNADOS are natural ENERGY transformation engines WE can
imitate nature and WITHOUT violating any thermodynamic law USE the

(READ my old postings on it)

Kim Zorzi went wiki-public with it, it works, bring it on !

(I help if needed...)

Congratulations ! LOOKS realy NICE !

(Up the petrol elite arse!) LOL! :P

Just one point, Use off shelve car motors, off shelve compressors &
parts ,design it in a way any idiot can copy it ..
Verify it WORKS properly ...
GET the DAM THING IN TV, RENSE, Discoverry chanel (Up myth-busters
ass !) GET IT PUBLIC as I ASK to be done with RV ...

IN AIR MOTOR THERE is NO DANGER in LOOPING as ALL the danger to it is
that it FREEZES up (Instant global warming solution) its fuel is
heat, no danger of time space transdimensional anomaly, black holes or
philadelphia experiment alikes.

It "contaminates" the planet with clean cold air ....so dont get
surprized if the elite creates an ICE age to suppress it!

With the excuse they need to burn petrol to heat the planet up again!


Hector :)

Re: ON EV Gray Tech past (and its future)

Lets say as sample you have a LINEAR class C grownded grid amplifier

YOU have a VOLTAGE Usualy 800VDC that provides POWER to permit the
VACCUM TUBE to amplify the signal,( that is the prime power source to
it) ... you have a CB or ham radio signal in it it gets boosted from
say 5 W to 90W (18dBs gain)

Supose you use instead of 800VDC you use a MAGNETIC field and you
MODULATE this field to create AMPLIFICATION of ENERGY "Electrical"
into MAGNETIC modulation that induces a MAYOR force (amplified power)
into electrical conversion again ...as sweet VTA , in a sense RV is a
magnetic Rotary amplifier were in a sense acts as amplitron tube were
magnetic & resonance interact to amplify input power VECTOR.

This in specific tuned states ..."like the ones kone replicated"

MAGNETISM is just another energy flow that can be tapped as we do
with the electrical one were it DRAWS its power from OTHER domain.
Sample as Suckamatron does from AIR heat to electric power
conversion, RV does from magnetic one,resonant modes are the GATE
permiting the gain from natural energy exchanges.

We then have to see how it afects the magnetic field source ENERGY
level and the transform mechanics involved (In VTA was manifested as
TEMPERATURE decrease) down to cryogenic level (Absolute 0 ) bose-
Einstein condensate ) if taken to extreme field drain..

AS more is progressed in replicating this states the more will be
DEVICE GAINS energy other than from the PRIMARY SOURCE that POWERS
it, resulting in OVERUNITY in the combined output result (TOTAL WORK
done) ...

No false magic tricks no bullshit ,just a bit of advance science.

That in FACT can TAKE the Effort of many to University academic
circles with the proper undebunkable & undeniable truth of its
existance, Alike the Stochastic Resonance experiments that can be
considered the first true overunity devices ever made.

Terms need to be consolidated into a new database of definitions.
and the justification of its mechanics using the existant book rules
aplied properly to its aplications. RF (resonance ) & power
engineering in one .

Like a LASER RV is a NEW toy to Science so it will take a bit to make
it to the university classroom as its theory is undestood .

It is in the internet , its replicated & I am happy about it, the
difficulty is erasing the ton of disinformation and desacreditation
dumped in free energy circles that has not PERMITED many devices to
progress in their development. (RV included) ..

That way I see that the priority is USING the devices as ENERGY
saving aplications MAKING them PUBLIC to the hilt ... WITH WORKING
prototypes aplicable to REAL USES. (NOW )

The BIG question I make myself is HOW a TECHNOLOGY that eliminates
90% of the actual energy WASTE in motors is not WELCOMED ,
Prioritized as GLOBAL WARMING mitigation solution by all the
ambiental institutions ...

how far the DARK powers are infiltrated among people to DENY them
Solutions ....

Why PEOPLE like Al Gore stay HANDS crossed to a Discovery like RV

WHY RENSE and Prision Planet and all this SUPPOSELY truth fighting
solution WANTING entitys dont stop the LIES publishing RV discovery
once for all ...

