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									Quiz #178
Dated - January 8, 2002
Qn 1) In 1824, an announcement was made by the Geographical society of
Paris that a reward of 7000 francs and a gold bar valued 2000 francs will
be awarded to the citizen or rather any European man to perform this
feat. The first one who attempted this was Gordon Geing from Scotland and
he almost did it but was murdered immediately under suspicious
circumstances. The succesful one was Rene-Auguste Caile from France. What
was this feat?

Qn 2) I didn't play cricket to play for my country or anything like that,
but it seemed to me that it was the best way I could earn a decent
living. Which cricketing legend's candid confession was this? In fact, he
was the first of 12 children born in a poor family

Qn 3) Who is the MD of Prolease India, which is a fast growing company
involved with outsourcing management. The company is not very famous but
the MD is. He was very famous in another field and now he has shifted his
career to business. Who?

Qn 4) The presiding deity of Sri-rangam which is considered as one of the
most sacred place for vaishnavites was moved to another important place
to escape the attack of a plunderer who attacked most of the temples in
South India which was considered to be more safer than their nothern
counterparts. The presiding deity was hid in a mandap and this mandap is
present even today which would have been seen by many of us. Which place
is this? Who's this plunderer?

Qn 5) Karnain won the man of the match award on debut in an ODI against
NZ in the early 80's for a match winning performance of 28 runs and a
five wicket haul. But he couldn't capitalize his wonderful start and soon
faded out. But another person who made his debut along with him went on
to become a well known cricketer even though he didn't make a mark in his
initial days. Who is this cricketing great?

Qn 6) Who is Yama's sister and Who is Yama's wife? Clue: The name of
Yama's wife is commonly used by Indian Film lyricists :-)

Qn 7) Joe McKinsey started this company to provide services for Silicon
Valley companies in 1969 in which his wife was the first employee. In
1980, he sold this profitable small firm to Bob Todd, Joe Sullivan and
Jack Watts. It was Todd's action that changed this company to a 10
Billion $ plus company today in a field in which nobody considered it as
a decent one two decades back. Name the company Clue: Even though Joe
McKinsey's company was profitable, it was disrespectfully called as a
"Board Stuffer Firm" in it's initial days

Qn 8) Identify this famous person and his company from the following
clue(s) (i) He was born in 1890 (ii)In 1910, he built his first aircraft
named the "Spider" (iii)During WW I, he built many fighter aircrafts for
the German Air force. (iv)During WW II, his factory was completely
destroyed but it rose from the ashes in 1945 again to become a well known
Qn 9) In Chidambaram Temple, even though there's a main deity, the actual
deity is present in another form and this is called as Chidambara
Rahasya. If you travel westwards there's another temple which doesn't
have an usual idol in the sanctum sanctorum but the lord is said to be
present in another form. What's the funda behind these? There are some
other temples which are connected by the same funda. Bonus points for
identifying these places too

Qn 10) In 1870, a chemist Andrev Albanov was experimenting with charcoal
to find out if it had any inherent medicinal properties and one night he
left a chuck of charcoal near to an open bottle of iodoform accidentally.
The following morning he found that the charcoal had absorbed the fumes
from the bottle entirely. This led a business man to use charcoal
filtration in his process and achieve a good quality which made his
product to be differentiated in it's market and he went on to mint
millions of money. Who is he? Which Product did he make?


Answers to Quiz # 178

1. To travel to Timbuktu and tell the world about it. Till then Timbuktu
was a mystery place with lot of wealth & nobody from the west knew what
was there actually. Now it is a lousy small town in the African country
of Mali

2. Sir Jack Hobbs, one of the five cricketers of the century awarded by

3. Arvind Swamy (of Roja Fame)

4. Malik Kafur, General of Alauddin Khilji

5. Aravinda deSilva

6. His wife's name is "Aiyo" - traditionally an expression of grief in
south India. Also - points to alternative versions "Dhumvarna" and
"Hemamala". His sister is Yamuna (the river)

7. Flextronics, which makes chips and provides other related services for
companies like Intel

8. Anthony Fokker, Fokker Aircraft

9. In Chidambaram, Shiva is present in a formless form & is representing
Akash (SKY) which is also called as Chidambara Rahasya. So in the temple
you'll be asked to look at the sky to see the akash linga (via a mirror,
i guess)
In Tiruvanaikaval near Trichy (on the banks of the Cauvery), Shiva
represents WATER. In the sanctum sanctorum, there is a perennial water
supply from an unknown natural spring of the Cauvery.

In Srikalahasti (near Tirupati, AP), Shiva represents AIR. In
Tiruvannamalai (TN), Shiva represents FIRE. In Kanchipuram (TN), Shiva
represents Earth. The connection is that God Shiva representing Five
Forms of nature / Panchatattvas i.e Air, Water, Sky, Fire & Earth in
these temples.

10. PA Smirnoff, Smirnoff Vodka

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