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									Quiz #159
Dated - July 1, 2001
Krishnamurthi Josyula

1. One of the most famous faces of the 1970s, she is known for a trademark
hairstyle and smile. By acting in several serious roles like those in The Burning
Bed and Extremities, she has tried to shed her lightweight image. A best selling
video showcased her body painting talents, and in 2000 a movie was made
about the television series that started her career.

2. What was the "Star Spangled Banner" originally called?

3. In northern France, children are given gifts on Dec 6th instead of Christmas.
What is Dec 6th celebrated as?

4. What is an IDEO locator?

5. What is the title of Emma Lazarus' poem etched at the base of the Statue of

6. William Bradford - left England for Holland in 1609, searching for religious
freedom. Eleven year later he sailed to New England where he became governor
of the colony they established. He also wrote a detailed history of the colony,
which wasn't published in its entirety until 200 years after his death. He is
credited with starting a tradition in 1621. What?

7. His fellow Sioux called him "Strange One" but non-Native Americans knew him
by another name. He was a warrior in many fights against white settlers and in
his most famous battle, joined Sitting Bull in defeating General Custer at Little
Bighorn. He has since been immortalized as a giant sculpture carved out of
South Dakota's Black Hills. Name him.

8. Maher-Shalal-Hash-baz (swift is booty, speedy is prey), Jonath-elem-recho-
kim (the silent dove of far off places) - what's special about these?

9. The only name to occur more frequently than Jesus in the bible ?

10. James Thomas Brudenell (1797-1868) gave his name to what article of

Answers to Quiz # 159

1. Farah Fawcett
2. The Defence of Fort McHenry (the song was composed during a British
bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor

3. St. Nicholas' Day

4. The "You Are Here" arrow on a fixed location map

5. The New Colossus

6. Thanksgiving

7. Crazy Horse

8. The two longest words in the Bible

9. David. Moses is the third most common name

10. The Cardigan. James Brudenell, Lord Cardigan, was the general who
ordered the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean war.

Quiz #158
Dated - June 27, 2001
Suresh Ramasubramanian

Kishore Kumar special

1. A very simple and basic one to start with - Kishore had two brothers who were
also in the film industry. Name them.

2. Though basically a Bengali, what was his hometown?

3. Early in his career, Kishore modeled for a particular ad - the only product he
ever modeled for. Name the product. (Hint: Denis Compton was the first of a long
line of cricketers to model for it - and Farokh Engineer was the first Indian
cricketer to model for it)

4. In which movie did Kishore sing four songs for Dilip Kumar (one each with
Pankaj Mitra, Dilip Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle)? [one such song
is "Saala main to saab ban gaya ..."]

5. Besides being a successful playback singer, he was also a producer. His first
production being a Bengali movie called "Luko Chhori". What was the first Hindi
movie he produced?
6. After "Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi" starring Kishore and his brothers became a
mega-hit, he got the brilliant idea of making another movie starring all three
brothers. Not surprisingly, it was a resounding flop. Just name it.

7. What's unique about the songs "Aa chalke tujhe, main leke chaloon ek aisi
gagan ke thale ..." and "Main hoon jhum-jhum-jhumroo" with regard to his

8. Name the only movie in which Asha Bhonsle sings playback for Kishore (hint:
Kishore dressed up in a sari, urging Chaand Usmani to stop being so angry and
enjoy love ...).

9. OK, a very simple one. Which (extremely popular 1980s vintage) sitcom was
the only TV serial Kishore sang for? (he sang the title song).

10. The last movie which Kishore completed had no songs at all - just natural
sounds (birds, a running stream, wind etc). Just name it.

Answers to Quiz # 158

1. Ashok Kumar and Anoop Kumar

2. Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh

3. Brylcreem

4. Sagina - the songs are:

   Saala mein to Sahaab ban gaya (with Pankaj Mitra)
   Oopar wala dukhiyon ... (with Dilip Kumar)
   Tumhare sang to raine bitaye kahaan bitaoon din (with Lata)
   Gazab Chamkegi Bindiya (with Asha)

lyrics / music by Majrooh and SD Burman ...

5. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (under the banner of his secretary Anoop Sharma. He
was first credited as producer in "Jhumroo"

6. Badhthi ka naam Daadhi, Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi - two of them actually

7. He was producer, director, singer and actor. However as Anirudha
Bhattacharjee notes:
'Aa chal ke tujhe' is his first composed piece of lyrics used for films (Door gagan
ki chaaon mein). (BTW, he was also the composer and the director / producer of
the film) 'Main hoom jhumro'is the first song which he composed ( music only) for
a film - Jhumroo. HMV, in some places has credited the lyrics also to Kishore and
in some places to Majrooh.. both are incorrect.. Kishore started the song, gave
Majrooh the key words.. and Mahrooh did the weaving part.. who becomes the
lyricist in this case ???

8. Baap Re Baap. The song is "Jaane bhi de chhod ye bahana, tere liye jiya hai
deewana // rut hai jawan pyaar kar le, yahi to hai pyaar ka zamaana". There's
another (favorite) song from that movie - "Piya Piya Piya mora jiya pukaare ..."

9. Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi

10. Door Vaadiyon Mein Kahin

Quiz #157
Dated - June 16, 2001
GVS Sreedhar

1.What in World War II was "Operation Eagle" otherwise known as?

2.This word simply meant man or free man and still survives in the English legal
term '______ and femme',meaning man and wife.In Europe it meant a man or a
husband in a particularly powerful position.Which word?

3.The Turkish word for mountain has given its name to this troubled area of the
world.Which area?

4.The French General Bosquets remarked "C'est magnifique mais ce n'est pas la
guerre" meaning It is magnificient but it is not war.To what was he referring to?

5.Whose last words,typical of his attitude,were "Forward"?

6.In World War II,the Germans had their U-boats in the Atlantic. What tactic did
they use for their operations when they formed groups which operated together?

