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									Quiz #41
Dated - March 7, 1999
Suresh Ramasubramanian
1. Everyone knows that the Dronacharya award is awarded to the best
sports coach every year. To whom is the Agastya Award given?

2. Lou Gerstner of IBM recently coined a term which describes a product
which never gets off the drawing board, even though the company's execs
keep talking about it. What is this term?

3. "Computer Peripheral Devices" is a Bangalore based firm which
manufactures electronic PCO call monitors, which are commonly used in STD
booths across the country. Which former Indian cricketer owns this firm?

4. Based on a bamboo exercise toy that the founders of the company "Wham-
O" saw on a trip to Australia, this toy notched worldwide sales of more
than 100 million within 6 months of it's launch in 1958. The Japanese
banned its use in public because of impropriety. Which toy is this? (Clue
- It is popularly associated with beautiful Hawaaian maidens).

5. What was peculiar about the magazine cover of the first issue of
Playboy magazine in 1953 ?

6. Which famous Auto manufacturer's logo is a symbolic representation of
a rotating propellor, since the company was originally a major
manufacturer of fighter aircraft?

7. An easy one for a change - what does the stylized "F" which forms the
logo of the ubiquitous Matador van, stand for?

8. When this company was first set up, it had to petition the Nizam of
Hyderabad to use a state symbol as it's brand name and logo. A special
"Firman" (royal order) was issued for this purpose. Which brand is this?

9. You have all heard of Blackmail, and seen the hit Hindi movie
(starring Dharmendra, Rakhee and Shatrughan Sinha) too, I suppose. Now,
tell me what, in corporate jargon, do you mean by "Greenmail"?

10. "Artex" is an ethnic jewellery import / export firm based in the USA.
The owner of Artex recently hit the headlines in a big way, thanks to his
wife. Who is he?

11. In HR parlance, a Golden Handshake is an incentive given to an
employee to voluntarily retire from service. Now, what do HR people call
an incentive offered to someone to retain him in the organization
(exactly the opposite of a Golden Handshake)?

12. Two of the most famous exponents of Time and Motion study techniques
was Frank Gilbreth and his wife Lillian. Together, they developed a
series of scientifically developed and efficient motions to carry out
each and every task on an assembly line. Workers were instructed on how
and when to switch between each motion by watching signal flags waved by
the foreman. What did the Gilbreths call this technique?
13. How does the major nationwide NBFC "Alpic Finance" get its' name?

14. Which famous cartoon figure, the mascot of a famous Indian corporate,
was created by S.K. (Bobby) Kooka in 1938?

15. In the aviation industry, when the Boeing 747 was first introduced in
the late 1960s, it soon came to be nicknamed "The Savior". Why?


Answers to Quiz #41

1. It is the highest award instituted by the Travel Agents Association of
India for outstanding contribution in the Tourism sector.

2 Vaporware (A product which exists in the same way vapor exists -
formless, undefined and practically non existent, except in the fertile
minds of the company's marketing professsionals).

3. Brijesh Patel.

4. The Hula Hoop. Wham-O also developed that all time favorite - the

5. It had no date. Apparently, when Hugh Hefner launched Playboy, he was
not at all sure if there was going to be a next issue. Besides, he was
just recovering from a messy legal battle with a then popular male
magazine called Stagmag, which strongly objected to Hefner's original
idea of naming his magazine "Stag Party".

6. BMW (Bayerische Motor Werke or Bavarian Motor Works).

7. Firodia - the name of the family behind this sturdy workhorse.

8. Charminar Cigarettes, from the Hyderabad based Vazir Sultan Tobacco

9. Blackmailing a company by purchasing large blocks of it's shares and
then threatening to drive down it's value by dumping it on the market at
low costs. The company is forced to buy back it's shares at a hefty
premium if it wishes to avoid this.

10. Robert Vadhera (or Vadra), who recently married Priyanka Gandhi.

11. Golden Handcuff.

12. Therblig (formed by rearranging their name, Gilbreth).

13. By reversing "Cipla" - it's parent company, better known as a leader
in the pharmaceutical sector.

14. The Air India Maharaja
15. The first reaction of a visitor on seeing the 747 is usually
"Christ!!!!!!!!!!", and Jesus Christ is regarded as "the Savior".

Quiz #42
Dated - March 13, 1999
1. What do we mean when we say that an animal has a plantigrade walk?

