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									                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Brought to you by John Delavera and Jit Uppal

As someone looking to make a steady and reliable income online, you have most
likely encountered an abundance of opportunities and membership programs
promising fresh content, regular updates, and exclusive offers.

The problem with this is that these programs often leave you scrambling all over the
Internet seeking out products you can promote and sell or hiring freelancers to
create products on your behalf that end up costing you a fortune, while yielding very
little results.

This is one of the reasons Turbo Membership was created. Not only does it offer
access to a wide variety of material that you can use to create a brand all your own,
but with your all-access pass, you are given comprehensive, thorough training on
exactly how to begin your online business career with minimal cost and

By developing a system that allows you room to progress at your own pace while
customizing the program so it better fits your lifestyle, you will stay motivated and on

There is no sense teaching a system that is so rigid that people struggle to fit it into
their daily lives. Turbo Membership is an incredibly feature-laden, yet extremely
flexible, system that works the way you want it to.

Regardless of what level of experience you have or what market you are interested
in, Turbo Membership was designed to be an all-in-one business center that caters
to anyone who is interested in making a lucrative income online.

This is not your average membership website; we hand you every tool and every
resource that you need to build, manage, and control every aspect of your online

                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

business career.

Affiliate Marketers use Turbo Membership to effectively learn how to venture into the
world of Internet Marketing equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to make
a success of it. Even those who have never promoted a product or service
before are able to develop a plan of action that will help them focus their efforts on
successful tactics rather than waste time and energy chasing a dream that is never

Turbo Membership is the ultimate provider – the centralized resource center that is
compiled of essential resources, complete packages, well-crafted products, and solid
information that not only provides initial mentoring for those who have little or no
experience, but gives seasoned marketers the ability to deliver new material to their
own communities on a consistent basis.

Regardless of what you need to enhance your online business, Turbo Membership
comes jam-packed with all of the tools of the trade.

But apart from the vast collection of resources and material that is available to you,
Turbo Membership stands apart from many other online business resource centers
in a variety of different ways.

For instance, as a member, you will be given access to exclusive tools, products,
scripts, and services that were invented by us – and available only to Turbo
Membership subscribers.

You are part of the team, an integral part of our community, and we want to see you
climb to new heights and explore uncharted territory that you may not have been
ready to explore before.

We know that in order to give you a head start and set you on the right path, we
need to equip you with the right tools and provide you with a solid foundation in
which to build on - and that’s exactly what you will find within the walls of our

                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Turbo Membership: The All-In-One Solution

In order to do business successfully online, you need to establish your own web
presence. This means that you need to develop a website that represents you and
your objective – to help people, build a relationship with your customers, and make
money on a consistent basis.

Reliable Hosting Account

Turbo Membership makes this as simple as possible by providing you with an ad-
free hosting account that is instantly set up once you become a member of our
program. Best of all, your hosting account remains entirely free for as long as you
are a member of our community; in fact, there isn’t even a set-up fee – it’s all pre-
paid and ready to go!

You can host as many websites as you wish on this hosting account, enabling you to
cater to a wide variety of niche markets.

And to make things even easier, your hosting account comes pre-loaded with a
variety of scripts that will give you even more flexibility and options when it comes
to your website.

And don’t worry about downtime - Your hosting account is managed by a reliable,
experienced hosting provider that has been catering to high-traffic websites for many
years. They know how to keep your website functioning smoothly with limited
downtime and no concerns of a breakdown from server strain.

You can build your community to be as large as you wish without the fear of having
to upgrade or suffer from sluggish page loads and errors.

It’s as scalable as you need it to be.

                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Fantasos: Complete Business Management

In order to effectively manage your business online, you need to have a reliable
system in place that is structured to handle your products, orders, and even future
Joint Venture Partners. That way, you can easily manage your entire business
within one centralized location.

As a Turbo Member, we set everything up for you at no extra cost by employing the
use of our popular Fantasos, an all-inclusive online management suite.

With Fantasos, you can easily sell any product you wish (on any online server), offer
special coupons to your repeat customers, set up unlimited one-time offers, set up
an unlimited number of shopping carts, and even feature a full-featured affiliate
program, a powerful strategy for successfully promoting your website and generating
new traffic and customers.