I predict IF RV makes it to CNN and FOX News petrol price will drop
like shit.

Put it there Movies replications replicaations corroborations...

dont let it go suppressed killed & forgotten ...

Fact is the ELITE wants Others to take the credit because they want
to control it, enslave you to to it , put a coin meter on it! use it
to continue their FAILED agendas perpetuating the HELL we have to
live day to day , poverty,wars,moral decay,economic decay,feudal

PUT RV in RENSE ....IN FOX in CNN in Discovery Chanel, In popular
science magazine ...(before it becomes too late)...

Hector :)

Re: one wire power

get hi voltage transformer one line to a distant motor the other to
an air plate ...

on motor another transformer & air plate ... use the steped down
120VAC... single wire transmision ....

take wire out use sphere.. wireless transmitter & receiver (no wire)

instead of plate use GROWND as single wire ....



Re: Deliverance circuit

A choke does not rectify and the patents pertinent to vibrator
rectifying machines are not the impedance (LOW) needed for vectored
rectification ... 0 point energy node was interrupted in infinite
resistance (switch gap).

The only device then were early hydrogen thyratrons & vaccum TUBES
and tesla used none of thoose exept in his OU car design but his
MOTOR was DC 3rd brush regulated... not 3PH AC it was a 10KHz radion
tube energy receiver using natural EARTH radio source as
energy source for car ... the car was the antenna with a chain
contacting the earth as earth wave receiver grownd...

Potential was 1 million electron volts in pure 10KHZ resonance.

Any standard coil can be made OU, I dont see a tesla coil in jinis
trafo doing the OU effect I see a NORMAL COIL in resonant state.

Tesla gave us a TESLA COIL gave us multy phase ac power but none of
his patents helped the OU cause ..the most valuable contribution he
made was on the nature of waves and its relations to capacitors but
definitely not many understood the concept ...

It was over-emgineered, over complicated and theoreticaly
missinterpreted during all this years to sum intentional
distorsion on its theoretical description .

and you are right I did not "READ" Teslas patents but did reverse
engineering and lab testing of every device he made... including
the problematic ac to DC diodeless & tubeless battery chargers & AC
to DC converters of everry type you can think off ,early RADAR used
commutators to convert ac to hi voltage DC theese were timed with a
synchronous ac motor as to provide DC from AC HV polarity timed
discharges... (GRAY used this in his over-engineered EMA4 car).

You can ask RAIVO on the correction I did to perfect tesla coil
tuning and design using HV secundary resonance tuning .
corrected quite a lot of disinformation out there on Tesla coils.

Adviced ALF on using EG&G COLD cathode thyratrons for reconstruction
of EV GRAY systems "Pulsers".

EARLY on RV disclosure I stated that the SAME OU conditions of
RESONANCE in this coils were posible in LOW VOLTAGE RESONANCE
conditions (JINIS TESTING ) as sample.

Tesla coil Pheaking..

sliding aluminum plates "Tunable" using glass plates to make
adjustable capacitor to resonate sec HV transformer windings creating
50KV resonant spikes from 10KV traffo ,that discharged to 10 turn
primary of teslacoil made 10 megavolts of power in the coreless
secundary ... lightning FL tubes 20 feet away .

Like Tesla I encounter an EDISON mentality with current thought
fixed in "concepts" rather than lab search for truth.
TESLA also BULLSHITED a bit and erred in some points & thought he was
erred when he was right (Human NATURE) not even my person is freed
from , so lab is requirement #1 over blind faith.

Fact is History cant be remade to put Rotoconversion in the past.
because there was no one disclosing the principle in its true simple
form ...(Not at all)

THE lab is the best DEVICE to test my claims and whoever does is not
forced to take everything I say on FAITH alone.

That Opens the door for future generations to PERFECT and purify the
concepts I leave them , but on a solid no bullshit rock solid LAB
verified work (Undeniable).

Thanks :)

Re: rotoverter peswiki update with info from patrick j. kelly pdf..

NOT Exactly..

READ RADAR tube theory ( MAGNETRONS & amplitrons...)

