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Selection criteria and approval process To become a stallholder by lindash


Selection criteria and approval process To become a stallholder

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									Thank you for your interest in securing a stall at the Rundle Street Market.
The Market offers a vast array of quality products, including arts and crafts, handmade jewellery, home
wares, fashion and accessories, locally grown produce and many other exciting and unique products.
The quality of goods and product mix of the Market is a key factor in its success.
To maintain quality, the product mix is continually monitored and adjusted to meet the needs of the
Market community and its customers.
Products that are made or designed in South Australia, are South Australian grown, and or use South
Australian products or produce will be encouraged and given preference within the Market.
Only Rundle Street traders may carry or supply prepared hot foods, drinks, coffee and tea or sell “of the
rack” fashion. There may be other products that are not considered suitable and for this reason, all
potential stallholders must attend an interview with the market manager. This interview is held to
discuss products and merchandising concepts prior to receiving approval to become a stallholder at the
Rundle Street Market.

Selection criteria and approval process
When approving stallholder applications, the market manager will consider the following criteria:
       Are the products made in South Australia?
       Are the products handmade or locally designed?
       Are the products made from locally produced or locally grown materials?
       Are the products currently available within the East End?
       Has the applicant previously conducted a market business?
       How does the applicant plan to display and merchandise his or her products?

To become a stallholder you must:
       Conduct a business which complies to appropriate legislation
       Complete the Adelaide City Council Form 1 Application (avail from the Adelaide City Council web site)
       Adhere to the operating procedures as detailed in the Stallholder Operations Manual

How do I obtain a stall at the Rundle Street Market?
All stallholder applicants are required to attend an interview with the market manager. You will be
required to provide photographs of each product you intend to sell. If possible, please bring product
samples to the interview, as well. Only the photographs will be kept by market management for
recordkeeping purposes. At the interview you will be given an application form to be completed, signed
and returned to market management prior to receiving formal approval to commence trading at the
Rundle Street Market.
What is provided?
   •   One (1) 3m² marquee (approx 2.1m in height)
   •   One (1) trestle table (240cm x 60cm x 72cm)
   •   Access to power; 2 amps maximum. (There are a limited number of powered sites.)
   •   Product and public liability insurance (included in weekly hire fees)

What do I need to bring?
Professional quality signage (handwritten signs are not permitted); additional display stands, as
appropriate for your merchandise; and table coverings (table cloths must reach to the ground).

How much do I pay?
Unpowered Site: From $70.00 per Market session (inclusive of GST)
Powered Site:     From $83.50 per Market session (inclusive of GST). All electrical equipment must be tagged

What are the trading times?
From 9:00am to 4:00pm each Sunday. Stallholders must be present for the entire Market.

Where do I unload and load?
Stallholders will be advised of their specific loading times and exit times, depending on their stall
location. You will be permitted to bring your vehicle into Rundle Street, at your specified time, to load
and unload.

All vehicles have a maximum of 20 minutes to unload and load. Due to the strict loading times, trolleys
can be used to move stock and display equipment to your marquee. Vehicles are not permitted on
Rundle Street after 8:40am or before 4:10pm, all vehicles must exit Rundle Street by 5:20pm

How do I add new products to my stall?
All new products must be sited and approved by the market manager prior to being added to your stall.
Please provide photographs (to be kept by management).

Cancellation notification
The deadline for cancellations is 5pm on the Wednesday preceding market day. A cancellation fee
of $35.00 will apply if cancellation is received after this deadline. A cancellation received on Market
Day will be subject to the Full Market Site Fee.

Contact details
Rundle Street Market Office
Jade Ward, Rundle Street Market Coordinator
Adelaide City Council        GPO BOX 2252 Adelaide South Australia SA 5001
(p) 8203 7515
(m) 0429 695 881

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