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					                                       Health Care
1994 opened first medical center consisting of 6 out patient consulting clinics with
radiology, ultrasound, and lab facility. 2 more similar facilities opened in 1997. Third
facility belonging to my father was expanded from single clinic to size of other facilities in
2000. In 2005 established fifth medical center SADAF ADVANCED MEDICAL CENTER, also
a multi-specialty center with 15 clinics and supported by state of the art diagnostics and
imaging equipment.

Involved with Dr Siddiqa Hospital since 1992 as Managing Director, and then as GM and
Board member since 2006. In addition our company is working at board level and
execution of the hospital’s renovation, upgrade and expansion project and we are the
exclusive project developer of the total project valued at SR 125 million.

Our latest venture is to establish private equity healthcare fund. The concept was
developed by our company and now we have partnered with Haykalah (local financial
advisory) as fund promoter and manager. The fund is expected to launch in the coming
                  Construction, Contracting, & O&M

      Established 1995 construction, contracting, operation & maintenance and with clients
      such as Al Salama Hospital, King Abdulaziz University, Dar Hospital, Al Hada Military.

 Since 2005 we are providing Dr Siddiqa Hospital in Jeddah facility management services,
 and in 2008 we are main project developer for upgrade, renovation and expansion of the
 hospital. The first phase involves total upgrade of the facility as turnkey with addition of
 several new services valued at SR25 million, the project is ongoing and to be completed
 end of 2010. The second phase involves development of 100+ beds tertiary care facility
 valued at SR 100 million. The project is design phase and expected to be commissioned
 by mid 2011.

 From March 2007 we got approved as contractor for renovation works in Saudi Aramco
 PetroRabigh project ($10 billion JV with Sumitomo). This initially involves renovation
 works for their housing community, and allows us to bid for renovation and construction
 projects. Our high quality performance has culminated in long form (3 year+) contract
 for a broad scope of service ranging from concrete works, steel works,
 electromechanical, and building renovations for various sections of the of the facility.

 Our Services:

  -      Turnkey Project Development

  -      Contracting & Construction

  -      Gypsum Boards

  -      Electrical Works

  -      Plumbing Works

  -      Steel Shades & Hangers

  -      Vinyl Flooring – BEAUTY THROUGH ART

  -      Material Supply

Construction & Contracting:

        Dr. Siddiqa Hospital Developer and Contractor turnkey - 140 bed

  -     PetroRabigh Co. (Saudi Aramco - Sumitomo JV) - Renovation works

  -     Renovation of more than 300 projects

  -     Construction of 15 projects scattered between Jeddah and Rabigh
Material / Services Supply:

 -   Dr. Siddiqa Hospital

 -   Al Hidd Co.

 -   SSA General Trading

 -   OISA (Organization of Islamic Shipping Corporation)

 -   ITC

 -   Elaf Travels

 -   Arabian Chemicals Co.

 -   Mahmood Saeed Group

 -   SSA General Trading

Civil Works:

We are experienced in doing large array of civil works such as Excavation, Concrete,
Masonry, Paving, Fencing, Water proofing, Gypsum board, etc. We have executed many
projects to satisfaction of our clients.

Vinyl Flooring of Tiles and Sheets:

We are highly specialized in various type of Vinyl flooring works. We have different
designs and colors of Vinyl tiles and sheets to choose from. Our specialized team has
been trained to carry out this work upto customer requirements.

Nowadays Vinyl has been replacing other tiling materials and carpets. You have to just
state your concept and requirements leaving the rest to us. We fulfill your dreams and
concepts using best of materials and craftsmanship for your full

Plumbing Works:

Modern days plumbing is a very vast and specialized field of engineering. All our jobs
undertaking are precisely designed, drafted and executed as per Saudi standards. Our
highly skilled teams of workers with vast experiences are only to provide the best quality
of work.