RV alternator WORKS as A MAGNETRON or AMPLITRON tube

WERE the ROTOR provides the ENERGY by mechanical means
to mantain the electrical oscillation by means of self substained
REVERSE induction (Repulsion) of the rotary wave components by mutual
reversed induction on the rotor squirrel cage .

Electrical signal is alike a surfer riding a wave or I may say A WAVE
riding a WAVE ...

(In reality quite simple stuff)


IT SEEMS quite amazing all this years of telling, that most people
are still fixed in the PULSE theory and havent grasp the RESONANT
energy production of the RV alternator ...

RADIANT ENERGY is RF energy were AS explained a ZILLION times is
composed of 2 nodes within a virtual dipole (antenna) were in one
NODE you have MAX CURRENT and ZERO Voltage were in the OTHER node you
have MAX voltage AND 0 current (Known as RADIATING element ) and the
Current NODE known as grownd plane( NODE , ANTY-NODE).

A perfect RESONATING condition creates an STANDING wave were this
NODES are fixed within given points...

In a LARGE wave imposed in a LARGE resonating ambient such wave fixed
within a given area points is called SCALAR wave that impress energy
TENSORS within the mentioned points... tap a natural one you harness
endless power ,(Using a tuned receiver and non reflecting extraction
method ) diode plug transverter technology.

The avove means 90% of what is said about scalar waves & standing
waves is pure bullshit ...

AND that Whoevers understands what I am saying can light bulks with a
single wire resonating it from a given mass (short piece of wire)




DAY),SHIT HAPPENS! ~_~ it screws a lot of Caltec , NASA and NSA asses
out of their doctorate office seats.

They shit on their pants as RV is lab verified..


FACT:(Sinse 1979)

RV alternator generates PURE AC Radiant energy at pure resonant
condition (lab tested & verified ) radiant energy is RF energy.

And that is the end of the bullshit issues.


Solution... built & test yourself like hundreds have done ..
then OK ? you got radiant energy you got OU ...

What the heck are you goin to do ?


1001 aplications...

start with energy savings ones...


Now can you people fix the shit out there ?

Hec-thor !

Re: try and spot Tesla in photo

A 10KC RV motor can be run directly from a natural 10KC frequency
source.. as TESLA did with his machines...

AN RV designed for SHUMAN resonance can RUN on it .. 11.9CPS

AN RV can run on ANY natural frequency once taken to synchronism with
it as if it were a powergrid synchronization making posible the use
of scalar standing wave power nodes in nature.

AN RV can even RUN from the electron spin resonance at 1.6

That Human race be prepared to tame & use that simple technology is
another thing.

That the Elite greedy little devils permit it is another...

That A bloody revolution can arrise once the truth is known can also
happen ...

The gillotine will soon find new heads to cutt off , as humanity
revolts against the usurpers.


power factor meter! Reads 0 energy is suposed to be 0 acording to
standard engineering eggheads ..


A circuit in pure resonance becomes purely resistive

A pure resistor then becomes a NEGATIVE resistor if its POWER drop
exeeds the input ... (OU)

GET it ? ~_~ and still this is scratching the surface of the hares
hole .... swimming within a sea of bullshit as the negative resistor
was never explained in its true meaning.

(at this pace it will take 300 years ...)

I hope the world lasts that long ...


OK lets start again ... go deeper into the science hares hole ....

to get radiant energy to work ...

radiant energy as normal electric power have 2 components

VOLTAGE & CURRENT that make as requirement impedance TUNING a

If your generator and load are not matched in RF as if they were
radio antenna dipole it will not work ...

They must be valanced ... is not as simple as taking a frequency
source and driving it into a given mass having a load in the middle.

The source will get doble the reflected power and burn out as its
power factor will be "0" so it has to be properly matched in
resonance to drive the dipole fordward to attain end to end resonant
energy transmision within an standing wave in single wire .

Radio amateur antenna design aplied to single wire transmision.
(simple RF aplied to extremely low frequency were wavelenght haves a
mass equivalent in a resonant circuit. ( Say as ELECTRO-ACUSTICS)

alike RV primemover and RV alternator but on solid state transverter
aplication only you are using NO diodes but a single wire transmision.

ends are virtual capacitors to common medium be earth or aether
(air) or space vaccum capacity , or mass density resonance (impedance
alike) .

