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									Quiz #144
Dated - March 1, 2001
Bimonthly Semifinals
1.In which town was Superboy raised by Mrs and Mr Kent?

2.What is the least radiation sensitive part of the body?

3.What was the special commodity that 5 ships were built to import(to
England) from Sweden during WWII?

4.What was the name of the British battleship completed in 1906 whose
design rendered all existing warships obsolete?

5.Whose last case was Robertson's Ruby?

6.These people who were originally transformed into men from ants by Zeus
lent their name to an English word which means followers or henchmen. Who
were these people?

7.To what were the Stoics indifferent?

8.According to Napoleon,only two generals were fit to be his rivals.One

was Frederick the Great.Who was the other?

9.Who was the lead singer of the Irish group 'Them' who went onto greater
fame as a solo artist?

10.Leningrad is partly built with the rubble brought from where?


Answers to Quiz # 144

1. Smallville

2. The brain

3. Ball bearings

4. HMS Dreadnought

5. Feluda

6. The Myrmidons

7. Pain or Pleasure

8. John Churchill, 1st duke of Marlborough

9. Van Morrison
10. London,after the Great fire

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