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									                                HANDLING & TRANSPORTING
                                      SUGGESTIONS                                CHARLOTTE COUNTY’S
                               • Transport your wastes in cardboard boxes.      HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS
                                 This will reduce the time required to unload
                                 items from your vehicle.                          WASTE PROGRAM
                               • Transport wastes in an upright position to
                                 reduce risk of spills and leaks.
                               • Secure leaking containers in non-leaking
                               • Do not mix chemicals.

                               • Label contents of container if the original
                                 label is missing or not legible.
                               • If empty, Hazardous Waste Containers can
                                 go directly into your curbside trash can.

                                                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL &

Transfer Facility                                                               EXTENSION SERVICES
                                  PLEASE CALL CHARLOTTE COUNTY                   25550 Harbor View Road, Suite 2
                               ENVIRONMENTAL & EXTENSION SERVICES                  Port Charlotte, Florida 33980
                                        ENGLEWOOD AREA CALL
                                         941/697-4000 x4360
       Items Accepted at the                                Household Hazardous
Mini-Transfer & Recycling Facilities                          Waste Program
                                                   This program offers FREE disposal of Household
                                                                                                           MID-COUNTY Mini-Transfer
♦   EMPTY Propane Cylinders (with valve open)
                                                   Hazardous Waste, E-Waste (electronics), and                & Recycling Facility
♦   Thermostats & Thermometers with mercury        used Hypodermic Needles at your Neighborhood
♦   Fluorescent light tubes                        Mini-Transfer and Recycling Facilities.               Serving the Murdock, Mid-Charlotte
                                                                                                          County, and North West Charlotte
♦   Rechargeable batteries
                                                   This program is for Charlotte County Residents                   County areas
♦   Paints                                         only. Since 1992, thousands of county residents
♦   Pesticides                                     have helped protect human health and the envi-       Located at 19675 Kenilworth Boulevard,
                                                   ronment by using this environmentally safe dis-         near the New Home Depot in Port
♦   Aerosols                                       posal program.                                       Charlotte. Use Atwater or Toledo Blade
♦   Paint removers                                                                                                    to access.
♦   Pool chemicals
                                                   What are Household Hazardous Wastes?
                                                   They are products which have a warning or cau-              HOURS OF OPERATION:
♦   Solvents
                                                   tionary statement on their labels: FLAMMABLE,
♦   Automotive fluids                              IGNITABLE, COMBUSTIBLE, CORROSIVE, or                         9:00 am to 4:00 pm
♦   Electronics                                    TOXIC. Products which, if spilled or released,               Tuesday thru Saturday
                                                   may be hazardous to humans, fish, animals, or
♦   Used needles (Sharps)                          plants.                                                  Closed on Sundays, Mondays,
                                                                                                                and Major Holidays.
       Items NOT Accepted at                        What is picked up CURBSIDE
Mini-Transfer & Recycling Facilities                                                                    WEST CHARLOTTE Mini-Transfer
                                                   • Motor Oil/Filters:       Use Charlotte
                                                     County’s Motor Oil/Filters curbside                    & Recycling Facility
♦ Full Propane Cylinders: The County will only       collection program. Place the oil into
  accept empty propane cylinders with the valve      an empty one-gallon clear plastic con-
                                                                                                          Serving the Englewood, Placida,
  open. Utilize cylinder exchange programs at        tainer with a screw lid. Place empty oil filter
                                                     into a ziplock bag. Place an orange Used Oil         Gulf Cove, Cape Haze, Rotonda,
  local retailers to dispose of used cylinders.                                                                and Grove City areas.
                                                     Label on the container and ziplock bag and
♦ Business Waste: The County will not accept         set out on your regular trash collection day.
  waste from a business or suspected business.
                                                                                                         Located at 7070 Environmental Way,
                                                   • Tires: Car and small truck tires with or with-
  This includes landlords cleaning out rental        out rims can be picked up at your curb                 off East Gulfstream Boulevard.
  properties, churches, and any contractor. Call     on your recycling day. For more infor-
  our office for information about disposing of      mation, call 941/764-4360.                                HOURS OF OPERATION:
  your wastes.                                     • Automotive Batteries: Put car batteries out                 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
                                                     at your curb for pickup on either of                       Tuesday thru Saturday
♦ Medical Waste: The County does not accept
                                                     your garbage day.
  any medical or bio-hazardous wastes with the
  exception of used needles. The County does       • Paint Cans: Empty paint cans with lid                  Closed on Sundays, Mondays,
  not accept medications/drugs.                      removed can be placed in your trash                         and Major Holidays

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