The radiant energy source needes to resonate in unison to the LOAD
within a single wire and it must be done within a mATCHED impedance
values. SEE it as series resonance ending in parallel virtual ends
one ...

This aplies to receiving and tapping nature and natural radio waves.
built ELF radio detectors and resonate Iron to thunderbolt levels
on thoose specific frequencys using the methods I descript .

Dont be amazed if you get kilowatts out of some natural radio sources.
rectify using Switching type diodes alike PC power supply ones LV and
TV HV flyback or HV SHARP microwave oven inverter type ones in non
reflective plug type extraction...
OK taping free energy secret is given (Its lab tested ) need only to
be replicate it like RV...

OK what are you goin to do with it? (aplications)

If Others inventors did before me why not all of you ...?
what it takes to tune a coil capacitors and a core to a free radio
source ? like 10KC natural sun frequency or shuman resonance or
gravitic tensor or super nova scalar waves? or any of the natural
energy waves crossing the medium non stop 24HRS a day ..?

A bit of the stuff already given public and some sweat & tears needed
to tune it right (same as RV ).

This had killed many inventors (error keeping it secret ) trying to
patent it ...petrol mafia comes in (sudden lead poisoning).
or accidental death ...you got it already public , I am just
repeating myself ..(its posted already )long ago ...

sum up strings you all will have idea of what is already given.

Enjoy ! and built! copy and keep the postings and do not let this
public disclosures be patented by greedy assholes or be apropiated
and SOLD distorted as copyright by dissinformers & scammers!

This disclosures will clarify from Tesla to Testatika puts OU as a
book justificable transform based phenomena ,the goverment and petrol
mafia bullshit stops with RV ,with the WORKING models the control
of academic circles will stop ,that is the reason RV has to go fully
public being already replicated and put to aplications .

Posibly this will end as a class action against US deparment of
energy and end in congresional hearings were heads will roll by the
dozen (Including some senators).

The Work of many will be UNDERSTOOD and mistakes corrected ..
many will be vindicated while others will be torn to pieces...
fact is the disclosure will make other occult things to be disclosed
too... what can be replicated (I advice to do).

Ash got a full lab with wonderfull toys made by many inventors that
needed to be tested verified improved on and made public (usable)
& practical .

I did not invent 3Phase motors ,,, I just found and discovered
something and revealed it within its natural design.

I adjusted the theoretics to the motor reality not the motor to
theory (exept for the rewiring & mode of use).

(EMA-4 as sample ) AN UNPRACTICAL ATTEMPT AT REMAKING the electric
That is the main reason RV its so easy to replicate.
If others inventors take same path and disclose things as solar cells
made with suggar, so cheap that if you go hungry you just eat them
as candy.

Earth will be a paradise for our future generations instead of a
warring hell ..

AMEN !:)


Re: My Science Project... The Movie...

Its called t.a.s.m.i.n ....

Its RV x C, 3 antennas in 3 phases exeding speed of light rotation ..

Sample 300MCPS = 1 meter wavelenght tasmin spacing is one meter
from each antenna as frequency hits 300MCPS you hit lightspeed as you
increase angle of rotation by increasing frequency signal exedes speed
of light reversing time in local singularity ...

Special reflectors are needed to confine the vortex at specific mass
reflection so it does not hyper-expand.

300Mhz frequency is also as sample (others can be used)
Montauk Used a walk in AMPLITRONs frequency of 2 to 6 meters.

As light speed is attained unit becomes PK mental energy amplifier

only prepared people can use the machines ...(fluidic mind)

Before the world burns up some of you may go to the past and try fixing
this shit.

(But it may become worst).

Leave time-travel to the Gods.....

anyway your body can hit C using biological DNA/RNA stargate
as transmutation of lower elements is engaged body goes into monoatomic
transition were you can teleport transdimensionaly in time & space.

Like RV is easy to make ...