7.What in 1588,was known as "The Enterprise"?

8.In ancient Greek times,the art of calculating was called Logistics. What was the
study of numbers called?

9.After his apprenticeship,an apprentice would either become a journeyman, one
who worked for wages or by paying an entry fee and submitting an example of
his work,he would join a guild as a master craftsman. What is the name of this
example of his work?

10.In 1842,Nesselman divided the history of this branch of knowledge into three
periods, the rhetorical (words), the syncopated (abbreviations),the
symbolic(symbols). What branch of knowledge?

Answers to Quiz # 157

1. The Battle of Britain

2. Baron

3. The Balkans

4. The Battle of Balaclava(The Charge of the Light Brigade)

5. Otto Von Bismarck

6. Wolf Pack

7. The Spanish Armada

8. Arithmetic

9. Masterpiece

10. Algebra

Quiz #156
Dated - June 1, 2001

1.In Stock markets,a speculator is willing to wait for the stock to rise in price in
the hope that someone will else will buy.What is the name of this theory?

2.What is common to the words - month,orange,silver,purple ?

3.The shortest correspondence on record was between this author and his
publisher Hurst & Blackett in 1862.The author was anxious to know how his new
novel was doing.He wrote '?' and got '!' for the answer.Who was the author?
4.When Duc de Richelieu captured port Mahon in 1756,he demanded food on
landing.In the absence of a prepared meal,his chef took whatever he could find
and beat them up together.What was born?

5.John Gay is best known for 'The beggar's opera' written in 1728.What name did
he give to the goddess of streets and ways?

6.It was an expression used by British soldiers in India for the Muharram
festival.It was a corruption of the cry 'Ya hasan! Ya hosain'.What?

7.Who is the Inca Sun God?

8.This term means a savage and brutal ruffian.It was applied in Turkey to non-
uniformed soldiers who made up in plunder what they couldn't by pay.What

9.Thomas Drummond invented it in 1826 for use at the South Foreland
Lighthouse but its main use developed in the Theatre.What?

10.In WWI what did the French call an airman who brought down 10 enemy

Answers to Quiz # 156

1.Greater Fool theory

2.They have no rhyming words

3.Victor Hugo







Quiz #155
Dated - May 19, 2001

1. Forbes magazine called it the most efficient istribution system for a single
product. What?

2. Technically known as "Polymerease Chain Reaction test". What is the more
common name?

3. What organisation derives its name from the fact that it was the first to offer
screen based trading?

4. Which dish, not found in China, owes its name to the legend that it was hastily
prepared out of leftovers for a chinese dignitary visiting the USA?

5. To what specific reason did P.G.Wodehouse attribute his popularity in USA?

6. Two types of law exist - the written one (statute law). What is the +unwritten
law called?

7. Daniel Defoe as a journalist introduced two facets - one was the lead article.
what was the other?

8. Apart from being the best crossbow archer what else was William Tell
the"best" in switzerland?

9. Not mentioned in the ancient mythology but made famous in india as the
central character of a poem (Geeta Govinda) wriiten in the 12th century. Name
the person.

10. Which great piece of work starts "Sanjaya said" (Sanjaya Uvaacha)?

Answers to Quiz # 155

1. The Bombay "boxwallah" system (delivery of lunchboxes from home to office)

2. DNA Fingerprinting


4. American Chop Suey
5. Having a middle initial

6. Common Law

7. Exclusive interview

8. Boatman

9. Radha

10. The Bhagvad Geeta

Quiz #154
Dated - May 12, 2001

1.In the 1966 novel "We can remember it for you wholesale",what is the name of
the company which helps implant memories?

2.The name of the protagonist is Platnner.He lends his name to the substance
Plattnerite which has a special property.This man's adventures are recorded in
two books written by two different authors.Name the books.

3.According to Douglas Adams what is the best propellant for a space craft?

4.His real name was Griffin.He studied at University college.He was a medal
winner in Chemistry.He shifted to Chesilstone and took up Physics though he
was a medical student where he made an important discovery.He created
confusion in a lot of places and was finally killed before the Jolly Cricketer's
club.Who's he?

5.This man is not at all known for Science Fiction but he co-authored many
books along with his son Jeffrey.His only short story collection is Element 79.He
has written novels such as The Black Cloud,October the 1st too late and the fifth
planet.Who's he?

6. His first Sci-Fi book is "With the Night mail" an account of an airship crossing
the Atlantic.He wrote a book about an engineer who overhears the Gods
debating about whether they should destroy a bridge which he built across the
Ganges.Who's he?

7.John W Campbell Jr. along with another famed scientist derived and published
something as a part of a story called Liar in Astounding Science Fiction in May
1941.What did he publish?
8.What is the term given to the statistical science which attempted to formulate
laws to govern and predict the mass action of human groups.The most famous
guy in this field is Hari Seldon.

9.He wrote travel books and atleast two books to publicize President Tomas
Masaryk.Most of his works were translated and they include Money and other
stories,The world of insects,The Makropoulus.Who's he?

10.In the book "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley,apart from money,the
people were given a hallucinogenic drug for the work done by them.What is it?

Answers to Quiz #154

1.Total Recall

2.Time Machine by HG Wells,Time Ships by Stephen Baxter

3.Bad News(since it travels the fastest)

4.The Invisible Man

5.Sir Fred Hoyle

6.Rudyard Kipling

7.The three laws of Robotics


9.Karel Capek


Quiz #153
Dated - May 6, 2001

1.It is shaped like a human thigh and its name literally means "Golden

2.What is the collective noun for a group of photographers?
3.Which company had its origin in a chartered train journey from Leicester to
Loughborough in 1841?

4.Who in 1967 refused to fight in Vietnam saying "No Vietcong ever called me a

5.Which cocktail mixed at Prof Moriarty's restaurant at Saratoga Springs has the
following ingredients - light rum ,banana liquors ,lemon juice ,pineapple juice and
grenadine topped with 151 rum?

