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									Quiz #127
Dated - November 5, 2000
1. How do piggy banks get their name? No, _not_ because they are shaped
like pigs with a slot in the back :)

2. What are full-fetal, semi-fetal and sphinx the different forms of?

3. He was sent to India by his father for an year to keep him out of
trouble . He later travelled with a carnival in India as a lecturer
demonstrating the effects of laughing gas, in order to raise money to
build the models of his invention. Who am I speaking of and what is his

4. Why did Henri Paul and Trever Rhys-Jones hit the headlines recently?

5.I am 3'6" and was created by Carlo Rambaldi. I was played by two dwarfs
named Tamara deTreaux and Pat Bolton. My eyes were modelled on those of
Einstein, Hemingway and Carl Sandburg. Just name me.

6. Which Hindi movie is the remake of the hollywood flick 'Dead Poets

7. Anjan Sen announced a bengali film based on a dancer's life. The title
of the movie is "Chandramallika". Who is signed for the title role and
who is playing the hero's role?

8. Who wrote this (rather bad) poem?

"Every wicket we take
every run we make, is never enough,
we must want more, and if we do, we will be kings,
then all of us have a sing"

9. What are blind, comb, fine line, harrow and irregular the different
types of?

10. Before christian era was introduced in the 6th century AD, time was
counted in the west in AUC years. What does it stand for?


Answers to Quiz #127

1. They were originally made of a dutch clay called 'Pygg' - english
craftsmen mistranslated it as 'pig' when asked to make a 'pygg bank'

2. Sleeping positions

3. Samuel Colt, the revolver
4. They died with Diana and Dodi al-Fayed in the car crash

5. E.T

6. Mohabbatein

7. Hero: Saurav Ganguly, and the heroine is his wife Dona

8. Ricky Ponting, describing his role as leader of the Aussie 'sing' in
the dressing room

9. Stamp perforations

10. Ab Urbe Conditum - from the founding of the city of Rome

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