Tuning, like allways is the bitchi part ...
Hector :)


pi 2.141592742 phi 1.6180339887

Reread my old postings (It part of posted theory on OU )

Cornu spiral stuff (relation of optical wave passing a slit )
relative to RF wave passing LC circuit ..

The spiral is incremental wave amplification within stochastic wall
energy transfer of ambient energy .... EASER

wave is visualized in 4D hypercircle 360X360 degrees angle and
amplitude (RADIUS of wave relative central ZEROPOINT as a variable)
relative to effect of stochastic wave influence.

AS experiments progress this will be easy understood ...

wave is not flat it has a fan shape to it as current is integrated to
it,phase determines circular shape (as particle waviton ) or as WAVE .

That is why the electron can act as a particle and a wave because is
composed of other form of electricity you dont still know,related to
magnetic lines components of 4d matter structure .
Electron can be a traveling as flat 1d signal 0 feet to infinite in
diameter or as a--b line (linear particle ) (its own diameter) or
less (self spagettyfication... (into a chord)

that is the mechanics of wormholes with hyperlight speed , you come
out the other side before you enter the portal ... or in fact you can
be copyed at the other side instantly ..
streching the electron into a near infinite long chord ..

The electron is spheroid standing wave its surface formed of chord
waves were in center stands 4 vitrons in pyramidal setup ,as electron
becomes soft (PM only driven motors ) they decay into ...

As micro milimetric waves-particles , one photon and 3 vitrons

In a sense matter is standing wave transform engine within the aether
sea , gravity being the aether pressure flowing to vaccum created by
the transformation of AETHER flux to magnetic one within the anomaly
of material hologram created by morphogenetic hypersignal
proyection (God mind )

I hope you can digest this ... as are some basics to aplicate RF
RV to create any type of matter you want ... by simply interacting
micromilimetric frequency into the desired matrix coordinates...



Any atomic electron that has acquired sufficient energy

That means at specific ELECTRON volt potential (EV)

by recoiling from a charged particle passing through matter to force,
in turn, some dozens of electrons out of other atoms along its own

That my friends is stochastic aplification of electron flow ...

Questions may arrise!......

It happens at natural fundamental resonance inside electrical

(Yes ) causes noise in powerlines AND OU >OVERUNITY< .

It happens inside cores in transformers ?

Yes and is the cause (one of many) of iron loss.

Can the energy be tapped to produce overunity ?

EASER Electron Amplification by Secundary Emmision of Radiation.

Yes its one of the mechanics I had disclosed 9 years ago and is
listed in the compilations awaiting someone to understand them .
OU (Overumity) is the result of transformation mechanics ...

Bad thing no one looked into X ray laser "EASER" design ...

another look must be taken on the Eistein Bosse condensates
the laser cooling systems, the self cooling laser rods and other
darpa ,nasa released public info on the subject.

Hope this is understood (already told ) (I am just being a repetitive
obnoxious jackback box)

Why you think Bruce A P was first to POST RV info ?
Simple answer (Its related phenomena) Bruce information has
revelance to RV one and overunity mechanics.

Tip ..
Electrons giving energy to a flow go into low orbit
being the end result an ambient temperature drop ...
Reported phenomena in electrical OU machines as(VTA)
self cooling ... cold freezing electricity .

Am I being understood ..?

Thanks ...

Hec-thor! (In area 51 egghead mode )



Lab proven .... 50 CPS just SUCKS! big time ! Variable inverters are
the answer were to adjust ...

Frequency, Amplitude (voltage level)AM , and pulselenght

all of them also in "compound modulation".

can be single or 3PH modified sinewave (simple).

from 47CPS or 0 CPS to 10KCPS or to infinity ...

Idea is to play with parameters to test best performance level .

Good part of this disclosure is that many inverters and frequency
drives can be modified to work as avove or specified as such in OEM
requisition to manufacturer ...

End result is that any motor can now be optimized to best output

IF OPPS! it results that gives more HP per watt than book rules says
look into other book rules on RF and zpe theory to find the answers
as they are already public...

Phil work here had being quite inspiring and helpfull with many
innovative circuits .