6.What was the name given by the singer Hariharan to his style of singing,which
is now widely being used by the media for this style of songs?

7.What message of hatred was delivered on 14th Feb,1988.The subject of this
message remarked "It was perhaps the strangest valentine one could receive".It
also introduced a new word into the English language.

8.This is a style of piano playing.The left hand maintains a heavy repetitive
pattern of 8 beats to the bar over which the right hand provides a syncopated
improvisation.This term in India has received a new lease of life albeit in a
different context,thanks to the Television.What is this style called?

9.Which island gets its name from the Portuguese for "bearded" because of its
numerous moss-hung fig trees?

10.Whats common to Dennis Amiss,Desmond Haynes and Andy Flower?

Answers to Quiz # 153

1.The Kanchanjunga

2.A Click

3.Thomas Cook

4.Mohammad Ali


6.Urdu Blues

7.Ayatollah Khomeini's 'Fatwa' message to Salman Rushdie

8.Boogie Woogie

10.They all scored centuries in the inaugural One Day Internationals of their

Quiz #152
Dated - April 30, 2001
GVS Sreedhar

1.What, according to Aristotle, is the best provision for old age?
2.Whose self-composed epitaph is 'Here lies one whose name was writ in
3.In whose books would you frequently find a narrator called Marlowe?
4.What distinction does the town of Isabella in the Dominican Republic have?
5.Marcus Gavvey preached that the only way black people could escape poverty
and oppression was to move to Africa.His ideas are central to what?
6.How is Arthur Henry Hallam immortalized?
7.What were Vladimir and Estragon doing?
8.Greeks do not start an important project on a Tuesday. Why?
9.The Russian kings adopted the title of Tsar/Czar derived from Caesar as a
symbol of what?
10.Near this market town which stands by the Miljacka river,amidst the Bosnian
mountains,Emperor Theodosius the Great ran the line dividing the Eastern and
Western empires of Rome in 395.Name the town.

Answers to Quiz # 152
1. Education
2. John Keats
3. Joseph Conrad
4. The first city to be founded in the new world
5. Rastafarianism
6. He was the subject of Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'
7. Waiting for Godot
8. It was Tuesday,May 29,1453 that Constantinople fell to the Turks
9. That they would be the next great empire after Rome and Byzantium
10. Sarajevo

Quiz #151
Dated - April 23, 2001
1. Started as Secretary in the real Estate Business in a firm called Deer and
Westbrook. Won the South Australian Squash Championship in 1939. Who?
2. In Formula One who is referred to as the Lollipop man?
3. Cricket- India Vs West Indies 1971 series - who wrote the following song on
Sunil Gavaskar: :It was Gavaskar/ The real master/just like a wall/you know the
West Indies couldnt out Gavaskar at all.
4. The Spanish Revolution of 1808-1814 gave a word to the english language,
meaning "Little War".
5. In the days of the Raj what was a "Company Kagaz"?
6. The urdu word for Excellent gives rise to a brand name.
7. The book Well Made In America traces the turnaround of which famous
American Company?
8. Satyajit Ray made Documentaries on 3 personalities - Tagore, Binod Bihari
Mukherji the Shanti Niketan painter and who?
9. Olga Illinksya- died in 1995 at the age of 83 yrs. Served a five year term in
1958, was embroiled in a protracted legal wrangle- which famous literary creation
was inspired by her?
10. I am not going to move. They all look at me. This fly is going to continue
walking on my hand. And they will say he is not even capable of harming a fly---
famous lines of which famous film?

Answers to Quiz # 151
1. Sir Don Bradman
2. The man holding up the stop sign when you get to a pit stop
3. "Lord Relator" - this is a Calypso
4. Guerilla
5. Share Certificate issued by the East India Company
6. Ala
7. Harley Davidson
8. Bharatanatyam danseuse Bala Saraswati
9. Lara (the heroine of Boris Pasternak's Dr.Zhivago)
10. Psycho

Quiz #150
Dated - April 14, 2001

1. a) Named for an old Robert Mitchum movie b) He was born when Don Levine
noticed some movable wooden mannequins at a New York art supply store. c)
His face was based on 23 real-life Congressional Medal Honorees d) To protect
his image from pirates, it was given two unique features: a facial scar and a
misplaced thumbnail. Who is he?
2. This product started life as a replacement for classroom chalk, and was named
by combining the French word for "stick of colour" with part of the word
"oleaginous," meaning the oily paraffin wax. It is one of the 10 most recognized
smells in the United States, along with coffee and peanut butter. This product
comes in a range of colours but the one which the kid reaches out for first and
uses most often is black. Which product?
3. This is an old North of England Provincialism for eating or drinking outside
meal-times. Anglo-Indians brought it into vogue in India. What?
4. Complete this list : _______ , Martin Alonzo Pinzar, Vincente Yanez Pinzon.
5. "In respect of the recurrent emergence of the theme of sex in the minds of his
characters, it must always be remembered that his locale was Celtic and his
season Spring ... whilst in many places the effect of ___________ on the reader
undoubtedly is somewhat emetic, nowhere does it tend to be an aphrodisiac."
6. A genealogical tree commonly contains three-line marks indicating succession.
This mark resembles the shape of a crane's foot. What word comes from this ?
7. Who was the first Indian to present an Academy Award (in 1982)?
8. Although legend has it that an Ethiopian goatherd, whose animals became
hyper from eating the berries, first noticed coffee's stimulating effects, 15th
century Sufis in Yemen were the first to drink it. What is the name of the city in
Yemen where coffee was first brewed?
9. When Master Vithal, the hero of "Alam Ara" was sued by Sharada Studios
Bombay for breach of contract; he was defended in the court by a famous lawyer.
10. Gulliver's Travels- in the last of Gulliver's travels, he goes to a land ruled by
wise horses, where there exists a species of primitive human-like animals,
thoroughly evil and contemptible. They disgust Gulliver so much that it's a long
time before he is reconciled to being a human. What were these human-like
creatures called?

