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									Quiz #163
Dated - Aug 11, 2001
This is a "linked" quiz - one question's answer forms part of the next
question. OK, it looks obvious here, when you can look down at the next
question, but it's much more fun live ... Satyaki did a great quiz (his
entire half-quiz was linked).

1.This man was arrested during the Venetian war in 1298.His cellmate
Rustichello prepared a manuscript based on the narration of the exploits
of his cellmate called the 'description of the world'.Who is this man?

2. Who was the Emperor of China at the time of Marco Polo's arrival in

3. Kublai Khan tried to invade Japan twice.Both times he lost because his
fleet was swept away by a cyclone. This was ascribed to 'the divine
wind'.How do we know the divine wind better?

4. One of the first official Kamikaze missions was during the Japanese
attempt to break the American attack of Philippines.After the battle and
the Japanese were bombed into submission,a man uttered three famous words
'I have returned'. Who was he?

5. The father of Gen. Douglas MacArthur was among the American governors
of Philippines after America occupied Philippines displacing which
colonial power? Which other territory did this power lose?

6. During the war in Cuba,who led the charge of US volunteer cavalry up
Kettle hill?

7. Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to win the Nobel prize.For
what did he get it?

8. Russia was ruled by which dynasty at that point of time and what
disease plagued them?

9. The Romanovs were sensitive to the religious sentiments of the people
and had a visionary who said that 'Earth is the cradle of mankind but you
can't live in it forever'.Who was he?

10.Tsiolkovski inspired a German to work in Vfr where he worked under Von
braun on Vanguard rocket and also designed the rocket used by german
filmmaker Fritz Lang. He wrote a book 'The Rocket into interplanetary
space' which included details of manned space stations.The rocket he
designed was made famous in a series of books.Who was he and what is the
series of books?


Answers to Quiz #163
1. Marco Polo

2. Kublai Khan

3. Kamikazi

4. Gen. Douglas MacArthur

5. Cuba

6. Theodore Roosevelt

7. For mediating over the treaty of Portsmouth, which ended the Russo
Japanese war

8. The Romanovs, Hemophilia

9, Konstantin Tsiolkovski

10. Herman Oberoth - "Destination Moon" (Tintin)

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