Raivo ,Ronald & others are working in the 3PH drives were here
voltage amplitude & pulselenght and frequency management are the
factors used to drive IN (L) Inductive ZPE mode .

Still in modern times fridge compressors are started by a mag-
current switch or thermotron..

Taking one apart we find the windings differ in size of wire and
ampere turn ratio this impedance diferential as seen from motor
winding to starting winding creates phase difference in phasor angle
producing the torque require to initiate rotation depending on
design this phase difference can be leading or lagging to main run
motor coil winding power input.

In 3PH motors the phases carry the angles nesesary to vector it to
rotation so RV mode in 3 phases is obtained by governing amplitude
(voltage ) input (frequency )to find optimal speed ,and PULSELENGHT
that equals alike of capacitor tuning of the windings to best
performance states ... also capacitor can be used in tripleflux
configuration to amplify energy further into OU transform states.

On a final note you will notice generators as is are only 37%
efficient ,if you get harbor freight alike ,diode rotor exited
you will notice it takes like 1,800w in the stator exiter LC
measured at AC capacitor amps & volts to generate 120/240VAC.

That is great waste.

Try exiting using 220 main winding & caps as in RV alternator
(radiant mode ).

Is a big differece to have this tools in the lab ...

RV is reverse dynamometer , but still you need to go low watts
and experiment on things as avove to grasp the real POWER of the
simple but tecnicaly demanding technology .

Congratulations on your RV , now you have power to get power
and understand it.

Power Management technology at your hands .

Thanks :)



Re: motor for woodworking planer

Lets say you choose 5HP 1725 RPM ,use a modified frequency drive to get
it to say 6,000RPM (tolerable to motor )in RV amplitude-pulselenght
adjusted 3PH modes ...

You will get aproximate 7HP at dowmgearing to your planner ...
pheaked to lowest friction will work on power on demand mode real nice.

Using a normal RV and in 50CPS is marginal ,will not be as effective
as 60CPS or F drive but still will save quite a bunch in electric
power ... a 7.5 to 10 HP (marginal may do ) and finding the best tool
harmonics speed to best cutt the wood type you use .

In machine tool trade there is an speed were tool and material are
worked in the best efficient way, having a frequency drive can give you
the advantage to tune the tool to best performance in a given wood
density with the cutting tool best performance to cutt it (plane it)
with the best finish posible.
That is adapting a capability of NCC to tools using power management

There is alot to be done in this field (We are starting in the basics
of infinite practical do now aplications).

Manufacture and industrial use are the turf were RV can exell in power

Drill, lathes, punchers, rotary presses, planners , saws , cutters ,
aircompressors, vaccums & others optimized to lowest more effective
power usage.

The First free energy the world gets is the one that does not go to
In solar it means using much less power cells more effectively ,for
this means cost effective usage in 3rd world nations,water well pumps
,grain grinders , & general machine use aplications.

Free solar energy = poorer nations can compete with greater economic
power more effectively used.

Repetitions are for benefit of newcommers, who need to read a zillion
times before grasping the idea .

Thanks ! Hector !

The Neon Circuit can be obtained off shelve using the POOR MAN
Thyratron solution In gave long ago in old postings ...

The USE of a xenon party light strobe (Radio Shack ) as self trigger.

(120VAC utility fed ones )

As is with strobe trigering xenon as thyratron with output series to
battery or triggering a big SCR puck to dump capacitor charge
directly into a load .. at 1/120 second intervals..60CPS half-wave
pulse timing ..
Party strobe uses 120VAC can verrywell use half wave loaded capacitor
to trigger itself at top voltage point ..

Sinse this party lights have NEON light as trigger and a variable
reostat to adjust trigger point they are stand alone self triggered
and simple.

Party strobes go from $16.99 to $79.95 USD and can be used
as trigger as is or with addition of big puck SCR....

That Puts the term Poor mans thyratron on use again ..

2 units are needed for one plug ...