Free Professional Autoresponder Account

In the world of online business, an important aspect of getting the most out of your
online efforts is to build and establish a list of active subscribers.

These are people who have joined your list seeking out more information about your
products or services. Developing a relationship with your list will make it easy to
establish a customer base, and subsequently, advertise all your new product
releases from one location.

Turbo Membership has developed a relationship with, the leading
autoresponder service provider, that enables us to offer our members a professional
autoresponder account, absolutely free for as long as you remain a member.
Within minutes of joining, you are able to access your professional autoresponder
account where you can begin to develop campaigns, prepare your follow-up
sequences, and set your list-growing efforts into motion.

                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Private Label Marketers

If you are involved in utilizing Private Label products to make your living online, you
know that offering your subscribers and website visitors in-demand products that are
high quality, conclusive, and comprehensive is an integral part of establishing
credibility in your specific market.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of being a Turbo Membership subscriber:

   • Unique, high-quality ebooks available for download every single month.

   • Pre-written sales pages and professional graphics with source files for easy

   • Complete mini-site designs that complement the ebook titles.

   • Access to additional resell and Master Resell Rights Packages that are
     located within the vault.

   • Instantly gain a competitive edge over other Private Label marketers by
     consistently releasing new material on in-demand, hot topics.

   • Simply adjust the price to whatever you wish, brand the package with your
     name, and upload it to your website – it’s that easy.

Gain the inside advantage by offering fully brandable, high-quality ebook titles that
are exclusive to Turbo Membership subscribers and instantly eliminate the frustration
of seeking out original content that has not been over-saturated or widely distributed.

In addition, you can use these exclusive ebook packages in a variety of ways, such
as breaking up the content for use in mini-reports or as article content, etc.

                      The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Affiliate Marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer or are considering joining the ranks of those earning a
steady income online promoting products and services, Turbo Membership will
quickly enable you to maximize your earnings by paying you 95% for each product
and every package sold.

There is no other program within the Internet Marketing industry that offers full
access to such a large inventory of products at such a lucrative rate.

This means that you will not only be given the opportunity to selectively choose from
hundreds of products that are exclusive to Turbo Membership, but you will earn a
higher commission for every sale made.

In addition, you will also earn a 50% recurring commission for every person you
refer to Turbo Membership for as long as they remain a member.

The earning potential is virtually limitless.

Here are a few of the additional benefits of joining the team:

   • From exclusive scripts, software, audio, video and information-based
     packages, you are given a wide variety of all-inclusive packages to choose
     from, allowing you to generate revenue in every niche market imaginable.

   • Free autoresponder account for use in affiliate marketing campaigns and
     promotions to make it easy to build a list and generate revenue at no cost to

   • Gain instant access to fresh content, including 100’s of articles that can be
     pre-loaded into your autoresponder sequences, setting your affiliate
     marketing business on complete autopilot.

                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

   • Download professional website packages that focus on AdSense,
     Commission Junction, ClickBank, and other high-profit affiliate-based
     marketplaces and start generating additional revenue instantly.

   • Save time by promoting products that have been proven to convert and
     make more money with no research or testing required.

   • Maximize your earning potential by developing high-profit back-end offers
     or focus on generating commissions through lucrative up-sell offers.

   • Use our existing content to power your autoresponder sequences and
     build a reputation for providing value by offering free information prior to
     sending out promotional campaigns.

   • Add as many products to a single website as you wish from a variety of
     sources that are all guaranteed to yield results.

   • Learn additional techniques and tips to successful affiliate marketing by taking
     part in our community forum, while exploring Joint Venture and lucrative
     networking opportunities with other Turbo Membership subscribers.

You will have an unlimited arsenal of high-quality products available at your disposal
for as long as you remain a member of Turbo Membership.

In addition, as a Turbo Membership associate, you will be given access to your own
affiliate control center where you can quickly review your stats, sales, and earnings,
updated in real-time.

                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Niche Marketers

Niche Marketers, who are ready to expand their outreach to include additional
markets that cover a wide variety of topics and subject matter, appreciate the large
collection of content and ebook titles that can be found only within the Turbo
Membership Subscriber Center.

From mainstream topics to micro-niche markets, there is material covering a wide
scope of popular subject matter.

