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									St. Michael Lutheran Church
The Messenger

With Us!                                                                            2007 Council Leaders
                                                                                    Jodi Cox
Happy New Year! Yes, that’s right Advent means a New Year is WITH US!               Congregation Support 689-2142
This year brings Matthew’s Gospel to worship (yes, we will start praying            Aaron Fuller
Matthew’s Traditional Lord’s Prayer again) and Matthew begins with this             Youth Ministry      612-963-8328
Powerful decree from God and Joseph’s faith filled response,                        Deane Hennett
   “Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him         Finance Ministry        427-2824
                  Emmanuel,” which means, “God is with us.”                         Michelle Leach
                          When Joseph awoke from sleep,                             Treasurer               426-2065
           he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him; Matthew 1:23-24           Karen Moyer
Sisters and Brothers in Christ, God is WITH US at St. Michael and it’s the          Worship and Music       721-2815
start of a new year…and as your pastors we want you to hear God’s call to you       President
this Advent…COME AND BE WITH US!                                                    Carol Pilgrim
     Advent and then Christmas call us to wake up and discover how our              Social Ministry         301-3329
identity and mission are wrapped up in the babe born in Bethlehem; who is           Doug Seymour
God WITH US! So we invite You and Your family, and Your neighbors to be             Technology Ministry 471-3188
WITH US as we experience the gift of Emmanuel throughout December and               Ralph Sroufe
into 2008.                                                                          Long Range Planning 285-5159
What a Joy to have you with us in Mission and Ministry!                             Judy Timm
                                                                                    Spiritual Formation     427-3662
                                                                                    George Wadzita
                                                                                    Stewardship             689-8322
                                                                                    Ann Walls
This December, Be . . .                                                             Senior Ministry         426-2653
 WITH US…each Sunday as we light the Advent Wreath, return to Setting              Tim Worst
   10…the Ode to Joy setting in the ELW…as we are awakened to the God               Sports/Stewardship      353-1555
   who is always coming to be WITH US!
 WITH US…as the Youth & Children’s Choirs present their Christmas                   Other Ministry Team Leaders
   program…LIGHT OF THE WORLD ~ Sunday, Dec. 16 at the 11am                          Steve Jackson
   Service!                                                                          Social Ministry         430-6892
 WITH US…on Christmas Eve as we celebrate the GREATEST GIFT God
                                                                                     Joanna Lauridsen
   has ever given…the PRINCE OF PEACE born in Bethlehem!
                                                                                     Fellowship co-chair     495-2545
    Be WITH US at 4:00 p.m. for a Service of Lessons and Carols with                Cheryl Matyas
     Holy Communion                                                                  Fellowship co-chair     495-2430
    Be WITH US at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. for our Traditional Candle               Jackie Whittaker
     Light Communion Services                                                        Preschool               426-5930
    NEW this Year…Special Christmas Music from 6:30pm till 7pm and
     from 9:30pm till 10 pm
                      God’s Vision for St. Michael
                      In Christ Jesus, we are disciples sent to share God’s good news and love with all people!
                      Our objectives to accomplish God’s vision this year look like this:
                      1. Invite others to “come and see” Jesus at St. Michael
                      2. Welcome those who “come and see” and show them God’s love
                      3. Connect and integrate new members into the life and mission of our church
                      4. Empower Christ’s disciples to go out into our community and share God’s love
From Your Council President            there is a place for everyone in the   Fraud Alert
Dear Fellow Members of St.             congregation to play a part.           St. Michael has partnered with the
Michael,                                   Blessings to you and your          City of Virginia Beach to
December. The calendar year is         family this holiday season. May        distribute information on current
nearly over and we begin another       the peace of God truly be reflected    scams. They are mostly used
year in the life of the church. I’m    in your hearts and lives.              against senior citizens but can
wasn’t quite sure if December is       In His Service,                        happen to any of us. The current
the time for looking back on what      Karen Moyer                            alert gives information on when
God has done at St. Michael this                                              and to whom you are required (or
year or if it’s the time to look       Notice To All Members of St.           not required) to give your social
ahead. After some reflection I         Michael Lutheran Church                security number. The notice is
think it is most appropriate to look   The annual meeting of the              posted in the Fellowship Hall on
ahead to the day of the great gift     congregation of St. Michael            the bulletin board.