Basicaly the units are a diode (ac) Litic Capacitor Resistor ,
variable resistor Neon light ,SCR, diode ,Mica capacitor ,Xenon ,
igniter trafo and xenon light (poor man thyratron) ..

as plug capacitor charges (in place 0f strobe litic ) it reaches a
peak voltage were it trigers the neon the neon triggers the SCR gate
the scr trigers the trafo igniter pulse that triggers the Xenon to
the puck scr can replace the xenon original one and the trafo pulser &
xenon eliminated scr will discharge cap into a given load ...

care has to be taken as to such discharge being done in 1/120
of a second to avoid conflict with the charging cycle cap reloading
in LC (to keep it non reflective to source ) aplicable to meg it
solves the under OU states on loading ..(if meg is tailored to reload
cap in logaritmic mag gain states (retuned & redesigned for plug
operation )
wil operate OU ...)

keep this public as is improvement over the failed MEG patent were
unit goes under OU if loaded .

The neon - trigger timing delay can be compensated by adjusting the
circuit to fire just a bit before the sine peak so the scr conducts
exactly at top peak of the sine ,on square wave a little mica cap &
resistor will be needed to delay trigger a bit as we have an instant
peak we may not be able to prevent early trigger of signal .

That is if anyone wants to use square wave pulses from a modified
sinewave inverter as trigger reference or direct self switched pulsing

Hope this clears a few issues and provides usefull information..

values are determined by frequency and power level wanted
so has to be user wise selected .
keep this notes .

As a mindbender think 6 flashers being fed from resonant solid state
3 PH transformer with each phase TV plugged on OU states
hyperQ iron thundervolt mode ...

May we be delivered from power brokers slavery !


Hector :)


I still insist that cold electricity is within normal RF engineering
practice as resonant states indeed are were the energy can be
mantained in the highest potential with lower energy loss, being in
fact (COLD ) energy and in some aplications can in fact create
superconductivity at room temperature within RF cooled down circuits
.... search RF , laser cooling , stochastic resonance thermal
transformations , thermodynamic transformation....

KEEP this notes ....


Re: RV drill load tests

When you go into frequency drive power management ,there is were the
real savings can be seen and the technology starts to enter in the
ZPE energy management region.

But OK go simple as is, is still most formidable weapon against the
institutionalized power waste money theft religion.

Give em hell !

Already... (other related subject)

Read Vassilatos book on Tesla and It vindicates me totaly in that
Radiant energy is RF ,still book errs in the statement RADIANT energy
requires pulses to be created (quite misleading).

RV alternator looked at the proper way and the way lightbulbs are
lighted using a single wire from its potential, it can be
confirmed ...or may I say (Its already confirmed) is pure ac radiant
energy at pure resonance (lab tested) EVLF extremely verry low
frequency radion (radio) RF waves.
Book clearly mentions Tesla used pure voltage (Voltage node of RF
wave to create the alleged "radiant energy" (RF))
and use pulses to create it in one way dirrection SB (sideband),( no
other thing that aether density pulses) capacitive waves = RF waves
of type similar to earthquake acustic propagation waves .

READ EARTHQUAKE wave propagation dynamics (Its same laws aplied to RF
OK !!! ~_~ ! there you will clearly see what I refer to (S & P waves)
as a hint! add wave polarization to the equation thinking like I once
stated in 4rt dimensional projection .

Analyzed in lab is the same stuff RF and sound respond to, same LAWS
of physics.

The Super luminal is EASY , 2 waves conjugated at an angle create a
faster wave at junction point (waviton) conjugating LASER waves into
wavitons create faster than light hypersignal (this is kid stuff)
can be made in any well equiped lab .

The time Goverments and universitys discriminated against HARD to
control intuitive right brained scientists is the time they killed
the posibility of replicating Teslas or any other genial work done in
the past.

Usually the government doctorate assholes have to lurk in this forums
to get their next "advance" and are usually those pushing us to LOOP
LOoP otherwise is no good! LOOP! LOOP ! ..

Nope! first is the foreplay ... then its the big system screw!
energy saving is first, easy to replicate but dont worry the loop
will catch up to you sooner or later... hEHEHEHE :<)))

Reread my posting on the hose in pool with the traveling balloon
from end to end ... creating waves in the pool but the balloon
is still held in the hose (electrons) the pool water were waves are
created is the "AETHER" medium. refer to electron density postings .

