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					                             R o b in s o n s
                           Xmas List 2009
These are available in Whole & Sliced                                 COOKED JOINTS
Parma h am x 250g & 5kg Piece                                         Tu rkey Bu tterfly
Bayonne Ham x 500g pre order only                                     B eef
Serrano Ham x 500g                                                    Farmh ou se Ham
M i la n o S a la m i x 5 0 0 g o r 3 k g w h o le
Mortadella x 300g or 2kg wh ole
Tu rkey x 500g                                                        UNCOOKED JOINTS
B e e f x 50 0 g                                                      Tu rkey
H a m x 50 0 g                                                        Pork Loin
Corn Beef x 500g                                                      Horsesh oe Gammon
W h o le , S li c e d & D i c e d P a n c e t t a x 5 0 0 g
Streaky Bacon
B a c o n x 5 lb P a c k
Pastrami Brisket wh ole
                                    Ch icken Liver x 1.5kg (smooth )
                                  Country Style Terrine x 1.5k g (coarse)
                                               Du c k x 2 k g

       2 + 1 FR E E          Ardenne, Bru ssels & Duck L orange Pate x 1kg 2 + 1 FREE
                                               3 F O R £1 8 . 0 0
                                         Fresh & Frozen Fish
  Coldwater Prawns x 2.5k g, S liced Smoked Salmon, Salmon Fillet, F resh Gravadlax,
 Smoked h alibu t, Halibu t Steaks, Connemara Wh ole Sh ell Mu ssels 1kg x 5, New Zealand
 Half Sh ell Mu ssels x 1kg, Crevettes cooked & u ncooked, Sevru ga Caviar, Black & Red
           Lu mp Fish Roe Caviar x 50g & Belu ga ( To Order) as very expensive.
    For all Fresh prepared fish ring Matty or Freddie 690034 or 433321

                                          ALL ORDERS 690000
We have a large selection of Knorr Soups x 2kg & Bread Selection
  Ch ef Ch oice Mini Rolls, Petit Pain, Flavou red Bloomers & Petit Pains Brown & Wh ite.

                                            Buffet Selection
Fish Buffet Table
M a n x S li c e d S m o k e d S a lm o n                     Buffet Table
Manx Qu eenie Spring Rolls                                    Bu ffet Pork Pies x 36 Only £12.50
Roll Mop Herrings                                             Gala Pork Pie x 18
Anch ovy s in oil                                             Cooked Ch icken Satay Skewers
Sardines in Oil                                               Sau sage Rolls x 50 Only £2.49
C o c k le s                                                  Ch icken Dru msticks
Mu ssels                                                      C o c k t a i l S a u s a ge s
Torpedo Prawns
S e a fo o d C o c k ta i l
Crab Meat

                                              Buffet Table
                               Spring Rolls ONLY £2.75 X 60 PIECES
                                           Ch icken Dippers
                                 Samosas ONLY £2.75 X 60 PIECES
                                            Ch icken Wings
                             Mixed Crolines Cu rry & Salmon x 90 £22.50
                                             Onion Bh ajis
                                      Breaded Mozzarella Sticks
                                          Ch inese Dim Su ms
                                  Torpedo Breaded King Prawns
                                              V o l a u V e n ts
                                  (King Size, Mediu m & Party Size)
                                            Assorted Su sh i

                                             Quiches x 12
                  Broccoli & Stilton, Lorraine, Ch eese & Onion & Tomato & Basil

                                            Xmas Essentials
                                    Pigs In Blankets cooked x 100
                             Sage & Onion Stu ffing Balls 28-30g x 4kg (133)
                                              M i n c ed M eat
                                            Redcu rrant Jelly
                                            Cranberry sau ce
                                      Sage & Onion Stu ffing 2.5kg
                                         Bisto Tu rkey Granu les
                                       ALL ORDERS 690000
                      Prepared Vegetables, Salads & Fruits
   B a l l a p a d d a g a i m s t o u s e a s m u c h M a n x p r o d u c e a s p o s s i bl e & s u p p o r t s
                                               L oc al F ar m e r s.
             All products are fresh ly prepared on th e premises on a daily basis.
                            Please give 24h r notice wh ere possible.
   Th is is only a small list of wh at we th ink will be needed over th e Xmas period if you
        requ ire anyth ing different please ju st ask ou r Tele-Sales Team on 690000

