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Student Loan Forgiveness Programs _Excellent Get Out of Debt Programs For Students and Graduates_


									Title: Student Loan Forgiveness Programs (Excellent Get Out of Debt
Programs For Students and Graduates)


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If you've ever dreamed of a career in law enforcement, here's your
chance! When you make the decision to protect and serve your community,
the government will return the favor by paying down your Perkins student
loan. If you serve full time as a qualifying law enforcement or
corrections officer, your loan will be canceled. Contact your school to
determine eligibility requirements.
The Armed Forces - The military has a wide range of money-saving benefits
and student loan forgiveness programs that serve to help you get out of
debt. The Armed Forces student loan forgiveness program will repay as
much as $2,500 worth of student loans to borrowers who served between
9/11/01 and 6/30/06. The National Guard also offers a student loan
forgiveness program that will repay as much as $10,000 worth of student
loans to each individual that qualifies. For the National Guard program
call 1-800-GO-GUARD. For student loan forgiveness programs for the Armed
Forces contact your local recruiter or go to website of the branch of
military you're inquiring about.
Teacher's - The mission of the Teacher's Student Loan Forgiveness
Programs is to encourage teachers to fill roles that are traditionally
short staffed. This program rewards teachers with a repayment between
$5,000 and $17,500. To find out eligibility requirements, go to:
Head Start Staff - When Head Start was created, it was designed as a
program to help kids from low-income families gain the skills needed to
enter kindergarten. Those volunteers who help to make this dream a
reality are rewarded by a liberal student loan forgiveness plan. To learn
more about this generous program go to:
Charitable Volunteers - If you have a heart for helping the needy,
eliminating hunger, homelessness, illiteracy and poverty, you should take
a look at the Americorps, the Peace Corp and VISTA (Volunteers in Service
to America). Each of the organizations rewards it volunteers by paying
off a percentage of their student loans. Here is the contact information
for each organization"
Volunteers in Service to America - 1-800-942-2677
Peace Corp at - 1-800-424-8580
Americorps - 1-800-942-2677
Child Care Providers - There is a big push to recruit highly educated
early childcare professionals. This student loan forgiveness program will
repay up to 100% of a borrower's outstanding student loan for employees
of eligible centers. Learn more about this phenomenal program, call: 1-
888-562-7002 or visit the website:
Child Care Provider Loan Forgiveness program at:
Although, they are not advertised, there are literally hundreds of
different student loan forgiveness programs for various fields. Start by
searching online and also contact your school and search various websites
such as: and The most important key is
not giving up. In all probability, there is a program out there that will
suit you in terms of your career choices. Your diligence could very
easily save you thousand of dollars in student loan debt.
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