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									                              MEMA Membership Meeting
                                 Meeting Summary
                                   May 20, 2008
Call Meeting to Order

Roll Call of Board Members. (9 of 16 for Quorum)

Board Members Present: , Pamela Boody, Jim Vanbendegom, Jerry McCoy, Jim
Gorka, Mary Stikeleather, Mike Perez, Kathy Rich

Notes: Pamela Boody has a proxy for District 6 Liaisons, Jim Gorka has Paul Baker’s
proxy, Kathy Rich has proxy for Pete Locke

Board Members Absent: Steve Van Holstyn, Keith DeYoung, Pete Locke, Paul Baker,
Marc Griffis, Byron Callies, Scott Corbin, Teresa Schwalbach, Mark Watkins, Gregg

Approval to accept the Agenda:
Kathy Rich made a motion to accept the agenda, Mary Stikeleather supported. Motion

Additions to the Agenda:

Approval of Meeting Minutes: April 22, 2008
Pamela Boody made a motion to approve the minutes, Mary Stikeleather supported.
Motion Carried.

Executive Group Reports:

President Paul Baker:
Basic Report:

1.    Homeland Security Conference – Again I would like to thank the Board Members
      who helped during the conference, I believe our assistance made the conference
      the best it’s ever been!

2.    I’ve received a call from member Lori Simon who is interested in serving on any
      of our committees. She would like to help.

3.    Lori Simon has also offered a thought as one of the boards she belongs to have
      built a “Membership Directory”. It includes the Executive board, board of
      directors, affiliations, corporate sponsors; lists the associations award history and
      the appointments by Governor Granholm. Committee chairs and board liaisons
      are listed, regional association contacts, other contacts and finally a guide to
      local environmental health personnel. Mary Stikeleather will head up this project.

4.    Jim VanBendom attended the “After Conference Meeting” from the Homeland
      Security Conference for me. He will report out-come.
5.    I have not been able to schedule a meeting with Captain Washington yet, but
      planning in the near future. I have several items to discuss with him as well as
      scheduling a regular quarterly meeting. More to come.

6.    On a separate sheet I have list some action items to brief you on from the
      meeting agenda.

Ex-Official Jim Van Bendegom:
          o Jim went to the conference after action meeting. It was consensus that
              the conference went well and that MEMA’s help was well received and
              well appreciated.
          o Jerry reported that the vendor area went well. There were less vendors
              this year than in past years. This was Wendy’s last conference.
          o The biggest complaint that the vendors had was that there was no security
              while the vendors were setting up.
          o Jim passed out a table on the State and Local Homeland Security
              Programs funding information. In FY09 the HSGP and LETPP funds will
              not be separated. We will need to spend 25% of grant on LETPP funds.
              MMRS will not receive any funding on FY 09.

1st Vice President Mike Perez:
       o Mike will be retiring on June 1, 2008. He will remain as a MEMA member and
          as the 1st Vice President. Pamela will update his contact information.
       o In June the Buffer zone (BioPort) exercise will take place.

2nd Vice President Gregg Ginebaugh:
No Report

3rd Vice President Marc Griffis:
No Report

Treasurer Jerry McCoy:

Beginning Balance:         $8,388.55

                          Postage:                           $102.50
                          Board Shirts and Inventory         $816.73
                          Total                              $919.23

Ending Balance:          $8,388.55
Mike Perez made a motion to accept the report. Kathy Rich supported. Motion Carried.
      o Discussion took place on placing the store on the website. Jim and Jerry will
         meet with Superior to discuss options on clothing. They are trying to hold the
         meeting on June 5th.

Secretary Pamela Boody:
 Pamela appreciates the reports that were emailed in, this aids in accuracy for the
  MEMA minutes.
 Pamela announced the tentative dates for the 2009 Citizen Corps Conference. The
  dates are April 24-26, 2009. The location is TBA.