          Prep Veg                                            Salads                                  F ru i t
M A N X P e e le d P o t a t o e s x 5 k g      M A N X P o t a t o S a la d x 2 k g          M e lo n B a lls x 5 lt r
               £4.20                                           £3.95
MANX Baton Carrot x 2 .5kg                              C o le s la w x 2 k g             Grapefru it Segments x 5ltr
               £3.50                                           £3.95
     Sliced Leeks x 2.5kg                            P a s t a S a la d x 2 k g            Orange Segments x 5ltr
        Prep Parsnips                           M e x i c a n R i c e S a la d x 2 k g     Fresh Fruit Salad x 5ltr
Baby Roast Potatoes x 2.5kg                      Th ree Bean Salad x 2kg
Sliced Red & Wh ite Onions x                      Waldorf Salad x 2kg
MANX Diced Carrot & Swede                      B o m b a y P o t a t o S a la d x 2 k g
           x 2.5kg
 Ch âteau x Potatoes x 2.5kg                   Pasta & Prawn Salad x 2kg
      Prepared Sprou ts                      Mediterranean Pasta Salad x 2kg
    Broccoli Florets x 2.5k g                 Celery, Nu t & Su ltana Salad x
 Cau liflower Florets x 2 .5kg                      Greek Salad x 2kg

            We also have a large stock of Frozen Vegetable lines.

                                             ALL ORDERS 690000
              Freezer to Table Desserts
·   Baileys Amaretti Mountain x 16 presliced £17.95
·   Caramel Coffee Mountain x 16 presliced £17.95
·   Raspberry & White Chocolate Mountain x 16 £17.95
·   Double Chocolate Caramel Fudge Mountain x 16 £16.95

·   Irish Whiskey Log - 16 portion whole £14.95
·   Double Chocolate Fudge - 16 portion presliced £15.95
·   Banoffi Banoffi - 16 portion presliced £15.95
·   Chocolate & Toffee Bombe - 16 portion pre sliced £15.95
·   Fresh Lemon Pavlova 14 portion whole £15.95
·   Knights in White Satin 18 portion presliced £18.00
·   Chocolate & Rum Log 16 portion whole £14.95
·   Belgian Chocolate Bombe 16 portion presliced £14.95
    American Chocolate Fudge 16 portion presliced £15.95
·   Black forest Gateau x 16 presliced £15.95
·   Tiramisu x 14 presliced £15.95
·   Lemon Cream Meringue x 16 presliced £16.00
·   Honeycombe Snowball x 16 whole £14.95
·   Bananarama x 16 presliced £16.00

                 Traditional Desserts
v   Strawberry Gateau 16 portion whole £16.00
v   Mandarin Exotique 16 portion whole £15.95
v   Bramley Apple Pie - 14 portion Whole £10.95
v   American Caramel & Pecan Pie 12 portion presliced £20.80
v   Profiteroles 130 per box £19.95
v   Raspberry Harmony 16 portion whole £16.00
v   Summer Fruit Pavlova 14 portion whole £15.95
v   Profiterole Paradise x 16 presliced £16.95
v   Lemon Meringue Pie x 16 whole £12.95
v   Raspberry Pavlova x 14 whole £15.95
v   Carrot Cake x 16 presliced £13.95

·   Baileys Cheesecake 16 portion presliced £16.00
·   Chocolate Cheeseflake 14 portion presliced £14.95
·   Lemon Brulee Cheesecake x 16 whole £17.95
·   Lemon Cheesecake x 16 presliced £14.95
·   Strawberry Cheesecake x 16 whole £16.95
·   Raspberry Cheesecake x 16 whole £15.95
·   Mandarin Cheesecake x 16 £15.95

                     Sarah s Range
v   Chocolate Fudge gateau x 14 £10.95
v   Lemon Cheesecake x 14 £10.95
v   Blackforest gateau x 14 £10.95
v   Blackcurrant Cheesecake x 14 £10.95
v   Strawberry Cheesecake x 14 £10.95
v   Strawberry gateau x 14 £10.95

                            ALL ORDERS 690000
                 Individual Desserts
v Dairy Cream Chocolate Éclairs x 16 £13.50
v Vanilla, Custard Slices x 24 £17.95

                 Saucy Hot Pudding Range          All £14.95
    Chocolate Pudding & Chocolate Sauce 12 individual puddings
    Spotted Dick & Custard 12 individual puddings
    Treacle Pudding & Golden Syrup 12 individual puddings
    Toffee Pudding & Toffee Sauce 12 individual puddings
    Chocolate & Orange Pudding x 12 individual puddings

    Apple Crumble 12 individual puddings £13.95
    Rhubarb Crumble 12 individual puddings £13.95

                 Novelty Children s Ice Creams
·   Marty   Chocolate Ice Cream x 12 £15.00
·   Kuaky   Strawberry Ice Cream x 12 £15.00
·   Punky   Vanilla Ice Cream x 12 £15.00

