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									Quiz #149
Dated - April 10, 2001
1 what is a convertible or straight debt bond having a par value of less
than $1000, usually $500 to $25 called?

2 A short term loan, also called a swing loan, made in anticipation of
intermediate - term or long term financing.

3 In Stock Market parlance, what do you mean by 'Whipsawed'?

4 what do you call an economist who believes that the Money Supply is the
key to ups and downs in the economy? hint : Milton Freidman ( He
advocates slow but steady growth in the money supply )

5 It is one tenth of a cent, and the unit most often used in expressing
property tax rates.

6 What is a stock in which there is little investor interest but which
has significant potential to gain in price once it's attractions are

7 On the stock markets, who is a SPECTAIL?

8 This financial institution was started in 1694, largely as a result of
the financial difficulties of William III, who was then carrying a war
with France. Name the institution.

9 What is term for the the amount of share capital fixed in the
Memorandum of Understanding and the Articles of Association of a acompany
as required by the companies act. Also known as the Nominal Capital /
Registered Capital.

10 It is paper money not backed by gold or silver. It has its origin in
the UK Bank Charter Act of 1844. What is it?


Answers to Quiz # 149

1. Baby Bond (for the convenience of small investors)

2. Bridge Loan

3. To be caught in volatile price movements and make losing trades as
prices rise and fall. A trader is whipsawed if he or she buys just before
prices fall and sells just before prices rise.

4. Monetarist

5. Mill
6. Sleeper

7. A term for a broker-dealer who is part retail broker but
preponderantly dealer/ speculator.

8. The Bank of England.

9. Authorised Capital.

10. Fiduciary Issue.

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