given by God as we again               Lutheran Church, Virginia Beach,       Ann Walls, 426-2653,
celebrate His birth and what it        Virginia, will be held Sunday,
means to our lives and the world       December 9, 2007 following each
around us. It’s been a challenging     worship service.                       Building Program Progress
year for the family at St. Michael         The purpose of this annual         Report
and I pray we can all focus on         meeting is to adopt the 2008           Phase One is complete and
what God holds next in store for       Ministry Giving Plan and elect         planning is in progress on Phase
us.                                    four persons to Congregation           Two to enclose the Outdoor
     December holds many               Council.                               Ministry Facility (covered picnic
opportunities for worship and          All Congregation Members are           area). This new space will add
rejoicing; it’s the perfect time to    encouraged to attend.                  over 700 square feet of meeting
extend an invitation to friends and    Karen Moyer, Council President         space for our youth. Phase One has
neighbors to join us in celebration.                                          been paid for through offerings
Feel free to take a flyer from the     Oh Come, Oh come, Ladies of            already collected. At least $23,000
Welcome Center and share it with       St. Michael                            more funds must be collected to
someone who needs to hear the          The annual cookie and ornament         cover the cost of the remaining
great good news of God’s endless       exchange will be December 7th          Phase Two work in this reshaping
gifts to all people. Bring others      beginning at 7:00 p.m.                 of existing spaces.
with you this Christmas Eve to one          For the cookie exchange               Current offerings to support
of the three services offered at St.   please bring as many cookies as        the Building Program total
Michael as we celebrate the birth      you would like to exchange plus a      $24,050 and pledges total over
of Jesus. Christmas Eve services       dozen to taste that evening. For       $19,300. Please pray for how the
this year are offered at 4 p.m.        example if you bring 6 dozen           Holy Spirit is leading you to grow
(Lessons & Carols with Holy            cookies you will take home 5           in giving of your financial
Communion), 7 p.m. (Candlelight        dozen of all varieties cookies. If     resources and making a
Worship with special music             cookies are not you thing, then        contribution or pledge a
beginning at 6:30 p.m.) and 10         come for the fellowship and the        commitment of giving. See the
p.m. (Candlelight Worship with         ornament exchange                      scale model and information poster
special music beginning at 9:45             Ornament Exchange. Please         display in the fellowship hall for
p.m.). If you would like to share      bring a wrapped Christmas              more detailed information, to
your talent and participate in the     ornament. The ornament will be         obtain a pledge commitment card
special music being offered before     exchanged through a “Chinese           and envelope, or see George
the two evening services, please       Auction” Details about how the         Wadzita, Tim Worst, Aaron Fuller,
contact Minister of Music Beth         “auction” works will be explained      or Roger Whittaker for more
Ellingsworth (471-0434) who will       that evening, but know that no         information.
be delighted for your help.            money is involved.
Join with our social ministry team     Invite a friend. Plan to attend.
as they prepare to tangibly            Please sign up on the bulletin
demonstrate God’s love in action       board or call Sharon at the church
thru the Angel Tree program and        office (427-5088) or Bobbie Cote
Christmas food baskets. The list of    (563-2897) by Sunday December 2
people they plan to assist is long;

Calling All Adults!!! Are You            about, I invite you to attend the      think - if you were on the streets,
Gifted . . .                             Synod’s “Winter Celebration”           you would not eat a daily healthy
. . . for youth ministry? Ok, before     retreat January 25th-27th. This        meal and therefore might develop
you go and think I’ve lost my            retreat is a high school youth         health problems that would
mind, answer the following               retreat, but did you know that they    require daily medication – those
questions:                               also offer opportunities for adults    few pennies mean so much to these
 Do you like to laugh and smile         to look at what youth ministry is,     people. Our church is one of the
      a lot?                             and how to use your gifts and          few that provides pennies
 Do your favorite foods include         talents to be an adult leader of       throughout the entire year.