2. Which writer's autobiography consists of three parts - My Childhood,
My Apprenticeship and My Universities?

3. Whose family motto is Non Sufficit Orbis?

4. The Shiva temple at Baijnath in Himachal Pradesh is associated with a
figure from Hindu myth, who is supposed to have performed penance here.
Name him.

5. Still in Himachal Pradesh, what is special about the small town of

6. A town originally called Bhramavarta, now Bithur, near Kanpur in
Madhya Pradesh, was once the capital of a person from Hindu myth. Who?

7. Again Hindu myth - Ahobilam in Andhra Pradesh was the capital of a
Rakshasa who was killed by one of Lord Vishnu's avatars. Who?

8. Which Jain prince who lived in circa 3rd century BC wrote the Tamil
classic Silapadikaram - a landmark of what is known as the Sangam era in
Tamil literature?

9. House #1818, Merku Veedhi (West Main Street) in Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu,
is presently the home of Guru Kittappa Pillai, a descendant of the famous
Tanjore Quartet.
These four people, Chinnaiya, Ponnaiya, Sivanandan and Vadivelu were the
disciples of the maestro Muthuswami Dikshitar. They codified and evolved
the modern version of which art form, adapting a local art form called

10. More on Vadivelu of the Tanjavur quartet - what innovation did he
introduce into Carnatic music, something which is so commonplace as to be
de riguer today in a concert?

11. Which wife of one of the Pandavas has a temple dedicated to her near
the hill resort of Manali? In fact, there is an Arjun Gupha - a cave
dedicated to Arjuna near this temple.

12. Apart from giving it's name to the Andhra Pradesh Government
handicrafts store, what is the town of Lepakshi famous for?
13. Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu is where Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated
recently. Which great Hindu saint and religious leader's birthplace was

14. Which town in modern Haryana gets it's name from Karna? It is quite
close to Kurukshetra, the site of the Mahabharata war.

15. Ancient story tellers in India preferred to use song and dance to
illustrate their stories. In south India, the predominant forms of this
art were Harikatha and Katha Kalakshepam. What art form ultimately
evolved in North India?


Answers to Quiz #42

1. It walks on the soles of it's feet - humans for example.

2. Maxim Gorky

3. James Bond - the motto translates to The World is not enough - the
title of the new Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan.

4. Ravana - though a Rakshasa, he was one of the most ardent devotees of
Lord Shiva.

5. It is the highest cricket ground in the world.

6. Manu the lawgiver. As a matter of fact, Bithur was where Nana Saheb
Dhondo Pant was imprisoned by the British after he was captured soon
after the 1857 Sepoy revolt.

7. Hiranyakashipu - killed by the Narasimha Avatar. He was the father of
Bhakta Prahlad.

8. Elango (or Ilango) Adigal

9. Bharatanatyam. Sadir was the dance performed by Devadasis -
traditional temple dancers - in Tanjavur.

10.The violin as an accompanist instrument. This western instrument was
first used at a concert in the court of Maharaja Swati Tirunal of
Travancore, himself a great patron of the arts.

11. Hidimbi, Bhima's rakshasi wife. She is worshipped with great
reverence as Hidimbaa Devi. In fact, some areas in Garhwal have a
prevalent tradition of Polyandry, as the local folk claim to be
descendants of the Pandavas, all five of whom married Draupadi. There is,
in fact, a village there which worships Duryodhana, of all people.

12. The largest Nandi statue in India
13. Ramanujacharya

14. Karnal

15. Kathak - from Katha or story.

Quiz #43
Dated - March 24, 1999
Raju Adke
1 The article Computing Machinery and Intelligence which appeared in 1950
in the philosophical journal Mind featured what?

2 W.Grey Walters's Tortoise made in 1950's was one of the first kind of
(It moved around the floor under it's own power until it's own batteries
ran low and then it would make for the nearest power socket, plug itself
in and recharge it's batteries. When thoroughly replenished, it would
detach itself from the socket and renew it's adventures across the

3 What is the philosophical viewpoint expressed by the 17th century
philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes? It asserts that there are
two kinds of substance, mind stuff and ordinary stuff . Mind stuff is not
supposed to be composed of matter and is able to exist independent of it.

