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									Quiz #21

Dated - October 15, 1998

Nitin Bajaj

1. Though he has starred in such films as Memphis Belle, he is most
famous for his non-acting abilities, and recently, his public sevice
announcements. Often accused of lacking originality, this 25 year old
crooner once glibly explained that he forgot he was carrying a gun into
John F Kennedy Airport. Name this performer, who scored a big hit with
the soundtrack to When Harry Met Sally.

2. This composer wrote his own vision of the dance La Valse in which he
depicted the birth, the heyday, and decline of the Viennese waltz, as if
in fast motion. He is best known for his left hand only works and the
opera Bolero. Name him.

3. It's name comes from the Greek word for non-drunkenness. Associated
with a number of superstitions, including it's potency in improving
sleep, this semi precious quartz is found primarily in Brazil, Uruguay,
Sri Lanka, and Siberia. It's rich purple color comes from the Manganese
it contains. Name this gem.

4. Which prize was first won by Ragnar Frisch of Norway and Jan Tinbergen
of the Netherlands?

5. In a Spanish legend of resistance, this northern city, which is now in
ruins, once held up for a number of years against the Roman Empire. The
citizens all committed suicide before the Romans could defeat them, thus
denying Scipio Aemilianus the right to take them as slaves in 135 B.C.
Name this city, which is also the title of Miguel de Cervantes' first
dramatic work.

6. Born in 1599, he spent a year in England in 1620 at the request of
James I. He then went to Italy, where he made portraits of the Venetian
and Genoese nobility. After this, he returned to Antwerp and painted
pictures such as The Vision of St. Augustine. Name this contemporary of
Rubens who was made court painter by Charles I of England in 1632.

7. An anarchist as well as a peacemaker, this Impressionist helped to
establish the revolutionary Impressionist exhibitions and exhibited at
all eight of these exhibitions. Born in the West Indies, he went to Paris
in 1855 and studied with Corot. His works include Lower Norwood, Snow
Scene, Red Roofs and Bather in the Woods. Name him.

8. He believed that he could unseat Roosevelt in 1936, due to his strong
support in the South. He aided Nixon in the 1960 campaign by
clandestinely feeding him sensitive information about John F.Kennedy. He
never arrested a single person in his 48 years at the FBI. Name him.

9. Give someone enough beer and a lake, and they'll see a monster.
Identify these cousins of Nessie, which are said to infest
Lake Champlain, USA Lake Okanagan, Canada Various lakes and rivers in the

10. They've been chosen to compose and perform theme music for the
Women's NBA, which is appropriate since they're named after a former
Philadelphia 76er. Name this female quartet, peers and labelmates of the
Beastie Boys, whose biggest hit to date has been Naked Eye.

Answers to quiz #21

1. Harry Connick Jr.

2. Maurice Ravel.

3. Amethyst.

4. The Nobel Prize for Economics.

5. Numancia (or Numantia).

6. Sir Anthony van Dyck.

7. Camille Pissarro

8. J.Edgar Hoover.

9. (a) Champ (b) Ogopogo (c) Mokele Mkembe

10. Luscious Jackson

Quiz #22

Dated - October 22, 1998


1.Dmitri Mendeleev predicted the existence of several elements with his
periodic table, several of which were discovered years after his death.
What system did he follow to name these elements?

2. When Buddhism first came to China, artists were commissioned to depict
the history of the Buddha in a series of pictures. They did not know what
a lion looked like and therefore exercised their imagination to a
considerable extent. When these pictures were completed, it was noticed
that an animal bore an extraordinary resemblance to these fancy lions.
These animals were instantly placed under royal protection. In the past
200 or so years, they have become quite popular pets throughout the
world. What am I talking about?

3. Which popular TV series is dubbed in French as Aux Frontieres du Reel?
If you translate it, you can make a pretty accurate guess.

4. Complete the first line of this verse -
________________, ________________

His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see.

Hint - Sports

5. In Dylan Thomas' "Under the Milkwood", the Welsh fishing village was
first called Llareggub. Then it's name was abruptly changed to Llarregyb.
Why ?