Legislative Liaison Scott Corbin:
No Report

District Liaisons Reports:
Kathy Rich - 2nd S. District

     Canton Police, Fire, St. Joseph Hospital Med Flight along with the Plymouth
      Canton Public Schools held a mock car accident for the junior and senior students
      centered around prom night. SADD sponsored the event. They moulashed (sp?)
      the car accident victims. The scenario was held at the PC track/football field.
      Police and Fire arrived with full lights and sirens and turn out gear - the jaws of life
      were used to extricate the students and Med Flight flew in to take away a critically
      injured victim. The goal is to drum into the student’s minds the affects of drinking
      and driving. The scenario is narrated over the loud speaker detailing the severity
      of each victim’s injuries. They also have one fatality and they bring in a hearse to
      take that victim away.
     We continue to work toward our full-scale exercise in Sept. Leading up to that we
      will be holding a TTX on June 19 expecting over 250 participants and we will
      conduct a communications test with Detroit Water and Sewer and the customers
      they service (Canton, Livonia, Plymouth, Dearborn, etc.) on June 25th. The full-
      scale exercise will be a radiological incident in Oakland County, a hazmat in
      Detroit at two separate facilities and a water contamination involving most of
      Wayne County. RRT's will be tested along with SWAT and HAZMAT teams. The
      public schools in the region are also playing along - they will do either a region
      wide lockdown or an evacuation and test how they get parents and students back
      together. We also plan to test our evacuation and shelter skills.
     May 13 the Southeast Michigan UASI Interoperable Communications Committee
      is hosting a round up of mobile command and field communications resources to
      foster better understanding of regional capabilities. News media will be invited to
      view the demonstration of regional preparedness progress and cooperation. At
      least 15 jurisdictions will be participating (Troy, MSP, Canton, Ann Arbor, Macomb
      County, Sterling Heights, Detroit, Southfield, Bedford, Wayne County, Huron
      Valley Ambulance, Civil Support Team, 2 south MCC and St.Clair County)
     2S/2N completed their application for the 2008 UASI grant - pretty
      rushed...........we only had a little over a month to pull it all together but we did!

Mary Stikeleather - 3rd District

   3rd District 800 radio and E-Team gets 100% participation for the last three months!
   Region 3 Healthcare Preparedness Network is hosting a "Multiple Fatality
    Conference and Tabletop Exercise" on Wednesday, June 25, 2008.

   Region 3 Homeland Security Regional Board is hosting a District PIO Training and
    Exercise on Wednesday, July 9th.
   Holding (12) "Our Town" Diorama trainings throughout the Region first week of
   100% of the County governments in the 3rd District are signed on to MEMAC.
   Many ICS 300, 400 and E-Team Trainings being held throughout Region 3.
   Many County Programs hosting Family Preparedness events now or during
   Survey is being distributed to the Regional Members to help with the compilation of
   A guest speaker from DHS explained the roll-out on an updated "Critical
    Infrastructure Survey" being sent to private industry.
   Region wide exercise will be held in September.

Jim Gorka - 5th District
   5th District Medical Response Coalition held their district Hospital exercise on May
    13th at 9am. All went well with all hospitals participating using EM Systems.
   5th District Medical Response Coalition had on display their MITESA Portable
    Hospital Tenet System at the Great Lakes Homeland Security Conference in April.
   Kalamazoo County held their full-scale exercise on May 13 & 14th. All went well;
    this year’s focus was an Airport fuelling fire with 45 victims. This exercise was one
    part of the re-certification for the Airport with the FAA. This is an every three-year
   Allegan, Berrien and VanBuren Counties are working on getting ready for their
    annual Palisades Nuclear Plan Exercise.
   Regional Homeland Security Board is moving forward with 2007 projects as well as
    finishing up a few 2006 purchasing projects.
   Calhoun County Board of Commissioners has appointed Durk Durham the new
    Director for the Calhoun County Office of Emergency Management, which is under
    the direction of Sheriff Al Byam. Working with him is full-time Regional Planner
    Connie Gibson.
   The 5th district is using the regional planners in various counties beside their home
    base in Kalamazoo.

Steve VanHolstyn & Mark Watkins - 6th District
     Called around District with no replies to report.
     Region exercise on June 3rd and 4th.

Byron Callies - 1st District
     One HazMat incident at one of the EHS sites.
     They are currently working on a Mass Fatality Plan.
     June 5th is the regional full scale exercise.
     Working with the schools on armed gunman response in coordination with law
     The regional planning board does not have a fiduciary for the 2007 grant.
     Region 1 has written a letter to the State asking them to be the fiduciary.

Peter Locke - 2nd N. District
No Report

Keith DeYoung - 7th District
No Report

Teresa Schwalbach - 8th District
No Report

Committee Reports:

Training – Chair Scott Hiipakka
(Training Programs / Mentoring)

    No report turned into President.

Membership - Chair Teresa Schwalbach
(Store / Membership / MEMO / Web Site)

    No report turned into President.

