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What is Safety On Scene?
      Imagine traveling in your vehicle and being involved in a vehicle collision. You’re
      upset, confused, injured and possibly unconscious. Emergency crews arrive on
      scene and need information about your medical history, medications, and
      allergies. What is your hospital of choice? Who is your doctor? Who is your
      emergency contact? What happens if you are unconscious and unable to answer?
      So many questions, how do you let emergency workers know the answers? The
      Safety On Scene Program is there for you to help when emergency workers
      need this information is a flash!

Here’s How It Works!
       A small sticker is placed on the back of your rearview mirror. This sticker alerts
       emergency workers that a small informational packet is in your glove box. Inside
       the S.O.S. Packet emergency workers will find:
             • A photo I.D. that lists your name , address, and phone number
             • Information on your medical history, medications and allergies
             • Emergency contact information
             • Doctor’s name and phone number
             • A portable Do Not Resuscitate Order (optional)
             • A portable Living Will (optional)
             • A Med Key Card (optional)
The information is all there for not only emergency workers but hospital personnel too!
        (Consider having an extra S.O.S. Packet to carry in your wallet or purse!)

Where can you get the S.O.S. Packet?
     For more information on how to receive your FREE packet simply call:
                 Charlotte Regional Medical Center at 637-2451,
                 Charlotte County Fire / EMS at 743-1367
                 Englewood Area Fire Control District at 697-6644 or 474-3311
                 American Red Cross – 629-4345
     Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

 Large groups are welcome to schedule lectures in order to have a representative
            visit to your location with packets for your entire group.

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