Answers to Quiz # 150
1. GI Joe
2. Crayola
3. Tiffin (from Tiffing)
4. Christopher Columbus, captain of the Santa Maria. The other two were
captains of the Nina and the Pinta
5. Ulysses. Judge Woolsey's U.S district court decision of Dec 6th 1933 that
allowed James Joyce's book into the USA.
6. Pedigree from Pie-Di-Gress(foot of a crane).
7. Persis Khambatta
8. Mocha
9. Mohammed Ali Jinnah
10. Yahoos

Quiz #149
Dated - April 10, 2001
1 what is a convertible or straight debt bond having a par value of less than
$1000, usually $500 to $25 called?
2 A short term loan, also called a swing loan, made in anticipation of intermediate
- term or long term financing.
3 In Stock Market parlance, what do you mean by 'Whipsawed'?
4 what do you call an economist who believes that the Money Supply is the key
to ups and downs in the economy? hint : Milton Freidman ( He advocates slow
but steady growth in the money supply )
5 It is one tenth of a cent, and the unit most often used in expressing property tax
6 What is a stock in which there is little investor interest but which has significant
potential to gain in price once it's attractions are recognised?
7 On the stock markets, who is a SPECTAIL?
8 This financial institution was started in 1694, largely as a result of the financial
difficulties of William III, who was then carrying a war with France. Name the
9 What is term for the the amount of share capital fixed in the Memorandum of
Understanding and the Articles of Association of a acompany as required by the
companies act. Also known as the Nominal Capital / Registered Capital.
10 It is paper money not backed by gold or silver. It has its origin in the UK Bank
Charter Act of 1844. What is it?

Answers to Quiz # 149
1. Baby Bond (for the convenience of small investors)
2. Bridge Loan
3. To be caught in volatile price movements and make losing trades as prices
rise and fall. A trader is whipsawed if he or she buys just before prices fall and
sells just before prices rise.
4. Monetarist
5. Mill
6. Sleeper
7. A term for a broker-dealer who is part retail broker but preponderantly dealer/
8. The Bank of England.
9. Authorised Capital.
10. Fiduciary Issue.

Quiz #148
Dated - April 7, 2001

1.Which battle is depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry?
2.It was invented by Earl Dickson for his accident-prone wife.Its standard size
was 7.5 x 4.5 cms when introduced. Now it comes in various shapes and sizes.
3.This man in 1939 produced the Sankey declaration of the Rights of Man which
after WWII went onto become the UN charter on human rights. His epitaph read
"I told you so,You damned fools". His son took four wickets in consecutive
balls.Who is he?
4.The All Blacks team visiting England in 1906 had something special about
5.What are the R&D works and manufacturing sites of Lockheed Martin called?
6.In which book was the proverb "Make hay while the sun shines" first
7.There was a series of Cockney sporting stories which had caricatures by
Seymour and was published by Chapman and Hall. Who was commissioned to
write the story to fit the caricatures?
8.Made from the fruit of Capsicum,It was named after a state in South East
Mexico.When translated it means "Damp Earth".What is it?
9.How do we know Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Longbaugh better?
10.What is the name given to objects which go closer to the Sun that Mercury?

Answers to quiz # 148
1.The Battle of Hastings
2.The Band-Aid
3.H G Wells
4.They were the first team to have jersey numbers
6.Don Quixote
7.Charles Dickens
8.Tabasco sauce
9.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
10.Icarus objects

Quiz #147
Dated - March 24, 2001

1.Name the musical instrument named after the Hawaiian word for 'flea'.
2.Which country's name literally means 'Land of the allied tribes'?
3.Whose last words were supposedly 'I am dying with the help of too many
4.The Vietnamese refer to it as 'The Brother',The Chinese call it 'The
Friend'.What is it?
5.What is 'Onchyophagia'?
6.In 1958,What did Dan Carney and Frank Carey of Wichita,Kansas do to pay for
their college fees?
7.Which island's name literally means 'Island of Beauty'?
8.Name the English bowler who never bowled a no-ball in his career.
9.What is the 'Thucydides syndrome'?
10.Which phrase did Tom Paine first use?

Answers to Quiz # 147
2.Afghanistan(from Upa-Ghanishta-stana)
3.Alexander the Great
5.The habit of biting fingernails
6.They started selling Pizzas and thus founded Pizza Hut
8.Maurice Tate
9.The Ebola virus (It was first observed by Thucydides in 430 BC)
10.United States of America

Quiz #146
Dated - March 15, 2001

1.What was described by the famous Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock as
'The science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it'?
2.Which Internet technology developed at UC berkeley is named after the
mythological spider of the Plains Indians?
3.During the recent New Zealand-Zimbabwe cricket series,an unusual feature
was seen during the awards giving ceremony.What was it?
4.Which line followed the sentence 'We have a main bus interval'?
5.Which notorious place gets its name from the Spanish for 'Isle of the Pelican'?
6.In Hindu mythology,this demon king was supposed to have been guarded by
Vishnu himself in his city.Which king?
7.This object is locally known as Jhumar,Fanus,Lantar,Handi.Which object?
8.In the Mahabharata,Bhishma was the eight child of Shantanu and Ganga,the
eight children were actually a group of Devas who were cursed to be born on
Earth.What were they known as?
9.About whom was it said 'He is England's umbrella,taken out everywhere,but
used only when it rains'?
10.Connect Archie Comics and Guns 'n' Roses.