      pizza, ice cream, burgers, and     youth. In addition to attending             For providing food for Pastor’s
      tacos?                             workshops that explore your role       Pantry. We are one of the few
 Does your idea of fun consist          in youth ministry, you will also       pantries in VA Beach that offers
      of camping and dropping 200        have the opportunity to spend time     this service to those in need. Some
      plus feet on rollercoaster rides   in the mountains in Lynchburg,         days Sharon (church secretary)
      at Busch Gardens?                  VA, worshipping and experiencing       receives up to 4 calls for food.
 Do you enjoy discussing issues         the energy of about 300 youth          Please note the list on the Social
      of faith and life?                 (young and old!) in the Virginia       Ministry Board. At present we are
 Do you want to be energized            Synod! Registration for the event      in need of canned fruit.
      and inspired on a regular          has started, and spots fill up              For December we need your
      basis?                             quickly! If you’d like to attend       help with Christmas Food Baskets
If you answered “yes” to any of          with our youth or have questions       – same items as for the
the questions above, you may be          about assisting with any of the        Thanksgiving Baskets plus stuffing
gifted for youth ministry! Now I’m       youth ministries at St. Michael,       and candy this time. The sign up
sure you’re thinking there’s no          please contact Aaron Fuller or         will begin the Sunday after
way you can see yourself spending        Pastor Chris. May God bless you        Thanksgiving (Nov.25) and end on
time with a bunch of high school         and your families this advent and      Dec. 13. We will put the baskets
and middle school youth. A lot of        Christmas season!                      together on Dec. 14 at 9:00AM
times as adults, we think that youth     Peace,                                 and deliver Dec. 15 meeting at
ministry isn’t for us because we         Aaron Fuller                           church at 8:30 AM. We know that
think we’re too old to connect with      Council on Youth Ministries            is early in the month but thought if
youth, not possessing the energy or                                             we waited until the following
the time to listen and share with        Social Ministry Team News              weekend we would lose too many
our youth. We may also think that        Thank you, Thank you, Thank            people for this project. Please call
either we don’t have anything to         you!                                   Carol Pilgrim 301-3329 or Steve
offer to the youth, or that they         FIRST- let it be said that the         Jackson 430-6892.
really aren’t going to be interested     support from this congregation is           And last to the Three Amigos
in what we have to say. For some,        AMAZING!! I report that to the         who collect food for shelters every
it boils down to the fact that           Church Council each month.             Monday of the year. No other
teenagers scare the daylights out of     For providing items to fill 60         church does that for VA Beach.
us!                                      Thanksgiving Food Baskets – 10              Please look in this issue for
      Our youth at St. Michael need      of which went to the Samaritan         information about the Angel Tree.
you though. They need you more           House (a shelter for abused women           Special Blessings on all the
than ever in this day and age. They      and their children).                   living angels in our special
need to know what it means to                For providing almost 50            congregation!!!
follow Christ and live amongst the       blankets for the Light House
world. They need to experience           Center Winter Program – (a night       Campbell’s Label’s for
and see examples of responsibility,      shelter in an area church for          Education
faith and commitment – to God            homeless people).                      Hello to all. We received only 198
and His people. Finally, and                 For providing toiletry items for   Campbell Labels Points for
perhaps most importantly, youth          the Light House shelter for the        October – let’s try to double that
need to know they are cared for          day shelter.                           number for November. Maybe we
and loved by the Body of Christ.             For providing pennies for the      can use Campbell’s gravy for those
      If you feel called to help our     Perscription for Pennies Program.      yummy Thanksgiving turkeys!
youth in someway, or want to             So far this year we have helped 60     Thank you for your support and
explore what youth ministry is           people with medication. Please         God bless!

