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					P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533                                                                      February 2009


 President’s Message                                            2009 Quilt Show (cont’d)
            It is so hard to believe that this is February!!!   Additionally, we are still in need of a hostess for our
 Where are our wet, cold and rainy days? Our                    Guest Artist, Laura Lee Fritz. If you have an available
 unseasonably warm weather has my plants all                    guest room for Sat., March 21st and would be willing to
 confused, they are sending out buds for leaves and             act as hostess, please let me know.
 flowers. I am afraid that all my fruit trees will be
 blooming and then we will have a hard freeze or a              The sign-up boards will be at the February and March
 heavy rainstorm, end results---no fruit. As a quilter,         day and evening Guild meetings or you can contact me
 don't you have the same type of spells? Sometimes our          for more info and to sign up.
 creative juices just start flowing; we have all these
 great ideas floating around our heads that are just            And, be thinking about what prop item(s) you have
 bursting to get out. We go out to buy just the right           that would be in keeping with our Show Theme—
 piece of fabric, rushing from quilt shop to quilt shop,        Seasons for Quilting—baskets with silk flowers/plants,
 not finding what we want, but know "it" is out there           real plants in pots/baskets. Props should be delivered
 somewhere (maybe it's last year’s line of fabric that is       to the Fairfield Senior Center on Friday, March 20th,
 now sold out). But the end results is the same as my           when you deliver your items for the show. If you have
 poor fruit trees---nothing, nada, zilch. Nothing to            items we can use as props, be sure your name is
 show for all our hard work and efforts. Oh well, we            someplace on the item. Please do not bring antiques or
 are quilters and we never run out of ideas, nor do we          your treasured items.
 let "little" setbacks get us down. We just get another
 pattern and go shopping for just the right piece of            Those of you, who are bringing Pot Luck dishes, be
 fabric!                                                        sure to label your dish (es) if you want them returned.
             Have a "fruitful" February, Edith.
                                                                Don’t forget to contact Gilda Block if you want to
                                                                purchase advance tickets for the show.
 2009 Quilt Show Report by Sue Kemp
                                                                The Skylark Quilters were at the evening January
 It was great to see so many people turn out for the first      Guild meeting, with their basket—it is so heavy I
 meetings of 2009—and lots of people turning in their           could hardly lift it. Currently the March and April
 Quilt Show forms. That means THE SHOW is just                  baskets are complete and they are both stuffed full of
 around the corner. We still need volunteers for all the        wonderful items. Basket owners may bring their
 different committees, including:                               completed baskets to me at the February or March
                                                                meetings (day and evening) or call me for a pick-up.
 Quiltique (the quilt boutique)                                 Thank you to all who have volunteered to fill up
 Admissions (especially for Sunday)                             baskets and to all of you who so generously donated
 Set-Up and Take Down (Friday and Sunday)                       items for the baskets!
 Raffle Basket (selling raffle tickets),
 Opportunity Quilt (selling raffle tickets)                     I think that everything is coming together for the 2009
 Pot Luck dishes (Friday night Pot Luck for the Friday          show, and I look forward to seeing all of you sometime
 volunteers—we need main dishes, side dishes and                on March 20th (set-up, judging and Pot Luck), March
                                                                21st or March 22nd.
 White Glove (volunteers stand in areas where quilts
 are on display to answer questions and ensure the items
 are not touched unless the viewer is wearing a
 disposable glove)

                                                           NWQG 1
P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533                                                              February 2009

   Block of the Month by Pat Skinner


   What a wonderful country, the people are so exciting and it brings a smile to my face. It is British
   rule and most of the people I have contact with speak English but I notice the helpers are dark skin and
   therefore must be native to this country. They are Aborigines. It is so hot and I am looking for cooler
   clothes to wear in this heat.

   Captain Blake is going to dock in Sydney for a week... or more and Brian & I are planning on staying
   at the British Embassy Hotel. It is very fine and he has told me that he plans on researching the area
   for his newspaper.

