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									Quiz #172
Dated - November 14, 2001
KCircle Jr Open 2001
Hyderabad Round
1. What does the AC in A.C. Guards stand for?

2. there were two rivers in Hyderabad (tributaries of the Musi) which
were named after two biblical characters. What are they?

3. This place, very much in hyderabad, derives its name from the fact
that it used to be an "outpost with a wire fence". what?

4. The highest part in Golconda Fort is named after a fortress in Kabul.
Name it.

5. Hyderabad was an important stop on a caravan trade route (due to its
proximity to the diamond mines of Golconda, among other things. Traders
used to stay overnight at a particular carvanserai / camping ground. How
do we know this place today?

6. In order to overcome the water problem in Hyderabad, what was

7. Where in hyderabad would you find the "california hangar" - an
airstrip where the Nizam's tiny air force was based?

8. Which place in hyderabad gets its name from the fact that two
wrestlers used to have their gym / akhada there?

9. This area was known for a lot of trees and no street lights, hence
used to be pitch dark after sunset. Which place?

10. Which district in ap derives its name from the word for a "grain of

11. This brand received permission through a Firman from the nizam of
hyderabad, as its logo was a state symbol. Which brand

12. Chin Qulich Khan, a famous general of the mughal emperor Aurangzeb
and a contemporary of the Peshwa Baji Rao, founded which dynasty?

13. Where in Asia and out of Spain, would you find the only mosque
modelled in the spanish (moorish spain) style, reportedly modeled on a
mosque in Cordoba?

14. Where would you find the zero milestone in Hyderabad?

15. The idols of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana are located in a partiular
spot in the Golconda fort. Why?

16. which place in hyderabad gets its name from the fact that it was
built on a shepherd's hill?
17. Barbara Cartland's 200th novel "Love on the Wind" describes a place
in Hyderabad, which was formerly the 'Residency' - the residence of the
British Resident (senior representative of the crown in Hyderabad). What
is now located in its place?

18. Which locality gets its name from the fact that a stone was found
with the imprint of a muslim saint's palm on it?

19. This institution is fast becoming the favorite location for telugu
films to shoot 'college' scenes in, rapidly replacing the old favorites
OU Arts College and Nizams College.

20. The famous french general Monsieur Raymond built a huge factory where
rifles and cannons were manufactured for the nizam. What is the area
where this factory is located now called? (Moosarambagh is named after
the local version of his name - but that's not the answer)


Answers to Quiz #172

1. Abyssinian Cavalry

2. Isa and Musa (Jesus and Moses)

3. Tarnaka (tar = barbed wire, naka = police post)

4. Bala Hissar (the Kabul version was pounded heavily by the US
airstrikes I believe

5. Karwan / Karwansahu (just beyond Mehdipatnam)

6. The Tank Bund

7. The Gowliguda Bus Station (note the distinctive shape of the

8. Domalguda (Do - two, Mall - wrestler. Not derived from 'Domalu', the
telugu word for mosquitoes - though there are several of those out there

9. Chikkadpalli (from telugu Cheekati Palli - dark place)

10. Medak (from Methuku)

11. Charminar cigarettes (produced by the Vazir Sultan Tobacco company

12. The Asif Jahi dynasty

13. The 'Spanish Mosque', close to the airport / opposite the police
hockey stadium in Begumpet
14. The All India Radio Building (just across the road from the state
legislative assembly

15. Bhakta Ramdas was held here. For the non Hyderabadis here, Ramdas'
real name was Kancherla Gopanna, the tax collector of Bhadrachalam, who
used state funds to build a temple to Lord Rama, and was arrested for
this - and later rescued when Lord Rama miraculously repaid the money to
Sultan Abu Hasan Tanashah.

16. Golkonda - the fort, from Golla Konda - the Shepherd's Hill

17. The Womens College at Koti

18. Punjagutta (from Punja - hand)

19. NIFT, the National Institute of Fashion Technology

20. Gunfoundry, near Abids

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