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									Quiz #122
Dated - September 29, 2000
E.M. Bhargava
1. Those of you interested in occult arts must have heard of the Bell
Witch case. Several people tried to exorcise the witch from the family,
one of whom was a lad from a nearby farm. When he was travelling to the
Bell's house, suddenly the carraige in which he was travelling stopped
for no reason at all and the horses started shying and going out of
control. An unearthly voice advised him to 'go home, as he had lots more
things to do'. On hearing these words the horses turned back. This lad
went on to become a president of the USA. Identify him. Hint: He became
president after his predecessor was assasinated.

2. In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is supposed to have a son, what's his

3. Some of the charecters in this novel are Robin of Locksley (yes, Robin
Hood), Cedric of Rotherwood, Wamba the jester, Gurth the swineherd and
Rebecca the Jewess (along with her miserly father Isaac). What book is

4. What anachronism can be found in Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'?

5. This American company originally used to manufacture gunpowder and
dynamite (which it still manufactures) - but has now diversified into
several fields - notably in Chemicals, Plastics and Fiber based products.
Name it.

6. In the Mahabharata, 5 people were supposed to have been born under the
same nakshatra (star of birth), and only one would survive of the 5, but
they would die at the hands of any one of themselves only - and once one
of them was killed at the hands of another then all the others would also
die at the hands of the same person. Who?

7. When the Ram Janmabhoomi / Babri Masjid riots were at their peak, the
Rajput Regiment was asked to help bring the situation under control. The
regiment declined, citing a valid (but strange) reason. What was the

8. In Hindu mythology, how did Sampati (Jatayu's brother) lose his
capability of flying?

9. Phillip of Macedonia warned the citizens of this city that 'if he
entered the city, he would raze it to the ground'. To which the citizens
just replied 'If'. This characteristic brevity of words has given rise to
what word in the English language?

10. He held various government positions - besides being a scientist, and
was guillotined during the french revolution. He is more remembered for
isolating the major constituents of air, disproving the phlogiston
theory, establishing the role of oxygen in cumbustion, classified
compounds etc. Identify this pioneering chemist.

Answers to Quiz #122

1. Andrew Johnson

2. Matsya Vallabha

3. Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott

4. A 'clock' is mentioned in the text - and clocks were not invented then

5. du Pont

6. Bheema, Duryodhana, Keechaka, Jarasandha, Bakasura

7. The regiment felt that their war cry of 'Jai Siya Ram' (victory to
Sita and Rama' would be misinterpreted by the mob as a sign of support
for the Hindus

8. Jatayu flew too close to the sun, whereupon Sampati shielded him from
the sun's rays - thus having his own wings burnt off.

9. Sparta (or Lakaedaemonia) - from which we get the word 'Laconic'

10. Antoine de Lavoisier

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