Answers to Quiz # 146
3.The man of the match award was given to the Groundsman and his team
4.'Houston We have a problem'
8.The Ashta Vasus
9.Derek Underwood
10.The song 'Sweet child of mine' by Guns 'n' Roses is dedicated to Betty

Quiz #145
Dated - March 8, 2001
Bimonthly Finals

1.Who was the first Indian mathematician to calculate the value of pi?
2.This was the only German concentration camp where the prisoners revolted
and escaped. This camp was blown up and closed. A film was also made on this
story. Which concentration camp is it?
3.The film 'Casablanca' wasn't released the moment it was ready for
release.What was the reason for the delay?
4.The emperor Chandragupta Maurya relinquished his kingdom in his old age.
He became a Jain saint and starved himself to death. At which place did he die?
5.Yertle the turtle is a caricature created by Dr.Seuss.On whom is it based?
6.Each of the Vedas contains three sections.Name them.
7.What is the name of the legendary Mossad agent who captured Eichmann and
was also responsible for the killing of the Black September terrorists?
8.How did Eric Clapton earn the nickname 'Slowhand'?
9.The Hindu calendar revolves around a cycle of 60 years. What is the name of
the first year and the last?
10.Wade Morrison,a young man who worked in drugstore in Virginia headed
West for Texas after his romance with a local girl was thwarted by the girl's
father. Morrison wound up running the Old Corner Drugstore in Texas,but he still
spoke of his lost romance. Charles Alderton,the pharmacist at the store would
mix all kinds of flavours together in making a special drink for his patrons. The
drink came to be named after the girl's father in hope that it would help
Morrison's romance.What was the father's name?

Answers to Quiz # 145
3.Warner brothers wanted to synchronise the release with the big Allied
conference that was to be held at Casablanca
4.Sravanabelagola (where the huge statue of Bahubali / Gommateshwara can be
5.Adolf Hitler
6.Karma Kanda (Rituals,Ceremonies), Upasana Kanda (Worship,Meditation),
Jnana Kanda
7.Rafi Eitan
8.Clapton's powerful guitar-playing regularly broke strings of his guitar.He would
chnage the strings onstage as the audience slowly clapped their hands.
9.Prabhava and Akshya
10.Dr Pepper

Quiz #144
Dated - March 1, 2001
Bimonthly Semifinals

1.In which town was Superboy raised by Mrs and Mr Kent?
2.What is the least radiation sensitive part of the body?
3.What was the special commodity that 5 ships were built to import(to England)
from Sweden during WWII?
4.What was the name of the British battleship completed in 1906 whose design
rendered all existing warships obsolete?
5.Whose last case was Robertson's Ruby?
6.These people who were originally transformed into men from ants by Zeus lent
their name to an English word which means followers or henchmen. Who were
these people?
7.To what were the Stoics indifferent?
8.According to Napoleon,only two generals were fit to be his rivals.One
was Frederick the Great.Who was the other?
9.Who was the lead singer of the Irish group 'Them' who went onto greater fame
as a solo artist?
10.Leningrad is partly built with the rubble brought from where?

Answers to Quiz # 144
1. Smallville
2. The brain
3. Ball bearings
4. HMS Dreadnought
5. Feluda
6. The Myrmidons
7. Pain or Pleasure
8. John Churchill, 1st duke of Marlborough
9. Van Morrison
10. London,after the Great fire

Quiz #143
Dated - February 23, 2001
1.The name of which city translates literally as "city of smoke"?
2.An English clergyman who emigrated from Cambridge to New England, left half
his fortune and his library of 300 books to the college of New Towne. This was
renamed in his honour. Name the college.
3.The first and second most translated works are the Bible and the works of
Shakespeare. Name the two English authors who come next?
4.Air Lanka, Sri Lanka's national Airline changed its name to Sri Lankan Airlines
after an infusion of capital and management inputs from which organisation?
5.According to the Buddhists, Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of compassion is
supposed to be present on this earth as .....?
6. On February 22 1946, what did US biochemist, Abraham Waksman announce
that he had discovered?
7.Which watch company claims that its product was the first and only watch worn
on the moon?
8.If the President of the USA stays in the White House, which country's President
stays in the Blue House?
9. What are hackers who use their talents for constructive purposes like
improving a company's security are called?
10.It is called Venture in South Africa. How is it known here?

Answers to Quiz # 143
1. Reykjavik, Iceland
2. John Harvard (Harvard University)
3. Agatha Christie and
4. Emirates Airlines
5. The Dalai Lama (and the Karmapas)
6. Antibiotics
7. Piaget
8. Korea
9. Whitehats
10. Toyota Lexus

Quiz #142
Dated - February 16, 2001
Uday Prakash

1. When told about this American statesman's death, Dorothy Parker remarked
"How can you tell"? Who?
2. This product has the logo of an African Negro because od the African guards
employed by the Nizam and because a Negro represented Machismo.
3. In which sporting event does the heaviest member of the team eat five times
the amount of calories than the lighest member?
4. Which radio show, which ran for 30 years till the late eighties, was revived
yesterday on Vividh Bharathi?
5. In 1936 this theatre group called the Living Theatre in NY producd one play
per day based on contemporary social themes. What was their source material?
6. What was started at the AICC session of 1927 in Madras to counteract the
influence of Western tradition?
7. Which hindi movie now holda the record for the largest number of shows in a
single theatre continously?
8. What in Hyderabad slang is a "Baharwala"?
9. Who was the person to attempt to systematically correlate the basic atomic
(micro) structure to the strength of a material?
10. Which is India biggest company in terms of revenue and assets as on date?

