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               Transform your business communications with flexible conferencing solutions
Why choose Bell for conferencing?

With over 70 years of experience in Conferencing Solutions, we have the knowledge, skills, expertise and
resources required to meet the unique needs of your organization. To help you benefit from advanced
world-class technology, we partner with leaders in the field, companies who enjoy the respect and loyalty
of business communities worldwide.

Bell Conferencing Solutions is a complete suite of easy, convenient and cost-effective capabilities to help
you communicate, collaborate and consult. Whether you need to meet with colleagues down the hall, clients
across the continent or teams around the world, our range of advanced conferencing options can make a
significant difference to your organization. With Bell Conferencing Solutions, it’s easier than ever to share
information, speed up decision-making, improve productivity, save time, and reduce travel costs. Most
importantly, our team of dedicated conferencing professionals offers the customer support you need,
whenever you need it, to ensure that your meeting or event runs smoothly.

No matter what your needs – from traditional Audio Conferencing Solutions, to the real-time interactivity of
Web Conferencing Solutions, to the global reach of Webcasting – Conferencing Solutions from Bell have a
positive impact on your business interactions, your corporate image and your customer relationships.

Conferencing Solutions from Bell. Making a valuable contribution to your business communications.
               Audio Conferencing Solutions

               Meetings are just a phone call away

                                                                         Audio Conferencing Solutions allow you to bring the
                                                                         best minds to the table, without planes, trains, hotels and
                                                                         other costly travel expenses. And it’s as easy to use as picking
                                                                         up a Touch-Tone™ phone. In a business environment where
                                                                         everything needs to be done yesterday, Audio Conferencing
                                                                         Solutions is a productivity enhancing, money saving tool
                                                                         that can help you work faster … and smarter. Based on the
                                                                         features and level of operator assistance you need, you can
                                                                         choose from three conferencing call types.

               Meet on the go … whenever you need to, wherever you are
               When you’re finalizing the budget or finishing a proposal, you can get the information you need quickly, without
               having to book a meeting in advance. Reservationless Audio Conferencing Solutions are perfect for those
               spontaneous meetings – you just pick up the phone, use your dial-in number and Conference ID and bring the
               people with the answers right into the call. No reservations are required. And if you have questions or need
               assistance, an operator is always available to help.

               Full features and call support
               If you’re hosting a meeting with many participants but really need to focus on your presentation, the Operator-
               assisted option offers the support you require. The Operator will take care of details such as greeting attendees or
               dialing out to bring them into the call. With this conference call type you can take advantage of a full range of
               Audio Conferencing Solutions features, all managed by the operator. Reserve your call anytime, 24/7.

               Professionally hosted meetings and events
               When holding a town hall meeting, presenting to investors and shareholders across the continent or hosting another
               large event, you can get professional support with the Event option. A dedicated Operator is there for the entire call
               and will manage the comprehensive suite of Audio Conferencing Solutions functions. Make your reservation 24/7.

               Audio Conferencing Solutions technology
               Advanced, secure, reliable
               Bell Audio Conferencing Solutions offers a fully digital network with both intelligent and fixed route solutions.
               We have taken all possible measures to secure and support our bridge network to keep our services up and
               running at all times. When you choose Bell Conferencing Solutions, you can be sure of a secure, reliable and
               productive Audio Conferencing Solutions experience.
               Web Conferencing Solutions

               Communicate, interact, collaborate … all in real-time

                                                                       With Web Conferencing Solutions, you can add visual
                                                                       impact to your audio conferences by including documents
                                                                       and images – PowerPoint™ presentations, spreadsheets,
                                                                       graphs, diagrams, photos and more. Participants can see,
                                                                       discuss, share and collaborate more effectively in real-time
                                                                       … and all you need are a telephone, PC and an Internet
                                                                       connection. Bell Web Conferencing Solutions offers two
                                                                       powerful, industry-leading solutions: Microsoft® Office
                                                                       Live Meeting and WebEx™.

                 • Collaborate on, edit and revise documents or visuals in real-time
                 • Keep track of ideas and take notes on an electronic whiteboard
                 • Demonstrate software or applications running on your desktop
                 • Show PowerPoint™ presentations and share control with multiple presenters
                 • Use polling to receive instant feedback
                 • Conduct interactive online training sessions

               Microsoft Office Live Meeting
               Meet without ever leaving your desk
               Bell Web Conferencing Solutions provided by Microsoft Office Live Meeting enables you to connect and
               communicate with colleagues across town or across the country, right from your own desk. Share ideas,
               collaborate on presentations, view online demonstrations and more, without the cost or downtime of travel. This
               solution can be integrated into your corporate Intranet and implemented within departments or throughout the
               entire enterprise. You can host one large meeting or several concurrent meetings company-wide. Your
               organization will benefit from faster decision-making, shorter sales cycles and greater productivity.

               A full suite of meeting applications
               Bell Web Conferencing Solutions powered by WebEx is a secure and reliable solution powered by advanced web
               communications technology. It offers a suite of on-demand meeting applications that can serve the needs of
               departments throughout your company – from sales and marketing to human resources, IT and more.
               Demonstrate products, provide online training to geographically dispersed employees, manage multiple teams in
               different locations, make announcements to the entire organization, all while saving time and travel expenses.
               WebEx is a smart and cost-effective communications solution that makes good business sense.

               Communicate your event worldwide via the Internet

                                                                        Webcasting offers outstanding opportunities for
                                                                        companies like yours to reach a larger audience, spread
                                                                        your message and build your brand. In addition to Annual
                                                                        General Meetings, Webcasting is ideal for product
                                                                        launches, internal communications, special events, training,
                                                                        crisis management and much more. Whether you’re
                                                                        planning a simple audio Webcast, a sophisticated multi-
                                                                        media event or anything in between, we offer Webcasting
                                                                        solutions that will suit your needs – and your budget.

               STARTCAST Event
               An ideal solution for occasional Webcasts
               Your company is launching a new product and wants an exciting way to reach your audience around the world.
               For this one-time announcement, or other occasional events, STARTCAST Event is the perfect solution. Your
               Webcast can be audio only or include audio and video. Plus, you’ll have the support of our experienced team to
               help coordinate your speakers, presentations, visuals and other support materials.

               STARTCAST Subscription
               To meet your frequent Webcasting needs
               As a STARTCAST Subscription customer you can take advantage of unlimited access to a complete range of
               Webcasting features. Ideal for organizations that host regular Webcasts, STARTCAST Subscription is easy to use
               and can be managed by your in-house communications team. Our Webcasting experts are also there to provide the
               support you need, should you need it.

               STARTCAST Enterprise
               Secure solution, unlimited bandwidth
               If yours is a large organization that wants to host Webcasts on your network, STARTCAST Enterprise enables you
               to leverage your security investments and not be constrained by bandwidth limitations. By taking a co-operative
               approach to enterprise deployment, Bell Conferencing Solutions is able to help these companies maintain control of
               their network and keep costs down.

               With our Webcasting solutions you can:
                 • Deliver interactive online presentations to employees, customers, shareholders, business partners
                 • Take advantage of our reliable, easy-to-use STARTCAST Webcasting application
                 • Personalize your Webcast with your corporate logo and colours
                           For more information about how Bell Conferencing Solutions can enhance the
                                       way your organization communicates and collaborates,
                                call us today at 1 800 667-3678 or visit

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