LMF 6th through 8th graders)           COOR Notes                             Moms In Touch International
I am excited at the joy in             The COOR (Children’s                   This is an on-going prayer ministry
chaperoning another set of 7th and     Opportunities, Our Responsibility)     and an opportunity to get together
8th graders to Lost & Found at         ministry recently assisted Families    with other moms to pray for your
Eagle Eyrie northwest of               for a Lifetime with their fund-        child’s school. We will try and get
Lynchburg! I am thankful to have       raising activity at Hunt Club Farm.    you connected with another mom
been joined by Crystal Carey and       Families for a Lifetime is a non-      whose child attends the same
Mike Bowen with our very own           profit group that provides families    school. You are invited to come
Aaron Fuller on this year’s            with information and resources to      and join moms in praying one hour
planning team. God is great! What      support and strengthen the parent-     …come from 2:00 pm til 3:00 pm
a wonderful opportunity to see the     child relationship. Thanks to the      on Thursday mornings in one of
power of the Holy Spirit in the        efforts of several of our              the adult Sunday school
participants’ lives. Keep your eyes    congregational members who             classrooms. Please call Janeen
open for LMF news and dates. We        provided baked goods for the           Wadzita at 689-8322 if you have
are looking at going ice skating at    event, Families for a Lifetime         any questions.
MacArthur Center sometime in           raised over $500. Special thanks to
December. If you are interested in     Linda Rutheaford, Maureen              Sunday School Teachers
bowling again… let me know. It         Ilumin, Carol Pilgrim, Sharon          Thanks so much for coming out
will be a fun holiday activity.        Long, Chris Fairchild, Pat Davis,      each week to share your gift and
Remember 6th graders are included      Mary Malone Brown, Shawn Eller,        your love for Christ. We are truly a
with us too for LMF activities. The    and Debbie Nichols for                 team and blessed by God and all
Synod just separates the 6th graders   volunteering.                          the children attending the classes.
for the retreats. Please plan ahead          COOR also supports Families      We have made a switch in the
and mark your calendars for the        for a Lifetime by sponsoring their     classes for 6th graders just to give
overnight for the VA Synod,            monthly parent training sessions       you heads-up in case you did not
ELCA retreat in Lynchburg called       that take place at St. Michael on      know. Our main objective: We
7th Day at Eagle Eyrie Retreat         the last Monday of each month.         want to make it more conducive
Center. If you have any questions      These are attended by families and     for the 6th graders to belong to our
you can direct them to Janeen          child care-givers throughout the       Middle School youth program. By
Wadzita (cell: 650-5505)               community who seek to build            seeing each other each week, we
                                       healthier families. The next session   believe we can build our
                                       is scheduled for Nov. 26 and will      friendships and fellowship and
                                       feature a local dietician who will     build a stronger program. If you
                                       lead the discussion on “Celebrating    are interested in being a part of the
                                       Happy, Healthy Holidays.” All St.      LMF- please see Pastor Chris or
                                       Michael congregation members are       Janeen Wadzita.
                                       welcome to attend these sessions.           By the way, there will not be
                                             The COOR team is involved in     Sunday school on Dec 23 or Dec
Aluminum Can Recycling                 many other activities that seek to     30. Do have a blessed Christmas
Ministry                               fill the gaps in community service     and enjoy the songs and festivities
Our aluminum can recycling             to children and families in need       with your families. If anyone new
ministry, under the leadership of      throughout Virginia Beach. The         wants to join the teacher team,
John Marken, helps support             team will be sponsoring a              please let Pastor Chris or Janeen
missionary work in Papua, New          Christmas party for foster care        Wadzita know… we are always
Guinea. Thank you for bringing         families on December 10 at the         looking for “a few good teachers.”
your aluminum cans each week for       church and is planning several         A special thank you to the folks
recycling. The amount collected        other activities. If you have just a   who have filled in as subs (to name
this year is currently $281.40. You    bit of time to help with this event    a few: Pat Bowen, Audrey Kruse,
can help by emptying the cans,         or others being planning, please       Heather Fairchild, Renee
bringing them to the church in         contact Pat Davis (301-3683) or        Pohlmann, Melissa Schlehuser,
clear plastic bags, and placing the    one of the other COOR board            Terri Grimm and any others whose
bags of cans in or beside the beige    members.                               name that may have been missed.)
bin on the playground just behind
the choir practice room.