We are proud of our highly competent workers as they have successfully completed a
number of projects varying from commercial, residential buildings to hospitals and other

Electrical Works:

We are in Electrical contracting works, having skilled electricians and supervisors. Our
working procedures are very standard. We are in all types of electrical works. We are
specialized in all electrical works for residential, commercial buildings, hospitals, offices
and shops. We carry out electrical works in industrial complexes also.
All electrical work are done as per Saudi standards taking into consideration of all safety

Steel Shades and Hangers:

Our’s is a esteemed Establishment that makes esthetically pleasing, practical and well
engineered structures of steel shades and hangers at an affordable prices. Our
customers are very diversified, asking for varied types of shades. (eg. pool side shade,
mosque front shade, shop front shade, car shade etc.)

We offer a wide range of imaginative options for our customers who have something
different and unusual in mind.
                               IT & Technolgy
1996 started IT Company with focus on healthcare and seed funding for IT projects. We
got deeply involved in development of Hospital Management Information Systems
initially partnering with a company (IDAS) funded by Ray Norda (chairman of Novell),
then funded a HMIS company in 1997 (Empyrean Corp.) in Santa Ana, California to
develop our own software and solutions for healthcare.
Also in 1996 we were awarded ISP project in Pakistan (through Arab Circle) in an
international tender. Our role was turnkey solution – design, procurement, configuration,
installation, and commissioning. Currently this is the one of the premier ISP’s in Pakistan

Since 1996 we appreciated that internet is the right direction to focus our resources, so
by end of 1997 all resources were redirected to build business platform related to
internet with special focus on Saudi Arabia. This effort culminated in formation of Arab
Circle Internet Services Ltd. a premier ISP in KSA. Our vision was to establish a platform
for outsourcing of IT requirements, thus heavy investment in infrastructure was made
(more at www.arabcircle.net.sa). The company was merged with I Visions company one
of the leading e-solutions provider in KSA.

We have been leveraging our various facilities to develop business and do R&D as well
study and test local markets. Thus we have now in depth view of which direction we wish
to pursue. We feel that as Medicine and internet converge there will be tremendous
opportunities for business. Currently our focus is to maximize our assets to develop a
suitable e-health strategy; specifically we are now in process of funding a medical portal
as a vehicle to enter e-health market as we feel that this is most suitable investment.
With this regard we are trying to form alliances /partnerships with various groups or
institutions to create a strong foundation.

Total Solutions Provider:

Total IT Solutions - offering your business custom, corporate level, IT services and
associated services at affordable prices.

We work closely to understand your business needs and your future business plans, so
that we can offer the most realistic and cost-effective IT Solutions, working as your IT
partner or with your IT department.

Our aim is for you to develop your business successfully with the maximum support and
innovation that IT can provide within your budget. The breadth of our services :

  >   Infrastructure
  >   Network
  >   Programming
  >   Security
  >   Web Solutions

Software Development:

Custom software development is a complicated process. A lot of people think that good
technical expertise in software development is sufficient for a project's success.
However, this is not necessarily so. We understand that success comes from thorough
analysis and specification, a well-established development process, knowledge of the
latest technologies, expert management, effective communication, and full-cycle quality
assurance. Here are the main points of our software development policy:
Requirements Analysis:

Detailed requirements analysis and a comprehensive specification are the basis for the
success of the whole software development project. With thorough understanding of
your needs, we can develop a system that you really want and that can make your
business more efficient.

Expert Management:

Our management of software development projects includes scheduling, progress
control, resource and work assignment, and organization of communication and
interfaces between different groups. A project plan, status reports, delivery and cost
tracking are all important for development completion within the estimated time frames
and budget.

Technical Expertise:

In-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and tools is important to finding the best
solution for every client. We are true experts in the development of various Client/Server
multi-tier systems, desktop and Web applications.

Domain Registration & Hosting:

We offer wide range of Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting services
on our multiple Servers for Linux, Windows 2000 & Windows 2003 located in different
data centers around the world.

