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									Quiz #157
Dated - June 16, 2001
GVS Sreedhar
1.What in World War II was "Operation Eagle" otherwise known as?

2.This word simply meant man or free man and still survives in the
English legal term '______ and femme',meaning man and wife.In Europe it
meant a man or a husband in a particularly powerful position.Which word?

3.The Turkish word for mountain has given its name to this troubled area
of the world.Which area?

4.The French General Bosquets remarked "C'est magnifique mais ce n'est
pas la guerre" meaning It is magnificient but it is not war.To what was
he referring to?

5.Whose last words,typical of his attitude,were "Forward"?

6.In World War II,the Germans had their U-boats in the Atlantic. What
tactic did they use for their operations when they formed groups which
operated together?

7.What in 1588,was known as "The Enterprise"?

8.In ancient Greek times,the art of calculating was called Logistics.
What was the study of numbers called?

9.After his apprenticeship,an apprentice would either become a
journeyman, one who worked for wages or by paying an entry fee and
submitting an example of his work,he would join a guild as a master
craftsman. What is the name of this example of his work?

10.In 1842,Nesselman divided the history of this branch of knowledge into
three periods, the rhetorical (words), the syncopated (abbreviations),the
symbolic(symbols). What branch of knowledge?


Answers to Quiz # 157

1. The Battle of Britain

2. Baron

3. The Balkans

4. The Battle of Balaclava(The Charge of the Light Brigade)

5. Otto Von Bismarck

6. Wolf Pack
7. The Spanish Armada

8. Arithmetic

9. Masterpiece

10. Algebra

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