   3rd Day - Brian was busy today with his reporting and I sat on the veranda for my afternoon tea. A
   pleasant middle age woman asked to sit with me and her name was Maggie Fitzpatrick. She was in
   town to buy property before she returned home. She has a small range and bought the range next to
   her for she raises horses. I am sure I sat there with my mouth open and looking stupid but she was
   such an exciting woman to meet. She lived in a very small area called “Shelly” with one General
   Store and a Bar. She said I was welcome to visit anytime and Brain will be so shocked… I really
   enjoyed this day and I can't wait to tell Brian.
   To Be Continued... ps

       Crazy Quilt Instructions for February BOM
       Choose fabric that looks like Australia and a few solids or blends, 8 different pieces. Print out
       this pattern 4 times including the seam allowance. It is easiest to do Paper Piecing with the
       Carol Doak method which I will demo on the second Tuesday. Trim around this block, I have
       added the seam allowance. Sew the 4 pattern together in the most pleasing pattern to have a
       12.5” block. Option: You can add the Kangaroo by adding Heat&Bond or WonderUnder to
       the back of some black fabric after you have traced the Kangaroo. Cut out and fuse to the
       corner of your Crazy Quilt block.. Have fun.

                                                   NWQG 2
P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533            February 2009

                                     NWQG 3
P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533            February 2009

                                     NWQG 4
P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533                                                           February 2009

                        It’s Your Birthday!
          Janice Abrams                        Diann Jones         Bring and Brag for February
                                                                          Hearts and red quilts
          Kathleen Villalpando                 Rose Marie Hughes
                                                                   Fat Quarters for February
          Pat Skinner                          Janice Payne               Red fabrics
          Naomi Walker                         Melodee DeRouen
          Debra Campbell                       Martha Szekretar
          Theresa Govette                      Laurie Low
          Lisa Reeder
                                                                     Reminder: Newsletter articles are
 Jan 20   Sharon Kennard                                             due the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
                                                                     Send to Linda Hall

Membership by Judy Dykes
We have 173 members -- (108 day and 65 night). This includes our 2 Charter members -- Mabel Krajcirik
and Ruby Moss.

        Last            First               Email
  New Members
  Hollkamp         Jodi

  Low              Laurie
  Ragsdale         Cimella
  Sparks           Dolores
  Misc Changes
  Sullivan         Laura
  Campbell         Debra
  Hall             Peggy
  White            Joan

Any changes to the membership list need to come to my attention and I will see that the newsletter and
members get the information.

Just email me at Thanks. Judy Dykes

Any changes to the membership list needs to come to my attention, and I will see that the newsletter
and members get the information. Just call meNWQG 5
                                              at 707/448-3236 or email at
P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533                                                              February 2009

 Parliamentarian -Laurie Sengo

 We are filling the slate for new Officers of the Board for the June 2009- May 2010 year.

 We are in need of someone to be Second VP of Programs. This job includes the following:

 Plan and recommend to the Board, programs and workshops for the Guild;
 Issue contracts to hire teachers and lecturers;
 Coordinate workshop sign-ups and collect fees.

 As a side note: The 2009 calendar year is already pretty much planned out. So you would need to look
 ahead to the 2010 calendar year. Barbara Long has stated that she would continue to help you as she has
 done this year.

 ASAP we need to fill the position of Friends of the Senior Center. They meet on the second Tuesday
 afternoon of the month. You attend the meeting representing us/NWQG and input when necessary on our
 behalf, then report back to the Board at the Board meetings held the third Tuesday morning of each

 I want to thank those who have stepped up to fill the other positions.

                 How to Use the Library by Wilma Powell

                 When checking a book out, take the card from the file with the # and name of the
                 book. Put your name, tel. # and date checked out on the card. Then place it in the
                 "Books Out" area of the box. When returned (after one month or sooner) write the
                 date returned and replace the card in numerical order in the file box.

 Affiliates by Judy Dykes

         North Wind Quilters Guild has 16 affiliates listed at the end of this newsletter for our year 2008-
 09. Affiliate members are those individuals and companies/businesses that are involved or interested in
 quilt-related businesses, such as fabric, notions, sewing machines, machine quilting, education, travel, etc.
 If you hear of a new store, business or individual that would be a candidate for membership, please let me
 know. Also, when shopping at our affiliate stores, be sure to let them know you are a member of NWQ
 Guild, and thank them for supporting our organization.