Answers to Quiz # 142
1. Calvin Coolidge
2. Zinda Tilismath
3. Rowing. Oarsmen and steersman respectively
4. Binaca Geetmala (9.00 pm IST) now being called Colgate Geetmala.
5. Newspaper headlines of that day
6. Gana Sabhas
7. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge . In Jan it overtook Sholay (bah!)
8. A boy employed by an irani cafe to sell tea to people outside the cafe
9. Michael Faraday - he was asked to study the reason behind the outstanding
prperties of Wootz steel
10. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (Rs. 85,000 crores)

Quiz #141
Dated - February 9, 2001

1. What present day practise prevalent in the US is derived from the old practise
of compurgation?
2. What is the name of Calvin's machine in Calvin & Hobbes which changes a
person into anything?
3. Which country issued the world's first circular and heart shaped stamps
4. What in movie parlance are called deepies and flatties?
5. What is zero point energy in physics?
6. This man's biographer, Edmund Morris, called his subject an"old spaced out
man, inattentive to details, boring". Who?
7. The UK copyright of this famous novel was left to the Great Ormond Street
Children's Hospital in Central London. When it was due to expire, the then PM
Mr. James Callaghan, ensured that the copyright was reinstated in perpetuity.
The part of the hero is traditionally played by women in theatre adaptations of
this book. Name the book or the hero?
8.In Indian sports, what is "BT" and "AT"?
9. How did the Greek athletes prepare for the dicus throw in the 1896 Athens
Olympics, considering that there was no formal technique then?
10.Who is the first commoner to appear on British stamps?

Answers to Quiz #141
1. The sysytem of trial by 12 jurors is based on the old system of compurgation
or getting 12 good people to vouch for your character.
4.3D and 2D movies.
5.Energy stored in a vaccuum.
6.Ronald Reagan
7.Peter Pan by Sir James Barrie.
8.Before Tendulkar and After Tendulkar.
9.They studied the pose of a classical statue of a discus thrower and tried to
model the action on that.
10.William Shakespeare.

Quiz #140
Dated - February 2, 2001

1.What was the first application of nylon?
2.Which all-time Indian classic movie was released in the West under the
working title "I'll die for Mama"?
3.Which is the only miracle mentioned in all the 4 Gospels
4.Who is the only Indian to have conducted the London Philharmonic?
5.In Jammu & Kashmir,what is known as the 'Darbar ritual'?
6.With which event would you associate the Venus Rosewater dish and King
George V cup?
7.Which is the only sequel to have won an Oscar for the best movie?
8.The Sanskrit word for 'Wrought Silver' has given rise to a word which has long
been used in currency.Which word?
9.Jack Ruby was the man who shot the man who shot _________________
10.In 1976,when Agatha Christie died,the New York Times said "Aunt Agatha
died with a broken heart".What was the reason?

Answers to Quiz # 140
1.Tootbrush bristles
3.Jesus Christ feeding 5000 men with loaves and fish
5.The shifting of the capital from Srinagar to Jammu in winters
7.Godfather II
9.Lee Harey Oswald
10.A year before her death, she released a book (Curtain) in which Poirot dies
(but which was written several years earlier, in the 1940s - and is set at Styles,
where Poirot makes his debut in "The Mysterious Affair at Styles"

Quiz #139
Dated - January 26, 2001
Manoja Mulay

1. Which is the only Asterix adventure wherein Obelix is given the magic potion?
2. Why is it that at the time of the State of the union address by any American
president, one cabinet official is always absent. Why?
3. Cricket in India-Triangular Tournament-1907-30 years lated it became the
Bombay Pentangular. Who were the teams that formed the pentangular.
4. Opening lines of a famous book:
No one would have believed, the last years of the nineteenth century that human
affairs were being watched keenly and closely, by intelligence far greater than
man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their
affairs they were being scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a
man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and
multiply in a drop of water.
Identify the book.
5. Father Leonardas, of the Schtalhausen Monastery while experimenting to
discover the Philosopher's Stone found a new metal, whose nutritional value he
grossly miscalculated, thus giving it the name "Monk Killer". Name it.
5. In Jan 1860, what did Henri Mohout, a French naturalist discover?
6. In 1852, Sir Andrew Waugh was the Surveyor General of India, and named
something after his deputy, whom he had hired to survey it. Name it.
7. The 5 styles of this art are : Formal Upright (Chokan), Informal Upright
(Moyogi), Slanting (Shakan), Semi Cascade (Han Kengai), Cascade (Kengai).
8. Connect- Larry O'Brien, W.H. Stanley, J.W. Winston and Vince Lombardi.
9. She was born Lekya Diveshwari in 1919. How do we know her better?
10. In F-1 racing, who is known as a "Lollipop Man"?

Answers to quiz # 139
1. Asterix and Cleopatra
2. To take over in case the white house was nuked by the Soviets
3. Europeans, Hindus, Mohammedans, Parsis and "The Rest"
4. HG Wells' "The war of the worlds"
5. Antimony / Stilbene (Sb). Thinking that it was nutritional, he fed 40 monks with
a porridge mixed with this element. The monks were, naturally, poisoned.
6. Mt.Everest. Waugh's deputy was, of course, George Everest
7. Bonsai
8. The persons after whom some of the most coveted trophies in professional
sport are named. O'Brien for the NBA champs, Stanley for the NHL champs,
Lombardi for the NFL champs and Winston for the NASCAR champ
9. The late Vijaya Raje Scindia, Rajmata (Queen Mother) of the Scindia dynasty
of Gwalior (which shifted smoothly from monarchy to politics)
10. The person who carries the wands (or lollipops) which mark a pitstop.

Quiz #138
Dated - January 20, 2001
JR Rao (Rama)

1.What did William Addis invent at the Newgate Prison,UK?
2.Manufactured at Madrid, Amsterdam, St Nazaire and Bremen. Assembled at
Toulouse. What are we talking about?
3.What does a Pluviometer measure?
4.What was heard for the first time in the 1930 silent movie 'White Shadows of
the South Seas'?
5.What is unique about the solidification of Helium?
6.Connect Charles Schultz and Georges Remy (Herge) with respect to their
7. With whom did Fred Parry share the nobel prize?
8.In Literature, how is Ormond Sacker better known?
9.What is common to the Sherlock Holmes stories - A case of identity,A scandal
in Bohemia,The Noble bachelor?
10.What was known as Seward's Folly?

