Quick Guide to UNSW Online Services for New Students

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					   Quick Guide to
UNSW Online Services
  for New Students

      IT at UNSW

            Rev. 26.11.09
As a new student at UNSW, you will require access to many of the
UNSW online services during your stay here. This brochure was
developed with you in mind and provides an overview of what
services are on offer and how you can access them.

 Username and Passwords
You will need to use your username and password to access the
UNSW Online Services. All UNSW students have a username
based on your seven (7) digit student ID number, prefixed by a
lower case “z”. For example, the username for student ID 1234567
is z1234567. Go to www.it.unsw.edu.au/students/username/

Definition:                      UNSW Password.
Where you                        Unipass is used for accessing myUNSW, Uniwide,
use it:                          Uniweb, online Library service and eLearning.
                                 Go to: www.it.unsw.edu.au/students/unipass/

Definition:                      UNSW Password for new IT services.
Where you                        ZPass is used for accessing zMail, IT self-service
use it:                          website, student labs, website access in selected
                                 Faculties (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, and
                                 the Australian School of Business with more areas
                                 to be added in Session 1, 2010), and other recently
                                 introduced IT online services.
                                 Go to: www.it.unsw.edu.au/students/zpass/

     Reset or Forgotten Password
“IDM self-service” website: www.idm.unsw.edu.au is the easiest
way to obtain your password. IDM self-service is a fast and easy
way to reissue a forgotten password. You can also unlock your
account here. For instructions on how to change your passwords,
visit the UniPass or zPass links above.

  Welcome to UNSW Identity Management
  This site allows you to manage your key identity attributes at UNSW, including your UniPass, ZPass password and UNSW email addresses.

  If you are new to the University and have not yet set up your UniPass password, please click the ‘New User’ link to complete the initial setup process.
  Once you have done this, you can go back to this page and login to start using the services.

  The User ID here is lowercase of ‘z’, followed by your 7-digit UNSW ID, e.g. z1234567, irrespective of what your UniPass Login ID is.
  The Password is your UniPass or ZPass(if you have one already).



    Login        Forgot Your Password?
            Online Services
  UniWide                            Campus Wide Wireless Network.
                   UniWide offers fast, secure wireless network
                   connectivity from a wide range of locations across
                   UNSW’s campuses via any WiFi-enabled laptop or
                   mobile device that supports WPA wireless security.
                   To configure UniWide on your computer; go to:

  UniWeb                              Internet Access for UNSW colleges

                                              UniWeb is available to the following
                                              residential colleges - Kensington
                                              Colleges including Barker Street
                                              accommodation, Shalom College and
                                              some residences in New College. To log
                                              onto UniWeb with your student ID and
                                              UniPass; go to:
                                              For more information; go to
   zMail               UNSW student email system

                                              zMail is available for UNSW
                                              undergraduate students, non-research
               zMail Student & Alumni Login

                                              Postgraduates and Alumni.
                                              To log onto zMail with your student ID
                                              and zPass; go to:
                                              For more information; go to

           IT Self-Service Portal
                                  The IT Self-Service portal allows you
                                  to submit your IT related incidents
                                  or requests to the IT Service Centre.
                                  The portal also allows you to view
                                  and update your existing incidents or
                                  requests and search the IT knowledge
You will need to use your student ID and your zPass to login to this
portal. To use this service; go to: www.servicedesk.unsw.edu.au
For more information, go to:

                      LAWN           SOUTH             SIR JOHN
MORVEN BROWN                                          AUDITORIUM


   JOHN GOODSELL                    BANK
                     LIBRARY     POST                  MATHEWS
                     STAGE 2    OFFICE

                                                FM ASSIST

 JOHN NILAND                   IT SERVICE
   SCIENTIA                      CENTRE

  The IT Service Centre is located on the ground floor of
                   The Library Annex (E21)
  Student Central is located on the lower ground floor of
                    The Chancellery (C22)
FM Assist is located on level 2 of The Mathews Building

        Check our website for opening hours

         IT Service Centre
                   IT Customer Services

               Telephone: 9385 1333
                   Fax: 9385 1537
       Email: ITServiceCentre@unsw.edu.au

                    IT at UNSW

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