There are literally hundreds of niche market products and complete packages
readily available within the Turbo Membership Subscribers Center.

   • Stay on top of current trends by browsing our product directory and choosing
     lucrative titles that have just been released.

   • Locate hard-to-find information including articles and ebooks on niche
     markets that are outside of the mainstream.

   • Save time and money by gaining instant access to a vast library of high-
     quality ebook packages that come with Private Label and/or Resell Rights.

   • Venture into lucrative markets easier and faster by eliminating the guesswork,
     research, and testing.

   • Gain access to four exclusive, newly-released turnkey websites every
     single month that are focused on popular topics and highly sought-after

   • Generate a passive residual income on a consistent basis quickly and easily.

   • Use the power of unlimited hosting to develop dozens of niche-related
     websites and cater to multiple niche markets at once.

                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Software & Product Developers

If you are someone who is interested in developing scripts or software that you can
sell to your customers and want to save the time, energy, and cost of creating it
yourself (or outsourcing the project), our monthly “Turbo Script & Software” offer will
likely pay for the small cost of our membership plan alone.

Every script or software package that is released was created by my team and me,
and is only available to my members. Best of all, these scripts come with both
Resale Rights and Private Label Rights and are all focused on in-demand
markets, ensuring that they are easy to sell to a wide array of buyers.

Full Source Code Is Available For Many Of The Software And Script Packages.

   • Stand out from the crowd by selling in-demand software titles that were
     developed by seasoned programmers.

   • Gain access to exclusive scripts that are available only to Turbo
     Membership Subscribers – and establish credibility in the development
     industry instantly.

   • Modify, edit, and improve the scripts and software by taking advantage of a
     rare opportunity to access full source code for every software release.
     Repackage these products as your very own!

   • Develop a brand quickly by selling personal or business licenses to your
     software and scripts and generate additional revenue by offering Resell or
     Private Label Rights to your customers.

   • Use the existing source code as a foundation in which to develop additional
     scripts and software that are released under your company name.

   We are consistently adding new software and scripts to the members’ center
   every single month, giving you additional options and product ideas to build on.

                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Article Marketers

If you are someone who uses article content as a way of generating traffic to your
websites, Turbo Membership provides all of the content you need.

From Unrestricted Private Label Rights to instant access of over 1000
‘recycled’ articles, you are given full control over how you put this content to work
for you!

Here are just a handful of ways that Article Marketers gain the inside advantage by
being a member of Turbo Membership:

   • Gain exclusive access to original content that can be used to power blogs,
     websites, newsletters, and more! Eliminate the frustration of keeping your
     blogs fresh by instantly plugging in fresh, relevant content.

   • You are given full control over every article package and can modify, edit,
     or customize the content however you wish.

   • Compile ebooks and reports from the vast collection of article content and
     quickly build a list or pre-sell potential customers with minimal effort.

   • Build an unlimited number of Squidoo lens by using the content within these
     article packages and develop backlinks to your website instantly.

   • Power your autoresponder sequences with fresh content and pre-load your
     newsletters to deliver articles on a regular basis so you can build a reputation
     with your list.

   • Plug the content into article directories and information marketplaces so you
     can generate targeted traffic to your websites regularly.

*Recycled Articles are content packages derived from external membership

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                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Industry Writers

Whether you are a seasoned writer or you struggle to come up with new ideas or
fresh information, Turbo Memberships’ Subscribers Center will help you broaden
your outreach by generating new ideas and providing access to high-quality content
written by experienced writers.

Never experience writer’s block or struggle through tedious keyword research or
niche market analysis again.

   • Gain access to pre-tested, pre-researched content and ebook packages and
     save hours of time and effort.

   • Generate new ideas for content by browsing our collection of ebooks, reports,
     and other information products. Use existing material to instantly develop new
     titles or bundle articles together to generate lengthy reports and
     comprehensive ebooks that you can sell as your own.

   • Save money by eliminating the need to outsource additional writers by taking
     advantage of our own writing team who has crafted high-quality articles on
     every subject imaginable.

   • Work less, earn more – by accessing brand new turnkey websites every
     month that come equipped with built-in RSS generators and have dozens of
     articles with full reprint rights included.