Thrivent News                                                                 Why Christmas Day is in
On Sunday November 11th                St Michael Men’s Ministry              December
Thrivent Members at St Michael         Men’s Monthly Breakfast, 9 am,         Among the earliest Christians in
voted for the 2008 Virginia Beach      Saturday, December 8th: Come           the Eastern Church, January 6 was
Thrivent Chapter officers. The         and join us (9 am on the second        the important festival day
Chapter provides the Lutheran          Saturday of each month) for some       celebrated around Jesus’ birth.
churches of Virginia Beach with        great food, fun, fellowship,           Called the Epiphany, it marked the
funds to assist in their outreach      and faithful service. After a hearty   showing off of the baby Jesus to
activities. Thrivent funds are         man-sized breakfast and friendly       the magi – foreign visitors – who
currently assisting in our             conversation, we’ll worship            represent all of us from other
Thanksgiving and Christmas food        together and work together around      nations who worship Jesus.
basket distributions with money to     the church. We are always looking           In the Western Church,
purchase milk, butter, and fresh       for Breakfast chefs to join one of     December 25 was chosen as the
fruit. Additional projects also        several breakfast teams to rotate in   birthday date for Jesus as an
receiving funds are the Prayer         obtaining the food and coming by       alternative for the secular holiday
Shawl Ministry and Pennies for         8:30 am to prepare the breakfast       declared by the Roman emperor
Prescriptions. Applications to         feast! Bring a friend to come and      for that day. This Christian festival
assist two other ministries are        see all that God is doing through      day – Christmas – gradually
pending.                               His mighty men here at St.             became more important than
     Members who voted on              Michael! If you can help, please       Epiphany.
Sunday were eligible for a             contact Mike Young at 518-9699.             Christians today continue to
Thrivent Chapter sponsored                                                    try to reclaim Christmas from the
drawing. Cheryl Matyas received        The Lutheran Course on                 commercial world which has
the Outback $50 certificate, Karen     Marriage is in progress through        worked – very successfully – to
Swanson received the Olive             December 16th, in the                  turn it into a secular holiday.
Garden $25 certificate, and Jodie      Multipurpose room. It is not too
Tamayo received the Starbucks          late to join us to enrich your         The Little Season of Christmas
$25 certificate. Congratulations.      marriage relationship and share        The twelve days of Christmas from
     St Michael has direct access to   your experience with other             December 25 through January 5
Care in Congregation funds from        couples. The DVD-based sessions        are our opportunity to celebrate
Thrivent in the amount of $1600.       feature short presentations by         God’s greatest gift to us and the
These funds are specifically           experienced Lutheran pastors and       hope that he brings into a world
available for use within the           theologians, real-life anecdotes of    troubled by unrest, hunger and
congregation. We have applied to       couples, and live small group          darkness. December 26 is the
use that money as matching funds       discussions. The remaining             festival of St. Stephen, deacon and
for turning our outdoor                sessions include maintaining your      first martyr (Acts 7). December 27
shelter/picnic facility into an        marriage as you change and             is the festival of St. John, the
enclosed youth facility.               romancing your spouse. The cost is     apostle and Gospel writer.
