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					General Quiz : 2.5.2001
Q-File 2
Qns by : G.Sreekanth

1. What in tennis is " Compression Technology " ?
ans) The technology involved in the special shirt worn by Martina Hingis
with one sleeve longer       than the other . The longer tight sleeve is
designed to compress it to slow down muscle          fatigue .

2. What unit of measurement literally means " To embrace " and is defined
by an act of the          British Parliament as " the length of a swain's
arms around the object of his affections " ?

3. Namita was dressed in a resplendent Orissa silk saree . Her husband
Ranjan too was       accompanying   her. Namita's foster father was
insured for a sum of Rs. 177/- The gifts they     were carrying for their
hosts included laser discs of Pakeezah , Mughal-e-Azam . What is
being described here ?
ans) The Lahore bus journey. Namita is Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee's foster

4. What was Winston Churchill referring to when he said " It was an
ineffectual attempt to         direct an uncontrollable sphere into an
inaccessible hole with instruments ill-adapted for the    purpose " ?
ans) The game of golf.

5. Nirmala along with Kamdev and then Sindhu along with Kalidasa lands at
Ujjain and rents a         bicycle to go to the India coffee house to meet
poets Mir , Daag and Muktibodh and also            Tansen. What is being
described here ?
ans) The movie Gajagamini.

6. " This day relenting God; Hath placed within my hand; A wondrous thing
and God be praised
     At his command seeking his secret deeds with tears and toiling
breath ; I find thy cunning       seeds O million murdering death; I know
this little thing , A myriad men will save ; O death      where is thy
sting , Thy victory O grave " . Identify the poet.
ans) Sir Ronald Ross . He wrote this poem after discovering the malarial

7. Leap of the Hare , Tree Climber , Spinning Top , Chasing the Sparrow
are all described in        detail in which book ?
ans) Kamasutra.

8. He was born on April 19th 1987 . Almost 14 years have passed , but he
is still 10 years of       age .He is an expert ballet dancer .   He once
sold his soul for $ 5. When he drives in what     is touted as Hitler's
car he screams " It's Fuhrer - ific " ! . Who ?
ans) Bart Simpson .

9. Which Indian film-maker has a production company named " Stability is
a Curse " ?
ans) Nagesh Kukunoor.

10. Doryphores , Gobbledygooks , Filibusters , Patagonians , Zapotecs ,
Pockmarks , Earthworms ,
    Coconuts , Sea-gherkins , Goose caps , Fuzzy wuzzy , Toffee noses ,
................. the        list goes on. What are these ?
ans) All are curses by Captain Haddock in Tintin comics .

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