                                                   NWQG 6
P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533                                                                    February 2009

 ABC SEW & VAC                                                Quilted Angel
 878 Alamo Dr, Vacaville 95688                                200 G Street, Petaluma 94952
 Open: M-F 10-6; Sat 10-5; Sun 11-4                           Open: M-W, F, Sat 10-5:30, Thu 10-8, Sun 12-4
 Phone: 707/455-8133                                          Phone: 707/763-0945
 Owner: Julian Lis                                            Owner: Barbara Meikle
 Email:                                     Email:,
 A Quilted Heart                                              Quilted Vine
 878 Alamo Dr, Vacaville 95688                                170 Farmers Lane #7, Santa Rosa 95405
 Open: M-F 10-6; Sat 10-5; Sun 11-4                           Open: M-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4
 Phone: 707/447-9000                                          Phone: 707/546-0750
 Owners: Connie Ward/Michelle Craft                           Owner: Lynda McLean
 Email:                           Email:;
 Beehive Quilts                                               Quilters Escapades (Quilt Retreats/Tours)
 535 Main St, Woodland 95695                                  P.O. Box 956, Winters 95694
 Open: Tues-Sat 10-5:30                                       Phone: 530/ 795-3264
 Phone: 530/669-6676                                          Owners; Diane Salera & Laurie Sengo
 Owner: Peggy Robles                                          Email:
 Cabin Fever Quilt Shoppe                                     Quilters Quarters,
 826 Lincoln Way, Auburn 95603                                4343 Pacific Ave, Ste. B2, Stockton 95207
 Open: M-F 9:30-6; Sat 9:30-4; Sun 10-3                       Open: M-F 106, Sat 10-4, Closed Sun
 Phone: 530/ 885-5500                                         Phone: 209/462-0161
 Owners: Patti/Don Henderson                                  Owner: Debbie Chase
 Email:                         Email:;
                                                              quiltersquarters@comcast. net
 Cloth Carousel                                               Quiltmaker
 9 Main St, Winters 95694                                     1275 Napa Town Center, Napa 94559
 Open: M-W 10-6; Thu 10-8; Fri-Sat 10-6, Sun 10-4             Open: M, W-Fri 10-5, Tues 10-7, Sat 10-3
 Phone: 530/795-2580                                          Phone: 707/252-6793
 Owner: Jan Bawart                                            Owners: Diane Massey-Todd & Nancy Eberlin
 Email:;   Email:;
 Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe                                     Red Hen Quilt Shop
 1001A West Texas St, Fairfield 94533                         14080 County Rd 99A, Woodland 95695
 Open: M-F 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4                           Call for hours of operation
 Phone: 707/438-2969                                          Phone: 530/661-6677
 Owners: Beverly/Dawn Cavazos                                 Owner: Diane Beard
 Email:                        Email:;                     
 Keeping You in Stitches                                      Sew Ewe Quilt
 Long Arm Quilting (batting available)                        470 Harvest Park Dr., Ste E, Brentwood 94513
 Phone: 707/649-2881; cell: 707/373-0990                      Open: M, W-F 10-5:30, Tues 10-8:30, Sat 10-5
 Owner: Patricia Skinner                                      Phone: 925/634-7153,
 Email:                               Owner: Nancy Haney
 Main Street Quilts, 533 Main St, Martinez 94553              Spin A Yarn
 Open: Tues-Fri 9:30; Thu 11-8; Sat 9:30-5                    630 Orange Dr, Ste J, Vacaville 95687
 Closed Sunday & Monday                                       Open: M-T, Fri 10-6, Wed 1-8, Thurs 10:30-7:30, Sat 10-
 Phone: 925/372-3700,                                         5, Closed Sun. Wed Knitting/Crocket Group 6-8
 Owner: Sue Northrop                                          Phone: 707/469-9446
 Email:                        Email:,

                                                       NWQG 7
P.O. Box 2891, Fairfield, CA 94533                                              February 2009

Next Guild Meeting: Tuesday, February 3, 10:00 a.m., Fairfield Senior Center
Nighttime Meeting: Wednesday, February 4, 6:30 p.m., Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe

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       Fat Quarters
       A friend, a hug, a smile

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