                                       $15 per couple for The Lutheran        December 28 is the day of the
Stewardship: Mission Relay 2007        Handbook on Marriage and two           Holy Innocents, who were the boy
We thank God for each of you who       companion workbooks (and will be       children of Bethlehem killed by
planned and/or participated in the     fully refunded if the books are        Herod’s soldiers as they searched
Relay, made a commitment, and/or       returned at the end of the course).    for the baby Jesus. On January 1st
passed on the packet. Thank you to     Please join us on Sunday               we celebrate the Name of Jesus.
all the Route Monitors who             mornings.                              The days of Christmas end on
tracked the packets along the way                                             January 5, Twelfth night, the Eve
and responded to questions, to                                                of the Epiphany of our Lord.
Sharon Long and her
administrative volunteers for
preparing mailouts and inserts, to
the Thank Team for their role in
acknowledging each commitment,
and to others who helped in any
way! Well done good and faithful
servants of the Lord!

LYF News                                   COOR Holiday party, Dec.           pant, shoes, and toys. Please return
Merry Advent?! That doesn’t                 10th.                              items to church no later than
sound right…’s “Merry               Provide and deliver Christmas         Sunday, December 16. Please be
Christmas!” Yet, why don’t we               baskets to families in need in     sure to include the tag when you
wish each other well during                 the Va Beach community,            return items so the right gifts are
advent? Advent means “coming,               Dec. 15th.                         matched with the right child. Also,
arrival.” This is the season we         The Angel Tree – help provide         it is important that all gifts are
await and remember Christ’s                 gifts for those children in need   UNWRAPPED.
coming to us at His birth,                  in the Va Beach community,         If you are not able to contribute a
Christmas.                                  Dec. 15th.                         gift, but would like to help - the
     Why don’t we celebrate                 Interested in helping others       Social Ministry team will also
Christ’s coming every day? Don’t       experience advent worldwide?            collect large new or slightly used
we want him to be a part of our        Check out the following link:           gift bags for wrapping the presents.
lives and our world right NOW? It      Please place the bags on the stage
is my hope this advent season you      giving/default.asp It is the ECLA       in the fellowship hall.
not only prepare for Christ’s          “good gifts” ministry – a way to        Finally, if you have a free evening
coming on December 25th, but you       provide a gift this holiday season      on Thursday, December 13, or
think of ways to welcome Christ’s      to those in need worldwide. This        mid-morning on Saturday,
coming into your life on a daily       would be a great advent                 December 15, then we would love
basis. As for our world, wouldn’t      opportunity for your families to do     to have you help with stuffing the
we all be better off if everyone       together or for us to do as a group!    bags with clothes and toys. The
experienced advent on a daily          Peace,                                  “wrapping” of the Angel tree gifts
basis as well?                         Matt, NiCHole, AA-ron, and PC           will be in the fellowship hall.
     So, how can you help? This                                                Please stop by to help even if just
advent season, we invite you to                                                for a few moments. Wrapping
celebrate Christ’s coming with us,                                             details will be announced closer to
and that you also take time to help                                            December 16. If you have any
others in our community and world                                              questions about the Angel tree or
experience the joy and hope that                                               would like to help, please contact
comes with Christ’s coming and                                                 Nichole Bahen, 301-7393 or
arrival into their lives! Take note                                  
of the following events coming up.                                             Thank you in advance for all of the
     COWS 6:00 p.m.                    2007 Angel Tree                         blessings that will make Christmas
Wednesdays: Join us for dinner         Do you remember the excitement          a little brighter for local children.
and fun, as well as a time to          of Christmas morning and how
explore ways we can help others        you couldn’t wait to see what
experience Christ’s coming!            presents were underneath all that
December 19th – Potluck dinner!        wrapping paper? If yes, then
This COWS we will gather               prayerfully consider giving to the
together to celebrate Christ’s         St. Michael Angel Tree. This year
coming! Your families are all          we will provide gifts for children
invited, as well as all of those who   from Virginia Beach schools.
have helped serve a meal to us or      Beginning Sunday, November 25,
shared their faith story! We’ll play   there will be 2 trees available with
some games, sing some songs and        wish list tags for children. One tree
of course, EAT GOOD FOOD!              will have the wishes for children
This will also be the last COWS        divided into shirts/ pants, shoes,
for 2007!                              and toy items and the other tree
     Opportunities to serve: There     will have tags that have all of the
are many places you can serve and      wishes on one tag. This will give
help others experience Christ          you the chance to decide what you
coming! Look for more                  can offer to children whether you
information on the following           can purchase all of the items for
opportunities!                         one child or one item for a child.
