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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Why should I volunteer at National Museum of Singapore?
   Volunteering at National Museum of Singapore provides you with an enriching and unique experience
   that will allow you to be in close proximity to Singapore history and its representations. You will get to
   meet fun people from different parts of the community, develop new skills along the journey, keep
   existing skills and gain experience. You will also get to see selected exhibitions and special events
   free of charge. Furthermore, you can exchange your views about heritage and cultural events with
   other people who care and increase your knowledge about what it takes to make heritage
   organisations work. Your contribution as a National Museum volunteer will help make our community
   a more exciting and vibrant place to live in.

2. What are the types of volunteering opportunities?
   There are various types of opportunities. National Museum Volunteers are categorised into Hosts
   and Facilitators. The Host of the Museum is the Ambassador of the National Museum of Singapore.
   Overlooking a range of roles, the Host greets and ushers visitors and foreign groups with warm
   hospitality, taking care of their various needs. He/she will guide the visitor through the various
   galleries at the museum, engaging the visitor into the intricacies of history and the Museum building.
   The Facilitator of the Museum will be the Educator of the National Museum of Singapore. Overlooking
   a range of roles, the Facilitator guides and educates the visitor through various programmes and
   workshops, while enhancing the learning element.

3. How old do I have to be a National Museum volunteer?
   All National Museum Volunteers are required to be of a minimum age of 15 years old. There is not
   maximum age as long as you are able to fulfil your volunteering duties.

4. How do I become a National Museum Volunteer?
   You may like to fill in the attached National Museum Volunteer Application Form found at the
   Museum’s Stamford Visitor Services Counter. Alternatively, you sign up online at . Application forms are also available at the National Museum of Singapore
   Information Counter at the Fort Canning Entrance.

5. Are foreigners (non Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents) allowed to volunteer at the Museum?
   Foreigners of different nationalities are welcome to join the National Museum Volunteer team.
   However, it is necessary to be able to understand the English language (refer to Question No. 9) as
   materials and communications at the Museum is done via the English language. We have a pool of
   current volunteers who are expatriates from various countries. Do note that this is also subject to
   availability of roles and the volunteer interview.

6. What are the volunteering hours like?
   Project basis - Volunteering hours are flexible and volunteers may choose from a fixed period or
   weekly basis periods. Each session is about 2 – 4 hours long. Each volunteer is encouraged to
   commit a minimum of 4 hours at the listed time slots (weekdays and/or weekends) in the Application
   Regular basis – Volunteer hours are flexible too but you must be able to commit to a minimum of 2
   hours per month (guided tours/ educational workshops) for a year of service. You may choose your
   volunteering slot on a first come first served basis.

7. Where do I volunteer at? Do all the volunteering opportunities occur in the National Museum?
   All the volunteering opportunities occur within the National Museum grounds. Main locations for Hosts
   are at the Visitor Services Counters and the Museum’s galleries. Facilitators will be located at the
   Education Centre at level 3 of the Museum. Projects such as travelling exhibitions or collaborations at
   outdoor locations will happen on an ad-hoc basis and will require volunteers to provide their services
   at the various participating locations.

8. Are there any parking facilities at the National Museum?
   As there are limited parking facilities on the National Museum grounds, there will be five lots reserved
   daily for volunteers on duty, on a first come first serve basis. For alternative parking, you may choose
   the car park lots at Singapore Management University, Park Mall or YMCA.

9. Do I need to know a second language to be a National Museum Volunteer?
   All National Museum Volunteers would need to be proficient in the English language, except
   Japanese and Mandarin speaking volunteers. A second language would be an advantage, especially
   when our visitors come from different social backgrounds and nationalities.

10. Do I need to be computer literate and have access to the Internet to be a volunteer?
    Yes, you will need to have a personal email account and have access to the Internet in order to be a
    volunteer. Our updates, schedules, information and training materials are provided via emails and you
    may have to conduct research using the Internet.

11. What are the most important skills a volunteer must have?
    All National Museum Volunteers are encouraged to be approachable, informative, polite and be able
    to react positively in various situations. People management and public speaking skills are important
    tools for volunteers as they will have to interact and engage the visitors in the galleries and

12. How does the National Museum of Singapore prepare her volunteers?
    All National Museum Volunteers will undergo a compulsory orientation session to understand the
    whole museum structure and the museum space. Training will be provided for respective roles,
    depending on the complexity levels. Non-regular volunteers will be provided with the opportunity to
    learn on the job with elective training sessions. All volunteers will be supervised by the Volunteer
    Coordinator or a staff of the National Museum of Singapore.

13. My time is limited and I would need to go away at certain periods of the year. Can I still sign up as a
    Yes you can. As the National Museum understands that you will have other commitments, the
    volunteering durations at the National Museum are divided into various types: Fixed Period (suitable
    for students who have only their term breaks, expatriates, tourists, locals who have only a period of
    free time and would like to volunteer); Project basis (irregular periods where the Museum will inform
    the volunteer of spontaneous events); Regular (the volunteer may choose two hours of each month to
    volunteer for a service period of a year).

14. If I am not sure of my commitment service period due to uncertainties in my schedule, can I still apply
    for the training to be a regular volunteer?
    It is highly advisable that you are sure of your schedule for the upcoming months (at least for the next
    12 months) before you commit to a particular volunteer role that requires certain levels of commitment.
    As all regular volunteer roles require interviewing of applicants, it will be fair to those who have pass
    the interview but are not selected due to class size limitations.
    However, we will take into consideration for those who are able to commit the full requirements within
    their limited time – ie volunteering more than 2 hours per month.

15. What if I am unable to fulfil my volunteering commitment?
    You may inform the Volunteer Coordinator and provide a reason of the unavailability. We encourage
    all volunteers to inform us at least 2 weeks before the date of duty. Alternatively, if the volunteer is
    able to find a suitable replacement, it would be most helpful.

16. What are the benefits a volunteer can achieve from volunteering with National Museum of Singapore?
    The benefits may range from, special training by the National Museum’s staff and volunteers, the
    opportunity to represent the Museum to the visitors, to personal growth and development and
    expansion of your social circle by meeting like-minded people with similar interests. Occasional

   invitations to previews and launches of the National Museum’s new exhibitions and programmes as
   well as unlimited personal complimentary admissions to the National Museum are on the list too. All
   volunteers will be invited to the annual volunteer recognition party as well as have access to the
   National Museum’s Resource Centre.

17. How would l be kept informed of upcoming projects and my volunteering duties?
    You could send us your Name, contact number and email address to or to Volunteer Coordinator, Programming Department, The
    National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897 with the subject: ‘I want to be
    on National Museum Volunteer mailing list!’

18. How can I get more information on volunteering at the National Museum of Singapore?
    You may contact us at +65 6332 3211/ +65 6332 9023 / for more
    information on volunteering opportunities at the National Museum of Singapore.