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					                                  SAC Minutes
                                October 13, 2005
                            Carnegie Conference Room

Attendees: Sandra Blossey, Tina Dow, Karla Knight, Nadine Figaro,
Cindy Griffin, David Plotkin, Carla Rackley, Erika Shoemaker, Oliver Yao,
Maria Martinez

   1. Meeting was called to order and last month’s minutes were approved.

   2. Fire Hazards - There have been several concerns about candles being used in
      offices. Residential Life does not allow students to burn candles so the same
      policy may be applied to Faculty and Staff. Halogen lights will also be included
      on the policy due to the fact that they too can be a fire hazard. During the
      discussion it was mentioned that some departments use space heaters and would
      those be included in the policy. Maria will bring this forward. This policy is not
      in affect yet but it is in the works at this time.

   3. Smoking policy – There are concerns about smoking near doors and loggias.
      Rollins has had a policy of no smoking in buildings since 1989. It was discussed
      about making the College a non-smoking campus however it was felt that it was
      not a good idea to do this. It was suggested that the ashtrays be moved away from
      the areas of concern and the message should go out that smoking is not permitted
      within 20 ft of entry ways and loggias.

   4. Donation – The funds used for the holiday gifts (popcorn cans or fruit baskets) for
      faculty and staff will be going to the Red Cross for Katrina victims.

   5. The Staff Mixer – all committee members were asked to get two gift donations for
      the drawing being conducted during the Staff Mixer. Some of the companies are
      Tupperware, Sodexho, Follette, Tropical Smoothie, Luma, Orlando Ale House,
      Cingular, Darden, Rollins Athletics, Disney, Universal, and Peter Brook. Each
      person should e-mail Tina with the name of the companies and what is being
      donated which will be sent to Maria for the announcements.

   6. It was suggested that we should have an ''adopt a holiday". For those employees
      that work the holidays ( Campus Security ), those individuals who choose the
      holiday would bring food to those working (usually three officers in each shift) to
      make their holiday special.

   7. It was mentioned that Maintenance is short handed right now so let everyone
      know to be aware and not get upset if things are not done right away.

   8. Information on health insurance will be out sometime in January.

   9. Weight Watchers – 26 people joined this weekly meeting. Dawn is promoting the
      walk program. The health fair will be in February and volunteers are needed.

10. Leadership – A new advanced leadership academy is in the works for spring.
    Over 100 persons have attended the leadership academy since it started. Matt is
    working on a monthly or bi-monthly meeting with a special speaker for everyone
    who has attended the academy.

11. It is official – December 28 is an official day off for the Campus. PTO time will
    not be used.