   • If you are far too busy to grow your own community or build your own list
     because you spend so much time developing content for your clients, now
     you can start focusing on your own projects as well by utilizing our high-
     quality content to pre-fill your websites or to build a subscriber list.

You are given complete rights to every article package and can instantly brand
and release the content under your own name.

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                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Web Designers

The Turbo Membership Subscribers Center features a brand new bundle of
professional templates available for instant download every single month.

Whether you have always struggled to design a professional, user-friendly layout or
you are a seasoned designer who wants to be able to save time by instantly
uploading pre-created designs that can be easily modified and customized, this
package will make things fast and easy.

   • Download premium templates that will showcase your brand in a
     professional way and instantly expand your brand.

   • Gain access to exclusive template designs and partnering graphic
     packages that will create an instant presence regardless of your market.

   • Easily customize, modify, or edit the template designs and graphics using the
     source files that are included in every package.

   • Generate additional revenue by selling individual licenses to these
     templates to your customers with full resale rights packages available!

In addition to our premium template releases, you are given instant access to over
50 ‘recycled’ templates absolutely free.

Every single one of our featured template packages was developed by experienced
designers with a strong focus on usability, flexible navigation, and cosmetic appeal.

They are exceptionally easy to customize and maintain. Furthermore, there are a
wide variety of template layouts available for those that prefer specific styles.

*Recycled templates are pre-designed packages that were compiled from various,
external membership websites.

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                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

AdSense Marketers

Developing websites that feature AdSense advertising is a lucrative method to
generating additional streams of income easily.

Turbo Membership caters to AdSense marketers by providing them with a tool-chest
of valuable resources that make it easy to build dozens of targeted AdSense-based
websites with minimal effort.

Here are a few ways that AdSense Marketers are putting Turbo Membership to
work for them:

   • Download pre-designed AdSense-based templates that come pre-loaded with
     high-quality, well-written content.

   • Increase your AdSense revenue by using layouts that are focused on
     maximizing your click-through rate.

   • Earn revenue from alternative advertising systems including ClickBank,
     Amazon, and Commission Junction with additional templates targeting a wide
     range of niche markets and subject matter.

   • Save time and money by completely eliminating the need to outsource
     work to designers or writers.

   • Create a large network quickly by spending only a few minutes customizing
     the templates and uploading them to your free hosting account, included
     with your subscription to Turbo Membership.

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                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

Resellers & Master Resellers

Generating fresh material isn’t always the easiest job, especially when you are
interested in releasing new content on a regular basis. As a Turbo Membership
subscriber, you are no longer required to join multiple membership-based websites
in order to gain access to high-quality packages because your subscription gives you
access to our entire e-product library that features a large variety of products and
packages that you can offer resell rights to.

Here are just a few of the many different content module types available:

   •   Video packages, including training and tutorial-based video productions.
   •   Audio packages featuring high-quality sound and unique material.
   •   Hundreds of EBooks, Reports, and Articles that you can offer licenses to.
   •   Full template and design packages that include professional graphics.
   •   Fully functional, exclusive Scripts and Software with full source code.
   •   And much more.

If you were to purchase these products yourself, they would quickly amount to
thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks.

Thankfully, as a Turbo Membership subscriber, you only need to join one community
to be given access to many of the popular products distributed all over the Internet,
as well as products that are hard to find or are extremely costly.

In addition, Turbo Membership features a unique credit-based marketplace where
you are able to use assigned credits to download additional material. Simply cash in
your points for selected products and gain instant access to over 100 additional
packages, many with full private label rights, resale rights, and master resale rights.

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                    The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

The Many Faces Of Turbo Membership

Turbo Membership has been online for three years. Throughout that time, we have
helped hundreds of people, just like you, start successful online careers. These are
people who tried other resources, who attempted to figure it out alone, and who had
struggled, some of them for years, just trying to make a living online.

The reason that we are consistently successful in helping people make progress in
their dreams of financial success is because we know that people need a complete
learning center. Instead of handing you bits and pieces of the puzzle, we give you
everything you need to get started and to continue growing – all in one location.