Answers to Quiz # 138
1. The toothbrush
2. Airbus
3. Rainfall
4. The roar of the MGM lion
5. It cannot be solidified by cooling
6. Their comic strips (Tintin,Peanuts) stopped with their deaths i.e. nobody was
allowed to continue them
7. Henri Dunant(The first nobel prize)
8. Dr Watson (Conan Doyle's earliest notes for "A study in scarlet" mention
"Sherrinford Holmes" and "Ormond Sacker"
9. All involved crimes which were not punishable by law
10. The sale of Alaska (Russia sold it to USA). Seward was US secretary of state
William Seward.
Quiz #137
Dated - January 5, 2001
Adoorty Srihari

1. What does Khyber mean (as in the Khyber pass)?
2. When and between where the first Indian locomotives run (not necessarily for
passenger trains - that was between Bombay and Thana)?
3.According to the recent RBI survey which is the largest private sector bank in
4.Who founded the controversial RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)?
5. What did Dr Vir Singh Bhatti of Ludhiana start in 1940?
6. This place (a waterway) got its name because of the accidental hazards it
causes to the traffic passing from the place. Name it.
7. This Indian Ocean archipelago of about 115 islands was explored by the
Frenchman Lazare Picault in 1742 and was later annexed by the British. Today,
it is a popular destination for tourists
8. It was used to flavor xocoatl the beverage of the Aztecs it is extracted from the
pods of tropical climbing orchids The principal sources of this item are
Madagascar, the Comoros, and Reunion, which together furnish about 70 to 75
percent of the world's supply, and Mexico, Uganda, and French Polynesia. Name
this food crop.
9.The Arabic names of this country are Al-maghrib, or Al-mamlakah Al-
maghribiyah. Which is this country ?

Answers to Quiz #137
1. Khyber, in Hebrew, means "Fort" - understandable as it was the point of entry
for several invaders to India - and hence was heavily fortified by people on both
sides of the border.
2. In 1841, in Roorkee (to haul minerals)
3. Vysya Bank
4. Dr.Keshav Baliram Hedgewar (aka Doctor-ji)
5. The Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee
6. The Bab-el-Mandeb (Gate of tears)
7. Seychelles
8. Vanilla
9. Morocco

Quiz #136
Dated - January 5, 2001
Satyaki Prasad

1. What was the name given to a divine wind which was supposed to protect
Japan from being invaded by a Mongol fleet?
2. Complete the list - Euryale, Sthena, ________
3. This man in 1703 was the sailing master of the ship "Cinque Ports". On his
request (to save his life from an angry crew), he was put down on the island of
Juan Fernandez.Who's he?
4. This Roman emperor was of the period 284-305 AD.He was the son of a
slave.He ruled the empire under a board of 4 emperors and after that went back
to growing cabbages.Who was he?
5. How is George Gordon Noel better known as?
6. This politician's brother was the only military casualty during the raid on
Entebbe.He was in the news after he lost a bid to become the Prime Minister of
his country.Who's he?
7. What was the most famous incident which occured on October 25th,1854
during the battle of Balaclava?
8. Antrix is the commercial front of which organization?
9. Who is said to be the original author of the story E.T.?
10. The punchline of which movie and also of its advertising company was "I am
as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore"?

Answers to Quiz # 136
3.Alexander Selkirk (on whom Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe was based)
5.Lord Byron
6.Benjamin Netanyahu
7.Charge of the Light Brigade
9.Satyajit Ray

Quiz #135
Dated - December 28, 2000
GVS Sreedhar
President, KCircle

1.What is the name for the head of a monarch incised on the side of a coin?
2.What term in art, particularly decorative art, was assciated with Napoleon and
said to have been inspired by the Romans?
3.What is otherwise known as the Re'giments Etrange'res of France?
4.In music, when a flatted third and a flatted seventh are added to the standard
eight note scale, what do you get?
5.These people, who were settled on the Lower Rhine, were called by this name
to denote their free status in contrast to their nighbours who were under the
Roman yoke. What name?
6.In 1978, Shudhabardhak bati was transformed into what?
7.Which ancient currency got its name from the fact that its value was a handful
of metal spits called obols?
8.In World War II, what was Operation Dynamo ?
9.The city of Jerusalem was captured by the Turks under Saladin during the
Second Crusade (1147-49). When and by whom was it freed from the Turks?
10.Most present day dances began as ritualistic ceremonies. What is the
significance of the ring which is the basis for most dances?
11.Who, in the 14th century, also wrote the following treatises, Convivia, a
philosophical encyclopedia containing a defense of Italian as a literary language
and De Monarchia, attacking papal interference in temporal affairs?
12.The cat family is sudivided in two families. There are two cats however which
are classified under two seperate families. Name them?
13.What in Brazil is known as the Pantanel?
14 What is the origin of the brand name Dabur?
15.Which is the rarest large mammal in the world ?

Answers to Quiz # 135
1. An effigy.
2. The Empire style.
3. The Foreign Legion
4 The blues tonality which is characteristic of jazz music.
5. Franks meaning Freeman. The name of France was derived from the Franks.
6. Hajmola pills, the first time that a classical ayurvedic medicine was branded.
7. The drachma.
8. The evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk.
9. By General Allenby in 1917.
10. The ring represents the cycle of the seasons and/or the movement of the
Sun/Moon/ and planets.
11. Dante Aligheri.
12. The cheetah and the clouded leopard.
13. Vast wetland forests in interior Brazil.
14. From 'Da' colloquial for Daktar or Doctor and 'bur" from Burman
15. The Javan rhinoceros.