                                       All children will receive shirt &

Cooks Needed: Feed the COWS                                       Happy Anniversary
If you like to cook for an                                        4 Carl and Cheryl Matyas
appreciative group, here’s your                                    6 Jim and Patty Tomko
chance. Cooks are needed to            Happy Birthday             10 Ken and Jamie Jordan
supply the meal for about 15-20        1 Colten Brinkman             David and Mary Kaufman
teens and adults who meet at            2 Elly Hutchens           18 Chris and Tina Clements
Church on Wednesday for Supper          3 Jarod LaRose               Will and Pat Davis
(COWS). This dedicated bunch of           Suzanne Rosignolo       19 Ray and Bronwyne Deas
young adults meets every week to        5 Rebecca Polhemus        21 Chris and Anita Clemmensen
share a meal, fellowship, and a           Jennifer Stremich          Eric and Frieda Guran
“faith story” from one of our adult     7 Will Davis              27 Andy and Jill Wilhelm
congregation members. We want             David Newman            28 Eric and Sandra Anderson
to make sure we can keep them             Jodie Tamayo               Scott and Heidi Brown
going, so we are seeking the            9 Ricky Guran             30 David and Maureen Ilumin
support of the congregation in         10 Randy Bittner
helping to provide them with a            Keith Hougasian         ____________________________
meal. Nothing fancy is required. A        Garrett Smith           The Poinsettias and Greens That
simple casserole and a plate of        11 Michael Burke           Decorate St. Michael This
brownies is more than enough to           George Coombes          Christmas Are Given By:
fill the bill. Drinks, plates, cups,      David Fowler
and utensils are provided by the          Ashley Obenaus
church and the youth leaders.          12 Mary Newman             Given By:
We need cooks for December 12          13 Shirley Carlson         ____________________________
and every Wednesday in January.        15 Al Grimm
(The COWS will take a break               Tug Romsland            In Memory Of:
during Lent to make room for soup      16 Leila Beaman            ____________________________
suppers.) The group meets at 6:00      17 Will Davis
p.m. and begins eating about 6:15.        Shane Harrison          In Honor Of:
If you can prepare an entrée or a         Sharon Long             ____________________________
dessert to feed the COWS, please       18 James Bauder
contact Denise Murden at 721-             Mary Brown              Other:
0659 or by e-mail at                      Ellas Cassalia          ____________________________ The               Natasha Cote
COWS will be grateful.                 19 Remay Phillips          Cost per poinsettia plant is $8.00
                                       20 Douglas VanVleet II
Thanks to Ann Walls for                21 Tyler Blank             Total number of plants
organizing and producing and              Danielle Hunn           gifted_______________________
everyone who wrote an Advent              Christina Landers
devotion. If you haven’t picked up        Cory Shoop              Additional donation for
your copy, they are available on          Lisa Sugden             tree/greens __________________
the welcome center when you first      22 Logan LaRose
enter from the parking lot. Please        Ashley Shoop            Total given
feel free to share these devotional    23 Jon Wolf                ____________________________
booklets with family, friends,         25 Veronica Cox            Envelope Number (if known)
neighbors and anyone you think            Victoria Cox            ________
would appreciate reading these         26 Richard Cox
wonderful daily devotionals               Willington Warren       Poinsettia Orders need to be in
written by the members of St.          28 Brock Bittner           the church office no later than
Michael.                                  Esther Klingler         Sunday, December 16. Please
                                          David Smith             make checks payable to St.
                                       29 Aspen Newman            Michael Lutheran Church
                                          Zachary Rosignolo
                                          Hunter Schoephoerster
                                       31 Phyllis Banzi


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