kcircle-189 by rishabhmishra


									Quiz #189
Dated - May 30, 2002
1. Which satirical South Indian play of the 70s re-opened to packed
audiences with the same cast and dialogue earlier this year?

2. "The physician must consider all factors including envoirnment before
prescribing treatment. Prevention of a disease is often better than its
cure." These are ststements from which book?

3. For what is the italian Sivio Gazzangia famous for?

4. His first film was Aap Ke Diwane in 1983 . Seventeen years later he
had a smash hit (the #1 film of that year). Who?

5. For what contribution to Indian films is RC Boral famous for?

6. The melody section, the drone section, and the rhythm section comprise
parts of which performance?

7. Before the Ranji Trophy the only organised cricket tournament was the
Bombay Pentagular . Four of the teams were the Europeans, the Parsees,
the Hindus and the Mohammadeans . Which was the fifth team?

8. What in medical terminology is percussion?

9. The book "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert Heinlein has a
statement in it which is used to explain among other things the zeroth
law of thermodynamics and state macroeconomics. What is this statement?

10. When asked for his comments regarding chaos theory especially with
reference to quantum mechanics what was the famous answer given by


Answers to Quiz #189

1. Tughlaq, by Cho Ramaswamy

2. Charakasamitha by Charaka circa AD 1

3. The designer of the FIFA (football) World Cup

4. Hrithik Roshan

5. Playback singing

6. Any standard Indian classical music stage performance melody(vocals
,main instrument) drone (tanpura etc) rythm(mridangam tabla etc)

7)The Rest
8. Tapping of the body by the doc to diagnose the malady

9. There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (TANSTAAFL)

10. God does not play dice with the universe

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