6. According to local legend, which famous actor's ghost is said to haunt
a pub called the Copper House in West Glamorgan, England?

7. This actor was spotted in a TV series western called Wanted Dead or
Alive and given a starring role in the movie which made him famous. Name
him and also the movie.

8. Which trio originally called themselves The Rattlesnakes?

9. In medieval England, there was usually one old man in each town /
village whose duty it was to probe the body of suspected witches or
sorcerers using red hot pincers and other sharp instruments. What was the
purpose of this? (just saying "Torture" won't do. Be specific)

10. One of the most famous breeds of American horses, this horse was
originally bred by the Nez Perce Indians. It's characteristic feature is
a pure white body with several multicoloured spots on the flanks. Which
breed is this?

11. There is a popular international brand of cosmetics called Oriflamme.
In medieval France, what was the Oriflamme?

12. Whose only entry in the UK charts (in 1990) was Rock and Roll, with a
band called The Full Metal Rackets? They are not regular musicians.

13. This crazed killer, along with his gang of hippie disciples, killed
several Hollywood personalities, including Roman Polanski's wife Sharon
Tate, who was 8 months pregnant at that time. He was convicted for
murdering Gary Hinman in 1962. Name him.

14. Fill in the blank - _______, Euryale, Sthena.

15. To wind up, a sitter. Connect The Nice, King Crimson and Atomic

Answers to quiz #22

1.He prefixed sanskrit numerals (eka, dvi, tri, chatur ....) to the known
element they most resembled (eg Eka-Silicon was later discovered to be

2. Pekinese dogs (which are often called Lion Dogs for this reason).

3. The X-Files
4. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. - Muhammad Ali

5. It read "Bugger All" spelt backwards

6. Richard Burton

7. Steve McQueen, in The Magnificent Seven

8. Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb (The BeeGees)

9. To probe for two things - either a 666 mark (the sign of the Devil, as
mentioned in the Book of Revelation) or a black spot which was immune to
pain. Both these were regarded as conclusive proof that the accused had
sold his / her soul to the Devil.

10. Appaloosa.

11. The royal banner of France. It's very sight was reputed to strike
terror in the hearts of enemies. The traditional warcry of Montjoie
St.Denis was always raised when this banner was displayed.

12. John McEnroe and Pat Cash

13. Charles Manson

14. Medusa (the Gorgons)

15. Emerson, Lake and Palmer. These were the three bands they
respectively split from, to form EL&P.

Quiz #23

Dated - October 29, 1998

Raju Adke

1. During World War II, what was unique about the 222nd Infantry
Battalion of the US Army? It's motto was the Hawaaian pidgin phrase Mo

2. Which actor made his directorial debut with a film called In the

3. This famous entertainer was born Ehrich Weiss and took his stage name
from a famous 19th century French pioneer in his field. Name him.

4. This famous explorer / adventurer served in the RAF under the
pseudonym of Shaw. Name him.

5. In showbiz, by what name is Munish Makhija better known as?

6. In literature, what is Cavorite?
7. What is unique about the Vespa 400?

8. What word in English is derived from a Greek word meaning "Long

9. In medicine, what is an Anomaloscope used for?

10. What was composed in memory of two people who died in an accident at
Badstone Hill in Kilmersdon village, Somerset, England in the late 16th

11.Which term was first used in the June 17, 1942 issue of a magazine
called Yank?

12. What happened when der Rattenfanger came to the German town of Hameln
on July 22, 1376?

13. In WW II, what were Faith, Hope and Charity?

14. In WW I, which fighter ace was shot down by Capt.Brown of the RAF?

15. What is the Indian version of Barbie called?

Answers to Quiz #23

1. It was entirely composed of Japanese immigrants from the USA and
Hawaai (which was a separate country at that time).

2. Christopher Reeve.

3. Houdini, who took his name from the Frenchman Robert-Houdin, a pioneer
of modern magic.

4. T.E.Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia.

5. Udham Singh - Mayhem from Meham.

6. The substance used to propel man to the moon, in Jules Verne's book.

7. Till date, it is the only car to be released by Piaggio.

8. Comet.

9. To test for color blindness.

10.Jack and Jill, the nursery rhyme.