4 Sony's typecorder is the first kind of what ?

5 In U.S. where are the Patents and Copyrights issued ?

6 What are 3-d pixels called ?

7 Who is the founder of 'WIRED'?

8 Which is the most redesigned and overdesigned appliance onearth ,yet
remains utterly satisfactorily?

9 It's called 'Ergonomics' in Europe, and deals with how the human body
uses it's sensors and effectors to work with tools in it's immediate
surroundings. What's it called in the U.S.A ?

10 Cinerama, Super Panavision, Super Technirama, 35mm Panvision,... What
comes next ?

11 Which is the most sophisticated and longest standing application of
virtual reality?

12. Choose a complex number z. Square it and add your original number.
Keep doing this until the number starts growing without bound or you are
convinced it will remain small. Choose a color based on the number of
times you squared your result and color the appropriate point on the
complex plane. What do you get?
13. In 1969 Donald Fisher and his wife Doris, opened the first store of
this chain in SanFrancisco. They sold only Levi's jeans and to bring
customers in, discounted record albums and tapes. It acquired its new
logo in 1986 and is known for it's pocket T-shirt. Name the company.

14. Which business tycoon once said

I don't think Internet is going to change the world how people chew gum?

15. What was launched in early 1900s as a publicity venture to improve
sales of a sports newspaper Le Petit Journal Illustre ?


Answers to Quiz #43

1. The Turing Test for Artificial Intelligence was first described in it.

2. First Artificial Intelligence capable Device.

3. Dualism.

4. First Laptop.

5. The Dept of Commerce, Copyrights at Library of Congress.

6. Boxels or Voxels.

7. Louis Rossetto.

8. The handset of a telephone.

9. Human Factors.


11.Flight simulation.

12.The Mandelbrot Set

13.The Gap

14.Warren Buffett

15.The Tour de France bike race

Quiz #44
Dated - April 1, 1999
Ravinder Rao
1. This was actually a quote by Henry Red Sanders in Sports Illustrated
magazine on December 26, 1955. However, it is commonly attributed to
Vince Lombardi. What?

2. This film was originally based on the Bengali novel Vipradas and was
perhaps the first full fledged film on the independence movement. It was
supposed to be released on August 15, 1947, but was released two years
later. This movie also marked the debut of one of the greatest actors in
Indian films. Name the movie.

3. The Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah Rangeela was defeated by Nadir Shah,
who siezed the fabled Kohinoor diamond from him. Muhammad Shah was
nicknamed Rangeela due to his passion for a form of musical poetry, the
concluding part of which is known as Rang. What?

4. The state assembly of Jammu and Kashmir traditionally has kept 24
seats vacant since independence. Why?

5. In the early part of the twentieth century, Lala Hardayal, who later
founded the Ghadr party, was a student leader at Lahore University. He
was refused membership of the YMCA and retaliated by forming a rival
youth club. He invited his English Literature professor, who was also a
noted poet, to inaugurate this club. The professor had only six hours
notice to come up with a speech for the inauguration and instead composed
a famous poem. What?

6. The Lucknow Residency survived a long siege by sepoys in the 1857
uprising. SInce then, the British regarded it as a high point in their
history. What did they do to preserve this historical landmark after they
left India in 1947?

7. In the Mahabharata, who was killed with the Anjalika astra?

8. In 1964, why was Audrey Hepburn denied an Oscar nomination for My Fair

9. The first English translation of Einstein's Special and General
Theories of Relativity were first translated into English in 1920,
published as Principles of Relativity by Albert Einstein and Herman
Minkowski. Name the two eminent scientists who were the translators.

10.Identify this man from the description below -

During World War II, this mathematician worked for McDonnell - Douglas.
He later joined IBM. His contributions to the field of IT include -

The   ASCII Code - he was a leading member of ANSI.
The   name COBOL
The   Backslash
The   Escape Sequence

..... and many more

Answers to Quiz #44

1. Sure, winning is not everything. It is the only thing.

2. Mana Desam, directed by L.V.Prasad. N.T.Rama Rao made his debut in
this movie.

3. Qawwali

4. These seats are reserved for MLAs who will be elected from Pakistan
Occupied Kashmir when it integrates with India.

5. Sare Jahan Se Achcha - the Professor was, of course, Mohammed Iqbal

6. They chopped down the flagpole in the residency, so that no flag other
than the Union Jack could fly there.

7. Karna. He was killed by Arjuna when striving to free his chariot
wheels, which were stuck in the mud.

8. Her singing voice was dubbed by Marti Nixon.

9. Meghnad Saha and Satyendranath Bose.

10.Bob Bemer.

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