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Strawberry Day


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									Strawberry Day:
Important Terms:
• Stamen- male part of the flower
• Pistil- female part of the flower. Consists of the stigma, style, ovary and ovule.
• Pollination- Transfer of pollen from the stamen to the stigma.
• Runners- A creeping stem that roots at intervals along its length
• Crown- Thick area in the center of the plant
• Junebearers- A strawberry plant that only fruits once during the season – usually in
early summer
• Everbearers- A strawberry plant that bears fruit twice during one season- usually in
spring and later in the fall
• Perennial- A plant that lives for two years or more
• Annual- A plant that lives for only one year
See if you can think of and write down the name of a fruit for each letter of
the alphabet.
Answers for abc’s for fruit:
Mrs. Mouse is going to the strawberry patch to pick some
strawberries for lunch. Write a story about her
adventures on the back of this paper. Then color the
Persuasive Writing: Write a letter to your mother to convince her to let you plant
strawberries in the backyard. Give three reasons why this is a fantastic idea!





Choose one of these ideas to complete:

  1. Draw and color a poster showing the benefits of eating

  2. Write a short story from the point of view of the strawberry.

  3. An alien comes to earth and eats a strawberry. Using the five
     senses write about what the alien thinks and feels about this
     delicious fruit. Draw a picture of the alien eating the
     strawberry and color it at the bottom of the page.

  4. Write a poem about the strawberry.

  5. Write an acrostic poem using the letters: s-t-r-a-w-b-e-r-r-y

  6. Draw and label a strawberry.

  7. Make a list of things you could do with a strawberry (at least
     five things).

  8. Make a poster to advertise a holiday for Strawberry Day.
A new eating place has opened up in our town. It’s called Strawberry Café. All it’s
foods are made with strawberries. Make up a menu for Strawberry Café and write what
each food is. (Example: Strawberry Hamburgers: hamburger with strawberries on top)

                         Strawberry Café




Fruit Word Pieces: Draw a line from the
first part of the word to the second part
and write on lines below.
Fact or Opinion (write F or O):

_____1. There are about 200 seeds in a strawberry.

_____2. Fresh strawberries are the best fruit.

_____3. The strawberry is the only fruit with the seeds on the

_____4. One cup of strawberries is about 50 calories.

_____5. Strawberries are a member of the rose family.

_____6. Everyone loves strawberries.

_____7. When they are ripe, strawberries are red.

_____8. Given the right growing conditions, strawberries can
grow “like weeds.”

_____9. Strawberries make great hanging baskets.

____10. Strawberry shortcake is the best dessert.

Strawberry Math:

  1. Monica bought 23 strawberries and ate 15. How many did she
     have left?

  2. Mark bought 15 strawberries and his mother bought 23. How
     many did they have together?

  3. You promised to help pick strawberries. If you get paid
     $2.00 for each bucket of strawberries and you can pick 8
     buckets in one day, how much money will you have at the end
     of the day?

  4. If you pick 8 buckets of strawberries each day for a 5-day
     week. How much money will you have?

  5. If a quart of strawberries will give 5 bowls for dessert, how
     many bowls will five quarts give you?

  6. Maritza, Madison, and Savannah had 27 strawberries. How
     many strawberries will they each get?

  7. Justin, Jacob, and William had 12 strawberries each. How
     many did they have altogether?

  8. Brandi ate 12 strawberries on Monday, 13 on Tuesday, 15 on
     Wednesday, and 11 on Thursday. How many strawberries did
     she eat?
Compound words:
Fill in the blanks with one of these words:

         Strawberry          watermelon           blueberry
         Grapefruit          blackberry           cranberry
         Raspberry           passionfruit         pineapple

  1. It’s usually a dark red and we eat it at Thanksgiving.

  2. It’s a berry that is blue. __________________

  3. Looks like a blackberry, but is rusty red.

  4. It looks like an orange, but it’s larger. _________________

  5. This fruit is so dark it looks black. ____________________

  6. This fruit is green on the outside, has black seeds, and is red
     inside. _____________________

  7. A red fruit that has tiny seeds on the outside.

  8. This fruit looks like a pinecone, but is sweet and yellow.

  9. A fruit that grows on a vine. ________________________
Write a question for each answer
             What is the only fruit that has seeds on the outside?
Question 1: _______________________________________
Answer 1: It is a strawberry.

Question 2: _______________________________________
Answer 2: They are apples.

Question 3: _______________________________________
Answer 3: It’s a bunch of grapes.

Question 4: _______________________________________
Answer 4: They are bananas.

Question 5: _______________________________________
Answer 5: It’s a watermelon.

Question 6: _______________________________________
Answer 6: They are lemons.

Question 7: _______________________________________
Answer 7: It’s a canteloupe.

Question 8: _______________________________________
Answer 8: They grow on trees.

Question 9: _______________________________________
Answer 9: They are orange.

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