In modern electronics study single sideband radio engineering design
it helps understand the directional pulse stuff ...

GOD! I am ANNOYING ! (Feels goood!!) ~_~

bashing some egos against the room walls already ??? !

tearing some clay idols feet to pieces..??? dogmas blown sky hi!
The effects is were acustics meet the electrical, refer to old
postings were I mention a ZILLION (annoying)times that all waves
respond to acustical mechanics as well as electrical ones ..

Remember this when you make OU coils "squeal" like pigs!
check jinis page experiment interpret the scope readings
there is more to thoose readings than what you may think
posible, its direct look into ZPE gutts! some "octaves" up.

Tip (the big power spike in center with the big power "surge" !

That is when radiant wave RF meets acustical realm ,then we have to
work in IRON CORE crystal latice matrix as well as its electrical
character because HERE is were the extra energy is aquired by means
of transformation from the ambient, The iron becomes a TRANSPONDER -
"transformer" element of the ZPE available components specific to the
area is located on, electron spin energy, electroatomic ambient noise
,aether density in the medium, gravitic compression signature and
other components in the ambient dirac sea of energy including ambient
thermal ones.

Keep the notes read & compile.

Radiant energy is CREATED in pure AC mode within the RV alternator
electro-mechanical > AMPLITRON < (read radar theoretics ,(amplitrons
& magnetron theory ) "its simple ...

I hope people get now what RV technology realy means ...
and why I annoy so much with it .

I gave a practical tool, use it ! Its all yours my people!

Hec-thor :)

(In annoying repetitive mental enema mode!)

Re: 4th dimension

In 3d you have a physical frame of reference consisting of depth
height & width that make up a given mental frame .

In 4d you have depth height width and motion vectors superimposed as
hypercube projection within the 3d one ,you have a series of past &
future frames that consist of previous & future framework of energy in
motion that its identified as TIME that also have its equivalent
of height , depth and width that make up the hypercube projection
from the material 3d construct but its related to energy components
within matter that move in a given time frame .

Looking at 3d is like looking at a frame from a movie looking at 4 d
is looking at the whole movie as one single component and
understanding the forces that regulated all the changes frame to
frame from start to end as a single component.

5fth dimension then is looking at all the mathematical equations that
govern from the lives of thoose that made the movie to the single
atoms that went into manufacturing the celophane and the photons that
impressed the picture in its chemical composition to the other
chemical reactions that took to develop it including the hand that
put the film roll in the developing machine and what he was thinking
at that moment. (reading gods mind ).

6 dimension relates to the 4096 physical laws that govern the worlds
in creation from hell to heaven seen also as the whole movie ,theater
and the galaxy is on as another movie within a movie within a movie .
liiked from the center of the autrotrogoegocraticuniverse as a single
component .

7d is basic 3 LAWS that define the basic VERB particle
defined in religion as the trinity but in reality of JUSTICE is
MOTHER "the builders square" Father "the constructors compass &
weight" the "sun" "Son" . G "generation " the son, creation itself
lucifer as ANGEL uncorrupted "christic" force.

Basic 3 COLORS , basic 3 particles basic 3 states of matter basic
3 states of energy that complement to form 6 (physical lucifer
creation 666) that mix to form the 7th force (Unity) in one God 777.

ONE - Null - Zero I.A.O

Hell being the base of the throne heavens the crown of the king ..

Its were science meets religion face to face and knowledge is realy
aquired .

About "C" light is relative Speed equals frequency as well

you vibrate at light speed you expand to hyperspace proyection ,you
can travel in time as you can choose any movie frame within the whole
movie once you decide to reintegrate to it as a part of it .

the mistake made is looking at light as SPEED when truly light is an
state of energy (a condition) , in fact relative to other parts of
the universe we are moving avove light speed ,do you notice ? no
because the form is moving as well within the same state of energy
To were our relative state equals "0" "static" relative to ourselves.

Our depth of universe exchange is interrupted by wife bitching..

To be continued later ... as i deal with this Pissed off female frame
of existance within my screwed up 3d state of being .

Hector (:P

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