We have lot of web hosting options to suit every need and budget - economical hosting,
cheap hosting, affordable web hosting - Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, Unlimited
Reseller Hosting, Feature Hosting services for ASP, ASP. net, PHP, JSP/Java, Cold Fusion,
Perl, MS SQL, MS Access, phpmyadmin, MySQL, Cpanel, HELM, Pleask, Ensim, free
hosting, India hosting and many more. SEO Web Hosting services are also available for
search engine optimization experts / SEO Companies /SEO Professionals on different
web hosting servers.

Web Site Design & Development:

We develop that enrich the look of your business and are professionally designed, unique
in style, easy to use, convenient to navigate, fast to load and "search engine ready".
Through communication with you, we obtain an understanding of your business
philosophy and build a Web site for your company that reflects your unique image and
conforms to the needs and goals of your company and clientele. We understand that a
Web site is your tool to tap into the enormous potential of Internet marketing and sales
resources. With this idea in mind, we build Web sites that make businesses successful.

We can either design a new Web site for you from the ground up, or re-design your
current site.
Our Web Site package includes:

  >   Original design
  >   Free revisions
  >   Professional HTML coding
  >   Exclusive graphics
  >   Testing and optimization for Internet Explorer
  >   Built-in META tags
  >   Assistance with upload and installation
Network Solutions:

What are your needs? Are you ready to stop managing separate voice and data
networks? How about your security? Are you compliant with current security regulations
for your industry? Does that even mean your data is truly secure? Does your
infrastructure need to be updated? Would your environment lend itself better to a
wireless network?

Your problems and your needs are our #1 priority. The most important aspect of our
business is learning about your business. We will take a long look at your needs and
your goals. Will your current systems carry you into the future? We will assess your pain
points and your needs, then educate and guide you through the process of choosing
solutions that fit your needs today while anticipating your needs for tomorrow. Our goal
is to create an outstanding reference from every account. In that pursuit, you are our
most important resource.

Our networking solutions meet the unique requirements of your organization, whether it
is a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Wireless Network, Remote Access/VPN,
Converged Technologies (VolP), or any combination. We sell and implements leading
network management solutions.

Hardware Supply:

50% of IT budget is spent on hardware, so the correct investment choices have to be
made. We make buying and administrating hardware technology easier to ensure
customers achieve optimum results at a low total-cost-of-ownership.
Our experts help customers develop and manage a slick portfolio comprising of products
that have been chosen for their availability, compatibility, innovation, longevity, price,
quality, and stability at a competitive price. This is achieved by partnering with
accredited, world-class manufacturers.

In addition, we offer business enhancement solutions and work with our customers
throughout the hardware lifecycle to help improve performance, manage the supply
chain or to provide portfolio management services. Our Solutions Centre provides a
multi-vendor proof of concept facility to fully test, stage and prove new technologies
prior to deployment in a live environment.

Maintenance Service:

We maintain all aspects of your organization’s IT and Communications Network, and
offer a range of tailored Network maintenance services, for example:

  >   Software maintenance
  >   Hardware maintenance
  >   Network maintenance
  >   Managed services
  >   Disaster recovery management.
Customer Reference List:
Below is the brief list of customers for whom we have completed their projects

 -   King Abdul Aziz University Girls College (Jeddah)

 -   Al Akhaa Islamic School (Jeddah)

 -   Jeddah Eye Hospital (Jeddah)

 -   King Faisal Hospital (Jeddah)

 -   King Abdul Aziz Internation Airport Training Center (Jeddah)

 -   General Hospital (Jeddah)

 -   Snabel Mail Tabuk City (Tabuk)

 -   Snabel General Hospital (Jeddah)

 -   King Fahad General Hospital (Jeddah)

 -   General Hospital (Tabala)

 -   Dr Siddiqa Hospital

 -   OISA (Organization of Islamic Shipping Corporation)

 -   ITC

 -   Elaf Travels

 -   Arabian Chemicals Co.

 -   Mahmood Saeed Group

 -   Al Hidd Co.

In addition to above list we have served many individuals and small busniess. We are
earnestly determined to continue to provide our customers with superior services
through committed to qualities.