District III SEASON SUNSET CHAMPIONS’ CUP
The tournament will be played in accordance with FIFA rules as modified by CYSA and with the
changes and additions listed below.

1. Tournament Information

Name of Tournament: District III Season Sunset Champions’ Cup
Name of Hosting League: San Ramon and Mustang Soccer
Date of Tournament: December 1st & 2nd, 2007. Rain Dates (U10/12): December 8th & 9th, 2007
       NOTE: U14s play rain or shine (turf field)
Number of Teams: 48
Age Groups, Division & Gender: U10, U12, U14 Division 4 “Enhanced Rec” Boys and Girls
Approved to host teams from: CYSA District III
Tournament website address: None

2. Tournament Director Information

Name: Chris Hayes
Mailing Address: 1030 Vista Monte Drive, San Ramon CA, 94582
Phone: 925-833-1209         FAX: 925-361-0817

3. Fees

$195.00 per team. Check should be made payable to San Ramon Soccer Club, and mailed to the
address in Section 2.

4. Guest Player Policy

No Guest Players will be accepted in this tournament, except as noted below.

Clubs that operate U10 with less than eight players on the field at any one time, or U12 or older with
less than eleven players on the field at any one time, will be permitted to ADD players to a team roster
to bring the roster up to a maximum of 18 players. (For U10, the recommended roster size is 12
players; for U12/14, it is 16 players). In increasing the roster size from that used during the regular
league season replacement of player(s) on a team roster is not permitted. Player(s) added to a team’s
roster must be on the roster of a team playing in the same League and Division as the team to which the
player is to be added, and the player’s date of registration with the League must be at least 30 days
prior to the date on which the player ADD is made.

Number of players on the field at any one time: U10: 8 (eight); U12/U14: 11 (eleven).
5. Application Information and Deadline

Tournament application deadline: November 19th, 2007.

A team applying after the deadline may be considered only if there are any existing vacancies and if no
timely applicants are rejected in order to accommodate a late application. The Tournament Director
will not consider applications if they are incomplete or if not accompanied by the correct entry fee.

6. Process for Selecting Teams for Tournament Entry

Generally, the Champion team that plays in each Club’s Enhanced Recreational program, or
equivalent, or as nominated by that Club.

At the discretion of the Tournament Director, one or more additional entry opportunities at one or more
age groups may be offered to a Club.

A qualifying or nominated team may still participate if it has participated in no more than two (2)
Division 3 tournaments during the current playing season.

7. Refund Policy

No refunds after an approved application has been received by the tournament.

8. Withdrawal Policy

Any team withdrawing from the tournament must do so by a written notice sent certified mail, return
receipt requested, or by a commercial courier service, and postmarked (or deposited with the courier)
no later than 14 days prior to the tournament start date.

9. Tournament Locations

Tournament Check-in: 2206 Camino Ramon, Suite B, San Ramon CA, 94583
Playing field sites:
        U10: Pine Valley Middle School, Pine Valley Road (at Broadmoor), San Ramon
        U12: Athan Downs, Montevideo (at Davona), San Ramon (Tournament Headquarters)
        U14: Sycamore Park, Camino Tassajara, Danville.

10. Credential Requirements

The following credentials must be presented at the mandatory team credentials check-in:

A. An official team roster, including any applicable player ADD forms, player transfer forms or adult
   add forms, stamped and signed by the appropriate League and District Registrar or officials.
B. A US Youth Soccer member pass from the same seasonal year for each player, properly signed,
   stamped and approved by all required League and District Registrar or officials.
C. A US Youth Soccer membership form with the medical release and hold harmless declarations
   signed in original ink by the parent or guardian for each player.
D. At least one US Youth Soccer Coach or Assistant Coach pass from the same seasonal year,
   properly signed, stamped and approved by all required League and District Registrar or officials.
E. In addition to being checked at the pre-tournament credentials check-in, all member passes will be
   checked prior to the beginning of each match.

11. Mandatory Check-In

Each team is required to have their team credentials checked at a mandatory pre-tournament check-in.
This check-in will be held at:

Location: 2206 Camino Ramon, Suite B, San Ramon CA, 94583
Date: November 30th, 2007         Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Teams failing to attend the mandatory check-in without prior approval of the Tournament Director may
forfeit their games (at the discretion of the Tournament Director).

Player safety checks and roster validation shall be performed by the Referee on the field prior to each

12. Length of Games

U10: All non-Championship/Consolation games shall consist of two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute
half time. Championship and Consolation games shall be 25-minute halves with a 5-minute half time.

