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									Quiz #168
Dated - Sep 28, 2001
1. He invented a system for canceling used postage stamps. When building
a gun that could fire rotating projectiles, he discovered that the
barrels were quickly wearing out under the strain. So, what did he invent
to solve this problem?

2. Which American missile was named after a group of people who pledged
to be ready for battle at a moment's notice?

3. "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the
others". Who said this? Where?

4. In Australian slang, what name is given to a person "traveling on foot
with a pack on his back"?

5. This was first introduced in 1222 - and a repeat in 1381 lead to a
peasants revolt - a tax "per head" on each citizen of England. More
recently re-introduced in England, it led to the downfall of the PM who
introduced it. Who, and what is this tax?

6. In the 15th century, Owen Glyndwr drove the English out of Wales. On
his death, what did the English do when Wales was brought back under the

7. When his experiments required accurate timekeeping, he invented the
pendulum clock. His arguments with the church led to his being placed
under house arrest - he got off lightly as others had been subjected to
the inquisition for less. Who?

8. When she died in 1914, her obituary read "... and with her, peace has
been buried for our time". One of her ideas led to the establishment of
the League of Nations. Name her.

9. Who died when he brusquely told a roman soldier "Don't touch my
circles?", when an invading army interrupted him when he was drawing
circles in the sand?

10. There is a theory that the entire indigenous population of Europe is
descended from seven women. What are these women collectively called?


Answers to Quiz # 168

1. Henry Bessemer, Steel (to replace the old iron barrels)

2. The Minuteman

3. Napoleon the pig, in George Orwell's "Animal Farm"
4. Waltzing Matilda

5. Poll Tax, Margaret Thatcher

6. The crown prince of England is designated the Prince of Wales

7. Galileo

8. Bertha von Suttner.

9. Archimedes

10. The seven daughters of Eve

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