As a member, you can rest assured that you are joining a program that is constantly
evolving, and as the industry trends change and new resources become available,
we pass this material, this knowledge, and these tools onto our subscribers so that
they stay up-to-date and are able to compete within any niche market that they
choose to serve.

The Turbo Membership Community Forum

As part of the Turbo Membership program, you are also given full access to our
community forum. This is a powerful aspect of the membership program because,
not only are you able to meet and network with other members who are involved in
the same niche markets as you are or are at the same level of the learning phase as
you are, but you are also able to receive personal assistance from me.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is a very important part of ensuring
that you stay motivated and on track. In addition to being given access to a full
support system, you can also network with others to generate new ideas, develop
new products, or form joint ventures with other marketers and business

This forum is only accessible to Turbo Membership subscribers and features

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                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

additional categories that make it easy for you to post questions, share knowledge
and information, and learn from others who you meet along the way.

And in the spirit of giving (which is what Turbo Membership is all about), you will also
earn points for participating in the forum by posting topics, responding to existing
threads, and assisting other Turbo Members whenever you can.

And to keep it fun, if ever you end up with the most points in any given month, you
will be rewarded with $97.00, which equates to one month’s full access – free!

From the “Factory of Turbo Ideas”, a section dedicated to creating new products,
to “The Directory Of Internet Marketing Professionals”, a section featuring a
large variety of Internet Marketers who may be available for partnership, the
resources contained within our forum alone will quickly become a valuable asset in
your business arsenal.

Help When You Need It

We put all of the resources into place so that you are able to develop a solid
business plan and take action easily by following our blueprint to success, which is
completely laid out for you and designed so that even the most novice of users can
understand and implement the methods and techniques that are available.

As someone who has been working online now for many years, and who was once
completely new to the world of online business, I know that despite being given all of
the tools, there are times where you just might need a bit of extra help.

That is why I have set up a support system that offers you a variety of options in
which to receive personal assistance. As mentioned earlier, you can easily connect
with other Turbo Membership subscribers via our forum, contact my team and me via
email, or can request support via our integrated help desk, 24 hours a day – 7 days a

However, the level to which we offer support and assistance doesn’t end there.

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                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

We have also developed a method of offering consistent training and updates to our
entire community via the power of Live Conferences, workshops and group

We hold two conferences and one 4-6 hour hands-on workshop every month, and to
ensure that we include members from different time zones, these conferences and
workshops are held at two different times.

You can check for upcoming conference times by reviewing our schedule inside of
the Turbo Membership Subscriber Center.

Need to actually see how to do something? We also offer 1 on 1 help in the
conference room where a member of my team will walk you through each step of the
process. Just contact my team and we will schedule an appointment at a time that is
convenient for you.

In addition to all of the many flexible and reliable support options that are available to
you, you can also reach my team via Skype for live help on specific weekdays.

As you can see, we go the extra mile in every way that we can to help you not only
get started on the right path, but also to ensure that you stay focused and on track
every step of the way.

Join The Turbo Membership Family Today!
From reading through this introduction to the Turbo Membership, you should have a
firm understanding of all the many different elements that are available to you.

When I initially developed Turbo Membership, my objective was to build a
community that encompassed everything associated to building a successful
business online without forcing my subscribers to get additional providers for
essential tools or services that are needed in order to make the most of your online

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                     The Newbies Guide To Turbo Membership

From beginning to end, I tackled every piece of the puzzle, from developing
appealing products that I could hand over to you and know that you would be proud
to sell – right down to offering you a simple, hands-free method of building a website,
managing your business, and eventually expanding on your business model to
include new markets, and with it, new opportunities.

My vision came to life when Turbo Marketing launched with wide reception. People
who had struggled for years to build an identity online were finally able to understand
the concept behind becoming successful, and by following along with me every step
of the way, they were able to transform from newcomer to seasoned professional in
a very short amount of time.

Most of these people are still active Turbo Members to this day because they know
that there are very few places online that offer such a vast collection of resources
and is led by a team that consistently works to keep the membership program fresh
and ever-evolving.

If you are interested in saving time and money and you are ready to begin your
journey into the world of Internet Marketing with a solid system in place, you will find
Turbo Membership an essential partner in your success.

John Delavera

    Visit To Create Your Account
    Instantly – And Start Developing Your Online
                    Business Today!

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