U12: All non-Championship/Consolation games shall consist of two 25-minute halves with a 5-minute
half time. Championship and Consolation games shall be 30-minute halves with a 5-minute half time.

U14: All non-Championship/Consolation games shall consist of two 30-minute halves with a 5-minute
half time. Championship and Consolation games shall be 35-minute halves with a 5-minute half time.

At the discretion of the Tournament Director (or delegate), Field Director or Referee, games may be
shortened in order to accommodate schedule requirements or due to field conditions, inclement
weather or darkness, subject to a shortened game consisting of two halves of equal length. Similarly,
any overtime periods played may be shortened or eliminated completely, but where played overtime
periods are to be of two equal periods.

The Referee is responsible for signaling the start of the game, the recommencement of the game after
halftime, and for timekeeping during the game. Time shall not be added to any game for injury or

Other than for the Championship or Consolation games, ties will stand. If a Championship or
Consolation game is tied at the end of regulation play, two 5-minute overtime periods (not “Golden
Goal”) will be played. If still tied, the game shall be decided by kicks from the mark per FIFA rules.

                             PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED!

13. Mandatory Rest Periods
Teams must be given a minimum rest period of two hours between games. The rest period will
commence when a team’s match ends and will end when the team’s subsequent match begins.

14. Substitutions

Unlimited substitutions are allowed with the approval of the Referee in the following situations:
       Prior to throw-in for one’s own team;
       Prior to goal kick by either team;
       After a goal by either team;
       At the start of the second half of play;
       At the beginning of either half of overtime play; and
       After an injury, either team per FIFA rules.

15. Ejections

Any player, coach, assistant coach, or registered team official ejected from the game shall
automatically be suspended from their next game. A player or registered team official that is ejected
from a game with a straight red card (player; i.e., not as a result of two yellow cards received in one
game) or without a prior verbal warning (registered team official) shall automatically be suspended
from the next TWO games. A player that receives two yellow cards in the tournament, or a registered
team official that receives two cautions, shall automatically be suspended from the next game. For the
purposes of calculating disciplinary action for the application of this rule, two yellow cards (player) or
two verbal warnings (registered team official) received in the same game shall be treated as a single
instance (ejection).

The Referee shall provide a written or verbal report to the Tournament Director at the completion of
the relevant game; the Tournament Director shall review the circumstances and determine if any
additional suspension shall apply for the duration of the tournament. The Tournament Director shall
have the authority to extend the suspension as deemed necessary, applying CYSA procedure Section
4:08 in determining disciplinary action. In addition, a Send-off Report shall be forwarded by the
Referee to CYSA in accordance with CYSA procedures. All send-offs shall be reported to CYSA by
the Tournament Director and any player/coach pass shall be forwarded to the appropriate District
Commissioner on all suspensions that have not been completed during the tournament. Additional
disciplinary action is at the discretion of the District or CYSA disciplinary committees.

16. Points Scoring

Points shall be scored based on the following system:
        6 points for a win
        3 points for a tie
        1 point for a shutout (0-0 is considered a shutout)
        0 points for a loss
        1 point for each goal scored (maximum of 4 per game)
        3 points deduction for each red card
        1 point deduction for each goal in excess of a 5 goal differential per game

The maximum points possible in any game is 11 points.
Games forfeited shall be scored as a 2-0 result (9 points) in favor of the team that did not forfeit. If a
team withdraws from the tournament prior to completing all non-Championship/Consolation games, all
games in which that team played shall be scored as a forfeit.

17. Tie Breaking Procedure

In case of a tie in points within a flight after non-Championship/Consolation games, tie breaking shall
be decided based in order on the following criteria:

1. Head-to-Head: result of any head-to-head play between the teams that are tied.
2. Goals Scored: maximum of 4 goals per game, the team scoring the most goals advances.
3. Goals Allowed: the team with the fewest goals conceded advances.
4. Goal Differential: the team with the highest goal differential advances.
5. Most wins.
6. Red/Yellow Cards: the team with the fewest combined total of red and yellow cards, as noted on
   the game cards by the Referees, advances. A red card shall count as TWO yellow cards.
7. Kicks from the mark, as per FIFA rules.

Should there be a tie between three or more teams, the tie-breaking procedure begins with #2 above.
When and if two teams remain tied at any point while using this procedure, the order of tie-breaking
will recommence at #1 above.

18. Tournament Format

There will be TWO Flights each of FOUR teams for all age groups.

Each team shall play a minimum of three games in the tournament (forfeited games count as one of the
three games). In preliminary play, each team shall play each other team in their flight.