11.GI Joe.

12.He disappeared into a mountain with the children of the town. This is
the German name for the Pied Piper of Hamelyn, meaning The Ratcatcher.
13. The three antiquated Gloster Gladiator fighters which doggedly
defended Malta against a vastly technically and numerically superior
enemy force.

14. Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron.

15. Monica.

Quiz #24

Dated - November 4, 1998

Sumit Dutta

1. In Indian cooking, what is composed of

Bay Leaves
Cumin Seeds
Coriander Seeds
Cardamom (green or black)
Pepper Cloves
Ground Mace
2. When he was directing Pather Panchali, Satyajit Ray was employed as a
visualizer in a prominent Calcutta ad agency. The ads he created for
brands like ICI's Paludrine anti malarial tablets were hugely popular all
over Bengal. Just name the agency.

3. Which character in Hindu mythology was an asura called Dambodbhava in
his earlier birth?

4. This celebrated East German spymaster pulled off several espionage
coups during his long career, including planting a mole right in the
office of former West German Chancellor Willi Brandt. He was the model
for John LeCarre's Karla. Name him.

5. Who was exchanged by the Americans for an East German spy called
Col.Rudolf Abel?

6. Name the jackal headed Egyptian god of funerals and mummification.

7. Which famous novel is set in Maycomb County, Alabama in 1935?

8. This strongly flavored condiment was so rare in ancient Rome that
ancient Romans would keep a chunk of the condiment in a jar of pine nuts.
They would then crush the pine nuts (which absorbed the flavor) and use
the powdered nuts to flavor food. What is this condiment? (Hint - It's
name means Stinking in Latin).

9. Give me a single phrase for "Guitar based rock with amplified guitar
and bass reinforcing each other to create a thick, brutal wall of sound".

Also mention who popularized this term and where they derived it from.
10.Diamonds are judged by rating them on the four Cs - Cut, Carat, Color
and Clarity. What are the Four Ss of wine tasting?

11.Those who live by the sword more often than not die by it. How did
Nadir Shah meet his death?

12.What is used as the main flavoring ingredient in Gin?

13.Pink Floyd wanted to score the music for Stanley Kubrick's 2001 - A
Space Odyssey. When Kubrick refused, they went on to score the music for
another movie. Name the movie and the director.

14.The Israeli superspy Elie Cohen was publicly hanged in Damascus,
Syria, in 1956. How was he discovered?

15.The Andrew Lloyd Webber - Tim Rice hit Jesus Christ, Superstar was
first composed in 1970. Who lent his voice to the character of Jesus

Answers to Quiz #24

1. Garam Masala

2. D.J.Keymer & Co.

3. Karna

4. General Marcus Wolf

5. Gary Powers, the pilot of the U2 spyplane which was shot down over
Russia. An interesting sidelight - Yuri Gagarin, when he landed on Earth
after his historic trip to outer space, was mobbed by scared villagers,
who mistook him at first for another U2 pilot before he pulled off his
space helmet and spoke to them in Russian. (This was just after Powers
was shot down).

6. Anubis

7. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper S. Lee.

8. Asafoetida.

9. Heavy Metal - this term was first used in the 1968 Steppenwolf hit
Born to be wild. They were inspired by the phrase heavy metal thunder
which occurs in William Burrough's cult classic The Naked Lunch.

10.Scrutinize, Swirl, Sniff and Sip.

11.Suspecting his son of treachery, Nadir Shah flew into a mad rage and
had him executed. Later, too late, he realized his mistake and promptly
turned his anger on the nobles of his court, who did not prevent him from
killing his son. They promptly staged a coup d'etat and killed him.

12. Juniper Berries
13.Zhabriskoye Point, by Michaelangelo Antonini.

14.His radio transmission (an important message which helped the Israelis
win the 1956 war) was intercepted by a radio operator in the adjacent
Indian embassy. He promptly informed the Syrians, who captured Cohen.
Cohen was brutally tortured and publicly hanged by the Syrians.

15.Ian Gillian of Deep Purple.

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