            The Handmade Cake Company Slices x12 Pre-sliced
                            Caramel Shortbread x 12
                            Lemon & Lime Slices x 12
                         Raspberry & Coconut Slices x 12
                              Boston Brownie x 12
                              Apple Shortcake x 12
                           Blackcherry & Almond x 12

                               Quiche x 12 x 1.4kg
                              Broccoli & Stilton £12.95
                               Cheese & Onion £12.95
                               Tomato & Basil £12.95
                                  Lorraine £12.95

                                  Waldrons Pies
                              Steak & Ale Pie x £14.95
                        Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Pie £14.95

                                   Ice Cream
             Ellan Vannin x 4ltr, Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla £5.40
                     Ellan Vannin Mint Choc Chip x 4ltr £5.50
                      Diabetic Vanilla Ice Cream x 1ltr £4.20
         Ellan Vannin x 5ltr Napoli, Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla £7.50

                      Orange & Lemon Sorbet x 2ltr x £4.00

                           · NO DEFROST NECESSARY
                       v    TOTAL DEFROST REQUIRED
                           MICROWAVE FROM FROZEN

                            ALL ORDERS 690000
Coles Xmas Logs x 1.25k g                     Custards & Coulis
Lyons Mince Pies x 18                         Birds Ready Custard x 1ltr
Waldron s Profiteroles                        Brandy Sau ce x 1ltr
Dou ble Ch oc Fudge Cake                      Meadowland Cream x 1ltr
Lemon Meringu e Pies                          Glendylite x 1ltr
C h ees ec ak es                              Mango, Raspberry & Blackcu rrant Cou lis x 1ltr

 Meringues, Pastry Cases, Brandy Snaps & Choc Cups etc
                                 Meringu e Cases 27 x 3 8
   Tartlet Cases x 244, x 144, x 96 all of th ese can be in pu rch ased in Sweet & Savou ry
            Marie Ch arlotte Ch ocolate Cu ps, Petit Fou rs Assorted Ch oc Cups,
   Brandy Snap Baskets, Lady Fingers, Fan wafers, Wh ite & Dark Ch ocolate Cigarettes,
                     Su gar Cu rls, Sponge layers ch ocolate & plain.

                    Cheese, Biscuits & After Dinner Mints
             Below is only a Small selection of cheese available.
Brie 200g & 3kg                                     Jacobs Ch eese Crackers x 1kg
M i ld R e d C h e d d a r x 3 k g                  Fudges Biscu it Selection
Mild Wh ite Ch eddar x 3kg                          Family Circle x 1kg
Matu re Ch eddar x 3kg                              Ch ocolate Assorted Petit Fou rs x 77
S m o k e d A p p le w o o d x 2 k g                Mint Imperials
Goats Log x 1kg                                     Twigh ligh t Mints
Port Salu t x 2kg                                   Mint Crisps
Camembert x 2kg
S t i lt o n W e d g e s & H a lv e s
Wensleydale & Apricots
Wensleydale & Cranberries
Roqu efort
Yorkshire Blu e

 If you would like to order any Specific Cheeses, Poultry & Game
             please ring Janna on 690025 or 460227
                                        ALL ORDERS 690000
                   Xmas Crackers
                             X m a s C r a ck e r 1 0 x 5 0 £ 9 . 9 9 + v a t
                             X m a s C r a ck e r 1 1 x 5 0 £ 1 2. 9 5 + v a t
                             X m a s C r a ck e r 1 2 x 5 0 £ 1 9 . 9 5 + v a t
                                    A s s o r te d B al l o o n s x 5 0 PO A
                                  Pa r t y h a t s 4 x 7 2 £ 24 . 0 0 + v a t
    H o l l y G r e e n N a p k i n s 2 p l y x 4 0 cm x 4 0 cm 20 0 0 s , W h i t e 2 p l y & R e d
                                                   N ap k in s
                                        Please order
                                        Please order

B a llo o ns                       C h ri s t m a s T re e s                      W re a t h s

F l o ra l A rra n g e m e n t s                        F ru i t B a s k e t s

                                             H a m p e rs

  For your Floral Arrangements, Hampers & Fruit Baskets ring
                       623044 option 1
  Or visit or for
                      Christmas Bouquets

 Come & Visit our Christmas Tree Park from End of November &
     our Catering Centre Open Monday to Sat 8am 5pm

                                      ALL ORDERS 690000
          Xmas & New Year
           Opening Times

 We would like to take this opportunity to
thank you for your continued custom during
2009 & look forward to being of service to
               you in 2010.

            Xmas Eve Close 1pm
              Xmas Day Closed
             Boxing Day Closed
  Monday 28th December Open as Normal
           New Years Day Closed
 Business to resume as normal from Saturday
              2nd January 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from
all the Staff & Management at Robinsons

               ALL ORDERS 690000

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