Quiz #134
Dated - December 21, 2000

1.In November 1605,He was arrested in a cellar under the House of Lords and
was later executed for treason.Who's he?
2.Name the bowler and his bowling figures which are the most economical in
One Day Internationals.
3. His real name was Jacopo Robusti. He was the son of a dyer and his popular
name is derived from Italian for "Little Dyer". Who's he ?
4. What did G K Chesterton describe as "an expensive way of playing marbles"
and Mark Twain describe as "a good walk spoilt"?
5.Which engineering landmark is located 4 kms north of Kanchanaburi in
6.What is half a byte(4 bits) called?
7.This company was started in the 1920s by the Humphrey brothers - Harold &
Wallace.The company is into manufacturing footwear,sporting goods etc.Which
8. Complete the list : Yuri Malyshev,Ganady Sterkalov,Leonid Kizym,Vladimir
Solovyov,Oleg Atkov,______ ______
9. Which Indian state got its name because of the number of Buddhist
monasteries present there?
10. This word was coined in 1937 when the American food manufacturers
George A Hormel & Co. were looking for a name for their new product - cans of
meat. A cash prize of $100 was offered for the best suggestion.What word did
the winner suggest?

Answers to Quiz #134
1. Guy Fawkes
2. Phil Simmons (Bowling figures -> 10-8-3-4)
4. Golf
5. The Bridge on the River Kwai
6. Nibble
7. Umbro (from h'UM'phrey 'BRO'thers)
8. Sqdrn Ldr Rakesh Sharma and Wing Cdr Ravish Malhotra (the first two
Indians in space)... these were the other soviet astronauts in the team
9. Bihar (Buddha Vihar)
10. spam

Quiz #133
Dated - December 15, 2000
Bimonthly Final

1. Name this Arab Dynasty which occupied the Spanish throne for nearly 800
years from around 750 A.D, and was responsible for famous structures such as
the Alhambra at Granada.
2. Name the Horse that is more equal than other Horses, worked to death, in
Orwell's "Animal Farm".
3. The Hundred stories of Boccacio's Decameron were narrated by this group
that was holed up in a villa outside Florence.The group was fleeing from
something which menaced the city of Florence. Who or what was this threat?
4. The Gideons is the name by which this association became famous for it's free
distribution of the Bible. What's the name of this organisation?
5. He died in utter poverty in the year 1924 (if i'm not mistaken). Frank Lyoyd
Wright studied under him between 1887-1893, and called him "THE
MASTER".Who's this master's Master?
6. According to the Alpher, Bethe and Gamow's theory, also called the alpha-
beta-gamma theory, the early stage of world was a hot,dense ball of matter.
What was the matter called?
7. Charles Darwin's Origin of Species was summarized in the phrase "survival of
the fittest".The line itself is from another man's work. Who?
8. "An arrangement in Black and Grey" is considered the greatest work of this
painter. Name the painter, and what this work is best known as
9. Two to the question......name the only British Prime Minister who played first
class cricket. Also the only Nobel prize winner for Literature, who played first
class cricket.
10. What work of art premiered on the occassion of the opening of the Suez

Answers to Quiz #133
1. The Omayyeds
2. Boxer
3. The Great Plague
4. Christian Commercial Travelers' Association of America
5. Louis Henry Sullivan
6. Ylem
7. Herbert Spenser
8. James McNeill Whistler - Whistler's Mother
9. Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Samuel Beckett, respectively
10. Verdi's Aida

Quiz #132
Dated - December 7, 2000
Bimonthly Final

1. Whose famous words are: "when the missionaries first came to Africa, we had
the land and they the Bible. They told us to pray, and so we closed our eyes.
When we opened them, we had the Bible and they the land"?
2. Among the many nicknames of Margaret Thatcher, one was Tina. Why so?
3. Movies: Who is the alter ego of Daniel Hillard?
4. When asked if he was saddened over Marlyn Monroe being more recognised
than him, he replied-"Miss Monroe has a lot more to show than I do". Name this
famous scientist.
5. What is the final missing thing in the series: Acharya, Bhagwan, Gauthama,
Maitreya, Zorba, _____?
6. Connect- Maurice Micklewhite with Humphrey Bogart.
7. What first was introduced on December 5 1908, when players of the University
of Pittsburgh took on the team Washington&Jefferson in Pitsburgh?
8. He was sent to India by his father for an year to keep him out of trouble. He
later travelled with a carnival in India as a lecturer demonstrating the effects of
laughing gas, in order to raise money to build the models of his invention (which
he based on the steering gear / rudder of the brig "Corvo" on which he reached
Calcutta). Who am I speaking of and what is his invention?
9. When asked about his experience after performing this landmark feet, he said
"It was as smooth as a baby's bottom. Grandma could have coffee up here". Who
is he and what is he talking about?
10. How is Prodosh Mitter better known as?

Answers to Quiz #132
1. Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa
2. "There Is No Alternative
3. Mrs.Doubtfire
4. Albert Einstein
5. Osho (names of Rajneesh)
6. Michael Caine. He was a big fan of Bogart and was very much inspired by a
Bogart's movie named 'Caine Mutiny' and changed his name accordingly.
7. Football jersey numbers
8. Samuel Colt, the revolver
9. Chuck Yeager on the first supersonic flight
10. Feluda - the detective created by Satyajit Ray

Quiz #131
Dated - December 1, 2000
AP Alagar Samy
Bimonthly Semifinal

1. In 1866,Which newspaper sent H M Stanley to find David Livingstone?
2. Which famous fictional character was the nanny of the Banks' children?
3. How is the Imam of the Khoja Ismaili community better known as?
4. Military jargon.A for Alpha,B for Bravo,C for Charlie .... the list goes on. What
is this alphabet called?
5. In the Arab world,what is known as the 'hejab'?
6. The name of this nocturnal mammal means 'ghost'.It is found mainly in
Madagascar. Which mammal?
7. This Govt department gets its name from a pattern on the table cloth on which
the accounts were calculated during Norman times. Which department?
8. Which country has two AK-47 assault rifles on its flag?
9. What are Kestrel,Hobby,Merlin,Peregrine types of?
10. Connect the motto of California with an ancient scientist

Answers to quiz # 131
1.New York Herald
2.Mary Poppins
3.The Aga Khan
4.NATO Alphabet
5.The veil or the burkha
6.The Lemur
7.The Exchequer
10.The motto of California is 'Eureka' and the scientist is, of course, Archimedes

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