The Championship game shall be played between the two teams that win their respective flights, based
on the accumulation of points in accordance with Section 16 and taking into account tie-breaking
procedures as per Section 17. The Consolation game shall be played between the teams that finished
with the second most points in their respective flights, as defined above.

19. Awards

A trophy will be awarded to each player and up to two coaches for each team finishing First, Second
and Third. A medal will be awarded to each player and up to two coaches for the team finishing

A participation pin will be given to each player and up to two coaches on all participating teams.

20. Start Times and Forfeitures

At least twenty minutes prior to the published kick-off time for each game, teams are to check in at the
tournament tent at the field complex at which the team’s game is scheduled, in order to register their
readiness to play, to verify the field location and start time, for the Home team to receive the game card
and for a safety check to be performed by the Referee. A team not checking in within the stated
timeframe may be considered as not being present, and liable to forfeit.
Games will be started within ten minutes of the published kick-off time. If a team has not taken the
field with a minimum of seven players (six players for U10 teams) within the ten minute grace period,
the game will be forfeited to the team that has taken the field with the requisite minimum number of
players. If neither team takes the field within the grace period with the requisite minimum number of
players, no points will be awarded to either team and the game will be declared a double forfeit.

The Referee and/or Tournament Director (or delegate) may terminate a game and award a forfeit if a
team leaves the field during the game without the approval of the Referee, the Referee abandons the
match due to excessive violent conduct and/or misconduct by the players, coaches or supporters, or a
team is deemed to be in gross violation of US Youth Soccer, CYSA or tournament-specific rules.

21. Home Team

The team listed first on the game schedule is the Home team; in Championship or Consolation games,
the Home team shall be the team with the better record, as determined by “Points Scoring” and “Tie
Breaking Procedure” above. Both teams shall occupy one side of the field as determined by the
Referee; spectators for both teams shall occupy the opposite side of the field to the teams. Coaching is
only allowed from the non-spectator side of the field, and only from within the Technical Area.
Spectators are restricted to the sidelines only, a minimum of one yard from the sideline, and in an area
between the 18-yard lines. The Referee shall determine if there is a conflict in shirt colors and/or
goalkeeper jersey colors, and such conflicts shall be resolved by the Home team being required to
change. The Home team shall be responsible for providing the game ball.

22. Sportsmanship and Conduct

Good sportsmanship shall prevail at all times. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players,
parents, assistant coaches, team officials, and other spectators affiliated with their team.

23. Injuries and Medical Assistance

Any injuries shall be reported to the Tournament Director or delegate so that an accident report form
can be completed. In the case of serious injuries, 911 shall be called if requested by a parent, coach,
Referee or Tournament Director. Tournament headquarters must be notified of the medical emergency.

24. Tournament Cancellation or Rearrangement

If the tournament must be cancelled due to inclement weather, acts of civil disobedience, war,
destruction of facilities or other circumstances deemed by the CYSA District Tournament Committee
to be beyond the control of the hosting League, the tournament may retain up to 30% of the tournament
entry fees after the deduction of verified tournament expenses. Refunds of the balance of team entry
fees will be postmarked and mailed to the teams within 45 days of the approved tournament date.

If inclement weather causes delay or postponement of games from the originally scheduled date, rain
dates are provided. HOWEVER, due to field availability the format of the tournament may need to be
amended on the rain dates. Such decision shall be made at the sole discretion of the Tournament
Director, who shall make best efforts to keep within the spirit of the original tournament structure.
25. Prohibitions


Dogs are prohibited at sports fields at which any of the tournament games are being played. Referees
are instructed to abandon a game if, after being asked to do so, any person affiliated with a team refuses
to remove their dog from the area of the soccer field or the immediately surrounding areas.

26. Rules Not Covered

The Tournament Committee shall review and consider any issues or problems that are not specifically
covered by these rules. The decisions of the Tournament Committee shall be final and there will be no
appeals allowed. The Tournament Committee shall consist of: Tournament Director, the Field Director
for the field at which the issue or problem occurred (where relevant), Referee Coordinator and a SRSC
Board Member.


Tournament Director:                          Chris Hayes            Cell: 925-518-3076
Field Director – Pine Valley MS               Shalan Ertis           Cell: 925-895-5953
Field Director – Athan Downs                  Heather Paddock        Cell: 925-895-1229
Field Director – Sycamore                     Steve Wilcox           Cell: 925-413-5372
Referee Coordinator (San Ramon):              Bob Rigel              Cell: 925-819-2381
Referee Coordinator (Danville):               Bill Crisafulli        Cell: 925-984-1296

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