Strategic Plan – Chair Mary Stikeleather
(Strategic Planning)

    Strategic Plan Draft is attached. Project Completed until fall 2008 Board review.

Logistics – Chair Keith DeYoung
(Recommended Practices/Standards/ Technological)

    No report turned into President.

Unfinished Business:
1.    Item 9a – HR 5577 – Chemical Security Bill:
          At the April meeting it was discussed and Scott asked the board members
           to review and make a determination at the May meeting on the support on
           this issue.
          We will table this discussion until the next meeting where we have more
           people in attendance. We will also ask Scott to forward more information to
           the membership.

2.    Item 9b – Conference Call Issue:
          I looked at two simple systems. #1 Go-To-Meetings & #2 AccuConference.
          Option 1 – Go To Meetings offers us:
                       Easy to use conference calling with web viewing.

                       Cost $49.00 per month or $468.00 per year unlimited use for 15
                       You pay your own phone charges.
                       Ever though we have a board of 16 we never get all of us so 15
                        will work.
          Option 2 - AccuConference
                       Appeared easy to use.
                       Cost w/Toll Free Calling “Audio Only” $94.08 for 16 people for 2
                        hr call.
                       Cost w/Toll Free Calling “Audio & Web” $190.08 for 16 people
                        for 2 hr call.
                       Cost w/Toll Free Calling “Audio, Wed & Video” $288.00 for 16
                        people for 2 hr call.
          My recommendation is to go with Meetings to go Conference call program
           for the one-month free trial and see how it works for us. However you’ll pay
           the local phone charge.
          Jerry made a motion to use the “Go- to-Meetings” for the one month free
           trial. Mary Stikeleather supported. Motion Passed.

3.    Item 9c – By-Laws final copy:
          This is a final copy for Board Members.
          Pamela will sign the final packet and send to Jim Gorka to .pdf the

4.    Item 9d – Committee Flow Chart adjusted:
          Change with the Legislative Group as Scott wants to develop a committee
           to work with this area. Therefore, I’ve split them off to their own group.
          This is a final copy for Board Members.
          Copy will be sent to Jeff after meeting to put on website for members to see.

5.    Item 9e – Strategic Plan Draft:
          Adopt this draft as the 2008 working plan.
                       Jim Gorka made a motion to adopt the draft as the working
                        plan. Mike Perez supported. Motion carried.
          Board to set work session in fall to update and develop further. The board
           will schedule a work session at the fall conference.

New Business:
     o Item 10a – Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan:
     Please discuss this and offer opinion to Jerry McCoy.
     I personally like the plan and this it’s a great start and direction.
     If the board needs additional time before adopting we can finalize it at the June
           We will review and make suggestions at the next meeting.

      o Item 10b – MEMA Web-site ~ Secure side discussion:
      Discuss using this area.

      List what the Board would like to see and Mary / Jeff can put this together and
      get it activated.
           We discussed the password options. Jerry would like to see the password
              change monthly.
           We would like to add the MEMO and a list of members (but no contact
           We also discussed having a blog/discussion thread on the website.
           Jerry will write an article in the MEMO regarding the members name on
              the website.

      o Item 10c – Executive Board Group Reporting items list:
      Many times people have asked me “what to report”. I’ve put a list of things I think
      would be beneficial to the board as well as its always open to think outside the
      This is just a suggestion or guideline.
      o Fall Conference
          Jerry suggested that we start asking for volunteers in June. He would also
             like to see us give them something in return for helping out at the
          Jerry would also like to have 2 volunteers to help with the fall conference.
          Discussion was held that each MEMA Board member should have a
             responsibility to volunteer their services during the conference. Mary and
             Jerry will begin soliciting MEMA Board members for roles needed at the
      o Board Lunch
          Jerry feels that the board should have lunch catered in for each board
             meeting. Jerry will contact Marc Griffis regarding the September.
      o Email from past member
          Mike Zorza sent an email to Jerry regarding Life Memberships. Jerry
             made a motion to accord life membership to Mike Zorza for 25 years of
             Emergency Management. Kathy Rich supported. Motion Carried.
      o Interoperable Communications Conference
          We will ask Marc for a flyer for the website.

Meeting Adjournment:
Jerry McCoy made a motion to close the meeting. Jim Gorka supported. Motion

Next Meeting: June 17, 2008 Conference Call at 10:00am


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