RAFT POINT 16 04 S 124 27 E – Chart AUS 732 by lindash


RAFT POINT (16 04 S, 124 27 E) – Chart AUS 732

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									            RAFT POINT (16o 04’ S, 124o 27’ E) – Chart AUS 732
Raft Point, at the southern entrance to
Doubtful Bay is one of the more spectacular
anchorages in the Kimberley. Although Raft
Point itself is just a low headland, the high
cliffs to the southeast of the point (below)
tower over a spectacular anchorage.

There are two overnight anchorages around
Raft Point, the main one being in the large
                                    bay immediately east of Raft Point, and the secondary one being
                                    around the corner to the south east in a muddy bay behind a couple
                                    of small rocky islands. The bay to the east of Raft Point is about
                                    30m deep and suitable only for big yachts like the Leeuwin II with a
                                    large anchor winch, so it usually pays to look around for a shallower
                                    spot off the edge of the mudbank anywhere along the southern
                                    shoreline. The anchorages within the bay are well protected from
                                    both the strong easterlies and the westerly seabreeze.

As well as the overnight anchorages in the bay, there is a lunchtime anchorage in the deeply indented bay
at Raft Point, and a second daytime anchorage off the rocky beach directly south of Steep Island.
     Things to See and Do
From the abovementioned rocky beach it is a 10 minute climb up
the steep rocky track to this boab tree (right) where you get a
good view down over Foam Passage and Steep Island. Climbing for
a further 10 minutes up the track you will come to the most
amazing rock art site.

The photos below show just a few of the large figures painted on
the roof and walls of the site.

                      The Raft Point anchorage is also a central take-off point for a number of local
attractions. The Sale River is 15 nm to the NE, Red Cone Inlet is 12 nm ESE, Vinnys Creek is 10 nm to the
south, Montgomery Reef is 15 nm to the WNW and Melomys Island is 20 nm to the west.
           Take a few days to relax and enjoy the attractions at and around Raft Point.

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